Plies - To Whom It May Concern Lyrics

I'm off in jell like a trap
I want it all like now
These niggas hush and gabble
I got no pussy left
Think that lil bitch is a devil
I'm in a claw with a hound
That fellow felt like a pound
Life is a mother fucking gamble
Pull in the right invert
He might be right off for work
I want former former
I got the lil pussy first
You shamed you ain't going to church
Playing with me get you hurt
I'm still in real loves no shirt
I get on that drink and I lurk
I'm fucking a model tonight
He may never shot me with no eye
If I cannot roll then I die
45 when he showed the price
I stay up the head of the rye
Ain't talk at the bread and rye
And yo bitch ain't ever do it again
Get ran over on a blood bye
Your money your money your money
Who the fuck you think I am a dummy
And any nigga who got a problem with me
Tell them nigga I said rotty
I got depressed on the scale
I love when pussy don't smell
I do not shoot in the house
I wanna trap with ya
I want a Ford in the hood
I had to drop out with you
Three for the tenners and you
Look nigga don't make me do it
In the games and let 'em do
All the dog you sell them to
It is embarrassed that you ever more
Got a dime and dazzle and jewel
Got a rap order me now
Got a quarter million right now
I'm going up bitch I live in the sky
All the things nigga gotta die
Not all my niggas can rap
But all my niggas can try
I put my stone above
All want the pussy above
I'm 'bout to vision the words
This city where I got a bag
I like to ball in cash
They asked what did it to me
I don't like to argue with nigga
I'm late like I'm on a digger
You ain't a white man you ain't no hero
It's minder when I'm in the building
Had a bigger verse than bitch I be own
If you don't believe it then put on the song
You really fuck me the homie girl is home
I don't give a fuck if I'm already on
What is my limit I don't fucking know
My brains short for my money is long
I'm the reason you was a clone
You know gangsters ain't loyal
Tone what the fuck is you saying you know I know
You fuck with the center you know I'm the fault
Laugh at my niggas when I'm on my own
My band they gon give me and overreport
I'm on the bitches when I hear the door
I threw this money you sit on the floor
You fuck her for money then you is a hoe
If I speak with you niggas don't fuck what you know
I'm laughing at everyone counting me out
I don't really know nigga come out the south
I want these niggas they playing the trout
How would you know what I'm talking about
When I'm really bored I'm popping the clutch
When I'm the club they drive me to cuss
When a miller went dead be lucky another
If you aren't my niggas then you owe me nothing

I had a million dollars one million followers
I had a million dollars one million followers
I swear to god what I talk about
Fuck nigga I can force a problem
I had a million dollars one million followers
I had a million dollars one million followers
I swear to god what I talk about
Fuck nigga I can force a problem
To whom it may concern

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Plies To Whom It May Concern Comments
  1. Saddam Rayford

    Real nigga dont make me do it 😆

  2. jedidias

    My anthem

  3. Starr Loyal

    2:06 I’m the reason you were a clone ??? Who’s he talking about ???

  4. lol lol

    Man plies goes in on this beat lol

  5. Bruno Kaique

    IsThis flow👍💥🎶🇧🇷

  6. lol lol

    Only real homies know this that trap shit


    Plies did that...

  8. Heri Isaac

    That's one dirty 808

  9. Tell Frederique

    Had the biggest verse every feature I was on

  10. maine Turner

    Plies done went straight ham on this bihh 🔥🔥🔥😂🤣

  11. Derrick Mac

    Wanna c how da video would b

  12. LOWKEY 239

    239 shit frfr 💯💪💪 u ain’t no gangsta so lower your tone

  13. Lance Allman

    fuck wrong with the m

  14. Vanaya Strong

    You ain't no gansta so lowa your voice😝

  15. lol lol

    Had to play this twice lol lyrics is sick listen people

  16. lol lol

    Men this shit 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  17. freedom liborator

    fort Myers in the realist city in the world but plies put us on the map

  18. larry tolbert


  19. Stack LootTV

    Don’t Diss Plies and come to Florida (.)
    Dawg on some Get Money , (move Like ah Boss) type shit but don’t get it Twisted 🔥👀it’s Free smoke 💨 for all u stunt Dummy ass Lil niggaz Tryna get u some Lil internet Clout ❌ #StreetShit💨💨🤑

  20. April Armendariz

    liked him better when he wuznt trynna sound like sumbody else..this aint him. he need go back to tha REAL plies

    Leandre Foster

    April Armendariz ...he just having fun with it right now.. Already paid

    dickem down


  21. Brell McClay

    Florida swagged Out !

    Marquis Baker

    Brell McClay. Dats real Now!

  22. Montrell Levatt


  23. Stl Hits Stl Hits


  24. Guevara Ochoa


    Evelyn Kennedy

    Good song

  25. Realtrap23

    Nigga real. I'm booming now.

  26. Coopdavill Coopelli

    I know he was gone hit me wit somthing fa da trunk hell yea!

    Rosa Sandoval's

    Coopdavill Coopelli has

  27. T Trill

    Florida shit... yal boiiii aint readdieeeeee dawgg.. plies stay going in since i was a jittybug

  28. Sharon Sharp

    Big Groove Checking in

  29. Jr Allen

    Plies a fuckin fool!!!!!


    ✌️👏👏👏👏👏 música é isso porra hip-hop plies

  31. John Bryant

    I'm the realst that come out the south 239 fort Myers bihhhhh

  32. nelan duke

    Hell yea I’ll do it again run off on the plug twice

    Sondra Bennett

    nelan duke Z.

    Evelyn Kennedy

    nelan dukeh