Plies - The Weekend (Plies Edition) Lyrics

You say you got a girl
Yeah, how you want me?
How you want me when you got a girl?
The feelin' is reckless
Of knowin' it's selfish
And knowin' I'm desperate
Gettin' all in your love
Fallin' all over love, like
Do it 'til it hurts less
Hangin' out the back, all up in your lap
Like is you comin' home? Is you out with her?
I don't care long as you're here by
10: 30, no later than
Drop them drawers, give me what I want

My man is my man, is your man
Heard it's her man too
My man is my man, is your man
Heard that's her man
Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
I just keep him satisfied through the weekend
You're like 9 to 5, I'm the weekend
Make him lose his mind every weekend
You take Wednesday, Thursday
Then just send him my way
Think I got it covered for the weekend

Girl, I hate pullin' out got to put you on the pill
Friends say that ain't shit, but it is what it is
I know it ain't mine, but I beat it like it is
I don't crab with the check imma help you with the bills
Girl, I know you fuck with me I can feel it in my soul
Girl, I know this dick good I can see it in your toes
Tryna gag you when you suck it have it runnin' out your nose
Only bad bitches want me they be all at my shows
When we link up it's like peanut butter and jelly
You can First 48 me, girl, you know I ain't tellin'
Run through Neiman's cause you know that ain't petty
Bae, premium with the pussy other bitches unleaded
Keep it on the low, 'lll be low-key with it
Pussy real fire you get the door key with it
Talkin' 'bout a bag, gon' approach me with it
Bae say I'm nice 'cause I wipe her when we finish
Care what they say you the shit to me
Some things, babe, just meant to be
Misery, baby, loves company
Like Meghan for the Prince you the one for me
If you just want to rent it we can arrange that too
The dick like Uber I can bring it to you
I play it how it goes, bae, it's all up to you
You want it on the weekend I'm with that too

I gotta say I'm in the mood for a little bit more of that
I mean I'm saying what kind of deal, just two days?
I need me at least 'bout four of them, more of them
More you on me, on us
Just tell me you want me, yeah
Monday and I'll be at your door, ready to take her place
Ready to give you, what you've been missin' on weekdays
What you've been waitin' for
10: 30, no later than
Drop them drawers, I know what you want

My man is my man, is your man
Heard it's her man too
My man is my man, is your man
Heard that's her man
Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
I just keep him satisfied through the weekend
You're like 9 to 5, I'm the weekend
Make him lose his mind every weekend
You take Wednesday, Thursday (don't worry 'bout none)
Then just send him my way (don't worry 'bout none)
Think I got it covered for the weekend

Bright ideas, we've got bright ideas
Bright ideas, we've got bright ideas
Bright ideas, we've got bright ideas

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Plies The Weekend (Plies Edition) Comments
  1. Tjuicy

    wow plies let it rip huh no holding back

  2. Salone Onwuachi

    Heyyyyyyy babbbi i loves yuus dadddy im allways wanting yuus and im so in love with yuus plies allways wanting to please yuu yr my everything babbbi that best man that i allways wants to keeps in my heart don't ever want to lose plies babbbi its just all about keeping it real being on the same page with yr partner babbbi its basically having that understanding and trust babbbi if yuu don't have trust yuu can never have love having trust allways mks things come together as one with having a true realateship babbbi i trust yuus with all my heart babbbi i truly understand yr a rappper and celebrities babbbi and i surly kws what comes with that life style babbbi i mean yuu have popularity from people and could have many fans that comes with having understanding that's just yr job being in public eye so i can't never gett upset about yuu expressing certain situations especial with the ladies becas its denfily apart of entrainment as long as thers respect than its allways good with me i truly understand that apart of yr description of yr job is sociable being with all people of having likes of life so babbbi im.allways cool with that and vise versa its should be the same understanding when yr in a relationship with yuu and yr partner are both entertainers definitely should have that full understanding what comes with the life style of being involve with same meaning of entertainment its should never mks a difference in destorying yr realateship cas its all a job babbbi with me i allso kw that having that commutation is very important of comeing closer in any growing together sometimes are jobs can take us over for not having time to spend with yr partner butt babbbi that key is allways willing to keep working at it of spending more time with each other allways trying to keep in touch kw matter how to keep the love going what's worth for is allways worth the endurance of having a strong solid realateship that mk it last for a life time babbbi it just allways having understanding becas things happens unexpectedly where i can't reach yuu or tolly out of my control butt babbi i hadden for gotten about yuu never plies yr alllways in my heart that i think of yuu every day and alllways want what's best and great for yuu in yr life with goodness and alll happnines babbbi yr allways that suppperrs awsome sexxityyy finee ass guy that's shows the shits to me yr suppppers hottes allways the man that im shows goonna to be trying dammest too gett back to
    babbbi love having yuu to being apart of my life Babbbi i want yuu to kw i love everything thats of apart of yuu cas that's the goodness of yuu that yuu involvemet wt being in yr life for having the right people babbi kw matters lets allways keeps in touch yr my friend my man and alllways my babbbi thanks babbbi for allways being there and putting up with my shit im not perfect butt allways willing to work on it of yuu to be that special person for my life keeps mking me Happpy dadddy lovinggg yuus so much allways suppperrs hottes realest baddessst swwweets sexxityyy jammms so lovingggit lovingggyuus plies Allways!!,

  3. Mark Conner

    The dick like uber I can bring that to u....😍😂

  4. Salone Onwuachi

    Heyyyyyy babbbi i loves yuu its always good kwing that yr doing well and things are good with yuu babbbi really wish that i could spend every moment with yuu im so lovinggg be able to share everything with yuu i actually love our relationship i mean babbi its cool how things are we do have a connection i always feel that yr near so lovinggg everything about yr perfect guy butt babbbi life is funmy i always wonder why in the hell that yuu never meet that right guy in yr life at the right timing mks me thinks would i have meet a guy like yuu when i was younger and felt this way about him would things have been different well i believe everything all happens for reasons because i never thought in millions years i would meet someone as great as yuu are and that he would have my interest its so surprising to me babbbi i feel like im Changing im starting to accept things that's happening in my life for having a good situation coming out of it i can really say the best thing thats has happen for me this year that i meet a terrific guy call plies who i really never knew nothing about untill watching yr iG videos never even kew yuu were a rapper i just kew yuu talk a lot of shit all the times and things caught my attention from there it surly was meant for us to meet cas im into yuu and always wishing yuu well in the near future for all greatness to happen in yr life kw matter what happens with yuu plies of any situations im gonna always be there for yuu and mk a promise that i will always keeps intouch with yuu really enjoy having yuu to socialize with thanks for always being there babbbi handsome suppppper hottes sexityyy jammms so lovingggit lovingggyuus plies Allways!!,

  5. Monica Martin

    plies always comes through he killed it


    Hit like before it started playing because anything Plies put his name on is automatically fire SZA is so cool anyways this remix is EVERYTHING!!!!!

  7. Matt Merced

    Ain’t no valentine bihhhh

  8. Salone Onwuachi

    Heyyyy babbbi happpy Monday dadddxy how's yr day babbi hope yr good babbbi i don't give a f*uck what yuu got going on as long @s ! can have my man wt i f*uckinggg want it and i want all the mf*uckinggg times so lovinggggg putingg this [email protected]@eeets lovinggg on [email protected]@ so 💘 lovesss pleasing my man pliess i can't gett enough yuu putts it on me so good babbb! sextyy ass$$ lips can't help it!!,suppppperrs sexxxityyty firreirr jammms so lovingggit Babbbi!!,