Plies - Street Light Lyrics

[Intro: Plies - talkin']
Ay bae be4 you put yo clothes back on
I wanna tell you sumthin
you done sumthin in yo life I ain't done befo
that's fucked a millonare.

[Chorus (x2):]
Damn shawty you hotter than the street light (yeah)
You wanna get did right (yeaa)
Come on and get on it (come here)
I wanna know what's making you horny (come here)

[Verse 1:]
She neva seen me a day in her life
All she know my money look right
Yung street nigga
Sippin on yak
Yea she see the swagg
Plus she see the ice
Sittin in the chevy
Listing to the pipe
Passion co room for a wife
niggas wish fo it but this is my life
She walk real stank dats wat I like
jeans stickin to her, pussy look rite
she get in this whip ain't no cumin back
cause I'm pretty sure I got wat you like
can't even front you hotter than the street light

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
She say she don't fuck with broke niggas
I said me too
my money been straight wat about you
cause if you broke I don't need to fuck with you
bullshit neva I make dreams come true
you say yo man at work
baby wat he do answer fones for a livin ain't dat cute
I'm in tha streets with a nine n he wearin suits
Befo he fuck you do he fanga you n eat you,
you got da potential of bein my boo
n bout 30 minutes I can get you loose
make you nut twice befo I shoot
you hotta than the street lite to tell you da truth

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Sean Garrett - talkin']
Soon as you called me you begged me to cum ova dere
but you kno dat you nigga is at home
n it's gonna be sum shit if I appear
you kno it ain't no fears
so cum on baby be 4 real
I'm sure dat your nigga go carry on an put on
and I'm a have to take it dere as soon as the street lights cum on
I'm a come get ya as soon as the streetlights cum on
I'm a cum see ya soon as the streetlights cum on
I'm a cum getcha soon as the streetlights cum on
I'm a cum see

[Chorus x3 till Plies says]


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