Plies - Real Life Lyrics

Real life, real life, real life, real life

These niggas real on the tube on the mike nigga
But pussy nigga nigga I'm really real, real life nigga
These niggas real rus them hoes and what they write nigga
But pussy nigga nigga I'm really real life nigga.
And real life, real life, and real life, real life
Let me tell you some I'm really real life nigga
These niggas real on the tube on the mike nigga
But pussy nigga nigga I'm really real life nigga.

I'm everything puss I ever planned to said our meal,
I know a lot of niggas think that I know a lot of deal
But I don't hatin with the pussy they don't wanna them
And if you test me for this real and test it positive,
And if you brought me in the pot I bet I rocked them
And if you put me on the stand I better stand up
And if you put me rise the pussy better on... then
And you can put me on my dick I better come up again
A lot of niggas play in silent nigga bitch man,
A lot of niggas talking... nigga fabricate,
I see a lot of niggas out of holla mud to mud
But when the last time you squeeze the chopper motherfucker


Yeah it ain't real motherfucker it ain't imaginary
Nigga I'm whackin off the trill but ain't bar faking,
Oh all nigga take anything you fucking wanna
But after pussy nigga why you never ran upon me,
I switchin deals and it ain't talking in the car...
I'm talking chains the cars choppin I spit boy
It ain't talking bout not rapping I'm talking stick boy
So hundred fucking round pack the one clip boy
And on top pussy I'm coming off the hill with it,
I'm talking if I'm jumping nigga I'm talking sick with it
I'm talking round after round bitch I'm steady got it
I'm talking clip after clip bitch I'm steady comin'

[Hook x2]

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Plies Real Life Comments
  1. Dreqa Horace

    Plies pussy wat I plies period someone tell him wat i said muck city where u can find me

  2. Josephtharealest 100it

    When tha last time you squeezed a CHOPPA mtf⁉️⁉️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  3. Geary Hamilton

    I can feel real especially if I'm vibin for it. That man plies gave us so many songs & stoop his ground. a cause create a reaction huh' no-body ever ran up on him. Tha boy rich & he's fuckin wit dat gutter shit foreal. now go ahead & get tricked out of your life. yeah he'd graduated right in front of alot u fuck nigga faces, & became trill. where I grew up you can't talk that big boi shit & aint nobody check him for it, tha boy must no something. alot of yall don't like that thorough dude & wanna be him foreal. last but lease pussy nigga worried about him, he ain't worried about yall . catch him in tha street & state your cause, I bet you it, get real in the field. ha ha pussy alway's talkin ain't sayin nothin. Dean that's who I be.

  4. Wyte Night

    Damn his throat must've hurt after this. Plies was on some Pastor Troy shit with this one.

  5. Young dredd

    if y'all like this check out the chopped and screwed version trust me it sounds dope

  6. Salone Onwuachi

    Heyyyyy babbbbi yess dadddy yuus that realer in real life its the only way of things moving gotts to mks its happen alwayyys bringing it right supppperrs firrrirrrirer jammms hottes ao lovinggggit dadddy!!!!,

  7. Antonio Simmons

    REAL LIFE!!!!!!!

  8. R&B Souldier

    He's like the black Eminem with all the yelling


    And without the flow and lyrical ability lol

  9. Eric B. for president

    I bet his throat hurt after this

  10. down4mah2

    RIP beat

  11. Mr. Man's Man

    plies main man

  12. Damon Jarrett

    piles is raw Peroid.

  13. Darryl Walker

    Don't seem so real haaaa people only Kan hold a fussauddd for so long u get exposed

  14. Brandon Lewis

    2 real for all haters ON LIFE

  15. Luwige Wazir

    mamamia ou /

  16. Luwige Wazir

    mamaa ou

  17. SEGA SZN

    this beat nice bruh

  18. C- note

    Pussy nigga I'm real in real life

    Oscar Nettles

    C- note

  19. killa7826

    Man stop hatin y'all kno he a real ass nigga that's why y'all hatin he really wit them choppas

  20. MrLuckyyy FLA

    You had me until you said Lil Wayne lol

  21. xarvrae chatman

    how bout yall get off dez man dick tlkin bout if he real or not all I know is this nigga rap real shit & im a big ass plies fan & the ones hating you da pie
    # SO HE REAL

  22. Tazz Jones

    Mane wezzy from louisana ever nigga from that boot real do

  23. Itou Blaise

    Its funny cus hes a pussy ass fraud in real life

  24. Mark Dedautels

    No yes at first he did live his brother life but when big gates went to prison plies had to step up to the plate and make it his life. I listen to plies I have argued with niggas about this. Plies don't have a ghost writer lil wayne has a ghost writer for about 10% of his songs and freestyles the rest. don't get me wrong lil wayne music go hard but lil wayne him self aint there is proof of that. there is not one ounce of proof that plies is a bitch.

    Sabrina Hicks

    I'm real in real life

  25. daja U

    I was sayin except for lil wayne and boosie plies got n talk about real shit better than other rappers n yes I do research this nigga he live his brother life but makes it his own...

  26. Mark Dedautels

    Has not*

  27. Mark Dedautels

    And your right lil wayne is a studio gangsta but that is all he is. Outside of the studio he a bitch. And plies has contradicted himself I got every plies song he has ever made. All I listen to is plies all I listen to is real. Dont get your ass whacked

  28. Mark Dedautels

    How any of you gonna say plies is fake. There is no proof that he is fake unlike pussy ass lil wayne. And plies don't have a ghost writer him and his brother big gates write all his music. Plies is the realest rapper alive.

    Evil Peezy

    there is proof on youtube you dumb shit. Just google it jesus christ. Apparently you are too dumb to use search enginges.

  29. Itou Blaise

    man dont even put a studio gangter like lil wayne in the same sentence as lil boosie for one and two, do your research this niggas an absolute FRAUD. #knowyourshit. this nigga contradicts himself ALL THE TIME BOL FORREAL

  30. Poppa Molly

    That's what's up.

  31. daja U

    Mufuckas talkin bout plies.... Man plies the Realest Nigga! He betta than all these stupid ass rappers now like 2 chainz n alot others. Plies talk bout real shit. Otha than lil Wayne n boosie plies the ShiT

  32. Man Dingo

    This song is just a Dedication to all real niggaz world wide cuz plies is Bitch Made in real life but his Ghost Writer is on point with dat pen & Pad LOL

  33. Quincey Green

    plies goin hard in the paint... 100 after each 1 come on... plies

  34. Kay Kay


  35. Ilyes bouali

    Fuck yeah <3 !!!


    In Real life

  37. jdubbace

    This right here beats hard.

  38. Jay Da Realist

    real shit dis song da truth i fucks wit it. yall go check my music out on my page dawg n let a nigga kno wat yall think. real street music fucks wit it go check me out on my page dawg