Plies - Heard Of Me Lyrics

Not a typical nigga (have you heard of me)
Boy I think I'm bout go n all the way on this one (have you heard of me)
One thing about me home boy I don't play no muthafuckin games (have you heard of me)

[Verse 1:]
Kept it muthafuckin gutta from day one right now homie the streets
I run how am this hot and a award I ain't won
cause I ain't a industry nigga alright son
but you will pay me for what I've done take tha industry relationship
cause I don't want none don't want the fame of this shit
you can have it shoulda just took tha money and then run
that ain't how a real nigga play it where I'm from stay
and get the whole thing and then sum I dun sold gold
what's next platinum dun sold ova a million records ain't that sumthin

May neva see me on tha cover of a magazine
cause I ain't willin 2 kiss be seen copperate mad at me
cause dey can't fuck me I'm who these haterz hatin
I'm 3rd degree say I'm to gutta homie 4 T.V.
I'm who these white folks don't want they kids 2 see
but I'm the new owners of these fuckin streets go
by tha name of plies have you heard of me.

[Verse 2:]
Erre since me erre body claiming real most you niggas pussy
that's how I feel can be the best rapper an gotta tell lies
I couldn't be dat cause all I do is fantasize how you cookin dope you wearin suites n ties
This industry a joke they publicize just don't go to yo parties
if you don't fuck with plies to all my fans I apologize
Want me to cross ova fuck dat side jus a real nigga out of Ft. Meyers
I got principles nigga dats wat I live by
I ain't got rap feature and I'm still alive
not 1 my 3 album is you suprised worth my investment
ask atlantic records do I let shit slide ring tone numbas 1.5


[Verse 3:]
Copperate scared of me cause I ain't safe dey don't know
wat da fuck dat I might say in da type of game dat they play
I don't wear tight jeans or rock shades umma trendsetter
I go my own way I make it hard on the radio
dat the streets praise you can stop countin on questions
dese days ever heard of a nigga dat say fuck me nigga
either a rapper or a wannabe jus want me to kill em on gp
say I ain't lyrical well I'm sorry be dropped out of college
ain't earned my degree but at my bank dey love me his favorite rapper
ain't hot but he mad at me I can make me hot for a small fee
da streets don't want em I'm sorry

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Plies Heard Of Me Comments
  1. Jordan K

    Somebody needs to send this song to "the new" Plies.
    Look at him now 🙄 smh

  2. Robert Griffin

    To all my family

  3. Robert Griffin

    To richee rich

  4. Robert Griffin

    To my brother t-dog

  5. Lisha Davis

    DIVALEE still🎧2020..321..👠🍷WHAAAT..thats wsup🌼👍🌼

  6. Pretty Black

    I love everything about him🥰

  7. marcus Boyd

    It’s still goin in 2019-2020

  8. Sara Ann Vickers

    yall lost your money behind trump you would have came out better bringing that money to me but trying to cut corners get you stuck. Sara Ann Vickers

    Sara Ann Vickers

    the streets don't want him, I'm not sorry

  9. Dewayne Conley

    You my favorite rapper

  10. Boss Hogg

    They want me to crossover fuck that side, just a real nigga outta fort meyers yeeziirrrr

  11. Quan Quan

    Funny this nicca crossed over and lame af now

    Pooch Kk

    Lol dam

  12. Juss Jasmine


  13. TL Johnson

    Banger 💯⛽️🔥

  14. Quintaria Manuel-Pearson

    Plies murder this shit

  15. JesusIsTheOnlyWay

    Where did this Plies go? He's wearing tight jeans and shades now 🤦‍♀️😔🥺🙄

    Marisa Beauty


    David Brooks

    JesusIsTheOnlyWay Plies ist Trendsetter

  16. Jerry Whitton

    They want me to cross over, 🖕 fuck that side.

  17. Wyte Night

    Why is it sound like a word is edited out at 1:54

    Pooch Kk

    He did the edited out "Slip"N"Slide" as in Slip n slide records he was signed too but they parted ways and it was some issues after that

  18. Wyte Night

    2:51 um...Nas didn't go to college...just sayin' that's a lame excuse for not being lyrical

    gary sutherland

    Wyte Night plies went to college he drop out you need to listen properly

  19. Kevin Lopez

    Still bumping 2019



  21. Sauxe Kidd24

    So much shade was being thrown at Lil Wayne 😂😂🔥🔥

  22. victor deabreu

    I have mass respect for plies still banging 2019

  23. lavonte lane

    bumping this junt right nii in 2019!! Much love from ALABAMA!!⛽⛽⛽💯💯🔥🔥

  24. Kyle Green

    Sold,no gave gold away!

  25. Rod Keys


  26. Kenneth,joe Harris

    go,go,go,for nothing and if for me is in attempts_, for(_________;)

  27. Kenneth,joe Harris

    I'm a lyer I wasn't having what was told I would put where I would put to do what was to far gone to be done but I still show is kinda nigga I am yo was no way u could cause no way to try every way to dye funny for the rest like my life a life for me nothing to every body else was in play my best if could get my best attempts to u I would I try most likely for a show of all to look and gawk a step beginning there next skit.olve/o,nada,always.

  28. Shakia Frasier

    Love this ❤

  29. Earnestine Cole

    "I just love Plies!!!! That swag is just impeccable!!?! As a rapper, he sucks horribly.... I got more talent in my left pinky toe!!!!! But I always liked him for his principles, that's wayyyy more important than talent, even though gifts a major factor too!!!!! Like very few, he brings that real in life, so that's why he gets a boat load of play from me... No to mention he funny too!!!! He just swagged up, s real hood brotha!!!! But sho nuff not one if the best by a long shot........... He ain't no where near a goat, but I'm a fan of real brothas that hold it down!!!!! Where he lacks the actual ability to rap, he is overflowing with swag and charisma!!!! If you don't like his flawed lyrical abilities, you got to admit, many are walking around living by his principles and saying much of his lingo!!!!😂😂😂😂😂 I can tell he a real goon..... He ended up in a rapping position because it's his purpose!!!! God wanted to use him to bring that rare, real truth..... His was definitely called so you Gon see some deepness seeping through..... Many are called, but few are chosen.. That don't mean he Gon ful fill it or go to the max because he called..... Lot of folks aren't fully used by God... Just in lil areas, because they won't let him in all the way!!!!! Their free will, their choice!!!!! Definitely one of the sorriest so called MCs I have ever heard, but his realness is A1so I rock with him!!!!!! I study him for this reason, he a real model to me!!!!!!! I love his life for him and I ain't him!!!! Lol,lol,lol..... That's how much love I got for him.... ALL LOVE ON THIS SIDE!!!!!!" `Big Smoke Triple OG aka Real Brotha nimba #1

  30. fern Rod

    Ive been looking for this song forever I couldn’t remember for the life of me

  31. Alexandra Gamez

    Shout out to who ever put this video together Another heard hitter keep it up Plies spit that real shit I'm coming soon I just need to get my foot in the door asap niggas are haters I fuck with you Big time - Jlive187

  32. BigHitMan

    The whole album a classic 💯

  33. Ant southwest

    2019 still riding wit a goat🔥🔥🔥 #bounce #codefendant

  34. Jourdyn Robertson

    Plies dropped a couple juelz on this, he was speaking out against the powers that when he first came out, especially when he said since I dont go to your parties you dont fuck wit plies, everyone knows what those industry parties are, and when he said want me to crossover fuck dat side, once you cross over and sell your soul it's over with

  35. Muffin Designer

    Heard of Me😜😜😜😜

  36. Miranda Andrews

    This is the Plies we need back

  37. Jazzyjeff 28


  38. Ron E

    2019 in this bitch

  39. Brandon Newton

    Most u niggas pussy that s how i fill 🔥🔥

  40. Brandon Newton

    Hoe still 🔥

  41. Karl Smith

    2019 and it's still bumpin

  42. Jordan Cullen

    He rep where he from FORT MYERS... My city

  43. StreekGeek 007


  44. Maine S

    Still hittin n '19

  45. Flawless Gemini

    This whole album is my favorite Plies album😍

    Callis Johnson


  46. Joshua Williams

    Wea diz piles went too

  47. Young Bull


  48. matasareanu

    2k19 this song still A banger 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Ant southwest

    Plies a goat🔥🔥

    Eli Bangin Da Cz

    Im telling you cuhk💙😪

  49. Fire Of His Love

    It wasn't easy trackin this song down. PLIES 4 LIFE

  50. Kameron Posley

    From the same hood and went to school together...💯

  51. Yasmine

    He a sellout now with that new song with gates throwing up the the horns baphamet

  52. nyesha8483

    Only the few really understand this real statement he made the realest s*** I ever heard

  53. Lady R


  54. Sherry Fuller

    i love plies and real is everything in this song i pray he continues to stand strong i love him,BG,and Ace Hood

  55. Michelle Gatewood

    He explained he not with the Illuminati

  56. Michelle Gatewood

    He not with the devil

  57. Dierell Mullins

    Dat Was up cus

  58. JG The Truth

    Plies a southern Tupac type. Nigga music get better with time

  59. kimberly walker

    I dont play no one mf games... 😐🤔

  60. Levar Kizer

    Check out Levar Kizer on YouTube (Kizer Soze)

  61. Victorino Philadelphia

    Ringtone Number 1.5 Lol Real Shit ...

  62. Luther Jones

    Have u heard of me. God

  63. Trey Smith

    In other words F $CK THE ILLUMINATI

  64. John Jr

    Plies is the realist rapper alive and he’s been my favorite for a very long time and I’ll always got his back 💯

  65. Iphany Gatling


  66. Iphany Gatling


  67. Minii plies

    He's Talking About all the Other Rappers Joining The illuminati To get Money Like Beyonce And Others Plies is Probably The only One who refuses To join The illuminati 🏌️☝🏾

  68. Minii plies

    Follow me On Instagram @Lulplies And I'm still Listening To This In 2018 Cause I'ma Support My Daddy 💛🤞🏾!!

  69. Anthony Reardon hvacr

    Its 2018 and still goes hard. The truth cant get old!!

    Jacobe King

    Anthony Reard

    Jacobe King

    Anthony Reardon hvacr do sho



  71. 1nija100

    This a JayZ diss #Facts listen to the lyrics

  72. yadda 10

    this my fav plies song... A true BANGER.

  73. oliverrando

    man plies is like the second nelly

  74. Sara Ann Vickers

    I got principles nigga that's what I live by

    Sara Ann Vickers

    Amen   As JEHOVAH is my witness.

  75. Sara Ann Vickers

    i'on play no mutherfucking games true

  76. LOveMeOrHateMe

    2018...still fire

  77. Rob Gee

    He should make a whole album
    Like This straight Classssiiiiik.

  78. 614 Mannie

    10 years later

  79. WicKked WiazZard

    2k18 still my shit

  80. Illuminati genius

    I had this album.. dope

  81. Sara Ann Vickers

    Maybe it wasn't wise to hope and wish my death nor gloat in a pretentious death of mines. Glad I could let you down I am proud of that. Amen

  82. Felicia Grisham

    The industry really doesn't like him. #fact THE STREETS LOVE HIM😍😍😍

  83. Arthur Williams

    How you'll surprise all Plies shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 an he's the King of ring tones an ig's be lit funny ASF but real lmmfaobvs...

  84. MahaKaali

    I'm super laaaaate 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. nutt

    need dis plies back!!

  86. Sara Ann Vickers

    30,006 whites have fallen. 0 blacks fallen.

    Sara Ann Vickers

    I done lost count

  87. Troy Troy

    Plies. One of the best rappers. Hands DOWN

  88. Jessie Slaughter

    love you peace .peace..

  89. Jessie Slaughter

    Devon duken said hello...

  90. Rod Keys

    Basically wat my boy satin fuck the Illuminati

  91. Toni Austin

    Lol😂😂plies tha shyt!💯

  92. allure searles

    Plies need to get back to making music like this his new shit that he has now is wack even the recent music videos his old videos is much better I've been a huge fan of plies since his first album I have all his cds still love and support him

  93. Alexisc Mouzan

    We all like you. This song did well but plies suit up. Show them both. You can do it. Stay in there