Plies - Gotta Be Lyrics

I know it's somebody, somewhere, homie
That today they celebration
I might not know ya
But I wanna celebrate witcha

[Hook 2x]
Gotta be somebody the police chasin' that done got away
Gotta be somebody 'round the world today that'll beat they case
Gotta be somebody 'round the world got off probation today
Gotta be somebody 'round the world walkin' out them prison gates

[Verse 1]
I'm happy for that nigga, today, that done came home
And got that time behind 'em, now it's time to move on
I'm celebratin' witcha, the reason I wrote this song
Hope you done became a better person since you been gone
I salute you, my nigga, dawg, for stayin' strong
Now, getcha feet up unda ya, homie and keep it goin'
I hope ya walk straight, don't make the wrong turn
Them cracks waitin' to send you off on anotha long run
Just enjoy yaself tonight and have fun
And don't go fuckin' wit them niggas who ain't send ya nothin'
And if ya got kids, go'n get 'em and catch up
I'm celebratin' wit' you tonight, I'm holdin' my cup up

[Hook 2x]
Gotta be somebody the police chasin' that done got away
Gotta be somebody 'round the world today that'll beat they case
Gotta be somebody 'round the world got off probation today
Gotta be somebody 'round the world walkin' out them prison gates

[Verse 2]
He took them crackas to the do' and he beat 'em in trial
A lot of niggas thought you was gon' lose but you held it down
All I can tell you, homie, you made all the real niggas proud
They offered you a plea bargain, but you turned it down
Stood in the paint, what you believed in, you did it in style
I know your family, they was worried, but now they can smile
Should be happy 'cause ain't too many of us beat 'em in awhile
Just be careful in these streets 'cause this shit done got wild
A lot of niggas fucked up, so they playin' it foul
He was your homeboy, he your co-defendant now
If you gon' get money, get it, but lose the crowd
Niggas in prison 'cause they homeboys ran they mouth

[Hook 2x]
Gotta be somebody the police chasin' that done got away
Gotta be somebody 'round the world today that'll beat they case
Gotta be somebody 'round the world got off probation today
Gotta be somebody 'round the world walkin' out them prison gates

[Verse 3]
To that young nigga who took 'em on a high-speed chase
Ain't condonin' whatcha did, I'm just glad ya got away
I know ya heart beatin' fast, I'm just glad ya safe
Shit, you had to hit it, you couldn't afford another case
You tried to play cool, but you shoulda seen your face
Git a muthafucka, lost 'em in broad-day
Doin' a-hundred, dawg, goin' down a one-way
Jumped out on 'em, turned into a foot race
Git know the streets, so they couldn't keep they pace
He had to throw his pistol, they find it, that's okay
You ain't gotta do it, but for you I'ma celebrate
Do me a favor, dawg, stay out them cracka face

[Hook 2x]
Gotta be somebody the police chasin' that done got away
Gotta be somebody 'round the world today that'll beat they case
Gotta be somebody 'round the world got off probation today
Gotta be somebody 'round the world walkin' out them prison gates

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Plies Gotta Be Comments
  1. Demario Williams

    Just the feeling of saying goodbye to that place is a natural high

  2. Christopher Decker

    I don't care about color, if you free we living it. If you did time I'm glad you out. Shit don't matter because We all make mistakes. If you're out don't go back because it's easy to.

  3. Sweet Jones III

    Gotta be somebody that done paid off they child support today 😂

  4. UdzJess Akino

    Finally done serving my time

  5. Raymone Levy

    I was 3 years old when this song came out memories back when I was little

  6. Epiphany1972u Tatted Queen

    Fuck the judge jury and snitches

  7. Salone Onwuachi

    Heyyyy babbi i loves yuu how's things hope yr good yess babbi its allways good to wish smome well fr mking porgress in life especially if they have server jail time and mk it thr and trun they life around fr better than thats allways greater fr there livings furthers mking thats better different changing there life's fr better fr a man to be giving his life back is allways better to live again fr society babbi is allways a Good day fr any best furthesr thats ahead babbi its allways about thats better change everytimes realest badesxst hotts firrerrr jamms so lovinggit lovinggyuus allways plies!!,

    Donavyn Dodson

    u said fr like 10 times cuh

  8. Marckaevon Johnson

    who is watching this in 2019

  9. donnie keller

    Just walked out them prison gates...

  10. Jermaine Jenkins

    Him n his brother both bout that life. Even his brother said so

  11. John Doe

    Can't relate to this unless you have been through this before gotta keep your head up and keep fighting not for you but all the people you put your bullshit though stay 💯 be you

  12. Marvin Davis

    2019 still here!

  13. 205QUE

    Bruh if u don’t like this u a BITCH!!!!

  14. Paul Bliss

    Today's goons needs to take notes from this man and not 69!!! But hey what do I know

  15. Salone Onwuachi

    Yesss babbbi it gott be somebody that was able to mk it from being lock down or been thr a heartships of a bunch of bullshit in life it gott to be a time where life beings to shinne that things can become for them coming out of strives to regain joy wishing all the people's for a greater success to land back up on there feet and second chance allways mks an next day beautiful realest song true to heart there allways somebody that might need somebody for mking thr the day so lovinggg this jammms my babbbi did that brought it so real suppperrs hottes firrirrer badessst realest jammms so lovingggit lovingggyuus plies Allways!!,

  16. don vito

    Gotta be .

  17. Epiphany1972u Tatted Queen

    Wake them up lord this song says it all I pray foe them all

  18. Olivia Jessie

    He was your homeboy he your codefendant now

  19. Jordan Goode

    2018 still fuckin with it. Just walked out of jail a few hours ago on felony battery charges. Violated my battery probation and now I gotta see my probation officer in a couple hours. Fuck man.

  20. BWG Teflon

    I beat my case diz year by holding it'd down & staying strong & this song tuff af 🐯💯

  21. Thomasema Brown

    I miss this plies ..real 💪💪

  22. Thomasema Brown

    Gotta be.... 💪

  23. Thomasema Brown

    If you gone get money get it but loose the crowd... ✊

  24. Christopher Decker

    I'm playing this full blast when my brother come home on everything i fucking love... #REPEATALLDAY

  25. vari G

    On probation and I can't wen for losing I'll be free one day smh

  26. Amber Gregoire3

    just got out of the.t.d.c.j 21 days ago

  27. Crystalyn DuCote

    Totally how I felt when they dropped all the charges!

  28. BWG Teflon

    💯 beat that case today this the realist shit eva #050218

  29. Flyboi Del

    2018 still bangin

  30. Dope Boy

    Just got out yesterday morning. Hands up

  31. Aaron Auld

    Love this song so real violated probation just got out got 87days left on it they put a bracelet on me just have to get this over I got a 5yr suspended sentence not trying to have them take me away from my daughter and love ones hope god watches over me and keeps me grounded.

  32. Linda Roberts

    Plies you my dog rather you NO it or. Not

  33. jvon jvon

    Plies don't make music like this no mo

  34. Trey Robinson

    i came home thanksgiving 💯

  35. Joshua Lane

    Gotta be!!!

  36. Kenyatta Galloway

    Free my Cuzo Brad I know u became a better person wen u get out love u fam an I miss u 5yrs seem ike 20 my nigga

  37. Tampa Shii813

    I'm off probation today 🙌🏽

  38. MrTroy Thompson

    144 months strong.

    Tabitha McMillan

    MrTroy Thompson smh they just gave my brother 144 months

  39. cherokee ind Baby


  40. Him OverThere

    I got off probation today.

  41. Jazhaun Calvin

    i remeber 2nd grade mom blasting this song and i started liking it put some head phones in and jus listen to this shit

  42. Jose Bonilla

    I came home this past Saturday

  43. Traveante Montgomery

    real lyrics he spitten


    this song is some real shit, surprised this don't have that many views

  45. The Watcher

    still 🔥

  46. mike lee

    lol why is the best so damn sad 😭😪

  47. Pig Crippin

    you tried to play cool but you shoulda seen yo face,git a mf lost em in broad day.doing a100 dog going down a1way jumped out on em turned into a foot race

    Tony Boyd

    Pig Crippin maaaaaaaaannnnnn

  48. N/A

    Do me a favor dog!!!!


    i listen to dis song before i workout

  50. Robert Vanlie

    gotta be somebody that the police Chase that got away

  51. JR GREEN

    My cuz Gato comin home today

    Troy Boyd

    Keep him focused. Give us an update.

  52. Nick Iacovino

    song to the heart

  53. Craig G

    gotta be

  54. Maxmillian Robinson

    Yes Plies is the absolute G.O.A.T

    New York Giants Blood!!!!

    Better than this shit today.

  55. SacheVante

    I fuck with Plies he a good rapper

  56. Nunu K Lifestyle

    The Realist Rapper Alive!

    Meagan Marie

    Kevin gates

  57. Rasheem Foster

    I like this song

  58. New Wave

    Real shit

  59. Amber Gow

    11 years on lock down and today im a free man

    Christopher Decker

    Hopefully you've stayed away from anything that can land you in trouble since you posted this 4 year's ago my guy... 💯💯💯

    Travis Curtis

    Cordele ga stand up I feel you plies I had a brother lockup as well Korey keep doing good music plies

    j roccavelli unboxing/reviews

    I used to listen to this all the time when i was in prison doing 3 years got me threw ... Salute 💯💪

    Will Farrer

    "DONE DEAL" Keep ya head up, goals n plans, stick to the original...past is gone, ya future is choosin' to do whatever it takes to get ur

    Troy Boyd

    Give us an update.

  60. Adrian TenEyck

    Just got all my fines paid off im celebrating

  61. Dro Edwards

    This biii be riding

  62. Dillon Ruby

    u a cop?

    phylliss Frankenfield

    Yeah ok that's the first question a cop ask

  63. Dillon Ruby

    but he do make real music lol

  64. ackie90

    Plies cracked a formula on this one

  65. lavon abrams


  66. hellzxking

    still snitched him out


    GOTTA BE !!!!!!!!!

  68. eva herman

    <3 he;s real !!

  69. optemoz

    been waitin to jam this song for a long time.. JUST GOT OFF PROBATION TODAY! 5 LONG YEARS!! PUT YOUR CUPS UP!

  70. King

    @86Calikidd naw kid his bro lived dis life not him good shit but its not his B check ya facts

    Jermaine Jenkins

    Him n his brother both bout that life. Even his brother said so

  71. Heather Crocker

    plies is my favorite rapper. he raps bout the real shit <3

  72. Felipe Batista


  73. brittanybritt23

    @AlabamaMacaroni thanx for dat i made a new myspace cause i forgot all my shit lol just to watch dat video

  74. 503TD

    REAL!!!!!! keep'em comin homie.

  75. k9i9l9l9a9

    @The59PIRU and thats what it do

  76. Hitman Jones

    @AlabamaMacaroni it once was on here but back then every one who had music got wiped out and ever since then i have never found it

  77. Hitman Jones

    realist shit ever

  78. kadecia Alexander

    he is the best

  79. kadecia Alexander

    fuck that Jay-z got the most money

  80. kadecia Alexander

    boy plies is the best rapper in the world and if u dont like it fuck u

  81. Tabithaa lynn

    i respect this sonq half tha shit that he mention ibeen thru; personally

    J J

    Tabithaa lynn hey

  82. gsxr0zx

    just got off them papers today

  83. IAmTheOne

    can't lie. this right here is hittin'.

  84. Fckillumunati Curtis

    probation free! since today! HAHAAA!

  85. Hoza Notie

    quit be a bitchass

  86. SeanOhYeah

    da realist fosho. Plies new album out 2009 REALER THAN USUAL. Keep em comin goon

  87. Safe Haven

    ha hah. dat was cool