Plies - Fucks With You Lyrics

Baby I fucks with you cause all the lil things you do you keep it so true
That's why I fucks with you cause you ain't worried bout the fame with the name or the bling
That's why I'm calling you a bad muthafucka can't let nan other bitch out there touch ya
They start dancing when I walk in now they scared to say leave me I fucks with you

[Verse 1:]
I ran down on her she was there so I cuffed her cute lil baby plus she got good butt
I'm fucked up bout it like forreal doe bruh hygiene a-1 so I don't smell nun
She bout that life that's why I deal with her
When she ask me to come through I don't even buck
She can be sleep when I call she pop right up
And nobody rock them boy shorts like her
Them lil cheeks be hangin
I be looking at her stuck
She ain't gotta ask for bread cause I fuck with her tuff
I'm hungry I call her she come through in the clutch
I fuck with her the long way like straight up


[Verse 2:]
If I was broke right now I think she'll let me hold something
Feel like she for me so I include her when I got stuntin
Mama bills get behind I shoot her a lil sumtn
Answer my phone in front of her she don't say nun
I get to talking to long doe she look at me funny
She kno it ain't nun the boy jus gettin to the money
When I wanna tease her a lil bit I jus call her country
When I wanna see her smile I jus tell her doe I jus tell her she bucking
Chill when she need too snap when she have too
One thing about it she do her thing with them hair do's
I told her she been getting thick since I've been cutting her
She told me no I'm ain't I get it from my mama


[Verse 3:]
I feel like she deserve a nigga like me
She fall I got her I'm a put her back on her feet
I ain't trying change her and she ain't tryna change me
She jus got real she ask me do I wanna key
I wanted to tell her yeah but I had to kept it g
That's why I fucks with you cause you fucks with me
I can be on the road and she can be out of town
And I ain't got to sweat her cause she gon hold me down
Weither she do or don't she act like she care
Even when I ain't around she act like I'm there
I ain't one of them dudes who tell you what to wear
You can flaunt it all you want to
ain't insecure


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Plies Fucks With You Comments
  1. K D


  2. Zach Jackson

    2019 and this shit still go hard af 🙌

  3. Nicki NoWorries

    Miss my old boo he use to sing this song to me ALL the time dam Jesse B I fucks wit u!!! 2019 still jamming!!!

  4. Miiluv Kreme

    He is soooo Underrated its sad I love this song n all of plies shit

  5. Linda Mac

    Plies has always been my first love I have never told anybody that but that man is the one

  6. Headache 904

    2019 still jamming ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  7. Angela Bailey


  8. bbrown5991

    2019 and I'm still bumping the real shit. Who in 2019 still rocking with this here.

  9. Queen Beauty KametraG.

    Daddy Ace only has it like this rt.🤞💯💯🤷‍♀️

  10. Neel Kumar

    I love this song bro plies u the best i wanna ya get married to this song I sing to my serect girl I know bro I wish u can help me plies it's blaze420 talkin to u burn pce one love dawg anything for my nigga's

  11. Kala Washington

    2019 biiihhhh

  12. Alliyah Williams

    Still my favor song #FloridaShit 😍👌🏾

    Kizzy Simmons

    Florida Water💦🌊🍑

  13. Briana Michelle

    Use to love this song, this was a good year lol

  14. mendoza

    2019 🤙🏼

  15. Amber G

    This shit still fye

  16. Salone Onwuachi

    Heyyyyyy babbbi i love yuu this song its suppperss hottes just like yuu sexxxiyyy ass babbbi yuu so finnne im Always f*uckingggg with yuu dadddy shows down for my babbbi never worries about them others hoes kwing my babbbi gonna hold it down for his real Queen always loving my babbbi just he's that realest man only way i will have it is my man being 100% allways mks it all good supppppers hottesss firrrrirer jammms realessst badessst sexxxiyyy so lovingggit lovingggyuus babbbi allways!!,

  17. Zenobia Brown

    2018 and I’m still listening to this 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  18. Olecia Eason


  19. Brian Doherty

    Big up the FL

  20. Brian Doherty


  21. Zaylovely smith


  22. Salone Onwuachi

    Yaaaaaaw my babbbi is the best so loving him awwwsome always!!,

  23. Fyah 101

  24. 2s33t 2cut3

    This my shit I love me some plies my baby 🌹

  25. Heather Knotts

    Ya heard 👂👂 plies sho nuff be spittin get it l get it from my Mama lol 🔥🔥😈😈

  26. Brittany Sanchez

    Still my shit

  27. PrettyLips PrettyTail

    I'm gonna Jump for You??My Everything Baby you Mean So Much to me 💯💯💯💯💼💼💼💼💰💰💰💰👀👀👀👀❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  28. Fisher Theo

    Who's listening to this in 2018, dedicated to my Wife Tamara Thelus Theodore. Respect from Palm Beach.

  29. Anthony Moseley

    Shit hot

  30. Tiffany Tatum

    Cause YOU ain't worrying bout the fame, or the name, or the bling :-) That's why I fuck$ with YOU :-)

  31. lewis ahja


  32. Stephanie Siler

    He sent me

  33. oblockchenosister Taylor

    This shit still fye 💯😩

  34. Glen Simon

    I like her cause she don't fuck with them lame hoes 😻😭 #Dearfuturewife #Ifuckswithyou

  35. Jacqueline Stevenson

    i like this stuff✌✌

  36. blessed savage

    a pet pet mutt mutt? lmao y'all kill me with your fucked up lyrics bruh. next time try shes a bad motha fucka 😂🖕

  37. Juan Ballejo

    Fucking with plies since the 20 7th!

  38. Willedee Edwards

    plies showed out on this💯💯💯💯💯

    Kc Hallgren stewart

    Willedee Edwards facts 💯

    jessica riley

    Big Facts💯💯

    Segall Dawkins

    Faaaactssss 🤑

  39. Devin Parker

    my nigga

  40. Jackie West

    plies ain't nuttin BT da truth💋

    Ashley Lawrence

    Kerry que WTF de los derechos reservados todos😃😃😃😃😊

  41. Jackie West

    plies ain't button BT da truth💋

  42. Shaquille Richardson

    cystitis/xyz gxy

  43. Shaquille Richardson

    cystitis/xyz gxy

  44. Shaquille Richardson

    cystitis/xyz gx

  45. Shaquille Richardson

    cystitis/xyz g

  46. Shaquille Richardson

    cystitis/xyz g

  47. Shaquille Richardson


  48. Shaquille Richardson


  49. Deztiny Neal

    my baby my future husband did this song 😂😂😘📩👆👉👈👇👀

  50. Tiffany Tatum

    I think bout my Bestie everytime I bump this track.

  51. Marie Murphy

    Shit we need a cute single girl to "fuxx with us"hmu girls"

  52. Daysha Patterson

    Yo this song just makes me smile lol 🙊😀😀

  53. KiNG KULL

    teachin them bitchez how to be tuff

  54. Robert Bidochon

    @BGRsupporter Thanks bruh, good thing you put this one in dirty version.

  55. damarrion livingston

    Real sjit

  56. Candace Reid

    yea this the shit u did that

  57. Keba Cartwright

    Since we know that this new glory will never go away, we can preach with great boldness.

    Keba Cartwright

    Let everything alive give praise. I f wit u.

  58. Darrell gup Bridgesvu

    That real yall

  59. Darrell gup Bridgesvu

    Thats my shit

  60. Lauren Mayo

    My bae set this as his ringtone for me AYE!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. Jenkins

    Lauren Mayo wondering if he still got it on his ringtone 👌🏽🤣

    Rak Fuller

    Kevin Jenkins I wanted to know too 😭

  61. Lee Newell

    An im a real nigga so they fuck with me too

  62. skimpptho

    I loveeeee this song.

  63. Saysay Bo

    This song slapp

  64. Yg'FattyMacck

    i think im in love wit you! o.o.

  65. deshawn trotty

    I love this song I swear

  66. kc hallgren

    Love this from plies

  67. got money

    ion smell nun

  68. Kiana Wigfall

    This brings back memories

  69. Chameka Mosely

    I really don't listen to plies but I fucks wit this 1

  70. Andre' Dion

    if uon like this u uh lame thats all i gotta say, plus dis my ringtone fa lil shorty

  71. towanda hamilton

    Rocking my bad lol

  72. towanda hamilton

    This shit is rocky

  73. Nikki Gosvener

    Dis song is my song

  74. Aliya Boo

    :,( The Day He Told Me He Would Fuck With Me Babe Even Know You Have A Gf Idgaf She Is Nothing Better Than Me I Love Youu Boo <3

  75. Marshebya Andrews

    Shit u not suppose to smell nothing

  76. Marymae Savage


  77. Hartmaños

    Who's on the hook? Sounds like Breezy?


    Hartmaños August Alsina

  78. neverforgotten alwaysbeyourself

    ,,,,,I fasho wit u Bby diz,,,,lil stamp shit dre,,,,,frm the Jetz ,,,acorn toi,,,,hitter

  79. Shay Brown

    good shit

  80. J Lyric

    aye yall fucks with me on facebook mzjuicy justwright couture

    Lashunda Owens

    J Lyric 😂 long name

  81. J Lyric

    i <3 this song

  82. Torrance Cook

    me and my bad bitches fuck to this song

  83. Jazzmyne Berntsen

    Anythang for my niggaz ,whacked , see nann nigga , Boosie , Flaw , Feet to the ceiling , Fucks with you

  84. Heather Bollia

    Even when i ain't around he acts like I'm there. Bad mutha fucka no other bitch out there touch ya! I fuks wit u bae..xoxo

  85. Nicole Tharpe

    this the shit !

  86. Nikeia Walker

    ayye dis dat funkk -cute lyl baybee

  87. tosha combs

    Cum fuckkk with me luv cause I fucks with you

  88. Tammy Moore

    She Aint Gotta Ask For Bread Cause I Fuck With Her Tuff

  89. hortonc20

    that dude stunting im who u looking for bra holla at me

  90. hortonc20

    yo name aint kief brown

  91. hortonc20

    no his name is kief brown not chris google him he sang on lupe fiasco show goes on