Plies - Flyer Den A Pelican Lyrics

Flyer than a pelican, flyer than a pelican
Shoulda had Birdman do that little noise on this bitch
(Brr, brr, brr, brr)
Shoulda have him do that little Birdcall shit

I'm flyer than a pelican...

My chain got white gold on it
My strap got a beam on it
My seats got lean on it
My neck got a link on it
My teeth got bling on it
That pussy got pink on it
My body got ink on it
My whip got seats on it
From head to toe
I'm covered designer
This dope is from [?]
This belt is from China
This watch is from Rollie
There's blood on these diamonds
You see me in the streets
They call me a hunnid
My bitches the finest
My shooters behind me
I'm drinking the best
And I'm smoking the finest
I'm cleaner than the bitch
You might think I'm a [?]
I've gone to [?]
They say I'm the flyest

I'm flyer than a pelican...

Sport ten teams and international
Keeping money on me like a trap
Got more bands and even wrapped
And the wrist smoking on pressure
Got my model bitch [?]
Fitting like you have
Putting on who helps
Two sisters fuck me [?]
Money to money, I stay sharp on the dough
Money to money, I fuck with the dough
Money to money, I keep dope in da air
Money to money, I like [?]
Flyer than a pelican, you heard what I said
Strippers, I love 'em, I want 'em in bed
Fuck 'em, I'm changing all my numbers again
No Tinder or [?] you know what I mean

I'm flyer than a pelican...

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Plies Flyer Den A Pelican Comments
  1. zaki millwood

    My neck got links onit that pussy got pink oniit 💣💥my body got ink oniit🤒🙊🤑💸

  2. Sir Goldy

    Plies that nigga

  3. Girlfriend Ortiz

    D4 d 4f 4g 5g tgt gt. Gtt ggt g t4f d 3

  4. Carmona Crafts

    Plies look like Captain crunch

  5. Treyvon Twyman

    I need that jacket

  6. Stephen Walker

    I'm flyer den a lion bitch y u cryn

    Stephen Walker


  7. JeditheJedi

    I was introduced to this because today I crackhead was rapping this song

  8. JoLay Carswell

    Plies is THAT... Stop hating let him be flyer den a pelican... Lmao.. Enjoy that shid... Negros are out of CONTROL

  9. Shawn Williams

    Plies You Haven't Paid Me Yet For 2014 Signing

  10. The Intelligent Brother Mr G

    Plies in his own world

  11. Lisa Johnson

    I can't this shit got me dead dead lmao 😂👈💀... Only your ass Plies

  12. Jon Jon

    1-800 creative

  13. Max Million


  14. Alexandra Gamez

    Why ppl hate on my boy plies so much he real af and he is a good artist don't forget he's still Richer then you and everyone in your family .. he's been in the game all time and put of out alot of good music.. keep doing your thing Plies much respect ✊ -Jlive187

  15. Zay Pettiford

    Most Repetitive but catchy choruses

  16. No Trust Flow

    GA2:Edison Eagle No Tru$t Flow:

  17. No Trust Flow

    This Dope Is From Dayton Ohio

  18. Alton Lawrence

    Plies bust it baby

  19. No_clones&unknown86

    Lol i always liked this song he throwed off 😂

  20. Blakk Godfather

    This the coolest dude on the planet,swag game on fleek

  21. Adrian Barrington


  22. tha nubiun prynce beezy

    Still a banger in 2019

  23. Isoke Nichols

    Plies is the business.

  24. Alishia Freeman

    So sexy wit his short ass

  25. mickey philly

    Yall now" this bang n...on the low. 🎶🎶

  26. Matuschka Rochester

    Wht the hell he has on

  27. Matuschka Rochester

    I spunt

  28. Sharp Sharp

    He created his own style.


    My nigga plies went from thug to thugga thugga swagging flyer than a pelican to 💧 drip for sale#100 #legend

  30. Lillian Calla

    So animated n cool too funny be blessed

  31. dude dude

    This one of those music videos that make a song

  32. Keishon Campbell


  33. Goddess Goodman

    Plies has his own swag & dont wear the same as the other rappers. The Drip King👌

  34. Guccii Manee

    No lie this like diff level a boss shit st runnas wouldnt kno..u ofti be in boss lane to vibe to this.

  35. Daryal Lawrencebads

    that nigga be 👍🔥🔥🔥

  36. soundcloud Cdog CLT

    Hes a character😂😂

  37. JoshuaB Smith

    Hard sauce

  38. Tony Montana

    Look at the pelican, fly pelican fly

  39. Cosmic law And order

    Jam Pony

  40. Master P

    #Rhianna f what, a horse and white carriae., please, better think about f why u ain' got a new album or single ...

  41. Brian Quinlan

    Congratulations on being more fly than a pelican.

  42. Priest King

    That Geshia look terrible.

  43. Cadillac Don

    I gotta find that jacket in different colors

  44. Salone Onwuachi

    Dammmmm plies yuuus Sharp as hell looking so handsome with yr fine ass whoooo loving it awwwsome babi keeps doing yr shitts nice hottsssss sweeets video!!,

  45. PrettyLips PrettyTail

    Oooooohhhh yes my Baby Is Flyer than a Pelican And Hot As Fuck and Gina Golden Is my Queen I'm her King Algernod I'm so in love with Him yes I Love her too She's waiting For Me Plies😘😘😘😘come for me Plies

    PrettyLips PrettyTail

    Oooooohhhh Baby Yes😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️

  46. Lamar Floyd

    U can't hate on Mr. Plie$

  47. Keonne Williams

    Plies one of my favorite entertainers.😎

  48. Jair Jerez

    This mudafucker a fool 😂😂

  49. Doctor Duct tape

    This some shit you sing in the shower not put on a album. Lol

  50. light production

    Fuck wit cuz hard... We need to do a song

  51. Heather Knotts

    Flyer than a pelican that pussy got pink on it whew wee Plies Plies Plies yesss u is

  52. Gina GailPrettyTail-BBG

    Fineee Ass Come To Me ..whatcha you waiting on Time Don't Wait on No ONE💯💯💯💯

  53. Andrew Lewinski

    Im not an expert or anything but i don't think think pelicans least not very high or far, but I get the point I think lol

  54. Jesus Christ with a Jheri Curl

    just the *RIGHT AMOUNT* of ignorance.

  55. Jamiqus Smith

    Dat jacket fly asf

  56. James Christmas

    That's amazing

  57. Cassandra Richardson

    That sounds like some damn illuminati music...scary.

  58. David Biddle

    ok lanier Washington

  59. Cameron Carnell


  60. 2963gloydboy

    Look like he just added the jacket and hat wearing the same thing he wore in the plugged in video

  61. Aida Garlington

    Aida m Garilogotan 3047nporter ave wcihta ks

  62. Derrick Rice

    Flyer than a pelican this song go hard as fuck

  63. Micah cannon

    First verse was the coldest👍🏿

  64. MZKaoz89

    "these diamonds got blood on em" blood diamonds from Africa...damn! Smdh

  65. richard savage

    Ayee is if fly asf in tht video

  66. EpixDevo

    Im flying them pelicans

  67. Velma Strong

    From Lil-Killa..

  68. Velma Strong

    Clean My Nigga.Alot of Wisdom.

  69. Tia Griffin

    who wore it better plies capn crunch or mj 🤔

  70. wilfrid fred

    Swagg on them plies

  71. wilfrid fred

    Ya'll can say what ya'll want,but my nigga plies still around working hard,and living good,since 98.

  72. Merari Hernandez

    Wonder where this video was shot

  73. Ome Ome

    mucho good

  74. Ugene Walker

    love plies he keeps creating entertaining video s and music and he don't have all them mfs in the video shit this cat just having fun he don't have do the shit he's doing to please any one no matter what it doesn't change the fact he's rich and getting richer keep going bra don't stop making music I don't listen to rap these days but like what you are doing Fla all day long

  75. Chelblanco


  76. Tyrick Hairston

    plies just trying to keep up with this trash and dumb generation..damn im sorry for my kids gotta grow into this weird generation damn!!!!!

  77. S Baker

    Plies still holding it down on God this nigga so different u got to be either a hater orva fuck nigga to not like this nigga IJS....

  78. Jakaya Wilson

    Plies rents the best mansions for his videos.

  79. M Lor

    Who thinks bro mite have some sugar in his tank

  80. Brian Scott

    I fuck wit plies but this song is whack.. I don't know bout this dude anymore. ????



  82. Sara Ann Vickers

    what yall did killed plies he don't look like him nor move like him, why yall got him showing is teeth so much plies showed his teeth but not like this lil biddy

  83. Dustin Bandy

    Plies absolutely busts it in this song. Hell yeah plies. One of your best songs to date brother.

  84. Truth is wealth

    I love you Plies . Be yourself and fuck the haters.

  85. Capriana Brown


  86. Bervin Jackson

    How does Plies go from You Heard Of Me to this gay crap! Perhaps Plies flew off the PLUG!

  87. Exotic E36M3

    Hahahah I fuck with you're music but don't do that pelican dance ahahahhaa that's the funniest shit I would image you doing.. young thug maybe but you dawg no noooo hahaha

  88. Shariff Sheppard

    jxhnny u a funny nigga lol

  89. freshpinch

    2:52-2:57 guess baby need his baba

  90. Nalya Brinson

    y'all hoes and nigga hating on my crush like site down some where df

  91. Jessica Defoe

    Plies is so funny I swear 😂😂😂💖

  92. Richard GYPCSMALL

    Videos is entertaining af tho 😂😂


    I can't get Tony Montana sitting in the tub hollering at the T.V. Me ho look at the Pelican fly pelican!

    Tony Montana

    It's okay mane

  94. A Hernandez

    Im flyer then a pelican, im flyer then a pelican oo...

  95. The Carolina Native Jxan

    The director said fuck getting a real Chinese girl😂😂

  96. Kelly Harmon

    This motha fucka crazy I can't lie I like it