Plies - Feet To The Celing Lyrics

I got her feet to the ceiling [x9]

[Verse 1:]
I'm standin up in her
I'm droppin nothin but dickin her
Got me on that XO tonight so I'm a long dickher
Hard like a roll of quarters
I got that long in her
Legs in the air and I'm hittin that pussy the dead center
Back of her thighs
I got em up on my shoulders
Nut, I feel it comin but naw, I think I'm a hold it
Lookin at her square in the face her eyes rollin
She yelling like a nigga
It's killin her but she soakin
Hittin deep down in that pussy I got her talkin
Pussy go to bitin so hard I tell her pause it
I ain't tryna disrespect it just let me dog it
Naw naw naw don't push me up out it shawty
I'm a couple strokes in, I think I'm catchin my rhythm
She know the cat good, I can tell by how I'm hittin her
I'm a performer muthafucker I love bein in the mirror
Got her pinned down to the bed but I got her feet to the ceiling


[Verse 2:]
I got her pinned up good and I ain't gone let her move
Standin up on my toes I'm paintin her ass too
She sweatin like a bitch even though we in a dew
I'm laughin like a bitch cause I ain't even much through
I told her don't move now, just keep em up in the air
Dick so good she think I'm fucker her bare
I ain't trippin though if the pussy got a lil hair.
The main thing though, it got no wear-n-tear
Legs in the air, I call that in the buck
Press on her legs, I'm tearin her ass up
She call a nigga name out, that's what cranks me up
Now she talkin with her eyes closed yelling out what?
"Paint me" (yeah I got her yelling out)
"Paint me" (yea I got her yelling out)
"Paint me" (yea I got her yelling out)
"Paint me", yea I got her feet to the ceiling


[Verse 3:]
I got her spread on nice she hangin off the bed
Now I really finna paint her, she holdin her own legs
Got the pillows stacked up so she don't hit her head
Just teasin her right now, just fuckin her with the head
I can hear how it smackin how I done got her wet
Well I can't even lie she got some good sex
I can tell how she runnin, I'm damn there in her chest
Got her legs pushed back they damn near by her neck
Stop yelling for a minute and tell me I'm the best
Let you breath for a minute, but I ain't gone let you rest
Maybe one or two more of them nuts I'm a let you catch
After that shit happens, then mine I gotta catch
I done switched up on it now it's all finesse
Got her eyes real big cause she don't know what's next
I can do this all day and I don't need no rest
Just gimme hip motion, But keep ya feet to the ceiling.

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Plies Feet To The Celing Comments
  1. stunnaboycodotcom

    my children love dis song , they sing it all da time on da way to pre k

    KING Wrld

    stunnaboycodotcom wait what 😂😂😂

  2. King Perez

    Sort of sound like Shorline mafia spaceship, the beat

  3. LaLa Laura

    Annoying Jesus Christ I had to turn it off Cause him chanting that gave me a stomach ache

  4. TheyCall MeMoe

    Now I see why my brothers used to gripe at me about singing this song. Had no idea what it meant. My fast behind walking around talking 'bout some ," paint mehh!"

    ThickWhiteQueen 69

    Lol makes since girl I've loved plies 4 year's nothin like a black king👑

    TheyCall MeMoe

    @ThickWhiteQueen 69 yessss

    KING Wrld

    TheyCall MeMoe 😂😂😂😂😂noooooooooo

  5. Red Legendary Ninja 101

    thats a good thing

  6. Tmac Felton

    Feet to the ceiling😍😘

  7. Reuben Foley

    Ain’t no damn video shoot with no bad bitches

  8. Princess Glover

    I luv me some plies still listening in 2018,2019,2020

  9. Deborah Reynolds

    feet to the ceiling is a good song and that's one of my after wedding song for my party if i choose to married anyone

  10. Eine Kartoffel

    To people who like this: /watch?v=2dbR2JZmlWo

  11. Kendra Latta

    Love the video been a plies fan since he came out

  12. Junior Llerena

    dis my shyt

  13. x kiddo x


  14. King Hannibal

    Where whores at?

  15. Elaine Elite

    I only came cuz Bad AZZ Becky 😂

  16. Cliffton Young

    Am at a party and this song came on Man! this song 🔥🔥🔥 he showed out👌👌

  17. Tina Brown

    paint me yeah... paint me yeah.....

    Tmac Felton

    Tina Brown that's the best part

    TraGic Tragedy

    Tina Brown can I paint you baby😘

  18. Taniqua Brown

    i love this song ❤

    Taniqua Brown

    Ro Kaine lol... chills

    Ro Kaine

    Taniqua Brown u started it 😏😝💪🏿

    Taniqua Brown

    Ro Kaine i know, this song makes me wanna start stuff 😛

    Ro Kaine

    Taniqua Brown well i finish it 😎😏💦🌊

  19. JadaQuan44

    pussy bitin so hard i told her to pause it

  20. Fred Fisher

    wen I got a bitch from the back I tell her to point that pussy to the ceilin ( so I can dump this dick in ya )...

  21. Kelsey Lewis

    "legs in the air I call that in a buck, pressure on her legs im tearin tht ass up , she call a nigga name and thts what cranks me up now she talkin with her eyes closed yelling out wht "paint meh"

    CeCe Eldridge

    Kelsey Lewis 😋😝💪💯

  22. ANGEL Gonzalez

    this my shiitt B

  23. Rachelle Tucker

    baby IM in love with a you and mu smile is joyous like wow always be my baby i love the shit out of this special someone

  24. Rachelle Tucker

    umm have you seen pusdy malt

  25. Rachelle Tucker

    attitude. check by honors

  26. johnny bloom

    got feet to the ceiling

  27. brazil sueing

    love this song fr 😜😜

    Ro Kaine

    brazil sueing ow ow! 😝😜

  28. RB GYB

    the girl here with free condoms

  29. Jamaal Moody Jr

    I got her yell out paint me yeah!!!!!

  30. kobe bently

    hI v Tivoli ffggbdnvbvbbvbnlkkkkkkfgdbcbbv v cbc cgeggegb

  31. Michael Quinn

    People sleep on pies


    Michael Quinn really?? what kind of pies lol

    Melissa Thompson-Moore

    queenlexsi lol

    julian thompson

    😂🤣🤣 i sleep after pie also lmfao

  32. levi winston

    nanana don't push me up out shawty

  33. Vincent Miles

    fuck they talkin bout plies still on it

  34. Marlon McFadden


  35. angela williams

    Dick so good she think she fucking a bear huh lmao wow

    Lamar Jordan

    he didnt say that. he said "dick so good she think im fucking her bare"! meaning she thinks hes fucking her with no condom! not that hes fucking a "bear"😩💀

  36. cov859

    back of her thighs on my shoulder

  37. cov859

    nigga u crazy yak and pb&j

  38. estorbo1981

    If i were him I'd get those tattoos fixed. Can't be walking around draped out and some fucked up tattoos man.

    Shantwanette Glover

    +estorbo1981 Still worried about the wrong things. u just on mfs nutts about a bunch of nutn. All on a nigga skin tho. Silence of the Lamb ass nigga. First she puts the lotion on the skin and then she puts the lotion in the basket lookin ass nigga!!!


    +Shantwanette Glover you just took ignorance to another level. I didn't say it was a bad song all i'm sayin if he got as much money as you say he should get those tatts fixed.


    +cov859 Thats what happens when you got that at home. This song is on my fuck a bitch playlist. STOP JERKING OFF TO MUSIC VIDEOS. Its a good song I'll give him that. As for that other hoe who was talkin bout plies got this and that, if he got all that $$ you say he do it dont make no sense to wear $100,000 chain and got some fucked up tatts. So you and the other hoe can kiss my ass.

    Taniqua Brown

    damn do you have a magnify glass or something. i came cross this comment looked at the video again and still didnt come cross the scene that showed messed up tats 😞... i think you just wanted to find something to hate on. that's my opinion though. It might be a swflorida thing to enjoy the music instead of trying to find something.


    Taniqua Brown how ima hate if I'm sayin i like the song. I'm just sayin tattoos could be better. I don't have a magnifying glass but I have tattoos. when you got tats you can tell. stop the animosity over my opinion its just opinion. I follow plies on social media and I enjoy his content.

  39. Yaria Smith

    Am I the only one that noticed how he says pussy like fr he says PUWSSY

    Yaria Smith

    +Krystle Osburn ik that

    heath traylor

    more like pwussy

  40. SlicSwagga

    I like that melodic flow he has on this track... plies is tooo ill!!

  41. Mohanad Salah

    Amazing song😎👍

  42. Mulamus7

    Bitches grills

  43. Yuri Cunha


  44. Ebony Smelly

    This my Shit... I like

    Ladarius Gordon

    Ebony Smelly you. Be booty when your booty touch the ceiling

  45. HAnnes FABian SChiller

    punanys luv 2 get it shotgun wid theirrr feet 2 the ceiling tha fab way ya lo saaaaaabe fab ffffflow tu papi chuuuuuliiiiitoo =P daaale duurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroo

  46. Helena Monique Clarke

    When will American women, especially minority American women,  have had enough of this? 

  47. hiphopvideo9

    The girl that opened the door in the beginning looks crazy like Rihanna tho!!!

  48. pirospantera


  49. J Money 66

    I gott her feet 2 da ceiling. Droppin Nothin but dick n her

  50. Ray Serrano

    This is so good😁👌

  51. Christian Richards

    Man he just said hes hard like a roll of quarters... When was the last time you saw how long a roll of quarters is.


    lmao he said hard not long tho... wait.. why am i arguing about another mans dick......... nevermind

    Yaria Smith

    @will 😭😂😂😭💀

    Levi Merritt

    He said hard as a roll of quarters not.. long as a roll of quarters... stick to Garth Brooks

  52. sammy ray fkin sutton jr

    hahaha my nigga

  53. Leya Badd

    Yes Plies My baby !!

    TraGic Tragedy

    Leya Badd can I be your baby too lolz😘

  54. Tatiana Castille


  55. Miroslav Todorov

    clear shot at that pussy

  56. Kevin Rega

    drinkin Remi and eatin PBNJ Real Shit lmao gotta love it!

  57. Bryan Reyes

    I think he got the feet to the ceiling.

  58. V Stroker

    Huh. i have no further comments. thanks.  VEEEEE STROKER

  59. AziaXtremeNFinity


  60. timmy smith

    Ya boi plies stupid dumb boi!!!!!!

  61. Oregon245 Ayana

    0.31 damm I wanna get dat pussy

  62. yungmamasaywad

    Love me some him ♡♡♥♥

  63. Mz. Berry

    I don't like the song but I like the beat.

  64. Deedee Williams

    I didn't know this was a real song

  65. Raquel Reavis

    Indy thanks. Love this song!!!

  66. evan steans

    nice song

  67. jewls ki

    tha dumbest video sense pour it up.......SMFH!!!!

  68. Clyattville KIng


  69. NeNe Tucker



    JaRon and Indy

  71. Maniya Jefferies

    #getitindy like if u here because of indy

  72. Judy W

    Indy brought me here #GetItIndy

  73. SirMix AhLot

    Thanks Indy

  74. Audra Ritchie

    Love this song. He's so sexy!!! My new favorite song. Paint me!!

  75. aamphy111

    me feet to the ceiling

    TraGic Tragedy

    aamphy111 lemme pit them sexy legs up and bang that pretty lil pwusy😘

  76. Jahmori

    this hea nigga aint to be fucked wit tho.

  77. KYIRA Snog

    Me too lol

  78. Hansel Garcia

    Kevinedwards brought me here

  79. shannel brown

    Yessssh I love this song!!:)

  80. nost gia

    secret kisses!

  81. nost gia

    sweat like a bitch!!!

  82. courtney lewis

    Shitt got my feet to ceiling day or hell even the night

  83. Ronnie

    He got me feet to the ceiling. Aaaayyyeee

  84. Faxtssnacks

    plies isnt even 5 foot tall u still think he sexy lmfao

  85. pookie L

    this song go hard forreal

  86. Gabrielle Howell

    Plies so fucking SEXY <3

  87. JazzyT226

    That lil nigga prob ain't hitting on shit! Lil nasty ass! Then again he can climb in the pussy he so lil.....Now Paintmeeee! Lmao

  88. Brittany Woods

    feet to the ceiling give that nigga a killing loll thats so the intro

  89. Sporty5000


  90. Aviles Tv

    song a shot but d video a fuckery!!!!!!

  91. Jahmori

    hhaha say werd

  92. Southern 305

    Hell naww!!!!

  93. Sokou

    rap się zjebał ... Tupac wracaj ;<

  94. Eric R

    Doper bad bitchies