Plies - Baking Soda Lyrics

[Hook: Tyga]
All I need is baking soda
Drop a four in the pot, make an ounce to a rock
Put it to your lip
All I need is boiling water, Heavy on the block
Hit the strips, set up shops, Stayed with a Glock
All I need is Arm & Hammer
Chopper with a bandana, make a nigga ass shake, Grip handle
All my shit crack nigga, crack nigga
All my shit crack nigga, crack nigga

[Verse 1: Plies]
You gotta to watch a nigga out here
They put cut on the otta
We done sold you something that won't turn over
Hit y'all with a flip flam
He went and fuck up your cash
Now you're looking for a nigga with your mask
And the games that I don't play
Took a loss in a minute
Nigga trapping a nigga ass, gotta feel it
I ain't spared nobody, nobody
I ain't spared nobody, nobody
Keep a head on the swivellater
Shit is got real creep
Everybody out here tryna eat
The Young nigga wylin' at em'
See, I'm wylin' right with em'
When it come to the cash I feel them
I ain't taking no loses
Everything gotta count
Breaking mine all down to the ounce
All I need is a big lick, big chain
Big bank, this year all I'm doing is big things


[Verse 2: Plies]
All I need is baking soda
And the fork, and a scale
Now let's hope that these niggas don't tell
All I need a bad bitch
Who will suck me on the road
So I don't fall asleep driving with the dope
I'm a tell you what I don't need
And that's some nigga in my business
When I go to cop I don't take them with me
That's a lesson that I did learn
And the crackers get behind you
Don't you turn off, nigga they will pull you
One thing that I do know, if they ask
And they search you and your car
You better tell them "hell no!"
If my lawyer ain't with me, Motherfucker ain't talking
I got a motherfucking pistol in my pocket
If I get another quaalude
She will love me in the morning
This Liquor got me feeling like I'm Tony
Take a look at the bad guy
Motherfucker don't want that
I ain't never crossed a nigga who didn't have it coming
I swear!

[Hook x2]

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Plies Baking Soda Comments
  1. Ryan Rodriguez

    The most gangster verse Plies ever spit!!

  2. Latin Barbie

    2019 still fukn wit thiz song

  3. こぃおぎおヴぁんい

    If I get another Qualude she'll love me in the morning got this motherfucking feeling like I'm Tony. 2019!!!!!! Reporting here ;)

  4. Ghost Mob

    I ain't sparing nobody

  5. Jerold Stamps

    Keep my head on a swivel aint Ah.....shit done got real creep....erybody outchea tryna eat.....!!

  6. Big Smoke

    "grap a hand on my shit nigga CRAP nigga " 
    dafuuq o.o

    Bernice Quinonez

    Reno Jackson

    Bernice Quinonez

    Reno Jackson ihj

    Blaine Burris

    Reno Jackson all my shit crack nigga! Is wat he say

  7. My name is Zack

    this shit is still the Anthem in the 504 7th ward till I die

  8. The HT

    I am old now, but i still like the groove to this song.  I went to the i-tunes link above, but it didn't have this song??? anyone know where i can purchase it?

  9. Jose E. V.

    This Shiiit Slappz!!!!!

  10. Dedan Douglas

    BANG BANG if this hits the radio that's fire and money money money not really a plies fan but that kills it

  11. VinnieCartel

    "Keep your head on the swivel, aina? They puttin too much cut on da yola, sell ya some shit that won't turn ova!!!" "Nigga hit cha wit da FLIM FLAM, done fucked up ya cash, now you riding round lookin for him wit cha mask"!!!!

    john curry

    i fucks widd dis whole album ik every song

  12. Lol

    Drake need to get on the remix like for real

    Bradley Alexander

    Lol fuck drake

  13. CitySnacks CEO

    I ain't takin no losses

  14. Troy Mason


    tony jones

    keep ya head on the swivel AIN'ta that's what she say down here not a swivelator

  15. YouGot1Upped

    mad at the block.

  16. worksmagic89

    this beat is dope as fuck man

  17. Justin George

    This that shit!

  18. Eugene Rincon

    Nasty as fuck

  19. Ryan Smith

    Keep yo hand on the swivelanum!

  20. Nina Ross

    hit yo ass wit da flim flam lol 

    Anna Tobar

    Nina Ross sell u sum syht that wont turn ova lol

  21. Ryan Graham

    Bad ass song

  22. isiah fitch

    mad song '''

  23. eO Attache God·E·Lian

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  24. eO Attache God·E·Lian

    ((A K.i.n.g For A Day Mixtape)) OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!O Attache - # A K.i.n.g For A Day (Mixtape) from O Attache - Listen & Download @OATTACHE_HNIC

  25. Larry A. Sanders

    Dope boy