Playboi Carti - Talk Lyrics

Hol'up, who that bangin' on my door?
If a nigga try to rob me, I'm a blow him in the throat
Hold up, don't be blowin' up my phone
Sounding like a little hoe, about some coke you fucking hoe
It's Cartier, these diamonds let you niggas know
You see these 100's, these 100's, nigga we blow
Fuck her under covers, my nigga until the morn'
She say, Carti why you actin' funny?
Ever since you got some money, you been frontin' on me
Say no more!
The new cars, the new broads, you so bright but you so lost
Damn! You let the lean get you so gone
Don't let the drugs get you so gone
Don't let the drugs get you so gone
You so bright but you so lost!
Sippen' on this act, don't know how to act
My little whoadie got my back, he'll blow you back!
My little whoadie got the strap, he'll blow you back!
So fuckin' Lost
So, so fuckin' lost

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Playboi Carti Talk Comments
  1. Parker Notman

    Top 5 easy

  2. Sammyboi32


  3. cassidy_72

    Nuts...old carti...we know the real.

  4. Dr. Doom

    Neva thought this joint would blow up like it did s/o ICYTWAT

  5. Lucas Kovarik

    Who here in 2020 tho

  6. dead-man

    ICYTWAT is the real genius, it feels like people steal his shine when they rap over him

  7. Anthony Andrade

    Figured I’d come back to this gem.. ahh old Carti.. back in simpler times.. we never gettin old Carti back.. wish I commented years ago 🚀😭

  8. DeemZ

    inb4 the instagram editor people invade

  9. Demonheero

    2020 anyone??

  10. Fuma de mi kenke


  11. flawless kadey

    remember when this shi only had 500k views

  12. Nrfo Moe 17

    2020 anybody

  13. lil lib

    2020 still here 🖖

  14. TooMuchMemes

    2020 homies wya?!?!?!!

  15. YvngJean TV

    Sippin on dis act don’t kno how to act ❤️

  16. Noah Endsley

    2020 anyone??

  17. Whip 1


  18. cartierrrabb

    beat so relaxing, fits the video visionary so well

  19. Lil Blur

    Ima Miss This. 💔

  20. BrotherlyLove12

    ian connor jacket

  21. BoJack Horseman

    wow, too many words for carti)))


    Fucking goat. 🐐 🔥

  23. Kevin Taylor

    This was a dam theme song Winter 2015 ifyouknowyouknow

  24. Matthew 2700

    She said Carti why you acting funny

  25. 1995Rebel

    Always going to be the theme song of my life. Carti rap the shit I live

  26. woodson07

    Dis beat tho

  27. vBaller NYC

    Taking both versions too 2020

  28. Draco Ariya

    bruh i have to listen to dis heat erday manZ

  29. MewTooth

    Back when hip hop wasn’t full of sad boys, drug addicts, and cappers.


    MewTooth right and everyone had less face tattoos

  30. MewTooth

    Type of beat to give you goosebumps twice

  31. john hernandez

    Playboy☑ icy☑

  32. DonDadaa Teamm

    imma play this till he drop whole lotta red

  33. Natorie Jones

    Like yea doe😼

  34. Slater

    2020 in the corner but still bumping 2 this🔥

  35. ciagacion

    whyyyy is this song blowing up, nooooo :,(

  36. KBryan

    this song keeps me alive for a while

  37. Jon Ossim

    I blast this song like everyday. He's a vibe more than a rapper. People need to learn that.

  38. senkuap

    prime Carti be speaking English

  39. Cam Deshawn

    2020 anyone

  40. sammy64

    i miss this carti

  41. proto

    i kinda like that this song isn’t on streaming services because i forget about it until i stumble upon it on soundcloud or youtube. then it gives me nostalgia of the last time i listened to it

  42. proto

    this reminds me of the girlfriend i never had

  43. swanky

    y doews this souind way difgferent qwhen ur licked

  44. Lika Varn

    I miss this Carti🦋🦋🦋🦋

  45. yung chao

    Damn, miss this wave fr

  46. OOF

    I feel this song on a spiritual level bro

  47. Devin S

    Here before 2020♾

  48. jacob mallord

    this 1 made me a carti fan 4L

  49. Black Air Force Activity

    This, Don’t Tell Nobody, and Broke Boy was all I used to bump. Miss those days 😢

  50. Diego Avila Ruvira

    The sheer ELEGANCE of IcyTwat my God. This track is blessed

  51. Trey Praduktionz

    Real Ocean Musik 🌊😌

  52. Gabe Johnoff

    Just here for my 5th listen of the day

  53. Tyrone Dinkleberg

    Came back and this song still a classic

  54. Lost Scvng

    Old carti was tuff

  55. H HHB

    After years of searching through hidden Carti music I have found this gem

    Will you accept me brothers?

  56. Chris Breezy


  57. Isaiah Tv

    Shit hit hard in 2019💯

  58. Geraldine Quintana ღ

    cartiii <3 .

  59. hexakill

    Ya I’m high rn

  60. Scotty Summer

    unheard carti

  61. Didumo Odola

    don’t understand how much i miss the old carti g


    Anyone still Listening
    December 2019

  63. cudiii

    Ps2 bounce

  64. Jtwofye

    I miss this shit bruh🤍🕊

  65. Dominic078

    great times

  66. truly adrixn

    Time to Time I have to come back to the amazing Cash Carti 🦋❕



  67. Sebastian Millz

    One of the best things to do while high is bumping Carti

  68. Sample Dude

    Where these views come from?? He did not make icytwat lol😂

  69. omz


  70. Luke Mogan

    Carti went from wearing cdg converse to rick owens ramones. That's what I call a come up

  71. sanoncrack

    I miss the old carti where his old producers were ethereal, icytwat and mexikodro bruh the old 2015 and 2016 days man 😞


    Stfu simp

  72. Jack Jack

    Pierre been carrying carti

  73. Hylixe

    December 2019?😘

  74. Fran AP

    como me exita este negro

  75. YvngJean TV

    Yessuh this Carti and awful Carti was tha truth 😷

  76. Luca Boriero Gendre Martins

    Imagine Carti getting on your Bus.


    During the come up days...

  77. skeet skeet

    a top 3 carti song, very underrated. I wish he would go back to this style sometimes.

  78. serenityy7

    watch out theres some pussy ass niggas in the comments

  79. Sinisa Mccatty

    I cried

  80. taliban

    who dat bangin on my door?

    big L from hell

    Yo mama simple🤷‍♂️


    Jonathan Anderson ion live w her

    big L from hell

    @taliban ahh you probably got a ghost in yo house

  81. Sebastian.,

    Listen to this high thank me later

  82. Yall mfs had sex haw?

    I miss highschool 😢 man old carti really brings back those memories, always showed up plugged up with earphones bumping that soundcloud carti not givin af fuckin memories


    Especially that 2016 2015 when he was about to jump off.

  83. Tajh Dodge

    CDG So Hard

  84. Guess

    It’s Cartier diamonds let these niggas know

  85. ion whooked

    carti made getting off the bus look fly lmao

  86. Ualikhan Yertayev

    Nis Phm Kz here

  87. Julien Tx

    goosebumps every time and I feel like doing it all

  88. dankestmari

    thanksgiving vibes *🦋+

  89. DELUX MEDIA ltd

    2020 this masterpiece still lived on

  90. Sinisa Mccatty

    Song makes me feel 😢 i know this is creepy it does make me feel warm

  91. Sinisa Mccatty


  92. nick shamlin

    December 2019🦋❓