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I don't wanna hear another love story..

Turn the page, it's all history
Take a pen write your name on my heart
If we try we can make it better

See I heard it all before
She did you wrong
Cause you pain, your heart's been broken
Don't mean to be cruel
But you gotta let it go

And I know you think you'd never find someone new
But lemme break it down for you
I've been lonely too, and baby I made it through so..

I don't wanna hear another love story
Turn the page, it's all history
Take a pen write your name on my heart
If we try we can make it better

Better, better, better, better

See I'm not the kinda girl to love and leave
Don't be afraid I'm right here with you
I know how it feels, when you loose the one you love

Now you're way to proud to open up
But what about the two of us
All you gotta do is trust in me
Can't you see that

I don't wanna hear another love story
Turn the page, it's all history
Take a pen write your name on my heart
If we try we can make it better

How many tears have you wasted
Holding on to love that's passed
I really think its time that you face them
Cause we got something better
But you gotta learn to give it a chance

I don't wanna hear another love story

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Play Another Love Story Comments
  1. jeneva anderson

    Omg hello childhood

  2. Toccara Rigsby

    I like this song

  3. Elijah

    How do I get a girlfriend?

    Genesic Savior

    I'll tell you when I figure it out.

  4. Changed my channel! XD

    My Boyfriend broke up with me today........ Sitting in my room with ice cream 😅


    Dragongabby5000 X3 There's many boys who want to be your boyfriend; go find them. Maybe the next one will be better than your last boyfriend.

  5. Ecdreamz

    Omg I love doax2 but I loved them before that so was so extra excited when I saw them years ago on doax2. Faye the red head give me Lauren vibes. Lauren from fifth harmony

  6. raina bishop

    Tbh I'm here because of Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 lol, I had game grumps playing in the background while doing homework and at some point this song came on during the game and now I'm here xD I'm glad it was easy to find T-T


    Lmao same here

    Violetta Stansis

    raina bishop yea

  7. Baby Facedyaya

    yaaaaassssss 😊 🙉

  8. Mindreader

    Is it history or his story?

    E24K Lawson

    It's all "history"

  9. Cloud

    I partly agree with this song, but I still want to hear Dan and Phils' Love story

  10. Cloud

    Thank you Game Theory... the reason why I am half of these views..........

  11. julia asse

    love this song

  12. Emrys Fang

    I blame Game Theory entirely for the fact that the song has been stuck in my head for 2 weeks and only the beginning of it

  13. Ms. Velvet Crowe

    that's a collecter item to me I have it and I don't even have my 360 anymore lolz it's super rare now

  14. Ms. Velvet Crowe


  15. DieAusrastfunktion

    Best track of the game imo.

  16. Traior246

    Game Theory brought me here.

    Philip Jackson

    +traior246 That is a amazing and very informative channel, THANK YOU for mentioning it!


    You're welcome

    Sailor Moon

    Me too XD


    @Justin Sigler
    Game Theory : Best Bxxbs In Gaming

    (...Erm...I was...just...boring ?)

  17. Kara Camille Delonas

    Oh geez.  My childhood and I reunite

  18. Zeldedede Ab9


  19. Umbran Goddess

    Memories hit so strong with this one!

  20. Killer90x

    Great music, this is amazing. 😀

  21. defsoul xo

    I used to have this album omg crying bc so many memories 😭

  22. punkstar53

    I love both Faye's and Janet's version of this song

  23. Esperanza Torres

    Its his story not history

  24. Animeprince85

    I still have both DOAX games and i love both

  25. GoldenCoastQueen

    How could you not love this song?

  26. Dora Boubouka


  27. Scully's Shit

    Gronkh´s DOA Extreme 3 LP :D

  28. Animeprince85

    DOAX Was a Great Game Very Much Under Rated Unlike DOAX2 witch was Eh Okay lol i have this song on repeat every time i pop it in to play

  29. Animeprince85

    Great Song Reminds Me Of DOAX ^_-

  30. JustAPrayer

    One of there best songs ever.

  31. Jahnara Day

    I'm 20 now..and i stil <3 this band :P

  32. DM Lps

    Dead or Alive

  33. Cookie Dough

    they have a manager? 'cuz they' r not famous...

  34. Cookie Dough

    The voices are just PERFECT!

  35. Sabrina Saad

    omg this song is on doa beach volleyball :O

  36. Music Addict Cx

    Go to the video with the youtube username,kibalover967,that video of this song is the Faye version,I swear.

  37. Music Addict Cx

    I meant the version where Janet Leon sings with PLAY.cuz there's a version where Faye sang with them.

  38. Music Addict Cx

    Is this the Janet Leon version?

  39. J0rdanGrown1

    Lol I actually like this song

  40. FlashyStar21

    man i remeber this song-i like this song!! think im going to listen again

  41. ThatDarnPirate

    RandomnessRedHead, I don't know how you get all these classic songs, but I LOVE YOU. PLEASE MARRY ME.

  42. SommerK12

    @DrRisk01 I think she mean't "history"

  43. DrRisk01

    It's all HIS story. D:

  44. Livy Belcher

    @vicybee2001 im sorry you cant take a joke? youre probably just some little kid, and i really dont care.

  45. Livy Belcher

    @vicybee2001 i was being sarcastic? youre an idiot.

  46. Livy Belcher

    @kitooklm it doesnt say its by play or anything in the title.

  47. The Reckless Hotel

    i'm 21 now and i still love listening to the music they made when i was 11 and 12 lol.

  48. Anj

    @riahbriahb123 they are back together :) although janet, rosie & anna aren't included anymore

  49. Jason

    @siriraasi They have gotten back together! type in swedish pop group PLAY on google!

  50. Ryudenki

    I've had this song stuck in my head for over a year since I heard it in DOAX2.

  51. starsintheireyes14

    @siriraasi they are! it's faye (who goes now by fanny) anais and this new girl. they're really good, and their new CD Under My Skin is out in the US!

  52. micmaster100

    lol thumbs up if you heard this song on doa xtreme 2

  53. Siri Raasi

    i wish they'd be a band again! i luv them and i want them to get together again and re-perform and become the #1 band again! this song reminds me my childhood! i used to act like them becuz i loved them... :( i want them together again ):

  54. Dollymeds


  55. Ida H.

    reminds me of me and my best friend's states right now x)

  56. britt20101

    @riahbriahb123 They are a band again!! it's Faye, Anais, and a new member named Sanne Karlsson

  57. sruthy S


  58. tjomirs

    I've been singing this allllll day at work today :D

  59. silverboxofhearts

    to repetitious :/

  60. riahbriahb123

    i love this song and the band i wish they would be a band agin

  61. Helena Shevel

    @spooky259 play is a band =) a very awesome band =D

  62. Alashay13

    I was just looking for Ain't No Mountain High Enough when I found this song and I love it! BTW, is Play a person or a band?

  63. crazyfreak105


  64. Kirsten S


    it is like a band from five years ago. maybe you can buy the songs on itunes, but i doubt it, or find the cd online. hoped this helped!

  65. Marcus

    It's always 4th grade talent show!! :@

  66. Kayla Danielle Music

    i did this song for my 4th grade talent show

  67. katie cope

    its great!!!!