Plant, Robert - When I Was A Child Lyrics

I was reaching for the future
Slowly floating in the blue
When I was a boy
I dreamed a dream of you
I danced upon the tree-top
I drifted with the stream
When I was a child
I held you in my dreams

Once I was a soldier
In my castle strong
Oh, I stood so tall then
I could do no wrong
Innocence and slumber
When I was a boy
I was walking with a stranger
He left without a trace
When I was a boy
I slept at heaven's gate
Once I was a soldier [etc repeated]
Once I was a soldier [etc repeated]

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Plant, Robert When I Was A Child Comments
  1. aitech nasus

    When I Was A Child Is A Great Song By Jimmy Page And Robert Plant, It A Wonderful Masterpiece.

  2. K. Araújo

    Interesting that the shades changes its colours all the time.
    Not bad song.

  3. Kasus Pathos

    The part 3:07-4:00 is the gem of the album with the guitar solo of Blue Train. Great album, sad and melodic.

  4. Ehsan Hannan

    SLOW Blues TOUCHED by Valhalla

  5. love a nurse 55

    So Beautiful!❤️

    Ehsan Hannan

    So true

  6. David Cadwallader

    I hate Alexis because she's f****** stupid she doesn't do Southern Accents go back 2 MIT moron

  7. David Cadwallader

    Everyone's a child at one

  8. telepylus111

    if only jimmy could sing...

    Sibly Sibly

    Robert is thé voice of Jimmy

    S. Pak

    If only Plant could sing his voice hurts this album.

  9. NTA Design Ltd

    This song and album are maturing sweetly with age-Guitar, voice, lyrics sublime. Masterpiece!

  10. Bobby Beretta

    I don't really like like the songs on this album however with that said I love the sound of it that I listen to it often, Albini did a fantastic job.

  11. William Elliott

    We need to all pray together for Nuclear War and be thankful for the many blessings from our supreme leader. TRUMP 2020.

  12. Suzanne Sisco

    Live Life and Love

  13. Kevin Doherty

    I remember buying this album when it first came out! Wish they had one more in them together. Saw them in Boston on this tour. I got the tour shirt with the cover on it. One of the best shows if not the best show I've ever seen.

    No Name

    I remember seeing Page + Plant in Buffalo, and the Stones in Syracuse when I was around 15, it is sad music has declined so much.

  14. Daniel Anthony Plant

    love this album and love this one

  15. Bailey Marple

    jimmy page the master!!! thank you for the tune!

  16. UpAndOut

    Eventually, I always come back to this song.


    Me too. Music does not get any better than this.

  17. Lukasz Mazurek

    Although it will soon be 18 years since release of this album, in my opinion still weapons and amazing surprises.....

  18. Beata Pawłowka


  19. Cooper Hettinger

    Such an underrated Classic! 

  20. SADDLTRAMP Rider

    Once I was a Soldier, In my castle strong, I stood so tall then, I could do no wrong

  21. Marko Tienhaara

    Absolutely fantastic!

  22. cclady222

    My God does a song get any better than this

  23. Chance Fekete


    Tom Maynard

    youhave to respect Roberts choice, there is no led zeppelin wthout Bonham.

    Andrea Piela

    Chance Fekete considering what happened, id expect no other out come.

  24. xprezeu

    Bella y'all !

  25. 16vanhalen

    no se lo que diga pero se que el sentimiento de volver a ser niño sentirte joven y ver la vida como antes ,,,,es lo que transmite esta cancion,,,,,,,quien no quiere regresar a ser el mismo ,,,,simple eincero alegre real,,,,,,,,maravillosa cancion cada vez que la oigo me attanca un sentimiento de añoranza,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  26. Meri Giorgobiani

    o dislike

  27. Cotton Dooda

    WOW. This is a really beautiful song. Can't stop listening to it!

  28. Zeph!

    Loving the dynamics, Albini really did well mixing this album.

  29. Mark Cooper

    Amen to that! It just takes you somewhere else.

  30. JoshNapalm

    Funny as it may sound.... This album got me through one of the worst breakups of my life...

  31. Mark Cooper

    Me too. Have loved it ever since. Saw them in Atlanta when they toured this album.

  32. zeppelinn

    This must be the most underrated album of all time. I love it since I first heard it in 1998.

  33. icsnims1

    The shame of the shallow hearts and souls of critics and self proclaimed classic rock experts who are too high on their own over inflated sense of knowledge is that they looked for Zepplin in this album. It was never intended to be. Zepplin died the morning after John did, Page, Plant and Jones buried it next to John. This is Page and Plant and it is as good as it gets.

  34. ledzeppelin4304

    i need to see the lyrics!!!! i love this song

  35. Vinicius Ferreira

    Very nice bass line!

  36. Vinicius Ferreira

    Nice song!

  37. Miloš Rais

    one of the beautiest songs in the world!

  38. Miloš Rais

    most sensitive and deep song to me!