Plant, Robert - The Mighty Rearranger Lyrics

Last night as I was laying down and thinking
I was wondering about the road that lies ahead
In my mind I heard the wisdom of the Master
Hey Robert those dreams are only in your head

Last night as I was dreaming about the future
Living out my time the days and years ahead
I was moving with the Mighty Rearranger
I was thinking about the wisdom that he said

Mighty Rearranger
Mighty Rearranger
Mighty Rearranger
Mighty Rearranger

Last night as I was walking with an angel
Sweet talking and romancing in my mind
Yes I know this life is filled with danger
She tell me daddy good love is hard to find

Mighty Rearranger
Mighty Rearranger
Mighty Rearranger

Last night I came upon a stranger
He smiled at me and this is what he said
If you're troubled send your mind out on vacation
Let it wonder like the wild geese in the west

Mighty Rearranger
Mighty Rearranger
Mighty Rearranger

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Plant, Robert The Mighty Rearranger Comments
  1. S BW

    He is mighty!

  2. bluesque

    Lame... It is so underperformed! It's like a backing track bolstered-- no real inspiration!

  3. Joe Flip


  4. Gladiator Fingertips

    Hear ye, and testify in the house of Jacob, saith the Lord GOD, the God of hosts,

  5. Gladiator Fingertips

    ew ee ow ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang

  6. bert smith

    I have this on vinyl. I just found out it is kinda rare :))))

  7. Lukasz Mazurek

    one of the best album of Robert!!!!!

  8. Andras Csontos

    YEE HAA.

  9. Frankincensed

    One of the best albums too many have not heard.


    i love it ! <3<3<3

  11. miki03soimu

    @ KalasNikov89 Agreed... I kind of think this is how Led Zep should sound if they were still together. Instead of re-uniting the Zep, why don't Page and JPJ join Plant in a new band and go searching for some real folcklore in Africa or in other places and come up with some new stuff? Page and JPJ, with their talent, would make an awesome job with such a material. I think it would be better than yelling "Whole Lotta Love" when in their 60s...

    Fabio Almeida Guitar

    because Jimmy gave everything he had to Zeppelin. He wasted himself in such way thad the revolutionary guy he once was turned into a cristalized one. Excess of love for something do that, sometimes. The only way Plant found to move forward was staying away from Jimmy ( creatively speaking)

  12. guitarnotfish

    I loved me some Zeppelin. I also love me some Robert Plant solo stuff. Zep was four of the most talented people in the music scene at the time...but what a stroke of luck it took to bring them together. Plant's solo stuff, diverse as it may be, showcases his individual talent as well as his influences. Page was a god, but Plant surpassed him and that's no small feat.

    bert smith

    Not luck. Meant to be.

  13. lookb4Ucross

    huge zeppelin fan...but this album is INCREDIBLE....can't believe more haven't heard it.....the album is full from beginning to end with deep songs....glad i found it again...will be buying it today.....again....amazing

  14. MojoBonzo

    listened most of his solo career, this album is my best. dont know why, it just makes me feel like its the zeps in 21st century.... with the music evolution i mean, and the changes....ofc i dont compair

  15. SkolvanVikac

    This is currently in dispute so I'm not sure how long it will be listed or how the dispute will be solved. For now here it is. WMG is crazy and should be losing tons MORE money for pulling songs people can't even hear to buy! 30 secs of music tell you Nothing! If a song isn't heard, IT Doesn't EXIST!