Plant, Robert - Tall Cool One Lyrics

I'm like a strange cat running in the heat of the night
I've got a fire in my eyes, got a date with delight
Some kinda moaning in in the heart of the storm
I'm gonna love you so hard, you'll want your loving done
Lighten up baby, I'm in love with you
Lighten up baby, I'm in love with you

With my one hand loose I aim to satisfy
You like my loving machine - I like your bloodshot eye
Real gone girl, jumping back with the beat
I'll be your tall cool one with the crazy feet
Lighten up baby, I'm in love with you --

I'm so tall and you're so cute
Let's play wild like wildcats do
You're gonna rock your tall cool one
I'm gonna say that, I'm gonna say that, I'm gonna say that

You stroll, you jump, you're hot and you tease
'Cause I'm your tall cool one and I'm built to please
You stroll, you jump, you're hot and you tease
'Cause I'm your tall cool one and I'm built to please

(Lighten up baby, I'm in love with you --)

Move over mister - step on back in the crowd
'Cause she's a whole lotta sister 'bout to drive me wild
Lotta places I've been, lotta names, lotta words
No one compares to my real gone girl
Lighten up baby, I'm in love with you --

I'm so tall and you're so cute [etc repeated]

You stroll, you jump [etc repeated]

(Lighten up baby, I'm in love with you --)

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Plant, Robert Tall Cool One Comments
  1. David Owen

    Who else does it like that?

  2. Bob Schneider

    The song that finally announced that Robert Plant had indeed and in-fact finally made his peace with his Zeppelin past. 👍🏻

  3. Im Peachy

    It became a soda commercial. Not bothering to remember which, 'cause I no longer drink soda.

  4. Anna Fernandes

    Could hear Prince doing this just up his alley 🎸

  5. Templo Sagital

    Depeche Mode ?

  6. FranklinBlunt

    RAP, DJ sampling & scratching, ... The TCO got into all the music genre.

  7. Danielle Dumont

    And this was totally a pop song...

  8. Danielle Dumont

    My thing is that he is constantly wanting to ger away from zep, but constantly sings or references the band.

  9. SuperBoomshack

    Robert Plant's first 6 solo albums are epic

  10. Mike Grizz

    Burning down one side , big log were great tunes . Very much zep like

  11. Random Videos

    I won first place in lip sync battle with this song in 1989 lol

  12. Donald Alcorn

    Just cause it’s Robert Plant doesn’t make it cool. This is just cringe man. Ewwww😬

  13. Sara Decapua

    HOT DAMN...Great stuff.

  14. Luke Garcia

    Love it still has the dark feel of Zeppelin.

  15. Richard hoof

    This one is you you you.

  16. Blah Blah


  17. David Tenhundfeld

    I have ear/hearing damage quite possibly from BLARING this song for decades!! Im cool with it. Wat? Wat did u say?

  18. MsTruthseeker999

    The only 'rock star' ever that I had a mad crush on since I was 15, way back in 77...what's not to love? Most amazing voice. Love the Led Zep bits at the end, pure genius!

  19. Imperator Lupum

    What are all those gestures and hand signals the crowd is doing?

  20. Barcode Detroit

    Lighten up baby Im in love with you 😏

  21. hip handmade

    Tall cool one is so hot! 💋

  22. Scarlet Red

    Still remember being introduced to Robert plant when i was younger. Was like omg this is great music. Still is.

  23. Chris F

    this song is all that, the chips, and a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper.

  24. Timothy Campbell

    they wore this song out

  25. Bill Booker

    You know who put me on to this in 1988...that summer to be you pop

    Bill Booker

    And as a side note for all ya'll fake ass mfers...real rock and roll started elo fools

  26. MegaJetJaguar

    Lighten up, baby! I'm in love with you!

  27. ROBERT NIX Alternative Rock/Pop Artist

    I'll be your tall cool one if it's the last thing I ever do.

  28. Philip Thomas

    Awesome Plant medicine

  29. Dustin L

    I love this song, but I'm only 2 out of 3. 6'3 and solo 😂

  30. Charleen Swiger

    I need a drink of plant

  31. Jeff Kells

    Honeydrippers was a great ep,not a fan of the firm with Jimmy page and Paul rogers,Tony Franklin great bass player though,not a fan of page and coverdale to me he just a Robert plant wannabe, I did like some of the whitesnake stuff stormbringer was a good purple lp,John Sykes a great musician,some older whitesnake was pretty good also

  32. Ocean City Railfan 460

    I was sorting through my old cassette and record collection the other day and found 2 plant albums(now and zen,shakin and stirred)

  33. forgedby2112

    Seems pretty shameless to have someone in the band that looks like a young Jimmy Page

  34. Paul Hooson

    Although this song is a bit of a mess musically, it does manage to both sample and pay homage to the great Led Zeppelin. For that reason, it redeems this song as very good in it's own way.

  35. charles salas

    Lighten Up Baby !!!!!!!!!

  36. Joe Kinchicken

    Lighten up.... Francis.

  37. Jim Jones

    Wonder what Jimmy Page thought the first time he saw this?

  38. JenRenee's♡♡

    Absolutely love the ending with reference to the old songs ❤
    F'n awesome!!!
    Love his solo stuff 😁
    How sexy can one guy be... geez!!

  39. Sister Cyclone

    143 are mad they aren't tall, cool ones. They need to lighten up.

  40. Diane Knowlton

    Saw him at DTE, Detroit, 💙🎶🎵 when he went solo. This tune stays with me years later.


    Robert Plant will always be my "tall cool one"

  42. xtop23

    the snare at the end and near metal pace plus zep dubs is pretty sick.

    @3:30 on actually rocks pretty hard

  43. donamick


  44. dogbarbill

    Such a kick ass song, LOVE IT!!

  45. gar y .

    i was in the 9th grade watching this video at my friend's house.
    when the dark haired dude starting singing we both started screaming "that's jimmy page, that's jimmy page."

    His father came running down the stairs to tell us to shut the hell up.

  46. Marc P Coderre

    It didn't take long before this was used for a Coca-Cola ad.

  47. Red Pine

    The difference in quality of the music that Plant and Page did together in their prime compared to music they did separately later on is so vast. Neither of them did a thing that could hold a candle to the quality of Led Zeppelin. A testament -in part - to the absence of John Bonham.

  48. Red Pine

    Christ what a mess. The 80's were dreadful for music.

  49. kimmilil

    who remembers the coke commercial ..

  50. Hyper Trophy Winner

    Lighten up Francis

  51. Ryan Witters

    "Tall Cool One". This is how Robert Plant should be identified. Kinda like David Bowie is called the "Thin White Duke".

    Laureen Callahan

    Yes Sir!

    Bob Schneider

    Well, The Thin White Duke was actually one of Bowie's characters, not Bowie (R.I.P.) himself.

  52. Diana Peterson

    Great song love the video and Robert Plant I need this Cd. I do not have it yet.

  53. hauptberg

    This was the first time I discovered Robert Plant when I was a kid, I followed the trail back into the depths of Mordor and found Led Zeppelin in wait, it changed my musical life forever!


    I discovered Robert in a similar way. Then discovered Zeppelin years later and was like "What? This is the guy from The Honeydrippers?" Lol

  54. Art Van Kampen

    Why do I remember the blonde chick being more prominently featured? Am I thinking of a Pepsi commercial?

  55. David Brothers

    Can anybody name all of the zeppelin songs sampled here? I can.

  56. JokersWild45

    Yes, Robert did sample a lot of the Led Zeppelin songs for this. I think that it was really about him starting to acknowledge and embrace his past. He really did have some good solo stuff, and I don't think that he ever tried to compete with the legacy of Led Zeppelin. I mean, how in the hell could he ever hope to top that? He can't, he knows it, and that's why he has always explored different musical avenues after LZ broke apart.

  57. Hogan Savoy

    Still the best thing to come out of the 80s PERIOD.

  58. Tommy Yaya

    never would have imagined Robert Plant would have had a yuppie phase. then again it was the 80s

  59. Richard Bain

    Thumbs Up If You Love Robert Plant And Led Zeppelin In 2019

    Emma Catron

    Right here bro

    Hogan Savoy

    Over here.

  60. GlamGal 710

    I remember this song and also have it in my collection of 45s. As Drum Guy mentioned, this video was back when MTV didn't suck--the truth was that MTV stood for Music Television so it's baffling as to how it's not worth watching. Back to this video, knowing that Robert Plant was the original lead singer of Led Zeppelin whose music was more hard rock, I believe this song is an example of his versatility as a vocalist. Robert was definitely able to adapt his vocal abilities to a more pop style here and a bit later with the Honetdrippers, he'd used a more rhythm and blues style...apparently, from what I read, it had been Robert's dream to form a band that utilized a heavy R&B style.

  61. Samaire October

    Video is campy as hell, but I love this song!

  62. Charles Parr

    2019 anyone??

  63. Shannan Teegarden

    I could. Care less if the lights r on or not but I tell my gone girlfriend light n up all the time I like the honey dripper stuff so much huh

  64. stevie nicks


  65. stevie nicks

    Love with him to❤️💚❤️😊

  66. Laureen Callahan

    You're getting old Plant! Best to you!

  67. tree man

    I told my OLD lady that , and got the remote and a twelve ounce thrown at me , 😁 missed me bitch!

  68. Paula Stremland

    Lighten up baby I’m in love with you, I’m so tall and you’re so cute let’s play wild like wild cats do. Im going to be your tall cool one. This song rocks. Robert Plant had a good solo album

  69. eric dejesus

    catchy song and another hit I enjoyed

  70. MonolithEnforcer

    Great song, great album, great times. Anyone perfected that time machine, yet??

  71. Dion Heckathorn

    ♪♫♪♫♎☠\m/☠♎♫♪♫♪=^-^=☠♎ KC3AGI =^-^= O.C. Rebel♎☠=^-^=♪♫♪♫♎☠\m/☠♎♫♪♫

  72. Ad Greenwood

    Now and Zen
    What a cool name for an album

  73. VintageGirl70

    ooh that LZ song mixes at the end

  74. Charles Gunn

    Very clever to morph a little zeppelin in there. That’s what helped link us 80s youngsters to the Led

  75. Dion Heckathorn

    ♪♫♪♫♎☠\m/☠♎♫♪♫♪=^-^=☠♎ KC3AGI =^-^= O.C. Rebel♎☠=^-^=♪♫♪♫♎☠\m/☠♎♫♪♫

  76. Jack Wehrung

    Tall cool tune

  77. John M

    439,416 XO

  78. Daniel Paz

    A much older woman said I was this song...

  79. Hay Stack

    I know some zeppelin fans didnt like this late 80s stuff, i thought it was great but I was super young at the time,, people have issues when people move into different music genres then what theyre used too

  80. angel whispers

    I love the references in this at the end other led zep songs
    This is MY GUY 💕❤💕

  81. angel whispers

    With one hand loose
    I aim to satisfy

  82. Laureen Callahan

    I'm the Tall Cool One 😵😱😳😵

  83. Aaron Litz

    I remember seeing this video when I was 12 and it had just come out, thinking "this is ridiculous, the lyrics are creepy, and that guy is trying *way* too hard to seem cool."

    And now 30 years later, I see my initial opinion was correct.

  84. Kristi Karr

    Listening to this LOUD AS HELL riding with my dad... Rip

  85. Tim Damron

    Found it, Kirsty MacColl & Toni Halliday

  86. Tim Damron

    Wiki says Jimmie Page is doing guitar work on the song. Who are backing vocals? Could it be Wendi & Lisa?

  87. angel whispers

    Love the reference at the end to hey hey what can I do

  88. Daily Coffee

    Tall cool one is a great rock n roll song. Rock on robert!!! You are the tall cool one!!!

  89. Carlos Vasquez

    The ending is still awesome love the zep remix to end it

    Mark Hamrick

    My favorite part!😎

  90. HoldMyBalls4Me

    Being that I'm a hardcore, serious 1970's classic Led Zeppelin fan, this particular era in Plant's musical career, I found to be rather weak, semi-creative, yearning-for-more and somewhat lackluster. I think sampling little snippet sound bites of Zeppelin songs into this concoction of noise was rather cheap and desperate.

  91. james wright

    How many zep songs are at

  92. Laureen Callahan

    Love it 4EVER 😂😍😵😱✌️👌💕💞

  93. MellowLady B

    Do you remember when Coke used this song for their commercial? I saw ROBERT PLANT in concert in about 1988, it was AWESOME.

  94. Scott Lewis

    Song had Zeppelin all over it

    David Tenhundfeld

    I wonder y? Oh thats mayb bc its Mr Plant singing & Mr Page on guitar

  95. Debra Balaz

    Robert Plant ALWAYZ knew! 🔥🔥🔥💋💋💋💅👠💄💋👿🕶😎yeeeeezzzzz!

  96. cleanview70

    I'll stick to Ship of Fools or Big Log but this one doesn't age well ugh.

  97. Elizabeth Cox

    Plant is #1 of all my faves in music!