Plant, Robert - Please Read The Letter Lyrics

Caught out running
With just a little too much to hide
Maybe baby
Everything's gonna work out fine
Please read the letter
I pinned it to your door
It's crazy how it all turned out
We needed so much more

Too late, too late
A fool could read the signs
Maybe baby
You'd better check between the lines
Please read the letter, I
Wrote it in my sleep
With help and consultation from
The angels of the deep

Once I stood beside a well of many words
My house was full of rings and
Charms and pretty birds
Please understand me, my
Walls come falling down
There's nothing here that's left for you
But check with lost and found

Please read the letter that I wrote
Please read the letter that I wrote

One more song just before we go
Remember baby
All the things
We used to know
Please read my letter
And promise you'll keep
The secrets and the memories and
Cherish in the deep


Please read the letter that I wrote
Please read the letter that I wrote
Please read the letter that I wrote

Please read the letter that I wrote
Please read the letter that I wrote
Please read the letter that I wrote

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Plant, Robert Please Read The Letter Comments
  1. Tom Wendt

    Jimmy Page and Robert Plant wrote this song together and both won a Grammy for their efforts. This version is the best!

  2. gnomeofwar

    These two are PERFECT together

  3. Maria Auxiliadora de Larrazabal

    Beatiful song .. lovely lyrics .... pls. read the letter !!

  4. ramiro fauno martinez

    Walking into Clarksdale

  5. Cole Wagenschutz

    Love this. Two amazing artists. Not one bad piece from either. Ever!

  6. Brillemeister

    One of the best mixing jobs I've ever heard to this day. God bless

  7. Vin T

    You have got to be fuckin' kidding me!!

  8. Jimmy Cranier

    I got to see Plant and Krauss in Lake Tahoe several years ago. They were fantastic.

  9. Cyndy Allen

    Amazing song! Your voices meld so well together, hope you do another album, it’s been to long.

  10. Julie Mooney

    It's very good. All of it.

  11. onephatdude

    What a great lovely romantic song. :)

  12. Karen Riches

    I LOVE this song. A former DJ on my local radio station did. He played it everyweek and I do love it. I wish the artists has come to Hull UK, I would have been mesmerized. A shame there was no follow up album. Karen

  13. Maureen Riddell

    BILLY.......LISTEN.......I meant what I said. And, I know YOU REMEMBER. Heartstrings.

  14. Mark Stanley

    Led Zep/9-73 at Tampa Stadium...largest concert (post The Beatles in '64)...56,000+/_!!! WOW!! So groovy, bitchin and farm-out!!!

  15. emlix1

    This is a beautiful song but it reminds me of the darkest period of my life. Even almost ten years later I still feel haunted when I hear it, and I'm right back in that house, drinking myself to death because it seemed preferable to living.

  16. Jesus Licht der Welt

    Eines der besten Alben in der Musikgeschichte für mich. Megastarker Country Bluesrock

  17. craig middleton

    please, read the letter I wrote. Remember keep the secrets, nailed it to your door. Remember our secrets. Read the letter that I wrote.

  18. kosar357

    66 people didn’t read the letter.

  19. Vin T

    How did this happen?

  20. John Samsonite

    oh, man... it's like drinking from a fountain after being lost in the desert...

  21. Khan Illuminated

    Malky ❤️

  22. L D

    66 unlikes?? Clearly no taste...

  23. Nintendo Guy00

    I read the letter was all about sex he had with Jimmy paige

  24. Nintendo Guy00

    they played this shit in starbucks everyday, its annoying to my ear as justing bieber fucking piece of shit song

  25. Denise Denise

    It's like a letter in a song to someone

  26. Lisa Ruokis

    I love this album so much.

  27. kelley wright

    I absolutely love these two!! there's not one bad song,, they are just magical together

  28. Rosemary Flores

    I just love this song...

  29. Patricia McGee

    Have had these letter writing relationships. Sometimes it’s please hear the voice mail that I left. Those memories always cherished.

  30. LadyLake Music


  31. Rain

    Is there auto-tune on Plant’s voice?

  32. 1954 FA Cup


  33. Puertecitos68

    great album

  34. wonderfulnmarvelous

    Just bazzing.....Love this version and what a duo they made on this LP.

  35. Max Brand

    this music that's out there now doesn't have the heart & soul it once did and the ones that are keeping it real is Krause & Plant two great figures which to me make music that's real and they seem well together with each other and even with no radio support the public simply went out and brought the album which to me they are the true champions of why this duo won a Grammy for album of the year.

  36. Ernie 137

    Robert Plant is so much better on his own.

  37. Gary Earhart

    Good song and good harmony

  38. Daniele Pintaldi

    My Favourite Singer since '72 !!! Great Duo !

  39. Roly V

    What are you talking about? This song is completely boring. I first heard it in the supermarket, and what struck me was the thought: 'How mundane is that?' Supermarket music, keeps people calm and bland.

  40. Trenton Clark

    Originally a song on Walking into Clarksdale by Plant and Jimmy Page (late '90s). A bit heavier, but check it out!

  41. Trunk McEight

    Sometimes, it just doesn't work out.

    Excellent song.

  42. Maria fortin

    This music makes u come back for more ❤

  43. Rose Aguilar

    love you both

  44. alastair carthew

    What a magic combination. Maybe Robert can write about reading an email.

  45. Daniel

    Did the dials move on the sound monitor as they sang the song?

  46. Emmy Sawvel

    the secrets and memories we cherish....

  47. arkayen666123

    With help and consolation from the angels of the deep? You mean demons? O_o

  48. David Wahlgren

    "Please read The Letter that I wrote"....yes LORD...thank You for writing us a letter....

  49. Héctor Pereyra

    april 2017

  50. Алексей Миронов


  51. judy prince

    Best I've heard in a long, long time. stirs my soul!!

  52. Manav

    nothing better than to listen to this very album after this song. cheers everybody.

  53. John Scully

    Plant has endured.

  54. Lewis Mefford

    I had an event today, prompting a memory of this duet, no romance was involved however, my faith was uplifted!

  55. Andrea Edgeworth this duo & this song!

  56. Ann Lamanna

    It is not Led Zeppelin or Union Station! No comparison to this amazing harmony. Love them together as they are.

  57. iskandar page

    Beautiful Song

  58. Athen Merton Chase


  59. thefabulousbugman

    I always come back to this song .

  60. Bradford Eaton

    "T bone" Burnett is a freaking genius!


    Amen to that Brad :)

  61. Wectonn Green

    who know by Star Wars Death Trooper ?

  62. Linda Jordan

    Absolutely love this and the entire CD!

    Becky Fowler

    One of my favourite albums ever

  63. Juventino Manzano

    the harmonies!

  64. Polika Perfect

    The Beauty & the Beast. Wonderful duo.

    Jeremy Merrifield

    Plant was a good looking guy once... Ok maybe 40 years ago lol

    Ann Lamanna

    He's gorgeous now, are you kidding me!

    mafalda lopes

    Polika Perfect still charming ... and that smile ...oh hat smile ...oh that smile ...

  65. SteveDallas

    Can someone be more Dude than Robert Plant? God bless ya...and Happy Birthday

  66. Jessica Amber

    One of my favorite albums...this song...💚💚

  67. Wily Febbs

    always I come back to listen to the song in some occasions , just a great song mixing up two greatest voices , melt in harmony between country and rock !!! just awesome

  68. Maria Farooq

    I can't stop hitting the replay button. It's so lovely.💖

    Kelli Brown

    I had failed to appreciate how beautiful Robert Plant's voice really is. This is magical!

  69. ema10987

    just heard this for the first time. what a song!

    john asson

    try out page and plants walking into clarksdale


    yes - it's absolutely nothing like this... :D

    Sasa Lukic

    really,listen page&plant version

    reyats Mk


    Patch moe

    Yes they was like black n blue. With a sweet mix of green n purple. Was a beautiful partnership

  70. Barbara Bowden

    I got one and he died as I received it. So bloody sad

    Bruce Abraham

    god bless

    Barbara Bowden

    Thank you so much.

  71. Aj Leadbetter

    I'm afraid 19 people didn't get the letter...

  72. Jamie Jones

    what a duo love them both two different sounds that blend so magically

  73. Kevan Dalzell

    One of Robert's best albums, EVER!!!!!!

    Jessica Amber

    YES...his voice and hers belong together. Her voice is angelic.

  74. Sonho Americano

    Great song

  75. Sonho Americano

    Great song

  76. Ken Ward

    Great song, love the Plant man, but Alison is way way way too good to be used as a background singer.

    Roy R.

    This is just one song from the album. She takes the lead on several of the others.

  77. Jazziminstar

    Beautiful Song! I Love it! xxx

  78. Trevor Broadbent

    Man, how do people even like this song? It's vapid, and repetitive. A you can't even tell Robert Plant had a hand in this, because it almost sounds like that shitty band Dawes...

    Roy R.

    This song was originally recorded on the Page and Plant "Clarksdale" album. You know; the massively successful one. That enough of a "hand in it" for you punkin'?


    +Roy R. Got em! Respect to you man! ✌🏻️

    Dallis B

    It has mellow groove that for me creates a chilled vibe. I have listened to every day since I first heard I. Amazing!


    Haha you have no taste and are tacky. Go suck an egg

  79. zach sciaba

    how somebody cannot like this song i will not for the life of me be able to fully understand in any way shape or form


    It's probably the fiddle.


    Honestly, this is the lowest number of dislikes I have ever witnessed in a posting older than •half a decade•. I attribute this to the absolute beauty of this song.

  80. SpaghettiandSauce

    16 people didn't like what was in the letter that he wrote.

    Roy R.

    I bet all of them disliked the line about "the angels from the deep." That kind of thing upsets the Christian folk.

    Miss. Molly

    +R. Ross Can't understand why when Alison is a Christian herself.

    Roy R.

    Good golly Ms. Molly... I took a pretty good look into the world of Christian faith back in the day and they are very much in tune with even the "appearance" of "impropriety". For my beloved Alison to even be willing to sing a line in a song about consultation with the angels of the deep is just the kind of thing to get a million people praying for the redemption of her everlasting soul. Sincerely. And with pure intentions. But praying just the same.

  81. SpaghettiandSauce

    "I wrote it in my sleep with help and consultation from the angels of the deep"
    "Promise me you'll keep the secrets and the memories we cherish in the deep"


  82. thefabulousbugman

    16 dislikes proves there are at least 16 people with bad taste in the world.

  83. Maikel B

    this is just real music the best music ons this world,!!!

  84. glenroy56

    Hope they get together again....

  85. sidDkid87

    "Too late, too late /
     A fool could read the signs"

    MGeorgete Cardoso

    oh yessss...!!! Dupla soberba 💓👍👀👀  , "Please Read The Letter"

  86. Graham Forbes

    Has Robert Plant ever sung a bad song? Not to my knowledge!!!


    +Graham Forbes Black Country Woman


    +tg72211 your opinion. I love that song his voice is amazing on black country woman not to mention the awesome guitar work by Page

    Sasa Lukic

    wtf???'Black country woman is bad song for you??really?goog bye

    Robert Browne

    Live Aid

    Alex Denk

    Hot Dog by Led Zeppelin

  87. Tracy Miller

    "I wrote it in my sleep, with help and consultation from the Angels of the deep"

    Cathal O' Connor

    Choctaw a ride

    reyats Mk

    Yeah! Ethereal!

  88. dee thom

    love it x

  89. Tina Prasetyo

    Sadly new generation doesn't write letter anymore. They just text or write shitty things on facebook :)


    Fair point!

    Melanie Willard

    Plus the English language is trashed on social media.
    Even poetry is stilted and choppy.

    Bubble flower

    Ha ha lo💓e it 🤣


    lol, yeah and its gonna keep getting worse

    Patricia McGee

    I write letters. The person dated and I use to give each other letters or send them when there was something either we didn’t or couldn’t say in person at first. Then there were break up and make up letters. Use to write songs for me but unfortunately I didn’t keep them before he passed. I wish I had. But those letters and those songs meant the world to me.

  90. Tina Wright

    Simply Amazing. Very beautiful song!

  91. Stephanie Hadfield

    Amazing what the music world can collide into one!!!! I fell in love with the whole album when I heard it online when it first came out!!!! Beautiful collaboration!!!! <3 <3 <3

  92. Liam Kirrkamm

    Beautiful song!!!

  93. Bruce Budge

    Written by Plant for his son Karac who died as a child.


    @Bruce Budge ....Day on the Green Oakland 1977...died just before LZ was to come stage. Still they performed but rightfully something was missing..

    Bruce Budge

    He was never the same after that happened, consquently neither were Led Zep.


    @Bruce Budge ...couldn't imagine having to deal with something like that...

    Bruce Budge

    Thankfully it is not something I have had to deal with either thank goodness.

  94. Huh Uhuh


    Lance Ash

    "Apathy?" Do you know what the word means?

  95. Marcus Alford

    This is my new favourite song

  96. Sarah Matz

    A simply beautiful song. Two very talented artists. I'll always love Robert Plant during his mighty Zep days, but this is outstanding.