Plant, Robert - Heaven Knows Lyrics

A brand new human being, razor sharp, all firm and tanned
All clean, all pure, with a thirty-second attention span
As the clock strikes twelve and we're ready for party games
You play blind man's buff and I'll play out charades

(Heaven knows) what kind of fool am I
(Heaven knows) why you take an eye for an eye
(Heaven knows) what comes over me
You were pumping iron as I was pumping irony

Now I find myself fully occupied and half alive
With your head, heart, arms and legs wrapped around my family pride
See the whites of their eyes then shoot
With all the romance of the Ton Ton Macoute

(Heaven knows) what kind of fool am I [etc repeated]

Nothing will show as we're shedding our clothes
But then I suppose, anything goes, anything goes
But then I suppose that anything, anything goes
(Heaven knows - heaven knows --)

(Heaven knows) what kind of fool am I
(Heaven knows) what comes over me
(Heaven knows) what kind of fool am I
Tell me please, please, please
(Heaven knows) what kind of fool am I --

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Plant, Robert Heaven Knows Comments
  1. Perry

    This a great song. Like most of what RP does like in Led Zep.

  2. Malkhaz


    Совершенно новый человек, острый как бритва, весь твердый и загорелый
    Все чисто, все чисто, с тридцать вторым периодом внимания
    Когда часы бьют двенадцать, и мы готовы к партийным играм
    Ты играешь в бафф слепого, а я разыгрываю шарады

    (Небеса знают), что я за дурак
    (Небеса знают), почему вы смотрите на глаз
    (Небеса знают), что приходит ко мне
    Вы качали железо, а я качал иронию

    Теперь я нахожусь полностью занятым и наполовину живым
    С твоей головой, сердцем, руками и ногами, обернутыми вокруг моей семейной гордости
    Смотри белки их глаз и стреляй
    Со всей романтикой Ton Ton Macoute

    (Небеса знают), что я за дурак [и т. Д.]

    Ничто не покажет, как мы сбрасываем нашу одежду
    Но тогда, я полагаю, все идет, все идет
    Но тогда я предполагаю, что что-нибудь, что-нибудь идет
    (Небеса знают - небеса знают -)

    (Небеса знают), что я за дурак
    (Небеса знают), что приходит ко мне
    (Небеса знают), что я за дурак
    Подскажите пожалуйста пожалуйста
    (Небеса знают), что я за дурак -
    Автор (ы): Джонстон, Барратт
    Джимми Пейдж - гитарные соло на "Heaven Knows"

  3. Jeffrey Padgett

    Awesome album you can hear alot of money was spent on the recording

  4. jococentralcoast Australia


  5. MikKi

    I love the talent

  6. John Surabian

    ! --_- !

  7. Justin Howes

    Awesome... true Plant magic

  8. Bruce Alexander

    Does anyone agree Heaven Knows would make a fantastic Bond title song? Obviously nostalgic, not qualifyable for an Oscar, but arguable presents a perfect tempo and “”Bondian” guitar riff for “No a Time to Die” - and with lyrics easily changed from “eye for an eye” to “no time to die.” Outside the safety zone for a new Bond film? Obviously, yes. But maybe what we need is an unexpected, bold and nostalgic approach right now. Anyone else agree?

  9. mengo5114


  10. JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    My mind goes to like saree ovndu parakaramaari tonudu😄😃😀😍

  11. Square Creative

    A friend of mine: Hey what's the name of that cool Robert Plant song?
    Me: All of them.

  12. bootypatrol

    Plant is truly a ROCK GOD!

  13. huskerider

    The production of this entire was incredible.

  14. A. Stone Thorn

    Still love Orence of Arabia! Tick tock tick tock tick tock. Like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives! Check yourself.

  15. Richard Diffley

    Hi. Played this song after a religious program ended at a radio station here in Ct. Lol. Rich Edwards.

  16. Vicki Mingus

    his hot yrs

  17. The Shawn Murphy Journal

    Another great song by Robert P ; but my question was this filmed in Tibet?

  18. Howard Frankenberg

    Only one Robert plant ....timeless

  19. Rose Kitty, Gray Kitty, and Jack Kitty

    The shadow of that flying kite looks like a sting ray flying in the air and makes you wonder what the shadows are really about. I do have an idea.

  20. Rose Kitty, Gray Kitty, and Jack Kitty

    scar(vs), noose, A kite that falls=financial disaster, lifting weights, anemia=poisoning=blindness=bruises. Brace(lets)-legs window=pain-someone is always watching-sparks,The Family, red scarf on a pole=SOS, reverse love interest=fan(atic)=RUN as fast as you can!

  21. Jerry Velardi

    Loved this song when it first came out and I still do ! Great solo Jimmy !

  22. Rose Kitty, Gray Kitty, and Jack Kitty

    Read, a kite, Sandy, Read a war flag as in all flags are war flags, a BLIND fold is needed to be a kite that flies, Bag pipes as in snakes, book of law and red blood, snakes talking stupid in, Lucinda as in Lucy KNOCKING AT YOUR BACK DOOR from the book of law, aka, the bible, bible-=encoded war messages, strategies, as in eye for an eye, LEVITICUS=LEVIATHAN=LOCH NESS MONSTER =ROSE K*nt He*SLEY. Fooled needed to be a kite, meet in the air way up there in dreams, lightning..............Oh yeah FOOL FOOL FOOL, the only way to meet in the middle of the air without being interrupted, B and V. Sunglasses=hatred of the bible god, especially indoors, Zack and TM interview, TM ass kicking for being a copy cat, limp syncing. 1977 schooling. The little green unnatural spirits, Asia, and the desert. Espinozer, Hendrix, and MACHINE GUNs, HIT! for a HIT, VATICAN, CHARLIE MILLES not MANSON!

  23. Rose Kitty, Gray Kitty, and Jack Kitty

    Bobby, such a beautiful god!

  24. marty huggins

    needs wayyyy more views

  25. BRD

    As Tut truly walked the planet, this is fundamentally brilliant!!

  26. John David Hart

    This entire groo......oooove from your works in the 80's is so damn cool. Everyone should spend at least one week walking in the desert after perhaps having a button or two or with Uncle syd so they rethink themselves life and direction. Graduation time you know!

  27. Michael Flowers

    Thank-You Robert for all the wonderful music & memories!!

  28. Jamie Bilich

    I used to have this cassette now and Zen I love this song I remember this was on Friday night. Videos

  29. Will Jaster

    2019 ???

  30. nature freak

    Now that Edward Said is in hell, Said should be forced to watch this Robert Plant video for the rest of eternity.

  31. Steve Schmidt

    I always loved the line about pumping irony!

  32. Susan OBrien


  33. Marisa De Innocentiis

    Que talentoso eres cariño, no hay otro como tú. Quisiera verte y llenarte de besos . That Talent Mr. Plant no there' re on other like you...kisses

  34. Marisa De Innocentiis

    Hermoso de mi vida que es de ti?

  35. S L

    122 people are cray cray for thumbing down this video....

  36. S L

    God I remember when this came out! Love this album soooooo much!

  37. Mark Cookson

    Fuck Vrbo.

  38. Rio Rio

    See wa I mean?

  39. Rio Rio

    Pets are innocent creatures.who would hurt our best friends.

  40. landofmetalgods

    Wore out a cassette, an album and at least three cds with this classic

  41. donamick


  42. Judy Kobussen

    why all of the video pixelation?

  43. dlimmel

    Where is the quality? Video looks like it was taken from a vcr, great song but shitty video

  44. kurt feil

    nearly killed meself to this jam!

  45. rob bob

    a cuspy album.. as in whats next?.. wore out the cd grooves.. this is MY highschool soundtrack. beleive dat pal

  46. Chris Manzi

    I a big Led Zeppelin fan for over 40 years and as a kid I always viewed Robert Plant as a bad ass till the videos came out, watching him prance around like a flake but his songs are still great

  47. wdb

    Thank you Robert !!!!! no more, no less.

  48. Alyssa

    Great tune, rediscovered.

  49. Barry James

    Robert Plant is the Man he has Some Awesome Music still listen to this Great Music

  50. Lupi33

    Jimmy Page guitar solo.

  51. Bruce Alexander

    Perfect for a Bond film opening title song... “Eye for an Eye”... anyone agree??

  52. Surgar Kay

    Never be in my life now what I could grow with is tainted now 8,666.8,789 9580

    Surgar Kay

    11,590. 13,607 wonder if my niece is look down at me and feel the same...11411155368.17385

  53. David Daniel

    Plant will always be head and shoulders above the rest.

  54. James Blackmon

    what kinda foooooool am I

  55. Meter Pappas

    Video quality is terrible

  56. Scott Roland

    Best solo

  57. L S

    Jimmy Page is so great that he could make a squeaky door sound melodic and beautiful. This may have been one of the only times that he collaborated with Plant during the solo years. Great song!

  58. braunzie2

    The MTV version was much better

  59. Maz of Destruction

    Glad his music and vocals since pre Zep touched the depth of my core.



  61. Andre Newcomb

    Camel was nice. Had a Ninja mousie after me yesterday. Only days after seeing a Ninja rat going after a rattler on youtube.

  62. golden dragon

    who fucked up the video? used to be nothing wrong with it..ruins the song

  63. peter villalobos

    The Desert Rats.🇬🇧🔥

  64. Kimberly Gardner

    Takes me back to Young Love mine and Jonny's thank you Robert Plant and Thank you Led Zeppelin for the wonderful memories of my youth Wild and Free

  65. Bridgett Holman

    Great concert!

  66. John Williams

  67. Jesus Will Reign

    Very glammish.

  68. Jesus Will Reign

    Damn the video is butchered.

  69. p woessner

    Who were the backup singers on this? Amazing!

  70. Jason Haller

    Nice bringing Jimmy Page in for the solos.

  71. angel whispers

    With your head
    Arms and legs
    Wrapped around my family pride

  72. D.J. Thorb

    Great song but this is an unacceptable copy of the video .... it totally sucks.

  73. Scott Maltzberger

    Can't see Shit! Terrible video quality! 👎

  74. beth demars

    Arizona hills, overlooking Laughlin, Nevada. Anything goes...

  75. Ljerka Devcic

    Robert-TO OVERCOME...

  76. Gina Fatigato

    Say whaaaat......loving dis

  77. Dean Down Under

    He has the best voice in the world

  78. Billy G

    Heaven knows👾

  79. Tammy Hillyer

    Awww... the days I spent rewinding this cassette in my car down on A1A Ft. Lauderdale Beach!

  80. Randy S

    A very 80s track, but still hauntingly cool Robert Plant played.

  81. anderson smith Smith

    Y u take an I4 an I...

  82. Geno Smith

    Aww yea what a great album.Heaven knows all the memories I have from the days when this was out..



  84. 9993x

    Alester Crpw;y/thank you for planting the seed.....from Gabriel

  85. Barry Soetoro

    2 wrongs don't make a right   why you take an eye for an eye???

  86. Black powder Productions

    Just saw Plant in KC Sept 10 Awesome concert ‼️👍. The Feather in the wind still holds his own Thanx for the Memories Mr Plant

  87. Michael Coleman

    Led and plant will live forever!

  88. ms171802

    Fix the quality of the video. It sounds good but picture quality is bad

    Kylo Astora

    Wtf? You know how old this song is? There's no just making the picture quality better.

  89. J Delaney

    Plant is so good. He gets to play with great musicians too!!

  90. Norebo Oberon

    Mr Plant is one of the Gods in Valhalla.

  91. rattycharge1

    All clean and pure with a thirty second attention span.

  92. anderson smith Smith

    Y U take an I 4 an I..

  93. anderson smith Smith

    heaven knows

  94. TIffanyrose Angeles

    Love some new generation are discovering RP!

  95. goku8586

    pixel plant


    Great Track. Wished the vid quality was in better condition though.

  97. Just Believe Bath n Body Crystal McArthur

    Heaven is Robert Plant singing into my ear...IN PERSON! 😉🌈🌈🌈🌈🔥🔥🐝🌻🌻⚘🌾🌾🌾