Planetshakers - All I Want Is You Lyrics

I never knew that I could feel this kind of grace.
The way You show me that Your love has washed me clean,
Could never be erased; it lives inside of me.

Take me to that secret place,
Where I can only see Your Face,
And nothing else will ever feel this way.
You take away my guilty stains,
The things I've done that I can't change
It's only by the power of your name

I stand here in this place,
See the Glory on Your Face,
Taken by the wonder of Your name.
Never needed it so much,
Cause all I want is You.

When all the things around me have fallen to the ground
I'm always thankful for the love in you I've found

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Planetshakers All I Want Is You Comments
  1. Faith Waithaka

    I love this song.

  2. charisse canonigo

    I want you Lord Forever!

  3. Joyce Loo

    Like this song 🙏👍

  4. MsSharlynAnn

    Love this song!! Thank you Ethan for uploading it ;)

  5. Daine Becerra

    All I want is you Jesus!!I LOVE U so much Jesus!!

  6. Paul Suan

    all i want is YOU +

  7. Janet Khuletz

    This song is awesome.. All I Want is JESUS. <3

  8. Hanna Nassiri

    love it

  9. Tan Janice

    @shopsoflightSS YEAH!!! SAME HERE!!! I've been searching for this song! Haha! =)

  10. marco antonio de la rosa

    ahhhh i been looking for dis song i luv it soo much thnx:)))