Plain White T's - Wonders Of The Younger Lyrics

Race-cars and spaceships and carnival rides
Ghosts in the graveyard, they come out at night
These are the wonders of the younger

Daydreams of castle and sad crystal balls
While your heroes on posters stand guard on your walls
These are the wonders of the younger

And I wonder why we just leave it all behind
And I wonder how we could all go back right now

Werewolves and vampires are out for the kill
If none of them catch you, the Bogeyman will
These are the wonders of the younger

Walk in the plank of an old pirate ship
With a fistful of gold and kiss on your lips
These are the wonders of the younger

And I wonder why we just leave it all behind
And I wonder how we could all go back right now

Click your heels, close your eyes
Make a wish and wave goodbye
Fly away, it's not too late
Change your mind

Now numbers and figures take up all my time
How did this much of my life pass me by?
I miss the wonders of the younger

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Plain White T's Wonders Of The Younger Comments
  1. Samiye Soylu


  2. Paul Hicks

    im ia kid and all i can say is RESPECT PLAIN WHITE T'S

  3. sierra k

    We sung this for show choir. It was AWESOME

  4. 25Kiera Daly

    this songs is fricken awesome

  5. merlin cat 2002

    everybody should live by this song. It's one of my favs

  6. Kerbie B.

    Honestly, this is a perfect song to portray all of our lives, going from kids to adults, and I really do think it deserves to be more recognized.

  7. Zechariah Cameron

    I remember hearing this during Sportscenter on my birthday. I was already a Plain White T's fan. This song should be more popular.

  8. holli

    my new favorite song. 💕

  9. Simon Suarez Perez

    I want some pizza

  10. Greg

    this song doesn't have enough views

  11. rachmelufizzy

    love this song so much :3

  12. Therin

    by now 7 of them :p

  13. Kazane Bani

    6 people got drunk out of this song ^.^ (wait...HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?)

  14. Samuel Norton

    I love this song :)

  15. DanielSayre

    7 months ago I hit the dislike button by accident, YouTube wouldn't let me undo that. Today I liked it :)

  16. Ally

    I was studying irrational numbers while the playlist was on shuffle and this came on. To say the least I just finished laughing really hard.

  17. Azhurephoenix101

    :-/ is it THAT hard to dance with a broken finger? xD

  18. Dennzer1

    your sister sounds like a bright lass

  19. lauren judd


  20. lauren judd

    i love this song this guy is nuts this is an awesome song 2d165

  21. lauren judd

    I cant stop listening to this freaking song i <3 this song even with a broken finger i dance to this!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. lauren judd

    Wonders of the Younger.

  23. nightgabby


  24. greenblob51


  25. Maddox Patt

    bad song

  26. Isabella Bennett

    i love this song

  27. coldicehorse

    I love this song. It doesn't suck

  28. lauren judd

    wow that sucks

  29. lauren judd

    love this song <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Alex Ray

    @blondie4ever224 me too! every time i listen to this song, i expect to hear her singing and then i hear a guy...

  31. Alex Ray

    @TheRadiantGirl123 is he in the los al choir in cali? cause i think the choir at my school did those ones too

  32. Brittany Skaggs

    Los Al choir did this song as part of their set for spring show. Honestly I liked it better than this version. Alexia did really well on her solo in this song.

  33. DanielSayre

    FLIP i hit the dislike button! NUUU

  34. Alex Ray

    one of the choirs at my school did this for our spring play, i actually like my school's version better. we had a girl singing the solos, and it sounded awesome!!!!

  35. BeeDoubleU

    There's nothing worse than normal, there's no fun in mundane <3

  36. Braily Watson

    @4everinlove2007 so true :D i was dancing to this and went out of my way to make sure i pressed the right key :D

  37. Braily Watson

    @vanmoo93 3 now lol :) i love this song too ^.^

  38. Josh Henry

    @wallyloach ah, the beat between 0:00 and 3:38

  39. faero91

    @wallyloach Saw them last night! They were great!


    I almost cried when he said: "this isn't one of the new songs on the album, it's an oldie"
    *cheers and screams*
    "Just sing it if you know it"
    He starting playing Hey there Delilah.

  41. Leighann Fuentes

    @LRebekah27 omg me too ! lmaoo . they were friggen ammazziing ! :D

  42. Rebekah27

    I saw this live last night. :D


    I find this hard to masturbate too ....

  44. thewhitegirlblues

    Saw them play this live, it was SO good.

  45. 4everinlove2007

    Three people were dancing and hit the wrong key.

  46. 4everinlove2007

    ♪ ♪ ♪ ...Now this is good music... ♪ ♪ ♪

  47. XxDevin2xX

    Saw them in concert at the Hard rock Casino front row, Thank god my aunt works there lol

  48. AloofAri

    three people like to think rationally

  49. Kelsey Marie

    this song is awesome i saw them in concert it was sooo cool

  50. Kelsey Marie

    i HAVE this album!!!!!! its the best eva

  51. Kelsey Marie

    i have this album!!!!!!!!!!!!.....luv it!

  52. Kathya Hdz

    i NEED this album. like, NOW.

  53. Evelyn W

    I saw them at a festival yesterday and they were so good live, just the same as on the album (:

  54. Victoria Rizzo

    i grow younger not older

  55. ToastNBread

    This should be our national anthem!

  56. seanyboymccabe

    @topazeyes22 same here! This is my new favorite song

  57. Cassie Vaughan

    They played in a mall parking lot yesterday. They played this song. IT WAS AMAZING! These men rock. <3

  58. Vanessa Moo Young

    The two people that disliked this are... NORMAL.. YUCK!=S lol
    This song!<3<3<3

  59. pyomatic

    Love this song! Also keep pressing 4- it says ass

  60. Exposed Angling

    Life in a nuthsell.....When we are younger we want to be that we are older we want to be young again.

  61. Cheyenne Moore

    @mcarvajal10 IM JEALOUS!!

  62. gw1997


  63. beccaelle16

    Go with what you believe. Go with your dreams. No matter who says they're irrational.

  64. Octavia Smith

    I looooooooooooove this song!!!!!!

  65. ayla isawesome

    this song makes me spechless :D (in the good way) ily plain white ts!

  66. Erin Bywater

    Just saw them in concert last night and they opened with this song. I LOVE THE T'S! they rock live! amazing!

  67. Mee L.

    yeah guys, this is our irrational anthem xD

  68. Janie Blair

    i love this song

  69. Falsetto Man

    the first time i heard this song, I automatically liked it :D

  70. Ellen

    Amazing song.

  71. Roman Yount

    just a great song! 10 out of 10 rating:)

  72. 2xmadax2

    Fucking amazin!! just love it!!!

  73. xPsychoticxFreakx

    thanks for posting this! such an amazing song. :)