Plain White T's - Sunlight Lyrics

When the storm won't end
On your raging sea
When you've all but given up
Float back to me
When the waves come down
And your arms get weak
When you're tired of bailing out
Float back to me
'cause I can see sunlight
Through my window
If you open your eyes you'll
Find your way back home
When you're all alone
Stuck in the dark
When you've lost your way in life
I won't be far
When the seasons change
And you fall apart
When the winter chill is near
I won't be far
Can you hear me?
Come home
I need you near me
Come home
Well it's lonely now
In this hotel room
And these sheets are empty, love
Waiting for you

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Plain White T's Sunlight Comments
  1. LEON 23

    beautiful song <3

  2. lester franz

    2019 already... but this still my fav song ever. Good song never die.. ❤❤❤❤

  3. Arlii'z Ngulii'z Diaz

    2019 anyone 👍up

  4. Skyscrapers MY

    Plain White Ts never die


    Skyscrapers MY for real ❤️

  5. Raihan Alfiandsah

    2018 tho

  6. AC Fans

    2016, still loving this song

    Jajavahn Vahn

    Same here going 2017

  7. ZGummy Bear

    I like pie.

  8. ZGummy Bear

    I like pie.

  9. mariah wilson

    this is truly touching. your story is beautiful, and I am sure this song will help many people through tough times, and your hope is truly inspired

  10. LaLa Lori

    I love Tom's smile!!

  11. Annie Mac

    Haha random guy hugging him :)

  12. coolcon1993

    This is a truly beautiful song. I'm glad I've discovered it from the depths of youtube.

  13. Marjohgue

    I don't know why, but this song reminds me of the Beatles! :)<3


    I thought I was the only one! It's his haircut...& London bus I'm guessing lol

    Billis Lopez

    It's the chord progression and the harmonies, very characteristic of the 60s and the Beatles especially

  14. GameFreak5674

    Feel ya man... Feel ya

  15. EsportsChad

    Just broke up with my girlfriend of 4 1/2 years, hardest thing I've had to do in my life, ever.
    She was more than my girlfriend, she was also my best friend.


    smae :/ blows so much.

  17. now & never thailand

    sounds like my relationship (T T)

  18. brenda mcclellan

    holy crap this song is evil i mean it ripped ur chest and touched ur heart... call 911 !

  19. luis carlos t.s

    this is my fucking situation.

  20. Maggie Mason

    I'm srry to hear about the ten year blow up :'( love you guys -3

  21. enichols2011

    i would never EVER compare anything to the Beatles but Im really feelin' a Beatles vibe with this song. love it.

  22. mgrox13

    Even though it ended Congrats on being loving, loyal, and caring to a girl for 10 years. Not many young people last that long together. Good for you. BTW it's a beautiful song.

  23. heyheyitsEmily

    You guys rock

  24. Melisa Green


  25. ironmanbeatsall

    @20102010tennis saw them in concert today and you right

  26. joeyapril25

    Omg this song is amazing I'm sorry Tim didn't sing this @ rams head live in Baltimore back in February

  27. Annamator94

    i saw them last night in st louis, omg this song was so sad, the person below me is right, there was soooo much emotion

  28. chels2010

    Saw them in concert last feel the emotion coming out of Tim while he was singing this song.

  29. 96Tiara

    @marcusofrome i soo agree with you.....neither did i know about them but now i seriously realise what i have missed..... they are a treat to the ears!!!!

  30. Paul L

    I had never heard this group before until I browsed into them today. I have been missing a real treat! These guys are great! I'm glad I found them.

  31. lostluvr86

    @Tabi69Girl aww :/ did you happen to get that performance on tape?

  32. Sharon Newby

    One of your best songs.... right UP there!!!

  33. Mee L.

    poor tim...

  34. lostluvr86

    Tim should have sung this! He wrote it! oh well :/

  35. Hank Alfred

    never get tired of these guys!!

  36. midnightlake5

    Amazing song!! I love this video!! :)

  37. Ashleigh

    That was beautiful! I LOVE YOU GUYSS ♥

  38. FreeSoulChristina

    so deep.. i can feel the emotion...........

  39. Grace Cook

    @froloshki No. They remind me greatly of the Beatles in a few of their songs :)

  40. Zing Xiong

    yeah sounds simliar

  41. MisterWop1

    fantastic group !!!can`t wait for the new album!!!

  42. jasonmgarcia99

    way better than the beatles!

  43. Mark Anthony Herrera

    put you big boy pants on ?? wtf you must have had trainging wheels way to long

  44. Tom Semmler

    ist ganz ok Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten

    333 dis is it

  45. annechantho

    Nice song!
    I'd like to see more sunlight through my window.

  46. rock4evrever

    Man... a fricking TEN year relationship broken... DAMN! don't worry tim, i still love you as much as i love the rest of the band :D

    i can't wait till ur new album comes out!!!

  47. silvergangsta8

    @flyerspeedingman i can't see why the loshki guy has 24 thumbs up instead of u having more...:)

  48. vanessavan99

    i luv plain White T's :)

  49. Lejla M

    WOW Beautiful

  50. nafaidni


    Well these guys are fans of the Beatles, so that may not be altogether off.

  51. remoods

    Greetings from Germany

  52. Aurora Payne

    It does sound like the beatles.... lols I love it :)

  53. Decedy

    This is very very Beatles like. I like it a lot.

  54. clemen villamizar

    I swear this video is from memory but I cant get tired of it and always makes me want to cry but its just such a great song i cant stop. this song make something inside me i just cant xplain the way i feel! great song guys! oohgod now im crying.. i love you guys i love yoi timm please come to mexico and make me feel that way but in live..

  55. Hasin Zaman

    anyone notice this?...hes a does he make his feelings rhyme into song like that...u can even hear the DA DUM DA DUM DA DUM DA DUM DA DUM...

  56. reedioma

    To me the ref. reminds a lot what The Queen sang in their Rhapsody. but good good song !!!! =)

  57. marcela chiappa

    awesome, i love it

  58. An Nguyen

    whenever i am sad, this song keeps me up bcuz I can see the sunlight....Very meaningful song

  59. kari S

    the plain white t's always write good songs and it does sound like the beatles would write it

  60. James Hunter

    this guy has nothing on john lennon

  61. Andrew Shively

    I was just about to say this sounds very similar to something Beatles like

  62. Shannon Hayes

    wow this is the first time ive heard this song and i love it already!

  63. 33sdawg66

    wow, awesome song.

  64. Cole Williamson

    i love this song and why he wrote it, its so good

  65. ajanatorfly

    The best band, next to the Beatles!

  66. deanna duncan

    plan wite ts rock cool vidieos

  67. RemcoGJN

    Plain White T's own only revenge and 1234 are better than this song. Really awesome guys

  68. clemen villamizar

    Tim i love you!
    c mon forget that girl.. im here and i will never leave you, dont care we can be together for the rest of our lifes... Rreally that a great song, even better than 1234...

  69. Brooklyn Brooklynfiftythree

    You'll forever be the one that got away. I'm sorry I let you go when I did. - N

  70. RandomAttire

    man shut the fuck up it wasnt meant to be a god damn insult bitch so the next time u say something,KNOW YOUR FACTS!!!

  71. RandomAttire

    sounds like a Queen song

  72. Chris Matsumoto


  73. ultrarocker2000

    it does,doesn't it?

  74. Valeria G

    when did this song come out?

  75. Crystal Perez

    sad song =(

  76. RC Codes

    sounds like queen :P

  77. Emi

    i noiticed something.. Tom has almost the same haircut as the Beatles.... he did say that the beatles are one of his inspiration, another inspiration was girls!! HAHAHA :)

    love the song. one of the really good songs. still hey there delilah jis the #1!!!!

  78. Emi

    nice sad song. almost made me cry ...sniff : '( <333

  79. Jarom Eubanks

    plain white t,s havent had a song on the radio for a long time

  80. hannah cho

    dammm tats said ten years aww im so sorry

  81. caramia1912

    just saw them friday for the 3rd time and spoke with tim again, they are amazing and soo nice

  82. Cheryl Maves

    YOU GUYS SOUND GREAT!!! Reminds me of the Beach Boys!!!

  83. Cheryl Maves

    You guys sound GREAT!!!!

  84. Jordan Santos

    i broke up w/ someone and this song came up. made me cry.

  85. OliviaYume

    that's true!

  86. WinnerTube

    sad song.

  87. Maezzi Wilson

    Why'd she dump him hes Cute...he doesn't seem like a bad man he seems easy going....this whole damn band rocks, Dude we all feel for yea <3

  88. Maezzi Wilson

    This song makes me sad, 10 yrs is a long time poor Man...... :( this song makes my heart fill then drop at times.

  89. Mohatheking19

    so coooooooool :D

  90. Chris Matsumoto

    and FRESNO CA

  91. Chris Matsumoto

    Its lopez and he co wrote the song with Tom

  92. angelathea


  93. zengirl252

    this made my heart ache

  94. Kareen Pereyra

    i wanna hear the other 10 songs about his breakup :( for reall!

  95. meganbaer11

    i love this song!!

  96. David Goulding

    Love this song, totally has an effect on me.. Contentment comes easily when this song plays.

  97. Gabrielly Argolo

    o love this song <3

  98. missemarosa

    omg i was thiknking the same thing, they remind me of the beatles

  99. Mackiel Benitez

    When the winter chill is near..I won't be far :(

  100. LexxieMoody

    I love Plain White T's and their songs..this one is so beautiful and sad ;') I loved it <3