Plain White T's - Body Parts Lyrics

My heart was talking to my head
Said "I've loved once. I'll never love again"
And my head at this replied
"I'll miss her too. She was easy on the eyes"

And now all they do is look around for you
And every night with their lids closed tight
They're lost in dreams, that they'll awake and see
You lying next to me

My feet could feel it in their soles
We've gone too far, and we'll never make it home
And these hands, they felt the same
They held her once but they let her slip away

And now all I do is look around for you
And every night with my eyes closed tight
I'm lost in dreams, that I'll awake and see
You lying next to me

If there's one thing I've learned, it's how easy the tables turn
And if there's one thing I know, it's the fine art of letting go

My heart was talking to my head
Said "I've loved once. I'll never love again"

And now all I do is look around for you
And every night with my eyes closed tight
I'm lost in dreams, that I'll awake and see
You lying next to me

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Plain White T's Body Parts Comments
  1. SonarSwag

    my penis was talkin’ to my brain

  2. Winona B.

    Imagine your OTP

  3. Rika Rika

    love this song...

  4. Danilo Aires

    I havent been related to a song like this since i dont know when

  5. Mx Lello

    is anyone else here from that one really emotional phanfiction? because I'm really not okay this is a beautiful song

  6. Todd Edge

    i never get sick of this song:)

  7. Todd Edge

    at the same time

  8. Todd Edge

    i cry really hard almost every time i hear this song. its so beutiful

  9. Todd Edge

    ive listened to plain white ts since i was 3 and so far theyre my favorite band

  10. Popenut!

    mellow mellow mellow... 

  11. Rachel Kazura

    i love  this song I'm going to there concert

  12. Neptutron

    I love this song so much...especially the part starting at 3:00, the melody sounds to me like recollecting scattered thoughts and gathering strength

  13. BreanaBreBee

    o.o i dont know why but this is my favorite out of all of them -3- it cheers me up for no reason

  14. ryderrr08

    Best song of PWt !

  15. Alex Sproul

    I think you missed a word in your title. How NOT To Get a Highest Rated Comment.

  16. KL3PT0M4N1AC

    When you're happy you enjoy the music, but when you're sad, you understand the lyrics.

  17. Euphoria Moon

    this is me and my boyfriends favorite song! i always cry on his shoulder when i hear it

  18. Michael Madera

    Ex-Girlfriend i miss her :(

  19. TWITCH Blerr

    im singing this song for a talent show :3

  20. Philipp Rohr

    This song is way to underrated..

  21. Miccella Chenoweth

    I am in love with Tim. You lyin next to me.

  22. Thomas Small

    But she has a boyfriend

  23. Thomas Small

    This applies to me I love a girl have down for years

  24. lawrence

    I miss her smile.... :(

  25. Dominykas Sikorskas

    its not a bad thing eh :)

  26. Neelansh Thakur

    i like this song better than all the songs on billboard

  27. Tomás Garnier

    And what did penes said? he has some word in the subject...

  28. Skywalker000ful

    this band should me more famous

  29. Andy Smith

    This is such a good song.

  30. Gork Music

    I found a good Plain White T's song. There must be a God

  31. Claire Morrison

    I can't believe the story of this song... He was with a girl for 11 years, and she just left. I also can't believe that something this beautiful could come from it.

  32. idrc1415

    I can relate so well to this song, it stirs tears just listening, bringing back so many memories.

  33. Patty W

    the story behind this song is extremely sad/sweet

  34. NDmusic - Beats & Piano

    why has this video only 47.251 views???
    This song is amazing!

  35. ErikaAliana

    @skyeorage me toooo. I'm also in a relationship but it makes me wanna cry. Good thing you can always go back and listen to Cirque Dans La Rue and smile again.

  36. Joshua Roark

    only one person disliked this because they thought it'd be funny for it to say "1 dislikes"

  37. lol no

    awww :) thats sooo sweet ;) i love this song... <3

  38. cutieavital

    i love tims voice <3

  39. AloofAri

    One person doesn't have talking body parts.

  40. Skyeler Shroyer


  41. Danielsworlds

    And yes I know this is tom!

  42. Danielsworlds

    I like tins voice but he his defantly a faster and higher pich singer than tom.

  43. MsSmiles333

    @fabyewv Your time to have a boyfriend will come. Someday you'll meet that great guy who deserves you.

  44. Lucy Leszczynski

    @gerlachrose Actaully, Tim is singing right now hahaha

  45. Superwholockianxx

    Just saying, this song reminds me of Lily and James from Harry Potter c: Great song though <33 really inspiring.

  46. Emily Gerlach

    @cindythpwts its tom but ok!

  47. BooksByCandlelight

    I'm in love with this song.

  48. Iraida Redondo

    Yeah, it's true that Tim's voice is good and sweet, but I don't think that he has to be the lead singer, I think with Tom is ok. Maybe Tim should sing some more song but not be the lead singer.

  49. smartalec1991

    I really love it when tim sings. His voice is really soothing and i totally love this song.

  50. Adam Unwin

    I have to admit this song makes me think of my ex far too much :/

  51. Gabriel Juchem

    1 person will never love again

  52. mastacholi59

    just lovely!

  53. Cheyenne Moore

    LOVE IT!

  54. blahdiblahblahbah

    tim should sing more songs...

  55. jessandhollykal

    @fabyewv touche!

  56. Conscious Living

    I like when tom sings, but i lOve this guys voice(:

  57. kAbductionFilms

    i love it <3 :D

  58. mytemporaryhigh

    weirdly i LOVE this song. hmmm.

  59. Shannon Cruz

    tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  60. Belby Ann

    I shack to this song.......and yes I cry

  61. Maike

    no tim shouldn't sing every song but maybe some more.

  62. john Duckett

    sounds exactly like what happened to me an my girl :(

  63. Mee L.

    this song is so amazing. it really makes me cry !
    their new album is so WONDERFUL !!!!
    go on, plain white t's !

  64. nesspoo1984

    I'm not sure if anyone else agrees, but I think Tim should write and sing the lead on every song!

  65. ilovekangaroosnyou

    we need to spread the word of the return of the plain white t's they need to be recognize for this album

  66. Lalo Castano

    nice lyrics............"wow" of song....

  67. Francisco Vazquez

    @deLasChivas no te gusta el album y le vas a las chivas ??? de plano estas pendejo :)

  68. B.F

    @deLasChivas if you dont like it then dont listen to it. it makes you sound like a dumb ass. there are thousands of other songs/albums you can listen to. everyone has different taste. if your a hardcore fan of a group/band of coarse you will like all their shit.

  69. ilovekangaroosnyou

    in love....gave me feelings i cant express in words

  70. midnightlake5

    I love this song, Tim has an amazing voice!!

  71. The Anna

    Tim has so a beautifull voice I can't stop listen this song :D