Plain White T's - Airplane Lyrics

Airplane, airplane
Put me to sleep again
Take me away, off to a dream
And then I'll fly so high across the sky
Awake in a new place
Where mistakes of my past are erased

Don't drop me
Don't stop me
Just hold me
So cozy

Airplane, airplane
Don't you go down today
Take me away, off to a better place
You know just where I'd like to go
Please get me there on time
Don't delay me from losing my mind

Don't drop me
Don't stop me
Just hold me

Airplane, airplane
Don't you go down today
Take me away, off to a better place
You know just where I'd like to go
Please get me there real soon
I've important things that I must do

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Plain White T's Airplane Comments
  1. Sunny Kay

    sounds like shape of my heart riff

  2. Firazor

    Any attention this song gets is well deserved, damn I'm glad this was dug up from the depths of the internet.

  3. Simul Paul

    And then I'll fly so high across the sky
    Awake in a new place
    Where mistakes of my past are erased!

  4. Baris C

    I guess all the guitar tutors of the planet has agreed on this song to be taught , so that is why it is number one at UG.

  5. jeeshwa123

    I am also here because of ultimate guitar lol, I was working out the chord progression on my own to see if I remembered the song and I didn't. I don't really like the Plain White T's, but I like how melancholy that guitar riff is.

  6. Jack Cunningham

    Can anyone explain why this is number 2 on Ultimate Guitar all time list?

    Jiri Maule

    nonone can :-D

  7. Shane Miller

    Never heard of it. I wonder if the bought the top slot on UG?

  8. Gustavo Pérez

    I am the only one who thinks that sounds exactly as shape of my heart by Sting?

    Mark Blease

    random response but i was just listening to shape of my heart and it took me an hour of looking to find the song i knew sounded like it...i was sitting there thinking to myself "I know i've heard this somewhere else before"..long story yes i agree

  9. Mag Vibra

    How to play on guitar:

  10. Thuận Thành Trần

    Number one on Ultimate Guitar instead of millions views song on youtube. How could it be?

  11. Chee Toes

    #2 on guitar tabs

  12. Argonite Gaming

    ultimate guitar

  13. JoDani

    calum hood covered it once and it was on YouTube but I can't find it anymore

    Forgotten Goddess

    Me too,
    When there album wasn't released, somebody had edited this song as there album song airplane 🤧

  14. Ghady Mrad

    Who else is here cz of Ultimate Guitar?


    Lol, ofc dude.

    Scott Parmelee

    Hilarious! Exactly why I am here.

    Plasmic Orgasmic

    Same tho

    Rahü Trahü

    Still at number 2 all-time. Never heard of it before

    Benjamin M.

    Glad to see i'm not the only one ! :D Had never heard of that song

  15. jorge rodas


  16. michaelaaronnn

    Why is this number one on UG? I've never even heard of this song


    Hehehe so am I.... Not that Good of a song either, just 1 star the shit of it so it will fuck off

    Ricki B

    That's why I'm here lol


    RaceToTheBottom yeeeaaaas!!!

    Salvatore Augello

    RaceToTheBottom lol right but its good

    Gabriel Nardin Music

    Weird type of promotion but super effective.

  17. Abby Brown

    *anxiety helped*

  18. D3caying_Dusk

    +Zleaper thats because both songs have the same sort of style picking. dust in the wind is travis picking and this songs picking is very similear

  19. wubagong

    does this not sound exactly like "i gave you all" by mumford and sons??

    Eric L

    But "I Gave You All" sounds so much better. That's only my opinion though.

  20. Pixie_ Aqua_Fey

    :o UG !!?

    Rêveur Inconnu

    Hi Bye like any other viewers

  21. Leopold Butters Stotch

    I came here after watching Dust in the Wind and my mind just exploded, the main riff sounds exactly the same...

  22. Arty Kar

    Sing this on an airplane and watch people's faces...

  23. Andrew Harrison

    Why is the internet full of cynical assholes... I like this song. And it was easy to learn for a beginner on guitar. Seems like people just can't appreciate diversity (or maybe just simplicity?) in music.

  24. Group 999

    Don't drop me!!

  25. Group 999

    That song is awsome!!!!!

  26. Esperanza eAla

    don't drop me

  27. Airakaz

    realy ?

  28. Jodie Rodgers

    This isn't top of Ultimate Guitar today. In fact, it doesn't even feature in the top 100.

    Today, the world ends.

    Argonite Gaming

    Jodie Rodgers now it does

    PCP Peter

    Argonite Gaming bit late mate

  29. jouaneautom

    I hate you. I hate you so much....
    I just lost the game.

  30. bangbangTT

    this is so cool. an error/link put all of us"musicians" in a videotube.

  31. Karolos Toothache

    Sting - Shape of me heart :p

  32. Kaitlyn M


  33. Nenzo22

    Thumbs up if Ultimate guitar brought you here... :i

  34. ilana rose


  35. JJ Clamor

    i dont get it why people are shocked that this is top 1. its an amazing song easy to do, has an awesome vibe to it when you play it.... what were you expecting? Gangnam Style??

  36. JJ Clamor

    reminds me of Moulin Rouge.. anyone agree?

  37. Paul Koch

    thumbs down; UG brought me here...

  38. Darius Dt

    My first thought was the boots :P faking girls with their fashion, i couldnt think straight..

  39. Md Faris Ashraf Md Nasser

    lol i aint the only one that came from UG

  40. ArianaFromMaryland

    Ultimate Guitar. :)

  41. Darius Dt

    WHAT"S UG?? :O

  42. Bridget Thurn

    it might be #1 on UG cause it's good for beginners? or good to learn/teach?

  43. Hannah Beam

    And why is this #1 on UG?

  44. rcknrolfender79

    WTF? Why is this number 1 on UG? I bet more people want to learn Simple Man than this shiz. I agree with earlier comments. They were paid to put this as number one. The guitar line isn't even attractive.. to me anyways

  45. Rising Sounds

    Ultimate guitar

  46. Danilo Pablo

    thanks xD

  47. rj brown

    Ultimate Guitar

  48. Danilo Pablo

    What's UG?

  49. GiladK127

    Yes it is...

  50. StaleMemes

    Actually, it's not #1. Well, anymore. But it's forever #1 in my heart ;).

  51. Carl Weaver

    If you downloaded the album, why are you watching it on YouTube?

  52. 2kimuli61

    Thanks to UG there is thousands and thousands of covers of this song in YT =D

  53. jonniboy21

    I actually believe it's really soothing... This song gives me chills when I listen to it with

  54. Jack Sampson

    UG sent me

  55. Delia Ortiz Leija

    What the fuck is UG!? I'm here because I downloaded the album 'Wonders of the Younger'.

  56. Mc Bryan Barit

    UG stands for Ultimate Guitar. This is the top song.

  57. donald pineda

    UG ???????

  58. Clay Chapman


  59. Casper

    Because everyone learns wonderwall not by clicking on UG. It is so damn easy everyone learns it from the beginning by another guitar player.

  60. Will

    But everyone learns wonderwall is what I'm trying to say, and if it's not mainstream why is it number 1 on ug

  61. Casper

    Because wonderwall is a cliché when you're talking guitar songs. This has some sick fingerpicking and is one of the those undiscovered pearls that mainstream media hasn't picked up on

  62. David Ysasi

    yep, that's why i am here lmfao!

  63. Nicholas Murray

    The intro is pretty much I gave you all by Mumford and sons. Except not as good.

  64. Will

    Why is this above wonderwall? dafuq >.<

  65. Adam

    yeah its got like 24000 hits

  66. Areg Sarvazyan

    Nope, still 1st!

  67. ed s

    Its ok guys. It's number 2 now...

  68. xDrenchedTutorialsx

    Exactly this song is retarded

  69. orly martinez

    Idk how this song can be number 1 on ultimate guitar. This song is so depressing for all you over weight fucks

  70. John O'Brien

    That was my exact though

  71. lui6link

    Ultimate Guitar. Song = Gay

  72. pcliff62

    songs like this are why the world sucks, now we have a couple million queer bastards wearing skin tight jeans and not cutting their hair trying to learn how to sing and play like a whiney little bitch, to show the girls that they are a sensitive pussy, creating the image that all modern day men are pussies, causing all the girls to become lesbians because there are no more real men left in this country!

  73. Acastrov9

    Listen to the song "Shape of my heart" by sting hmm..

  74. MegaCraft312

    No shit.. what the guy means is why suck a shit song number one on UG?

  75. danette36

    It's a tab site

  76. Bbfishman

    i dont understand why this is #1 on UG....i kno everyone has said this but this is such a gay song

  77. MultiMeaton

    same here xD

  78. Vivian Dekker

    And me to !

  79. KJ Arya

    wow..thats exactly why i am

  80. Rusty Shackleford


  81. xdarkherox93

    that wasn't sarcasm by the way i genuinely keep seeing it and im like wtf

  82. xdarkherox93

    tell me about it!

  83. tomfooleryrock

    lol at these comments...just like many others have said: UG #1 ranking is the only reason i came here to check the song out

  84. Parts Plus

    More like.. Plane White Teas.. I was hoping for a real song. Ultimate Guitar must have 24968 silly little girls roaming around. Sad.

  85. chris

    So...This is more popular to play than the classics. Brilliant.

  86. TheCorenator

    Let's face it. UG is the only reason this video has this many views...

  87. BOOCHAN x tWitch

    i seriously love how everytime i come to a video, the first comment is literally what i am just doing! how does that HAPPEN!!!!

    just came from never know what this song sounds like haha
    dosent deserve a #1 spot for so long tho

  88. seesternchen321

    mine too :D

  89. Thomas Wei

    like pls if u watched this because of UG.....

  90. pyoony33

    read my mind

  91. Clemens Beck

    its a UG conspiracy!

  92. Siri S

    same thing i've thought hahaha

  93. Chris Billings

    I'm with ya, 24568 hits last time i checked

  94. Luis Escobar

    Vengo de Ultimate guitar, la guitarra es fantástica!!!.

  95. tcosher

    Ya ultimate guitar tricked me sounds cool when u play it but number one cmon now

  96. zingfua

    samme here