Placebo - Unisex Lyrics

Do me right by you
- and I'll do you right by heaven

Along the avenues
we run, run, run, run, run, run for our lives

Promise me that we will make it through. [2x]

Inside we all become so blue
Outside it's Armageddon

So all that we can do
- is run, run, run, run, run, run for our lives

Promise me that we will make it through. [2x]

If we don't I don't know what I'll do;
so promise me that we will make it through.

Don't worry baby - it's just the end of the world
Don't worry baby - don't worry ...

Do me right by you (by you, by you, ...)
No matter what may happen

Forever more and hither here onto
- we run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, ...

Don't worry baby, it's just the end of the world
Don't worry baby, this place is broken and absurd

Don't worry baby, it's just the end of the world
Don't worry baby, don't worry ...

Do me right, by you
- and I'll do you right, by heaven.

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Placebo Unisex Comments
  1. Laia Ebri Lopez


  2. xxDrain

    Placebo is my happy place.

  3. Brandon Martin-Moore

    Haven't heard this since it came out. It's nice that I finally know this really did exist and I didn't just imagine.

  4. Henry Stanley

    Apparently, this song was inspired by Cloverfield

  5. I Won’t Let You Down


  6. Marcello Alberi

    Inside we are Picasso blue, outside it's Armageddon...

  7. Pidarosa Yoblanka

    Did you knew this guy is gay? So proud of him


    Pidarosa Yoblanka the lead singer is bisexual, the bassist is gay just a fyi

  8. Blacksfalls //astrid poortvliet// \\\\\

    Pic Credit to Imma whore Mali or Burkina Faso, can't remember? where it was

  9. A. Lotus

    The melody is so epic ♡

  10. or levi

    Don't worry baby, it's just the end of the world...

  11. sirius 6

    don´t worry......
    love it so much though it´s untypical for them

    Black Cat

    Strange....But not bad.

    Maria Kokkoti

    +Black Cat they are TRUE MUSICIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PURE PURE PURE!!!!

    Black Cat

    @Maria Kokkoti
    Yes , I know their music very well. But I'm not a fan of this song.

  12. gilbert VINCENT

    Bonjours à tous , et à toutes , savez vous si PLACEBO ,à t'il décide de sortir un nouvel album ?.
    "Je suis et je reste un inconditionnel de ce extraordinaire groupe"

  13. gilbert VINCENT

    Bonjour ,
    Savez vous de quel album ,ce titre fait t'il parti ? ,merci de vos réponse.

    gilbert VINCENT

    Bonjour ,

    Je ne l'avais jamais remarqué ,merci de votre réponse.

  14. viktoria westrin högström

    omg... i did think the end of the world.

  15. TheMaxKidVicious

    are you sure is the bonus song?

  16. M.E.G.

    i like the flightyflakeyness of this song

  17. Katherine Stewart

    Molko, Y'Know?

  18. kesykess

    I never heard this song before !!! :O shame on me !

  19. serra jacy

    LOL me too

  20. engolida

    that's an interesting vision you're making us picture

  21. 孙悦纳

    we run run run run run run run for our lives~

  22. Zeroetonin

    gotta buy this version.

  23. Ample17

    too happy !

  24. Oli4drums

    @WAddamss As much as I love Placebo, never use the metal horns in this context.

  25. Elene Pirtakhia

    it's not enough to listen to Placebo, you should feel it...

    Helena N


  26. xSTITCHERx


  27. Hana Molko

    If you look carefully the lyrics to this song are in the lyric book that came with the cd they're on like the second page

  28. nikkismilesalot1

    i feel happy after i hear it.

  29. hannah savage

    Oh my god, HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD THIS SONG BEFORE!? Yet another song to the ones I love by Placebo.

  30. rosalbina188

    run for your life!

  31. lina bluu

    placeboo,huuyy.porque cancelaste dos veces el concierto en mallorca..españa..buuuaaa

  32. Beatlesful

    Awesome beat ♫♥

  33. LiloBp4life

    WISH i could find this online...I it.

  34. Samuel Miguel

    They are UNISEX... But they are amazing!! His music & everything about them (H)

    Question: ¿Da new guy (Steve Forrest) is gay ? D:

    Magali Saugrain

    Samuel Miguel we don't fucking care about that

  35. Kim Wester

    @moccamex made me seriosly rofl XD

  36. Rainydaywoman100

    One of their best ones in my opinion! I love the chorus!!!!

  37. gibboj94

    @meggimoo52 I agree, bands change over time, and they sound a hell of alot different to their first album, and every album since then has got it's own style. I love it all, and yh placebo forever :P

  38. gibboj94

    Beautiful, shoulda been on the album. Really emotional and easy to understand and suprisingly happy for placebo :P

  39. X rui

    I love this song, Why? Because it's simply wonderful.

  40. Indiegirl007

    @0SpecialNeeds0 I know, it's like night n day! I guess since they've matured so, they feel like going outside of the box.

  41. M Ton

    fav lyric :')

  42. M Ton

    wth!? dont speak for all placebo fans, yeah battle for the sun is a bit different from meds, but in the making of battle for the sun dvd brian molko said its alot different than meds cause meds was a bit gloomy, but battle for the sun has more hopefullness in it, im a placebo fan and love all the old and new stuff, placebo forever amazing! x

  43. strcd

    @1katerinaLarisa people change and placebo's no different. either get used to it or stop listening and go back to your nostalgia.

  44. xxDrain

    I cant help but feel that in a lot of their songs they have a countdown. A countdown to something big.
    This song just makes me feel like its just around the corner :)
    Good luck to all of us and hang in there.


    Still hanging in there. To what end, god only knows.

  45. juritweirdo

    amo esta canción! ♥u♥

  46. Gorran Gorran

    i think this would make a great hidden track for bfts : )

  47. shanebecameinsane

    this song is so great... it says so much... *melt*

  48. Kevin Ricardo Reyes Córdova

    i love this song!
    (we run run run run run run run run run run run run..)

  49. manyeyeshere

    Damn was this on the DVD cd of the album? I never watch the DVDs with special editions, but I got the special edition the day the album came out...

  50. velvetypony

    Don't like the song very much.
    Too optimistic, rhytmic and so... So not Placebo.
    Where they drunk while recording this? ;dd

  51. Christina McLaren

    pa bila je pricha da ce doci na exit ove godine. a ono. ko zna. a zashto nisu popularni ovde? zato shto nash narod uglavnom ne ume da ceni muziku u pravom smislu te rechi. jednostavno zato.

  52. musicmask24

    what an amazing song

  53. dudadieder

    Wuha ich liebe es :) ♥

  54. Jima Park

    + yeah!XD this part, so placebo! lol

  55. slina

    I ja tebe O.

  56. slina

    Sanja, nadam se da ces baciti oko na snimak. Ovo verovatno nece videti ni jedan srbin bar ne dok ne dodje na drugu stranu. Samo zelim da ti kazem da te stvarno volim vise od svega, ali najstvarnije stvarno.

  57. amesly

    I just love them. Whatever they do, they do it the best.

  58. vodkatagada

    this is a brilliant song, no kiddin, unisex is rare and very unique, everything is perfect, chorus is ... OMG !!!!!

  59. natalia gerczak

    nice :)

  60. Andra M

    how can you say their old stuff? placebo style never changed, man. how can you know what exactly is the placebo style? how can you say you know them? did you ever entered brian's, stefan's or steve's mind? i don't think so. maybe they always felt like singing this, so...

  61. Isa Caligari

    The new songs are too polished it seems like. still love them but I enjoy their old stuff more.

  62. Yaaqov Politismo the Injudicious

    i think it's because of the cheerfulness of these songs. They are powerful and some very dark songs but in the process of production they've gotten too Bright.

  63. Izzy Taylor

    i wouldnt say there is anything special about these new placebo songs. they're more polished and the lyrics more complex but they're all missing something. I dont know maybe they will grow on me but they dont capture me like the old placebo stuff.

  64. Arctic Maya

    I think should be on the normal disc!
    It´s amazing and perfect for the disc
    It´s elitist and I don´t like it,I havent a lot of money for buy the limited edition and I love Placebo but this song should be in Battle for the sun.

  65. tono til

    dont worry baby this place is broken and absurb...a fucking great song once more by placebo0o0o!!!!!but i wouldnt expect nothing less by them..placebo addict till my boneeeeees!!!

  66. filmdiva2711

    I love this song, it's one of my favs of the album
    I know it's not on the actual album, just on the deluxe version, but I still wish they would play it live...

  67. Rosa Mayland

    Sad that it isn't on my limited edition :-(...

  68. barbi barbara

    zamjetila sam tvoj komentar...i morala sam ti reci da mi je suuuuuuuuuper!!!!!!!!

  69. Rosa Mayland

    a pity it is not on the normal limited edition I have... A wonderful song!

  70. Ana V

    amazing... on the box-set right? still waiting on mine :(

  71. Anna Wand

    why isnt this on the album?! arrgh, so gd! <3

  72. narcoleptic

    it's Brilliant !


  73. barbi barbara


  74. Mati Fierro

    run run run yeah!

  75. Bárbara Fernández Vargas

    Hehehehe I love to know Placebo's fans!!

  76. Bárbara Fernández Vargas

    As you may noticed... mine too!!! :D
    I love love love Placebo! Even when I didn't get the golden pass in my Box Set *tears*

  77. Bárbara Fernández Vargas

    I loved it!!! I think a little bit more than Unisex, but definitely less than The Movie On Your Eyelids

  78. Bárbara Fernández Vargas

    Yeiiii! Placebo!!!

  79. Bárbara Fernández Vargas

    Is because is from the limited edition just for Japan... :)

  80. Ohkit

    the best of placebo's new stuff

  81. Bárbara Fernández Vargas

    Love it!!! Have yoy heard In Da Funk?

  82. Natashhaaa

    Oh, I like this song very much :) Has somebody got lyrics?

  83. miomiro

    this song actually fucking rocks.

  84. Bárbara Fernández Vargas

    But I also think you should remove your vid until the last release date is over (it means June 9th for some countries) Just my opinion ;)