Placebo - Special Needs Lyrics

Remember me when you're the one who's silver screened
Remember me when you're the one you always dreamed
Remember me whenever noses start to bleed
Remember me, special needs

Just 19 and sucker's dream I guess I thought you had the flavour
Just 19 and dream obscene with six months off for bad behaviour

Remember me when you clinch your movie deal
And think of me stuck in my chair that has four wheels
Remember me through flash photography and screams
Remember me, special dreams

Just 19 this sucker's dream I guess I thought you had the flavour
Just 19 and dream obscene with six months off for bad behaviour
Just 19 and sucker's dream I guess I thought you had the flavour
Just 19 and dream obscene with six months off for bad behaviour

Remember me...

Just 19 this sucker's dream I guess I thought you had the flavour
Just 19 and dream obscene with six months off for bad behaviour
Just 19 and sucker's dream I guess I thought you had the flavour
Just 19 and dream obscene with six months off for bad behaviour

Remember me...

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Placebo Special Needs Comments
  1. JhoG DuR

    A mi me Gusta placebo, siempre me acordaré de él porque también le encanta
    :( lastima que sólo fue casualidad lo de nosotros.

  2. Camila Castellanos

    God, this song was my favorite (still) when I liked a girl for the first time. Rad times

  3. Mk2carolina

    Mi canción favorita 😍 desde ese día del 2016! Me trae uno de los mejores recuerdos de mi vida

  4. No Name

    This song is timeless

  5. Mr Dean

    for some reason i always come back for a little more of placebo

  6. Daniel 457

    2020 y sigue siendo una obra de arte

  7. Luis Angel Cauich

    Alguien lo escucha en el 2020?

  8. Matthew Birnie

    Play a record..

  9. Dave Lister

    What a band with six months off for for bad behaviour ! Fly high and catch that dream !

  10. Renegade Music

    The next time I creampie a girl, definitely playing this song. 💗

  11. James yesid Ropero vera

    Temazo de canción atte James

  12. Francesco Chiappetta

    Who's in 2019/2020?

  13. Rich Aftanas

    Very underrated band.

  14. Mari Rafaeli

    I wanna be 19 againnnnn

  15. Volatille Ferreira

    Brasil, 18 de Dezembro de 2019

  16. LeoSnow

    terminando el 2019 escuchando

  17. anna

    YouTube suggestions still remember my favourite Placebo songs (in the correct order) after like 4 years i never listened to them. not sure if cute or creepy af

  18. Dave Lister

    Just a little bit more of placebo i can understand !

  19. Sidsi Soluciones Informaticas

    No por nada tiene 18 millones de reproducciones!

  20. the dark josu

    10 years have passed since I heard this song for the first time and I still listen to it and it stayed in my heart
    /han pasado 10 años desde que escuche esta cancion por primera vez y la sigo escuchando ya se quedo en mi corazn

  21. Diego Antonione

    Essa música é show demais

  22. L P

    500k subscribes🎉🎊

  23. Anno 2019

    That has always been my favorite album by Placebo. I love all but one song on it. Later albums surely had great songs but none of them got me like this one. And songs like Special Needs are just perfect ones from this album :D

  24. jorge Rendón

    2020 remember me

  25. Maura Cavazos

    2019 anyone?? 😊❤️

    Damian Collins

    Maura Cavazos yep 2019 and still listening, seen them once, love to see them again

    Maura Cavazos

    @Damian Collins wowww that sounds like an awesome experience, I'd love to see them one day!!

  26. roots Infinity

    Buenks recuerdos de morro :'vcon esta rola

  27. Rolo Tomassi

    2020 anyone?

    Oshama En Pishama :v

    Rolo Tomassi this guy xdxd

  28. Der Gasmaskenkrieger

    This will be my funeral song!

  29. stardustonmyheart

    My favourite band during my teenage years and I still love them.

  30. Jomayra Mendez

    Does something to me.

  31. Sidsi Soluciones Informaticas

    Vengo aquí , por que algo no ha salido bien.

  32. Juan Pedro Hidalgo Sabina

    I need them!

  33. Amber Agee

    2019 still love Placebo! 🖤

  34. Love Manson

    One of favourite Placebo songs ❤

  35. ManOne

    Chi qui grazie al film “IL CAMPIONE” ??

  36. Marine Blin

    Votre mélodie et tes paroles me transporte

  37. Smooth Operator

    Which brings us to my next point... with us Karl Pilkington!

  38. Juan G. PeJu

    🇲🇽 Noviembre de 2019


    Ejército mexicano

  40. Rebeca C.

    I liked placebo when I was about 15. Now I'm almost 29 and now I'm REALLY getting it all. I'm getting obsessed all over again like this was a new band T_T

  41. vezin sebastien

    toujours aussi bon.

  42. Jorge Arturo Montes Díaz

    Awesome song!!!

  43. Laura Serrano

    Like 😘😘😘

  44. Andy Murdoch

    Fantastically talented band. Would love to see them live.

    WP Murphy

    Do it. You won't regret it. I saw them twice in the early 2000's and it was incredible both times. I got to meet Brian twice and the whole band once. Even got to have a one on one conversation with Brian about music and art which he started. It was kinda surreal. I'll never forget it. He's an incredibly nice person. If you do go see them, chances are you'll be able to meet him and he'll sign something for you. He always makes time for his fans.

  45. Diseez Layx

    When words fail Placebo speaks straight outta heart in the form of such a beautifully written words along with soul satisfying rhythm. Thank you guys for being with me during the hardest time of my life. I respectfully disagree the agree that they are deep and dark music. They are just expressing their feeling out in the form of beautiful words along with passion..... forever Placebo ...

  46. Dave Lister

    No matter what you feel , never cut or harm yourself cause you are the only one of you in the universe ! There is only one you ! These songs can get to you

  47. Данил Камчатский


  48. X Sán

    Nov. 2019 rolon de rolones ... Aun me da nostalgia esta rola....chingoneria

  49. jesus Xd

    Noviembre 2019

  50. Matilda Muller

    Am I the only one who thinks the guy looks like Jamie Campbell Bower?

  51. Aldo Cavuoto


  52. Israel Torres

    It´s like a time travel back to 1999 .... i really miss those days

  53. Mc Santeck BV

    Hay 2k imbeciles que no les gusta la buena musica

  54. Arex bracho

    No puedo dejar de bailar ! ! ! Lo que quieren decir pero no escuchar...

  55. Dave Lister

    Remember me ! Even if I have special needs ! If I don't in your world !

  56. RoyVaassen

    This could be the last song I ever listened to.

  57. Имя Пользователя

    Кто из 1321412353235623463264 года ГЫГЫГЫГЫГЫГ АЫЭЫАЭАЫЭЫАЭЫАЫА

  58. Monserrat López Martínez

    Mi canción favorita de esta banda :3

  59. kgeedi

    Some homeless dude called me special needs when I didn't give him any money. It made me sad until it reminded me of this song.

  60. Lorena Morales

    Duele tanto esta canción. 💘

  61. Wioletta Paradowska


  62. gorerated

    When you feel like shit, play Placebo and world looks like much better than a shithole

  63. Arturo Escobar

    I have just found out that the promo video soundspretty worse that the official vid. Who cares. Me not.

  64. aylin özdemir

    I think this is a real eargasm...

  65. Dave Lister

    just 19 This song is too juicy for it !

  66. Karen Ali Otero Martínez

    2019 😍

  67. Jazmin Medina Saavedra


  68. Taz Tas

    ermk i love one person but she still love one dat he die .... ermm........ great music

  69. Karen Solano

    La historia de esta canción un sábado a las 2 am,una chica de 16 años se droga y su chico no. Ambos recostados en la cama pasando las mejores horas de su juventud 🖤

  70. Chris U

    Just nineTEEEEEHEEEN.

  71. Dave Lister

    always, never anything but ... Placebo This is amazing

  72. chxvx

    What a beautiful timeless song.

  73. luciano suarez

    why the shitty quality?

  74. Christofer Castro

    OCTUBRE 2019 ♥️♥️♥️

  75. Григорий Тихненко

    Особая нужда

  76. Deditos Descubiertos

    Desde que escuche esta canción se volvió mi favorita, nuevas canciones han llegado a ser mis favoritas, pero cumplen su tiempo y entonces me aburren, está canción jamás lo ha hecho... Ni lo hará!!!

  77. Pierina Espinoza

    Now I can see where Keane came from

  78. surface envy

    Definitely wrote this after they were jamming SP's '1979'

  79. Héctor Mandujano

    es mi banda de la infancia

  80. Danny Geffroy

    everyone needs a placebo sometime in their life

  81. Reyna Jaretzy Zacarias García

    Valla todos escribiendo en ingles :3 pues yo aquí dejo un comentario latino

  82. Brian Spilner

    2019? 👌

    Emma McAllister

    This song doesn't age.



    Amanda VandenHeuvel

    Love this song

  83. Dexius tornado

    special song

  84. Джон Сноу

    Best album

  85. SimsFanatic 32

    This has been one of my favorite songs for years. I'm a special needs person as well.

  86. Angeles medina

    Y de pronto YouTube me sugirió está canción ,hace tiempo que no la escuchaba.!

  87. Britain Jasmine

    I cherish this

  88. Diana Santos

    Ai meu coração <3

  89. Francesco Forneris

    this is an old Placebo hit belonging to last decade production, and still trendy and up on time

  90. Gianni Amores

    This is not a placebo, it´s a real soul medicine.

  91. dustystarsoul

    currently listening!!! Remember you always

  92. Kate Rinaldi