Placebo - Bright Lights Lyrics

Cast your mind back to the days,
When I pretend' I was OK.
I had so very much to say,
About my crazy livin'.
Now that I've stared into the void,
So many people, I've annoyed.
I have to find a middle way,
A better way of givin'.

So I haven't given up,
But all my choices, my good luck...
Appear to go and get me stuck,
In an open prison.
Now I am tryin' to break free,
Be in a state of empathy.
Find the true and inner me,
Eradicate this schism.

No-one can take it away from me,
And no-one can tear it apart.
'Cause a heart that hurts,
Is a heart that works.
A heart that hurts,
Is a heart that works.

A heart that hurts,
Is a heart that works.
No-one can take it away from me,
No-one can tear it apart.
It may be elaborate fantasy,
But it's the perfect place to start.

'Cause a heart that hurts,
Is a heart that works.
A heart that hurts,
Is a heart that... works.

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Placebo Bright Lights Comments
  1. Heather Mooney

    I needed to hear this atm...

  2. AshburnsWhite

    Placebo is such an amazing band. I first heard them about a year ago, I was high as a kite and a little strung out. I wanted to clean around the time I got into their music. They have helped me through so much! I have 4months clean now, and I owe a lot of it to their music. 🖤

  3. Hassan ioi

    9 November 2019🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. Romain Wolff

    Placebo c'est plus du rock alternative comme muse pas comme coldplay c'est dla pop :p

  5. Melinda Jane Harrison

    Hey, Molko. "You made it."

  6. Miguel Inna

    Fuck, this is so good!

  7. Hayley Quinn

    come on Steph we want to hear you singing some harmony's a bit more

  8. Vio Letta

    Брайан это эйфория......

  9. Sofea Amira

    2019?? Me...

  10. Alessio Balestra


  11. Alessio Balestra

    ✌️🥇 P L A C E B O 🥇✌️

  12. Jaco George Dippenaar

    Beautifully written guys.

  13. Melinda Jane Harrison

    Listening in 2019. <3

    Youssef ET

    Me toooo


    me, too!

    serene sky

    Me too...since 1996

  14. Юлия Демченко

    Come to Russia please, we miss you❤

  15. kosmas paliopoulos

    And the lord Come to mesayia

  16. diator

    How can this song not even chart in the UK??? You can forget the USA, they don't get this sort of music at all!

  17. ɴᴀғꜱᴜ Ξ

    Ok. This is underrated. I hope this video reach 10 million 🙏

  18. Simone Mayr

    This band is so underrated. The lyrics, the music, the high quality standard for decades...why arent they drowning in awards? Love you Placebo, thank you for being the soundtrack of my life <3

  19. Alex K


  20. Andreea Andreea

    Me too.. a lot of people 😄

  21. Simone Garau


  22. Melinda Jane Harrison

    Placebo is really a great band. I just hope they know how good they are.

  23. James Ropero vera

    Joder mi estilo de vida con esta canción fenomenal impresionante atte James

  24. glassneedleinthehay

    Shout out to 18 years old me in 2010. Thank you for having such a great taste in music since you're young...i still love this song and i miss Placebo so much and those simpler times.

  25. Tamara Knuplež Čerkezović

    I just love their lyrics and his clear interpretation 😁. They ‘ ve always been my favorite.

  26. Aντρεας Ξενος

    I HAVE LISTENED FROM 2009 TO 2019 , OVER 500 TIMES ;)

  27. Вадим Карпенко

    да как так то ? пидор в панкроке и такой охрененный!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ирина Демидова

    О дададдадададада детка дададада

  29. kosmas paliopoulos

    Absolutely truth.... First come the sound then the light

    Ирина Демидова

    Хуй в пальто

  30. Ирина Демидова


  31. Ирина Демидова

    I like очень ай лайк

  32. Ирина Демидова

    Песня крууууть

    Ирина Демидова

    Правельно !

  33. Justhyna21

    Jak ja kocham Briana <3

  34. HiTek 142857


  35. Vero Salvador

    I love Placebo and I am addicted again!!!! 🌻

  36. Hanna Wonderland

    Love Love Love <3

  37. Vanessa Owens

    Has that bright lights and black holes part always been apart of the song? Because this has been one of my favourite songs forver and it just came outta no where

  38. cherrytoms

    It may be an elaborate fantasy but it's the perfect place to start.. Love that part the most

  39. Fayumsik Bismillah

    Bright light and black hole

  40. Catalina Andrea

    Great song ever!!! 💙

  41. Joao Manson

    Esse novo placebo tem o charme de tocar no íntimo das pessoas.

  42. Anonimos Orked



    Garbage and placebo my two favorites bands!!!!


    8 years later I’m still here. Love this song so much

  45. Ismail özay

    Best song of new era of Placebo!


    all the songs are excellent, hard to choose between all. Placebo suddenly became my favorite band

  47. Pathfinder from Asgard

    I love this song expecially the lyrics!

  48. Danny Viana

    cara... placebo tem um finoo em traduzir oque se passa no fundo .. no lado mais escondidos dos sentimentos..é nostalgico e melancolico ...nunca vi isso em banda nenhuma e acho que nunca vou ver... para pessoas seletas e sensitivas... inigualavel tamanha perfeição

  49. Raul Alarcon

    Will have this son in my mind all the week. It´s goin to be a good week

  50. Martin Fairclough

    Loved this band since 1996

    serene sky

    Me too. Good that you are:)

  51. Paul Gold

    I've followed them from the very first gig, many many years later I was doing security at Leeds Uni looking after Brian doing a aftershow DJ set, as I stood at side of him, playing his tunes, I thought to myself "Here I am protecting you, and I'm one of your biggest fans" I really had to compose myself from asking for an autograph !! :-)

    Post blue

    Paul Gold awww you're so sweet

  52. George_Lui Villegas

    hermosa canció estoy coreando en este instante

  53. Pedro Apocalipse

    7/8 years... Seems like yesterday, because the video version was different from the album. Just for the backing vocals " bright lights and black holes", and it was so new... Still a great song!

  54. de skeftomai

    Is that rainbow symbolizing something?

  55. Haddie Howard

    I absolutely love the new drummer and the new music ! Love it. Love it ! Love it ! My favorite band still to this day ! Love you guys !

  56. no name

    Cast your mind back to the days,
    В прошлое вернись назад,
    When I pretend' I was OK.
    Где я притворялся, что всё хорошо.
    I had so very much to say,
    Мне нужно было многое сказать,
    About my crazy livin'.
    О моемсумасшедшем существовании.
    Now that I've stared into the void,
    Отныне, в пустоту глядя,
    So many people, I've annoyed.
    Людей я начал раздражать.
    I have to find a middle way,
    Золотая середина быть должна,
    A better way of livin'.
    Я лучший жизни путь хочу найти.

    So I haven't given up,
    Я не сдался,
    That all my choices, my good luck
    Все эти решения, моя удача
    Appear to go and get me stuck,
    Показались мне и ушли, заманив меня
    In an open prison.
    В эту открытую тюрьму.
    Now I am tryin' to break free,
    Теперь я пытаюсь вырваться на свободу
    In a state of empathy.
    В состоянии сочувствия,
    Find the true and enemy,
    Найти правду и врагов,
    Eradicate this prison.
    Разрушить тюрьмы невидимые стены.

    No one can take it away from me,
    Никто не может отнять его у меня,
    And no one can tear it apart.
    И никто не может разорвать его,
    'Cause a heart that hurts,
    Потому что разбитое сердце -
    Is a heart that works.
    Это сердце, которое работает...
    A heart that hurts,
    Разбитое сердце -
    Is a heart that works.
    Это сердце, которое пойдёт на поправку...

    A heart that hurts,
    Потому что разбитое сердце -
    Is a heart that works.
    Это сердце, которое работает...
    No-one can take it away from me,
    Никто не может отнять его у меня,
    No-one can tear it apart.
    И никто не может разорвать его,
    Maybe ' an elaborate fantasy,
    Может, это все моя больная фантазия,
    But it's the perfect place to start.
    Но это лучшее место, чтобы начать все с нуля...

    'Cause a heart that hurts,
    Потому что разбитое сердце -
    Is a heart that works.
    Это сердце, которое работает...
    A heart that hurts,
    Разбитое сердце -
    Is a heart that works.
    Это сердце, которое пойдёт на поправку..


    "A better way of givin'"*

  57. Martin Fairclough

    I sing this song every week on ass well as million littltle peaces . And every u and every me. The only difference is that i cant sing lol placebo is the best xxxx

  58. Jac S.W.

    This song has gotten me through so much. I love Placebo.

  59. N Y

    i'm glad to be part of those 2,3 million people who appreciate this amazing song.

  60. Sandrine Hennequin

    placebo mon groupe préféré. je les kiffe trop

  61. Green Rat

    Man these guys are fucking gifted

  62. Sandrine Hennequin

    ce mec il est juste trop bien

  63. Daniel Gallardo

    Me gusta placebo desde 2004 que buenos tiempos!:`)

  64. anny

    love this song very much < 3

  65. Siviu Marcu

    as drummer...pfff...Arch Enemy feet big tobes kick....pfff:P insane

  66. Siviu Marcu

    how about the bassist?he playes good :P Fieldy from KoRn is my fav

  67. nightmarish

    This song give me my self.

  68. Michaela Velpel

    did anyone else notice the words arent synced up with the video in the beginning

  69. Berenice Torres


    Mauro Quiroga

    Berenice Torres sos hermosa sabelo.

  70. Michael Teale

    Yet another great song?

  71. Blacksfalls //astrid poortvliet// \\\\\

    All songs ranked by Popularity

  72. Birgit Weigelt

    Just perfect.

  73. Sene Enes

    amazing 😍😍😍

  74. Bert. H Buysse

    Bright lights and black holes? Is that in the original song?

    Post blue

    Bert. H Buysse nope. It is just in the single version. I have both ☺️

  75. Blacksfalls //astrid poortvliet// \\\\\

    Undisclosed desires

  76. Rocko Rodriguez

    What? why this video has that line "bright lights and black holes" but in the cd version the song never says that.

  77. Helene Pawlik

    Brian, j'aimerais tellement discuter de Special Needs avec toi....

  78. marixalilith

    adore ♥

  79. marixalilith

    fucking love this song,the whole album is amazing!

  80. IshSoTops nothing

    uhhh, when was "bright lights and black holes added" o.o

  81. Alexio Norma

    like 2017



  83. Berly Tannyono Putra

    Since Coldplay has turned into electro pop, Placebo is the only British alternative band left since 90s that's constantly evolved while still true to their roots.

    Scorer Scored

    Coldplay sucks now. Placebo still rules.

    antonio jaime

    what about muse??

    Luis Angel Aquino Alcaraz

    French band!

    Jingga Olsdal

    Oh my.. that's true! even now I still using stefan's name 😂


    What about suede

  84. Jadiel Ordoñez Castañeda

    Oh!! nobody knows how much I love this song!!

  85. Amina Bahtaoui

    Oh I love this song from the deepest point of my heart

  86. Obscureviolette

    Placebo i'll love you until i die <3

  87. Carlos Gómez

    This fucking band talks to my soul

  88. Alice C.

    Still love it.

  89. Dricow

    This song is spetacular.....

  90. Hayley Ratcliffe

    lov them💜

  91. Agostino Loiacono

    amazing song

  92. Perla Correa

    I fucking love this band since I was fourteen! and they still are cool!

    Dave Bishop

    Your silent voice new order

    Agnieszka G.

    I was 8 :)

    Martin Fairclough

    I hwrd this groupe for the 1st time back in 1996 and it was the 1st song i herd was nancyboy and ther 1st album was due out. I was at collage at the time . Now im 41 and they still my best groupe .

  93. James Ropero vera

    esta canción me define como soy att James

  94. curious monkey

    i wasnt done ! A heart that hurts us a geart that works.

  95. curious monkey

    I love this song. the lyrics are almost perfect to my going throughs, if you will. its true A HEA

  96. Christel Gallegos

    i want friends that love placebo as much as i do www :( add me to whats app +5218124140364

    Dana Edwards

    Christel Daveigh bruh check my instagram placebo_is_gr8_