Placebo - Battle For The Sun Lyrics

I, I, I, will battle for the sun, sun, sun.
And I, I, I wont stop until I'm done, done, done.
You, you, you are getting in the way, way, way.
And I, I, I have nothing left to say, say, say.

I, I, I, I, I will brush off all the dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt.
And I, I, I, I, I will pretend it didn't hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt.
You, you, you, you, you, are a black and heavy weight, weight, weight, weight, weight, weight, weight.
And I, I, I, I, I, will not participate, pate, pate, pate, pate, pate, pate.

Dream brother, my killer, my lover.
Dream brother, my killer, my lover.

I, I, I will battle for the sun, sun, sun, sun.
Cause I, I, I, have stared down the barrel of a gun, gun, gun, gun, gun, gun, gun.
No fun, you, you, you, you, you are a cheap and nasty fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake.
And I, I, I, I, I am the bones you couldnt break, break, break, break, break, break, break, break!

Dream brother, my killer, my lover.
Dream brother, my killer, my lover.

[Instrumental Solo]

Dream brother, my killer, my lover.
Dream brother, my killer, my lover.
Dream brother, my killer, my lover.
Dream brother, my killer, my lover.

I, I, I will battle for the sun.

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Placebo Battle For The Sun Comments
  1. Lupita Martinez

    Ooh mai... I really miss those days.

  2. cian

    Aghh I know his voice but I can't pinpoint from where I know it. Iv been searching loads of placebo songs but can't find the song iv heard b4

  3. Robert H

    Warning: Solar Flares may occur if you jam to this.

  4. Verónica Moreno ISHTAR

    Hay un dicho que dice que el sol ilumina igual a todo el mundo

  5. Andriette Lakshmi

    stefan looked like Ricky martin here 😂

  6. Pippa Scott

    💜🥁💜 Nice💜Was it u? 💜

  7. Mauro Vecchietti

    gran bel pezzo

  8. kender

    1000 comments now !!!

  9. MeloLand

    This song is fantastic...

  10. sergio fuerte


  11. Astrid Demon


  12. Astrid Demon

    LOVE YOU💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😅💖💙💙💙💙💙💕💖💖💖💫💫💫

  13. Johan Jim

    Let's give more credit to this band's amazing drummer.

  14. Aldair M.


  15. Tony Bond

    What a great drummer, totally drives the band

  16. Heather Mooney

    God (or whatever is out there), ill love this band til my last hungry, desperate gasp.... Fuck...

  17. Circa

    i was unsure at first cos i don't like chance but the new drummer is smashing it to be fair !

    Post blue

    There isn't a new drummer. He is not in the band anymore.

  18. Wilian Arquelino Porto

    Qdo perguntarem se um baterista bom faz diferença, mostrem esse clip...performance incrível da Banda!!!

  19. Justyna Foszcz

    I wanna fuck his voice

  20. ana maria

    This song makes me get out of my bed when the world wants me down. Still battling for the sun!

  21. Alice Goatfish

    I freaking love this soooong

  22. Luiz Henrique

    wtf this video quality lol

  23. Silvi R

    What is it, that makes placebo so special. Even after so many years the music is still great (it's not even my favorite genre). Maybe its because these days you get fed up by the stupid, repeating and empty lyrics of the todays "artists" ...

  24. Adam Gordon

    Did stefan magically grow his hair back around this time. He looked like he was balding throughout the 90s and 00s and then suddenly he's got full hair again

  25. Vitor Santos

    WOWW !!

  26. ebertrollerx -

    WOW tiene demasiado Que no escuchaba esto hasta que vi En un comentario Placebo y busque Battle for the sun Tenía añoooos

  27. Melinda Jane Harrison

    Sometimes I think this song is directed at the "wandering band" and its "fans." Dream brother. My killer. My lover. It's the whole music thing.

  28. PowerFOB

    thank the universe my 16 year old son, plays this for me (his Mama), the lad has taste in music!

  29. Bagel lord

    being a 13 year old this definetly has some nostalgia.
    (my dad raised me listening to stuff like Metallica.
    which i am very thankful for.)


    Bagel lord awesome that your Dad showed you real music; you‘ll appreciate it even more the older you get! 😉

  30. Gaston Garcia


  31. Yenney Rossi

    Affascinante performance e interpretazione cari Placebo n' band ♥ Grazie infinite per aver condiviso questo bel brano e video ★ Complimenti !!♥

  32. Gemma Cooksey

    Love him so gorgeous.

  33. Ana regina sulimann de lima sulimann wolf

    Sem comentar otimo

  34. Юлия Демченко


  35. Axel Sirschum

    Magnifique !!

  36. Melinda Jane Harrison

    Molko should wear a beanie more often. His hair gets more comments than his songs half the time, and frankly, I love the music. He could be bald and wearing a pair of plaid shorts and I wouldn't care.

  37. mel cs

    The ultimate Depression song

  38. Safoora Gholghasemi

    کارشو خوب و عالی بلده برای این گروه دوست داشتنی آرزوی موفقیت بیشتری دارم من از Iran هستم.

  39. MsKirsten9

    I'm so much in the sense of this song!!

    Άγγελος Μιχαήλ


    Άγγελος Μιχαήλ

    Hi ! Where are you from?

  40. Nela Jnaebnit

    Love it so much 🖤

  41. Howard Powers


  42. Nataly Torrejón Valencia

    Why Placebo is so underrated? Their music touches soul, mind and body. They deserve more recognition.

    PS: Please, come back to Chile!

  43. dale dean

    i discovered placebo in the 90s as a teenager needless to say they have always stuck around and been my all time favourite band. Intelligent band catchy hooks, great and sometimes dark lyrics. molko is just a genius

  44. Pablo Camilo Vergara Lozano


  45. Solange Smareglia

    Mitici ed ineguagliabili..

  46. Pedro Palhua


  47. Placebo PP

    Какой балдёжж

  48. Bagus Nugroho

    hi 240p

  49. нордик джокес


  50. Junioru2 ADJ

    Placebo é muito bom

  51. Waruna Vitharana

    Wooww ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  52. Марфа Васильева

    Best drummer

  53. Sound Gardener

    _"If this was twice as good I'd call it pissweak."_
    - Baphomet, yesterday

  54. jose sandoval

    Cuz CHUCK NORRIS says so!!!

  55. john denis dunne

    Rocks hard and then has this beautiful chorus

  56. delbobs123

    This song is fucking epic.

  57. Andre83925

    Just found my favourite Placebo song. Hahahaha! :D

  58. Alberto Diaz Hernandez

    Placebo: The best Alternative Rock Band that exists !

  59. Nathalie tougris

    Placebo on adore depuis tjrs

  60. ebertrollerx -

    Ke recuerdos me trae esta madre xd

  61. Afiq Aimman


  62. Luiza Chacom

    Brian 🖤

  63. Pedro Palhua


  64. JLBodyCare

    I Love yours songs guys! Its like a punch! Strong and direct.

  65. Clifirwinhemhood 5sos

    My mum used to listen to placebo. And the only song I knew from them was every you every me. And now, I love them and I'm listening to their songs all the time.

    This song sounds good af

  66. Вадим Карпенко

    я Я хренею я просто фанат . Но он правда пидор или как ? так то похер музыка хорошая но интересно

  67. Robert H

    Sunburned. Never stop. Unbreakable.

  68. Markus Vrsic


  69. nanook jr

    last two albums are shit

    Sule Kalkan

    i dont agree

    Post blue

    For you maybe. Don't talk for us

  70. Sule Kalkan

    4:46 - 5:20 =orgasm

  71. Soleil Levant


  72. Fio Sici

    excepcional. pura tecnica

  73. bella lorca

    So this is the sister of my sweet prince

  74. Miroslav Jendek

    hmm .. drummer is genial ...

  75. Sad Pop Fran

    the greatest song ever

  76. Robert H

    still battling in 2019. Happy New Year. cheers!

  77. Elsa Grigoraskou

    miss you

  78. KrazyStormStyle

    I still use a potato to film. Am I old?

  79. el Rlokito


  80. Era Productions

    good battle for the sun we exist way beyond the sun we win it will burn when you hit the sun

    Era Productions

    you won't need guns when the sun calls forrth and you burn into flames heathen we ride beyond that sun light mortal

    Era Productions

    nice jingle anyway

  81. Melinda Jane Harrison

    2018 still playing

  82. Fio Sici


  83. The Maximoff

    Karla 💔

  84. Virginia Antisoly

    C. M. Llody-Jones ❤😍☺

  85. 0 0

    😊 Geweldig nr.

  86. proxy4

    It keeps amaze me every time...

  87. Jonathan vazquez

    Roxy festival Guadalajara 2018

  88. Jessie p

    Who else is lisstening to this in 1899

  89. Amy Vernazoni

    who's watching this in 240p??

  90. Anna Cossu

    Very very goooood song,,,,,

  91. inlay zhou

    The low quality of this video actually helps. The drummer is motion blurred due to that....

  92. Jess Alera

    Le guitariste s'emmerde :D