PJ Morton - Everything's Gonna Be Alright Lyrics

You know some people never change their minds
(Everything's gonna be alright)
Well either way we're gonna be just fine
(Everything's gonna be alright)
Even when you try to bring me down
(Everything's gonna be alright)
You see, I'm still here, let me adjust my pride
(Everything's gonna be alright)

It will be alright, alright
It will be alright, alright
It will be alright, alright

Two steps forward, ten steps back
(Everything's gonna be alright)
Killing his dad, my mom's don't mind it
(Everything's gonna be alright)
I can hear you loud and clear
(Everything's gonna be alright)
It feels like you don't want me here
(Everything's gonna be alright)

Things will be alright
Alright, alright
It gonna be alright, alright
Alright, alright

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PJ Morton Everything's Gonna Be Alright Comments
  1. Kimberly Jackson

    Oklahoma City asking can we your next live recording spot?

  2. Kimberly Jackson

    Oklahoma City had a HUGE party Wednesday night and I LOVED ❤️ being with a group of singers...#wehadchurch

  3. Kenneth Wraggs

    I love this song my first time heared it on Kirk Franklin Praise Sirus Xm Channel 64 my first time hated it since April 2019 and I heared it Today after Church.

  4. Auke van der Veen


  5. Choco Berry

    I can't wait to see him in Detroit in a few weeks💖💖💖💖💖💖

  6. helen shepherd

    This music shots me straight to my heart, His lyrics are meaningful and true!

  7. helen shepherd

    Can't go a day without my daily dose of my PJ Morton ! I'm happily hooked and proud of it

  8. Carolyn j

    Lot of folks dont know he is or was the drummer for Maroon 5.

    David Veney



    He's the keyboard player.

  9. Joel Ishman


  10. Gillian Belgrave

    Just discovered you in how deep is your love
    Ah feeling lost didn't know why she send it to me but thanks to her and you tube music wow happy dancing

  11. Tyreece McDonald

    He called him BJ The Chicago Land smh

    Juan Pablo

    Lmaooo haha similar style fasho

  12. karenjones

    This is Bishop Morton’s son! Many blessings on your recording and future endeavors.

  13. Barbara Williams

    Every song on this album is my favorite 🥂Thanks for the live experience 🎶🔥⭐️🎧🥰

  14. Wynona Jones


  15. BaKheru

    He definitely channeled the energy of his musical brother in the craft D'angelo on this cut right here! My ears have official burst into flames!

  16. Sabrina Batts

    Let me be the first to say this is heavily D'Angelo influenced which makes it so cool. From the harmonies to the lead,and the musical transitions. I think PJ might be on to something. Maybe music will trend back in some capacity.

    Crystal Walters

    No it's not. Pj's from the church. This is church filled.

    Lemark Jamison

    Obviously I know he's Paul Morton's son,and he played for maroon 5. But the riffs he's hitting aren't traditional chruch riffs. He is definitely channeling some Jazz/Soul, mixed with some gospel. And he's harmonies are D'Angelo like.

    GoOd MuSiC

    YASSSS FINALLY someone SAID it....😍💕🙌🙌😁😂

    GoOd MuSiC

    @Crystal Walters D'angelo was too💕😎

  17. Isaiah Thomas

    Oh yeah by the way just so you know wrote Gotta have you and Let go and Let God

  18. Isaiah Thomas

    Y'all need to understand that this is the son of Paul Morton this is the son of Paul Morton the guy that went on to play for Maroon 5 this is PJ Morton you go PJ

    Crystal Walters

    Thank you. Everyone believes he's channeling D'angelo, but he's channeling his church roots.

  19. Rebecca Dixon

    Love this Album

  20. mali carter

    Some folks got free the day PJ recorded this song. I feel it in my spirit.

  21. Vincenzo Pietracatella

    PJ Crushed This !!

  22. RichardsonNiki

    This is what Real Music is... No DJs, none of that foolishness. Real musicians and singers who are very passionate about their craft.

    Hasani MusicOfficial

    RichardsonNiki right?! First thing I thought too! Just MUSIC

  23. Le'Nathan Wilson

    This entire album is 🔥🔥🔥

  24. IAM Him

    Very underrated 🔥🔥🔥

    Siana Sanders


  25. Carol Brown

    LOVE IT!

  26. 1977pinkpanther

    This whole album is fii 🔥🔥💙💙💙💜💜👏👏👏