PJ Harvey - Dress Lyrics

Put on that dress.
I'm going out dancing.
Starting off red,
Clean and sparkling
He'll see me.
Music play make it dreamy for dancing
Must be a way that I can dress to please him.
It's hard to walk in the dress
It's not easy
I'm spinning over like a heavy loaded fruit tree.

If you put it on,
If you put it on.
If you put it on,
If you put it on.

It's sad to see,
Lonely all this lonely.
Close up my eyes.
Dreamy, dreamy music make it be alright.
Music play make it good for romacing.
Must be a way I can dress to please him.
Swing it sway everything'll be alright
But it's feeling so damn tight tonight.

"You purdy thang, " my man says
"But I bought you beautiful dresses"
"You purdy thang, " my man says
"But I bought you beautiful dresses"

Filthy tight the dress is filthy
I'm falling flat and my arms are empty
Clear the way better get it out of this room
A fallen woman in dancing costume.

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PJ Harvey Dress Comments
  1. Dark Jedi Order

    love her

  2. epiphany difference

    This is just pure raw God given Talent and she does not need auto tune. Rock it Pj! I would love to look like you..haha

  3. Robert Kelly

    She DA BOMB MAN!!!

  4. Dane Beisheim

    I can hear why she is a Josh Homme collaborator.

  5. Domesticengineer Lifecoach

    I hope she comes back to this style of music soon. MAN SIZE!!

  6. Michael Angelo

    Go to hell, PJ

  7. Luis ahumada lopez

    Ella, voz, guitarra y sus temas. Lo mejor del rock .

  8. Ralph Williams

    Recommended vid glad i clicked on it best single song ive heard in a long time to bad it was so long ago

  9. Felipe Gois

    Put it on...wow!?😜

  10. Fonzerellie 351

    Wow ,, she sexy as hell . Never seen her look like that before ...

  11. lyes0516

    I'm sure people in first rows saw her panties many times, but were affraid to wank at a goddess ^^

    fernand robichaud

    Maybe she didnt have any!

  12. samcassiano1976

    god i love this woman!

  13. Corn pop

    What the hell is this shit?

  14. Music&Arts Haltern

    She broke Nick's heart but then again, it made him write some good songs. So, peace for the wicked.

    Felipe Gois

    The Cave man!

  15. Sean L

    Yes , would smash 😋

  16. Adam M Z

    beautiful, talented, kick ass - seriously, you don't need grammy's passe approval to be certified good

  17. Роман Хорин

    You Know Yor're Right

  18. LDantinhas

    Holly Molly what a woman!! 🤤

  19. Catalina Mozotegui

    what kind of paramore is this?

  20. Scott Williams

    Smoking! Her the tune everything smoking!

  21. Tommy Guns

    Her music is terrible

  22. Eric Wellman

    I remember her. That body my God!

  23. Shane Von Harten

    Dress? Isn't that a shirt and she forgot the pants?
    Looks pretty dams good no matter what you call it

  24. Nixy J Morales

    Damn I miss her music!


    Most of it is on here tho.

    Andrea Andrea

    Her last albums are amazing

  25. Bradley Ferrier

    This might be the sexiest thing I've ever seen

    euroka Nico den Heijer

    before you decide, check out Runaway from Samantha Fish

    Bradley Ferrier

    @euroka Nico den Heijer I did, thanks for the recommendation. It's good, but Polly wins, lol.

    christy h

    @euroka Nico den Heijer pollys legs best ever.beats sams anyday

  26. Anthony Garcia

    I have to say but she's like the female version of Iggy Pop.

  27. Anthony Garcia

    I remember watching PJ Harvey's, music video on MTV in '94 back in highschool.

  28. Thomas Cyr

    Nice little ass

  29. wlodell

    Never heard of her, nor this band. She looks and sounds much like Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders.

  30. billybhoy 79

    Wow PJ Harvey. 😍

  31. Valdas P

    pati alternatyviausia iš visų gražių alternatyvčicų. Dovana ausims.


    so beautiful & so talented

  33. Robert Kelly

    I would marry her tomorrow!!! hehehehe, at the drop of a hat!!!

  34. mickslone

    I believe I seen her ovaries !!!

  35. Michael Medwin

    Wow 👍

  36. Hannah Klee

    So Hot🔥💥

  37. Happy Medz

    She is hot

  38. paramjit singh

    This artist is a fake, can't sing can't play!


    The fuck are you talking about


    Hahaha hahaha hahaha

    How long do you want your fishing rod?

    If you're serious I would consider a lobotomy.

  39. Marty Fowler

    she is smoking hot

  40. Cynthia Corcoran

    Alamater at eleven, royal at seven soprano Cynthia Corcoran UN.

  41. gmcjetpilot

    Hummmm mor that good and over rated.... sorry don't get it.

  42. jessie Parker

    In guessin Lil Wayne taught her the solo.


    Consider the fact that this is the way she wanted it to sound, off kilter to suit the song. Lil Wayne wouldn´t know how to bend the notes just right.

  43. honest john

    She looks good that dress.  Gawd.

  44. Neil Stevens

    The best thing ever to come out of Bridport and that ain't sayin' much!

  45. Davie C

    Great video. And Jeez. Never seen such a collection of misogynists in a comments section.


    Misogynists!? Are you sure you have understood the meaning of the word..
    The commentators rather love her, not because of her guitar playing skills, but because of her panties and what's under them. A misogynist might threaten to eat her pussy, but most of the comments would suggest they'd rather lick her treasure 👅


    Davie C Knuckledraggers that just don´t get it for the most part, they see the legs and cro magnon mindset kicks in. They ridicule her while their tongues are hanging out.


    *tecdessus* I was pretty sure a cocky sobersides, or more would response, I was right 🖕🏿


    @OttovonEarth Mm, but my reply was to Davie C, not you.

  46. mister smith

    WOW! 👍

  47. yallow rosa

    gran gnocca,
    cantante cosi' cosi'

  48. Diesel Johnson

    Damn she’s fucking hot huh what a great set of legs

  49. terminalgremlin

    One word - HOT!

  50. Dave Grutzmacher

    My favorite song of all tines

  51. Mike Rodrigues

    Wow! She plays a barre chord better than Hendrix! And sings better than Joplin!

    Eduardo Escobar

    No mames wey

  52. Gary Conner

    The girl is good.

  53. Phil Graves

    Her mouth is amazing

  54. welshyyyyy

    I love YouTube's recommendations, this popped up for some reason, just been checking out some of her other stuff 👍
    Other stuff it's recommended in the last couple of years which I probably would never have heard otherwise..
    Ana Tijoux (Chilean hip-hop)
    Maximum the hormone (Japanese metal, bloody amazing, often called the Japanese system of a down but in my humble opinion, better. And mad as a box of frogs)
    Beth Hart (ridiculously good singer)
    Edward Sharpe 💕
    Regina Spektor👍
    The Dead South🙂
    Keep up the recommendations utube !

  55. Marvin Stone

    Nice legs and thats it? 😝😝😝 sounds like a vakuum cleaner getting raped by moby.

  56. Christopher Hale

    I wanna see her Amazing Bush

  57. Tony07UK

    This is awful! .. never heard so much rubbish! She can't even sing!


    Tony07UK Are you really still here whinging and whining after 10 months Tony ? How sad.

  58. Iga 27

    I knew her music but didn’t know she is so gorgeous

    Greg Boardman

    Shes not that gorgeous she is musically talented

    Jeffrie Izzudin

    Me too I heard her song about 10 years ago...

  59. Marck A


  60. Marck A


  61. Doc Morridge


  62. Dan Waters

    Dress? What about those boots?!

  63. avid Non

    What a Great voice and slick Guitar! Saa-Weet

  64. Kim Lcd

    The Queen

  65. mr cactus

    We were just that far away from a pantie slip how sexy was that brrrrrrrrrrr nice

  66. Al Stasko

    My favorite guitar I own the same rig

  67. Charles Parr

    This is first time hearing of this gorgeous woman, she's smoking hot!!!!!!

    Charles Parr

    @Tony07UK And we are to assume that you are of much better talent or are you really just jealous. I'm leaning on jealousy.

    Leslie Horwinkle

    If you're just discovering all the '90s women I'm jelly.


    There was far better talent in the form of Debbie Harry (Blondie) with hits such as Sunday Girl and Kim Wilde - Kids in America > Marshall Hain - Dancing In The City, just to mention a few ..

    Leslie Horwinkle

    @Tony07UK uh huh. Your mileage may vary.


    @Tony07UK Nothing wrong with Deborah or Kim, but they totally lack the range and depth of Polly. Different strokes Tony, live with it. Go and watch a Blondie vid.

  68. Robert Kelly

    I LOve to see her in her Lingerie?

  69. Soft Focus


  70. Soft Focus


  71. Andy Kim

    Well I guess I know what I'm doing next

  72. abra kadabra


  73. Bitxh

    It’s kind of disgusting how focused everyone is on her looks... like did y’all listen to the words that she’s saying?

    Andy Kim

    How is it disgusting? It's just human nature. And she's fucking hot!

    christy h

    @Andy Kim absolutely.thems amazing gams


    Andy Kim You’re literally objectifying her on a song about objectification and sexism. The fucking definition of hypocrisy.

  74. Michael Pikul

    Pij Harvey is sexy.
    It's chics like her that makes my fantasy s fantastic.

  75. Ash Almond


  76. Amy Evans

    FknA this makes me want to break my guitar into a million pieces!!!!

  77. Don Rutter

    Someone should tell her the front row can see up her panties.

  78. sam maudlin

    Where's a gust of wind when you need one?

  79. Mini Cooper

    Blow wind blow harder!

  80. Michael Castillo

    Harvey is the absolute pinnacle of the cats meow.

    Mark Perry

    Finally getting the eyebrows under control

  81. Evan Hodge

    Nice amps

  82. Nick Phipp

    Bad girl - go to my room!

  83. Pauline Thomas

    Takes away from her face.

  84. jeev mercato

    Shitty guitarist ...


    Oh dear, you could take lessons tho.

  85. Luca Savino

    I've always thought that she should eat some butter scones....damn PJ, you look so thin at the edge of starvation :)

  86. William Duckworth

    Cant decide if the gibby firebird of her bouncing thigh is mo sekksy......hmmmmm ok thighs win....it was close tho....

  87. Robert Kelly

    I bet this was a great concert, wish I was there!!!

  88. Paweł Kędziora

    Best legs I've ever seen

  89. Omar Rodriguez

    Vaya coñazo la PJ Harvey, no entiendo por qué se le hizo tanto caso!

  90. Martin Cad

    Solo puedo ver su tremendo talento, luego, apenas veo su innegable belleza.

  91. Rich murphy

    The song that got me into her.


    Rich murphy - you wish. Lol

  92. TheFunktipus1

    Cracking legs like. Whoo! Tidy!

  93. Georgia Girl

    What dress? More like long tunic.

  94. Peter Demerly

    Pretty cool song too.
    I'm so glad I stumbled on this video

    Greg A

    @christy h Lol you must live in an awful place.

    christy h

    @Greg A ??

    Greg A

    @christy h Meaning if you think this lady is attractive with a nice body, you live amongst a lot of ugly women if this lady would stand out to you.

    christy h

    @Greg A im guessing a hunky guys more your meat

    Greg A

    @christy h no im not into men or women with bodies like teenage boys.

  95. swif c

    Ma rockeuse préféreré super sexy et superbe artiste!! I love Pj😍😍😍

  96. ROY FR

    This is shit hot.....well something is shit...and something else is hot....

  97. Матвей Малинин

    Свеженькая ещё относительно, смазлива и ебабельна была. Каблуки заепца и песенка годна.