Pixies - Number 13 Baby Lyrics

got hair in a girl
that flows to her bones
and a comb in her pocket
if the winds get blown
stripes on her eyes when she walks slow
but her face falls down
when she go, go, go
black tear falling on my lazy queen
gotta tattooed tit say number 13

don't want no blue eyes
la loma
i want brown eyes
i'm in a state

choir in the yard
in the house next door
where a grandma brought
some songs from the shore
six foot girl gonna
sweat when she dig
stand close to the fire
when they light the pig
standing in her chinos shirt pulled off clean
gotta tattooed tit say number 13

don't want no blue eyes
la loma
i want brown eyes
i'm in a state

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Pixies Number 13 Baby Comments
  1. pete ohara

    Just what I've always wanted

  2. Justin


  3. CYZ Aero

    Signed in on my office computer just to express my great appreciation for what you did.

    Thank you very much. I concur with your sentiments.
    ( bee-boppin in da office after hours )

  4. Steven Hulbert

    where can we buy/download?

  5. Laura’s World of Makeup Murphy

    Best outro ever I like it extended thank you so much

  6. Kevin Sheridan

    Two more good outros: No Fiction by The Charlatans and Failures by Joy Division. Go forth and seek!

  7. jasonrattue

    Totally understand your dilemma - i would double the intro to Ed is Dead (somehow) and trim the Teenager of the Year album to make them perfect, in my opinion.

  8. Badorangeee

    Feels like soundtrack to my life

  9. Chloe Chiles

    The worst part... Is seeing there is no other way to see when God shows you what should have been.. who you see right to left with. In each step I needed you to make that but it kills to know that it might not be the same for them. The cursed HP love craft. The Cthulhu in my soul... In the seas of biblical houses. You can try to playcards to see a perception of them , that one, but it is not the same. Not at all.

    Chloe Chiles

    Somehow that smile on digital signature make me hear the ring of sarcasm lol

    Chloe Chiles

    And the resoultions and evolution of your celluloids and their antibodies / expression of phenotype transfer (how your mind body eyes adjust to the change of day and night breathing not breathing or life death resurrection of ..... Just let me know if you need or want to no more 😎

  10. Larry Jenkins

    Yummy deliciousness 😋

  11. Jérôme Collin

    Comme tous leurs albums doolittle est énorme. Merveilleux, superbe ,quel son ,merci au Pixies pour toute ses musiques et ses mélodies incomparables, mon groupe préféré avec Metallica. Terrible

  12. Emanuele Quarenghi

    Love and nostalgia

  13. Barbedwire Kisses

    So, it's not just me and the outro...

  14. Bruce Cataldo

    Im used to be drunk when i listen this, even in 2019 💙

  15. rounick28

    AM IN

  16. Baryshx

    Outro very nice bir main melody is fire❤

  17. Wanderer kyamani

    still shivrs me after 30 what years ,when music was music and not pc made shit

  18. Northern Pole

    You R Master

  19. Kimberly Campbell

    Caption says "with lyrics"... But no lyrics 😏

  20. Alain Reyes Rios

    I'm commenting just in the case of no one has already said this is the best music history's outro

  21. Nebulosa Rock

    This version Is like multiple orgasm ❤ hahahah

  22. Nx Doyle

    I know what you mean. I have the same kind of feeling for No 13 Baby as I do for the outro of Desire Lines by Deerhunter.

  23. N N

    Studio version is million times better, this just drags on for too long

  24. SteenaSteenita

    My only complaint: why was this not extended to 13 minutes?

  25. Luigi Capone

    I always thought the same thing! Love the outro

  26. Matthew McVeagh

    FANTASTIC! This is going straight in my faves. I've loved that outro for decades and always been disappointed by how short it is... you've created a beautiful thing and it shows off Kim and Joey so much it's wonderful.

  27. beepst

    It's so brilliant how they're capable of totally changing the context of a song and turn it into a dreamy, beautiful, touching and nostalgic song, where they just let the magic flow with that final guitar line... It kinda reminds me of Creedence's Ramble Tamble.

  28. Kaplan Dingo

    this description, couldnt have said it any better, thank you for this, amazing that even a 3 minutes or so extension is still too short

  29. Nx Doyle

    Stand close to the 🔥 when they light the 🐖

  30. Nx Doyle

    When I listen to the dreamy end of Desire Lines by Deerhunter, I wonder if Bradford was inspired in any way by No 13 Baby.

    David Levy

    definitely a purposeful reference..

  31. Marcin Żmuda

    Wish I could "like it" more than once.


    lol after listening to this for 2 weeks i found the dub loop lool

  33. Tim Anon

    The best Pixies song - about 2 min of cool track ... then it hits awesome mode. No band could shift gears on a track like the Pixies.

  34. Jenda Šmerda

    Oooh, the intro<3
    and whole song of course

  35. 3 littles pigs

    Les o montent ici

  36. Frankie Maier

    You're a genius for putting this together. My only complaint about the Pixies was this ending was too short. Well done

  37. Chet Walters

    This whole song is amazing but that outro and when i first heard it immediatly made me think of Jay Reatard... The outro part that is... I feel as if Jay was hugely influenced by these guys as were alot of bands/humans and im one of them FOR SURE! The Pixies are just like no other!

  38. Jim Piper

    From the 2 minute mark until the end of the song: I think this is some of the greatest jamming around. Something about it completely elevates the spirit, and by the 4 minute mark, transcends. It really is my favorite part of the song, the last bit. Amazing work here.

  39. Copiapoa Haseltoniana

    Also Get Fuck to all those arseholes who hate this song.

  40. Copiapoa Haseltoniana

    And I've never heard this version fuck me!

  41. Copiapoa Haseltoniana

    I need to inject this song into my arse so it becomes part of my DNA.

    Mary Sheridan

    Funny person

  42. Gabriel Montufar

    Great outro


    you edited it well

  44. Ren Elizabeth

    With lyrics? Where tho

  45. Paul Cantrell

    All pixies songs should be like 13 minutes long. Except here comes ur man.👎

  46. real truth

    What is Frank black possessed by? This song is heavenly

  47. Juan Manuel Aramburu

    Dude, you didn't apologize to David

  48. Sparky Bonehead

    PERFECT!!!! The dance remix version Just what i've been hoping for!!! Thank You!!

  49. Xes Four Eyes

    39 grandmas didn't bring any songs from the shore

  50. Morbid Tales

    A fine smoke, a fine whiskey, and this extended version on repeat. Nostalgia burns smooth and pure as the scene is tattooed deeper into the psyche. Think it's about time I devote some ink...I love this song that much!

  51. Laura Beatriz

    ADOREI, sensacional, ficou muito bom, meus parabéns

  52. Ben Coker


  53. terrypussypower

    One of the greatest songs in existence. Just writing a song like this must be a trip in itself!

  54. Koldobika Zabala

    para puta vuestra vida a partir de ahora.clara

  55. Koldobika Zabala

    siempre esperamos las personas obreras desamparadas y los k chupais camara los primeros no os permitais el lujo de ponerme condiciones lok faltaba ya hare lok siempre he tenido k hacer borrar vuestras caras de la historia y si hace falta de la musica.clara no amenaza exige por lo k por derecho estaba antes que todos vosotros...antes k tu abuelo ESTABA YO.clara

  56. Koldobika Zabala

    es mas,tu as tenido oportunidades yo ni una.claranite

  57. Koldobika Zabala

    te ayudo si ayudas porque a mi me habeis dejado la ultima y no habeis dado nada yo soy humilde y tu de la elite k al parecer siempre esta por delante de los mas torturados.clara

  58. Koldobika Zabala

    clara os ama pero me rompen la vida ayuda ya porfavor

  59. Koldobika Zabala

    vienes caridad 6 primero F estoy hasta el forgotten roldan y tu fornite bitter kas hablareis porque estoy por largarme a otro lugar mi puta verdad joder sino me divido sola o con lok coja por el camino la ultima 5 a;os y medio de tortura y casada estupendo

  60. nico rodriguez

    fucking nice im very stoned i was like woow forgot how long the song was

  61. Pennylarcenee

    My son was born on the 14th of December, I wanted to have him so badly on the 13th-that was 23 years ago and I’m still blasting this🥰

  62. Jon Nathan

    Viva la loma rica

  63. Juanjo Garcia de Alcaraz

    Fucking damn good song ! I really love it!!

  64. Gilbert Aguilar

    You're doing God's work my friend

  65. Stephanie Smith

    Better than sex.

  66. Heymymy1000

    You rock dude !

  67. Mc Mayhem

    Could you put this on a 24 hour loop? Ahhh...

  68. dream Ratcliff

    Yaay ha thir twa ya ha stay a a a taaa


    best frank track/doolittle.the best of all

  70. mcbillygoat !

    We need to have a national “Frank Black” day.


    only for fans! ja!

  72. Ray G

    Why did I barely find this now? This song is my favorite off the album. I've always loved that outro and would replay the song to hear the outro again. It always transported me to another place. Thank you for this! This is heaven.

  73. amira netoi

    I think this song is about a strip club. Hm...ok...

    Bryan Davis

    It's about a girl in the Mexican Mafia 'la eme' - 'The M'... 13th letter of the alphabet.... I want brown eyes etc.

  74. Stuart Bell

    TY for this, the utterly exquisite outro of this always left me gasping for more and it's easily one of my all time favourite musical moments ever not just of the glorious Pixies.

  75. Dancing Dooners

    Doolittle is def in my top 5 favorite albums

  76. Diego Sáenz Rincón

    You have won the heaven, guy.

  77. Rohan

    And I for instance think it's terrible that you extended the outro so much. It kills the natural flow of it. I also always thought I'd like for it to last longer, but not like this. If they kept playing and kept switching to more new sequences it would be great, the way you fulfilled my wish just shows me I should have appreciated what I had more.


    Hi Rohan, thanks for your reply. I agree that the original version is the one the Pixies surely created by concept. But don't you accept the wish of fans like me to last the outing longer? Of course, this is a question of confronting purity of art to personal desires ...

  78. rubberneckk

    Still too short

  79. TheeTurkey79

    Some Hero needs to do this to Bowies "Breaking Glass"! :0

  80. Walter Padelford

    Not correct

  81. No One

    Still wondering what the song’s about ?

    Roland Boerhof

    Just forget about lyrics with Pixies. What's left is WAY enough.

    No One

    Roland Boerhof true

    Bryan Davis

    Falling in love with a girl affiliated with the Mexican Mafia - 13th letter of the alphabet is 'M' - 'La Eme' (the M) is Spanish for the Mexican Mafia. I want brown eyes, etc I'm in state (cos he can't do nothing about it).

  82. david rule

    The ending is VERY B52ish

  83. Vinicius Marcos

    Sensacional, parabéns....

  84. Ed Romeo

    damn! I want to listen to something else but can't stop replaying this UGH!!

  85. Ed Romeo

    good to know i'm not the only one repeating songs, like seriously, a lot...OH say anything has alot of songs like this.. like start out really intense than have an amazing melody at the end

  86. Ed Romeo

    another song in this vein is Monster by future.... one of those songs you're not really feeling then the end is fucking amazing! I was fucked up one night and it was playing and I was about to turn it off but it's amazing at the end like this... I LOVE this

  87. Ed Romeo

    thanks so much for this! anyone else here like the Promise Ring, Jawbreaker, etc.?? or like Morrisey? let's make a zine 🤩🤣

  88. Radiator From Hell

    qué puta obra maestra!! the fuckin' Pixies are God!!!

  89. green Cookie

    lighten up guys. A1 BAND

  90. S F

    I conservatively account for 150 of the views. Would love an hour long version à la the extended cuts of The XX’s Intro. 🤞

  91. Corporal Clegg

    You bastrad !!! Amazing work xxx

  92. Noname Nobody

    Da ascoltare qualche miliardo di volte... FIDATEVI!!!

  93. gutopeace


  94. Liam Kely

    Longer the better. Cracking tune.

  95. YogiDevendra Biriyani

    a female did that outtro...ty kim deal


    No, she did not. She played the bass, not the guitar. But of course she contributed to this fascinating end. And, as a fact: I adore Kim Deal, leader of The Breeders.

  96. Erem 80

    Hey, coming here late but your job is amazing! Thank you man, I always cried like you about this frustrating ending. This was before this...

  97. ShowerRepair

    I couldn’t agree with you more about this perfect song and that it’s WAY TOO SHORT!!!
    Thank you for this!

  98. shemaverick

    This song gives me chills.
    Right now in this moment all is perfect in the world. Doolittle is 30 (30!) years old today. And I've just discovered my favourite Pixies has been improved in the only way a Pixies song could ever be improved, by adding more of it... And now it's finished so I need to hit replay again... Scuse me while I spend the rest of the day in a Pixies induced trance of music and weird memories.