Pitbull - Vida 23 Lyrics

Vamos a disfrutar del sabor de la vida
Mr. worldwide
Tu tienes todo pa ganar y poco pa perder
Tu tienes todo pa ganar y poco pa perder
Vida a la 23 (ooooooh)

Heeey! mami vamos a disfrutar la vida
Vamos a disfrutar
Heeey! mami vamos a disfrutar la vida
Let’s have good time
Let’s have a real good time [6x]
Let’s have a real good time (yeah!!!)
(Ooooooh) Let’s have a real good time

Tres ciudades, dos países, un día
Mr. worldwide
En la republica con el cata sensato
Y los mega latinos let’s wide
English, spanish, spanglish lo que sea
Mami no importa
Yo te doy lo que quieras

Heeey! mami vamos a disfrutar la vida
Vamos a disfrutar
Heeey! mami vamos a disfrutar la vida
Let’s have good time
Let’s have a real good time [7x]
(Ooooooh) Let’s have a real good time

Yo vivo en una vida de tigre
Lo de ellos es novela y chismes
Lo mío es negocio y dinero y mujeres en algo la vive
Yo soy sincero y sencillo
Oh y el mundo es mío
No entiendes lo siento
Mamita dame un momento
Dale (ooh!!)

Heeey! mami vamos a disfrutar la vida
Vamos a disfrutar
Heeey! mami vamos a disfrutar la vida
Let’s have good time (ooh!!)
Let’s have a real good time [8x]

Mami yo te quiero ver yo te quiero ver
Vivir la vida a la 23
Mami yo te quiero ver yo te quiero ver
Vivir la vida a la 23

Heeey! mami vamos a disfrutar la vida
Vamos a disfrutar
Heeey! mami vamos a disfrutar la vida
Let’s have good time (ooh!!)
Vamos a disfrutar del sabor de la vida
Let’s have a real good time [8x]

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Pitbull Vida 23 Comments
  1. Global Rub

    DJ Snake

  2. Cumatzil 502 Más flow 502

    l like somoch

  3. TheLovee4musicc

    Tienes todo para ganar y poco para perder VIDA! Love it!

  4. Michael Macesaru

    Love this song

  5. กิตติกรณ์ สังขจาย


  6. Joshua Dongala

    They need to play this at my party!!!!!!

  7. justashley90

    this is a good Zumba class song haha

  8. Luxor Shark

    you mean 2013 not 3013 that right?

  9. Ptimo

    Vamos a disfrutar la vida!!

  10. Brent Oosthuizen

    is this the song they had on kca

  11. marcus caseltine

    HAH new dr.pepper commercial..... nigga this is 3013

  12. Luxor Shark

    just listen to this song and have some dr.pepper like in the commercial

  13. crstian jaime

    XD I love it

  14. Latasha Smith

    luv iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt so LETS HAVE A REAL GOOOOOOOD TIME!!!!!!! LOL

    JoseLuis Tarin

    beautiful1 latasha let's have real good time ✌😂

  15. Cris G

    This is the time to be CUBAN

  16. Anais Jeaumart

    Me guuuustaaaaaaaaaa ! :)

  17. Ed EsCaliente

    Bud Light Platinum. Cubanos :)

  18. 53knights

    If you like it, then that's fine. I personally can't stand the stuff.

  19. Melissa Goldesberry-Cass

    Pepsi is boss actually.

  20. 53knights

    Um, actually, you fool, it was a popular Dr. Pepper commercial. Dr. Pepper is its own business entity.

  21. john basedow

    you mean coke you fool this is a pepsi commerical

  22. 12mrbozza

    Pitbull isn't close to being the worst rapper, but neither the best. He can rap, but making deep, meaningful lyrics doesn't sell compared to making cheesy lyrics which make no sense.

  23. Based God

    not real music. trash

  24. 53knights

    What's wrong with us gringos?

  25. majorjack25


  26. Сулубай Уак

    отличная песня))

  27. XxSoulshooterxX

    eeeeey mami vamos desfrutar la viiida.

  28. Ronald Leon

    35 people dont knw how to Have a Real Good Time

  29. OnTheRoadToSuccess

    o sowy xD

  30. LaFrenchieKiss6

    EeEsoy gringa, chico.

  31. yannyrocks

    he is quit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  32. David Ayala

    Lol here because of the dr pepper commercial.

  33. Cristal Clear

    thats how i ended up here xD

  34. OnTheRoadToSuccess

    thank you and fuck the gringos lol
    Sorry i saw this and i had to reply

  35. roberto rojas

    This song puts me in a good mood:-)

  36. thesuperbabe14

    I like it !

  37. Ulises Guzman

    Good song to start out a party

  38. ezequiel martinez

    Tight song

  39. AMJ Redo

    fuk!! yeA!!!! motherfuker!!!!!!!! OOOOOHHHHHHHH

  40. AMJ Redo

    hell yeahhh bor

  41. 405Eduardo Perezz

    Hellyea pitbull is the best

  42. anderson rivas

    Thumbs up if u saw the dr. pepper commercial

  43. Luisa Cordova

    pitbull sings the best songs

  44. Bruno Henrique Gnewuch

    Ke ke latinos o PitBull nasceu nos EUA mais os pais dele são Cubanos

  45. Angel Zaragoza


  46. Serhat Hazar

    perfect music ...

  47. Bruno Henrique Gnewuch

    Ohh D+ :B

  48. Leonardo Garduño

    VIVAN los latinos!!

  49. Joshua Marin

    oh yea la 23 !!

  50. Moises Labra

    Yonder Alonso!!!

  51. jocelyn tovar

    Ohh Hell Yeah Nikkas :D

  52. wendy

    <3 favorite artist
    Unique style

  53. 53knights

    29 people drink Pepsi

  54. Chuck Taylor


  55. indiesongaday

    hey einstein, i didn't say that he was


    it sounds better in the commercial :)


    that is so ture

  58. erh7771

    K don't know about the lyrics cause I don't understand half o them but the hooks are the ish for real.

    P.S. Yo latino bruhs, yaw gots to translate...wtf am I dancing to!?!?

  59. indiesongaday

    Only two kinds of people wear sunglasses indoors, douchebags and the blind. (and this song sucks)

  60. calypzo69

    @TheGatorfan37He's cubano all the way! He says it in most of his songs. Check out any bio on him.

  61. Uchiha Madara

    @carlislehoops44 ur like so right pitbull is one of the worst rapers and his songs lack serious lyrical complection but there super catchy so just have a real good time haha

  62. MrColin2192

    one of the less creative songs out there.

  63. Aubrey Stieler

    !Vale amigo!

  64. susana silva

    @TheGatorfan37 no he is american, but him parents are cuban..

  65. xHyPeD HeRd FaN

    He is Brazilian not Cuban

  66. Kevin Leon

    thumbs up si hable espanol

  67. joshua 11

    Watching PitBull videos you can tell that he puts all his heart and soul in his work and it shows. He is a great Cuban entertainer...

  68. Kevin Leon

    im cuban bitchesssss

  69. Michel Versteeg

    I don't speak Spanish but I speak it good enough to say this is the best song!

  70. Lil A

    hey cuban

  71. reven676

    @carlislehoops44 Woah, Bro. Cheel. I don't speak Spanish. So I, nor do you, do not understand 99% of the song.

  72. Max Grandgenett

    Not trying to be a "hater", but pitbull is one of the worst rappers of all time. Listen to this song for gods sake... lyrically it is awful. lets have a real good time? are you fucking serious. ha

  73. Nici7

    <3 Pitbull <3

  74. MessiPowerofwill

    Check out bon bon

  75. redcosmo05

    lets have a real good time

  76. jordan frost


  77. Blade Brilliant

    the chicks in the commercial-wow. That spinning dancer wow. This is some good sh**.

  78. Christian Cintron.

    more people need to start havin a good time. only 150,272. thts wack

  79. Anthony Diaz

    y the hell people saying music crashed or died

  80. fea fi


  81. eyepatch75

    God, music is crashing.

  82. Austin Diduch

    like if you think the 2nd top comment is about the 1st top comment

  83. Moyin324

    Dr. Pepper!! :D

  84. Yesica Gr


  85. Yesica Gr


  86. Jack Wofford

    @74seneca Me to

  87. Jack Wofford


  88. XxSoulshooterxX

    Like if this makes you wanna drink some Dr. Pepper.

  89. crazychainsaw

    Dr pepper commercial

  90. bmannn63


  91. SPC 83

    like because i said something along the lines that i came here from something else

  92. Táo TV

    Love His Voice Itsz Soo Sexii!!(:

  93. thapack45


    Vamo' a di'frutar la viiida

  94. Leah Shear

    Sooooo sexy <3