Pitbull - Mr. Worldwide (Intro) Lyrics

Vein! (Let's go) Let's welcome everybody to Planet Pit
And show 'em what worldwide music is

[Chorus: Vein]
Why you think they call me Mr. Worldwide?
Let's show 'em why they call me Mr. Worldwide
Why you think they call me Mr. Worldwide?
Let's show 'em why they call me Mr. Worldwide
Hold up!... Cause bitch I'm worldwide

I-I-I-I'm involved in the music business
But the funny thing is, half of these fools
Don't know music, don't know business
Have no business in music, what is this?
I learned from the best, stayed away from the worst
Now I send off every verse in a hearse
Now the every day is 15th and the 1st
No more food stamps - church
These boys can't get past (3rd Bass)
They a bunch of (MC's Serch'n)
I can care less and you can give
A fat baby's ass if they car's got curtains
They rap for the block, I speak to the globe
I got them models, they holla at them hoes
Better do your homework papito
I took the, three-oh-five, worldwide
I took the, three-oh-five, worldwide ["wide" repeats]


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Pitbull Mr. Worldwide (Intro) Comments
  1. Arijus Turskis


  2. Flang 2014

    this needs to be a full song :(

  3. Christina hale

    Been listening to this song for six years and I’m not tired of it

  4. its ya boi

    When the it French waiter say bonjour and you say gracias

  5. ImpulsiveBeetle

    The origin story

  6. Animesh Pathak

    Mr worldwide , i speak hindi and english and little bit german !
    why do you think they call me Mr worldwide??

  7. IWasOnceCool


  8. IWasOnceCool

    Where my picoCTF guys at?


    Miste wowwe

  10. general550

    The song's name is Pitbull and it was made by Vein and Mr. Worldwide

  11. Shahzaib Sohail

    Luv Pitbull!!! 2019 Still the best <3 <3 <3

  12. semon demon

    1:05 when you say "hola" back to the spanish kid in the server.

  13. Krystal Roes Swan

    1:05 is my favorite bit

  14. Raphael J. Guevara E.


  15. Isabel Mercado

    kinda slaps

  16. 1001 1001

    Sorry dude but your supported t series so bye

  17. 。眠いわ〜


  18. 良品無印

    Even other says not, I’m the Mr Worldwide!

  19. 良品無印

    No matter what, I’m the Mr. Worldwide!

  20. Vax x

    Mr. World *WEEEEEH*

  21. ALPHARD KーBREAK 3031 もえ

    PIanet Pit GOOD Amo a Pianet pit Amo a Pitbull

  22. uwussi


  23. Aluizio Felippe

    brazil S2

  24. Juan Jalapeño

    Pulse ace

  25. N Ferrer

    i used to love this song omg wow

  26. Oral Cigarette

    Mr Wo Wa

  27. James The Gamer


  28. Abraham Stevanus


  29. blue grass

    Man I could go for some pitbull right now

  30. Somdutt Mehra

    Reminds me of his visit in Kolkata

  31. Mr. Cancer

    Mr. Wide

  32. Richie Manuta

    Why isn't this a real song (it's too short) And The Incredible Burt Wonderstone!!

  33. Parth Tomar


  34. Ömer Aksoy

    2017 :D?

    Dillon Animates

    How about 3498

  35. Dylan23 Dj

    I love this song

  36. XxSavage_PandaXx E8

    guys look um tember not for kilds but for Savage kids do it pitbull and keasha

  37. yadarvi davi

    l love you Mr .ww

  38. Cecelia Marble

    The sexuality this man exudes is intoxicating.

    Creepy Alpaca

    cocaine drugs

    Zane Here

    Fuck you make me a sammich

  39. mikelbaron

    Obviously, this would be Pitbull's best song if it were not so short. but it's the intro, guys.

  40. Huijze Den Gemolcken Geijt

    HE calls himself mr worldwide, but did he ever travel from the window to the wall?

    Eleanor Ryder

    No but he's seen the worlds most beautiful ladies

  41. kansur

    does anyone here came from the meme pitbulll with the filipina beauty queens??


    dope lol yeah i just saw it! but ive seen a lot of mr worldwide memes lately tho haha, had to actually check where all those came from!

  42. _moneyboyzz_

    MR.Worldwide 305

  43. dr.hazard rulz

    I would call myself worldwide

  44. Rachid Parchment

    And now, please rise for the national anthem of Chile.

  45. Christian Benteke

    Chile national anthem brought me here

  46. aattila Horváth

    love song <3

  47. Yahi Laid

    love you mr pit

  48. OJA Altmyer

    Best song ever

  49. Santo Widjaja


  50. Christianna Sarez

    Good 😎

  51. decafchutoy 3956

    Pitbull is awesome

  52. Yusuf Boodhun

    This is his best song and it's too short.


    @MagnumDrex X I can't stand that. Really goos songs that are this short.

    Divine Dosu

    +MagnumDrex X Not short enough if you ask me.

    N Ferrer

    its kinda underrated too

    Karan Paitka

    i think that too.

    S S

    so true

  53. Harvey De Caen

    Mr worldwide for ever!!!! Pitbull u are a great man 😀 and I love the songs ALL of them!

  54. Steve

    Hold up, cuz bitch I'm worldwide!

  55. nerbor07

    rocking awesome pitbull is amazing

  56. Hailey Ren'ee

    burt wonderstone

  57. dark flux

    @Jack Taci

  58. Chance Wilkes

    You wanna know why they call him mr worldwide? Cause bitch he's worldwide.

  59. Gunsol Videos

    Dale! Mr.Worldwide! UNOS DES TRES QUATROS! LA VEGAS!

  60. Haluk Karabal

    Hmmmaminaa :-)

  61. Rare Tiger

    This song is an intro for his album Planet Pit. And in my opinion Mr. Worldwide is better than Mr. 305.

    Julio Flores

    Naa broo I like more mr 305.

  62. Henry I.

    So they call him Mr worldwide cos he is worldwide...is that what am I getting? Lol

  63. Sinister134

    Best 1 minute song haha

  64. Renenova HUN

    Nagyón jó szám.

  65. The SuPReMEx Clan



    right on

  66. TopCornerReviews

    WHY CANT IT Be longer

  67. Jerk Off Productions

    Let's show em y they call me Mr worldwide

  68. Leo Mendes

    Ironic... Because Steve Carell and Jim Carrey were in the movie. But not just that, it was great.

  69. Crystal D

    I am worldwide

  70. -R00d-

    Wonderstoneeeee~ haha

  71. jan kowalski

    pitbull songs : 80% music / 15 % someone rap's / 5 % pitbull is talking somenthing ... but this one is cool for me :)


    But also 50% sex.

  72. Elyx

    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone brought me here XD

  73. Kent Chung

    And your life sucks really bad...

  74. Omega08082

    Burt Wonderstone sucked so bad.

  75. b3qAa

    Bitch I'm Worldwide

  76. Leslie Cantor

    great song not long en

  77. litho 07

    im pretty sure u copy this title xD

  78. Doruk Cem

    I tought he will say why they call him mr worldwide :C

  79. speckyben

    being a pitbull fan brought me here

  80. Maria Flores

    Love it

  81. punkgirl425

    Tyler Oakley brought me here....

  82. Bob Nob

    Pitbull is sick

  83. sakurako okazaki

    Pitbull is better than the World

  84. G0dOfWar

    Burt Wonderstone :D

  85. Dice Origins

    the incredible burt wonderstone took me here <3

  86. badzo54321

    listen to this on yourepeat coz its short xD

  87. fatez1987

    I doubt you had seen anyone spent a night, on red hot coals

  88. 10Killuminati

    omg good one!!!!!!!!

  89. Dontfold

    like of burt wonderstone brough you here

  90. Zuperdeeduper

    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone...it brought me here.

  91. Charles Martell

    Like if you came here out of bad taste and NOT BURT WONDERSTONE.

  92. dark flux

    "Why you think they call me Mr. Worldwide?"

    hmm...maybe because they can't remember your name?

  93. bert

    Incredible burt wonderstone!

  94. bert

    Incredible burt wonderstone?

  95. ballhockeyful


  96. Faruk Caliskan

    TOO short for a TOO good song