Pitbull - Amore Lyrics

They're dying to kill
And living to die
Snubnosed, headshots
If you touch anything that's mine
Respect, Loyalty
Dan la vida para la familia
They'll live for the honor
They'll kill for the honor
They'll die for the honor
Wise guys take lives in the box
Look the judge in their eyes
Put their hand on the bible
And lie to you, only to leave something to the coroner

Fuck the law, fuck the feds, fuck cops
Pop-pop, catch you at your favorite spot
Well-dressed, intermittent, but dangerous
Go-getters, hustlers, gangstes
Everything organized
And if they hit us, surprise
One to the heart and two to the brain
Looks like he lost his mind, let's ride
There's rules and codes
You don't break them for no one
Unless you're a fool like that fucking prick
Sammy the Bull

[Leona Lewis:]
Amore, mio Amore
I've waited for you
To save me tonight
But you left me dying
Slowly inside
Amore, Amore mio, Amore
I've waited for you
To bring me to life
But you left me dying
Dying inside

Three pice suit with a piece by the waistline
Just in case a motherfucker wanna take mine
I'ma get mine, get theirs, get yours
Cocked back, click-clack, give me that fat line
Mob royalty, walk out the court, not guilty, filthy
But dressed so fresh, so clean
So gentleman, so mean
So loved, so hated
Yeah, I killed, yeah, I extorted
Yeah, I robbed, but I'm the god of the mob
Fuck it, I made it
From nothing to something, scum to thug
Thug to gangster, gangster to mobster
No pot to piss in to pasta and lobster
Bitch, I'm a rockstar
The king from Queens
That killed and died for his dreams
The rotten apple from the Big Apple
The realest gangster you ever seen
John Gotti, Teflon Don
The rotten apple from the Big Apple
The realest gangster you ever seen
John Gotti

[Leona Lewis:]
Amore, Amore mio, Amore
I've waited for you
To bring me to life
But you left me dying
Dying inside
Amore, Amore mio, Amore
I've waited for you
To save me tonight
But you left me dying
Slowly inside


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Pitbull Amore Comments

    Io sono Albanese🇦🇱

  2. sexmastermass heffnerianodevos

    men of honour boss fmilia gambino john cappo di tutti cappi gotti wiseguys italian motherfucker respect padrino amore smel;l malavita vendetta song pitbull padre leona daughter sons latina una italia brucia la teria mafia hymn glory cosa nostra awesome kill like mob bullets gotti greetings grazie compadres xoxo

  3. Westside Mafia 651

    Fuck Sammy the Bull!!!


    Worst mob movie in a long time.

  5. Samir Besirov

    Əla zordu qaqa lezet eledi

  6. Cuprum Boy

    Only Jonh Gotti motherfuckers

  7. JOSH dip1

    I love when pitbull said dont be a rat like sammy bull prick

  8. Esma Guncicek

    I love this

  9. AT EF

    Honner to meet and shake Mr Getty's hand.

  10. Alberto Moralejo


  11. Wizz WolF

    The song was really good TILL Lewis start to sing

  12. Tom S


  13. Michael Cerda

    Chiraq Mob City! Amore is 🔥Much love to my second favorite city NYC🗽

  14. Matt Blatti

    How the Fuck do you have a song like this in a Mafia movie! who the fuck picked the music? His fucking grandsons? SMH!!!

  15. Edson Estrada

    “This life ends one of 2 ways:
    Dead or in jail.... I did both”

    Randy Burton

    New Yawk iz da greatest fuggin city in da worl

  16. zucchini pivi

    Who else came straight from gotti ? 🔥🔥🔥

  17. Angela Ann Cash


  18. Billie jo Saby

    This world is nothing but pansy ass bitchs listen to the lyrics its about the loyalist mobster to ever live.
    I live by loyalty Sammy is a bitch snitch everybody gets scared of a lil prison even jail time and runs at the mouth! Idiots the government plays you. If you dont say shit they dont know shit! Why do you think they seperate everyone involved and wants to know what you know cause they DONT know! It dont matter who sings in the song its about loyalty to the rules live by them die by them and stop snitching bitchs!

    "Everything is organized"
    Words from? If ya dont know now ya know

    Im street better look both ways before crossin me! 😂 best to keep it 199%

  19. George Baez

    For the Old Timers...Old School Was real and RESPECTFUL!

  20. Jason Cupp

    Sammie the bull is free and would like to speak with you Pit.

  21. the godfather

    If they hit us SURPRISE

  22. Yogi Minnick

    My nono use to work at rao's in Harlem back in the day he was a cook I remember him telling me stories of the mafia coming in for dinner people like mr Gotti mr Ruggiero mr Armone and few others I can't remember but he said they would eat then they would drink and sing and laugh and he told me about this guy who would come in with them Robbie or Ronnie I think it was and he would come in the kitchen and watch them cook the meals and would always test them for like poison and that before serving them to the bosses, my nono turns and goes at 88 years old FUCK THAT FOR A JOB 😂 but thought it was pre cool and id share

  23. Throckmorton Johnson-Thompson

    One of the worst mafia film soundtracks I've ever heard. Does not fit at all. It's more funny than badass or cool.

  24. This is a funny name

    What the fuck is this soundtrack?

  25. Nice Bryce

    You know this movie wasnt that bad, it was a accurate potrayal of mob life by MOBSTERS themselves, and for the movie this soundtrack was p alright it's got nothing on classic mob soundtracks but, its okay

  26. novemberain

    ...John Gotti

  27. Garrr Lick

    wow this is awful

  28. Tanner Games

    This is the greatest fucking movie in the world

  29. George Salazar

    World wide douche

  30. ANI ANI

    great movie and great songs all of them

  31. Mike Macaluso

    “I never lie because I don’t fear anyone. You only lie when you’re afraid.”

  32. American Strong

    Great way to F up a mafia move put trash ass rap music in it

    Mike Macaluso

    American Strong Yea fuckin moolies ruin this classic story, they should’ve put Dino or some other classy guy’s music on background

  33. o TMcc o

    What’s the original song?

  34. Fatima VENUS

    My bf used to play it for me at midnight he passed away today 💔💔💔

    Mike Macaluso

    Fatima VENUS Sentite condoglianze.

    Fatima VENUS

    Thank u

    Randy Burton

    Fatima VENUS good

  35. Xavier Cockerton

    Anyone who thinks this film has a good soundtrack has never watched a mafia film ever.

    Xavier Cockerton

    The fact you took that seriously would suggest otherwise. Also isn’t the standard deviation 15 points. So you saying your iq 175? Pretty unlikely my dude. I mean it’s possible. You’d be like 99.999971 percentile which is fucking nothing.

    Shelbey Merchant

    Xavier Cockerton watched all of them and my grandfather was in the mob 😁😂 facts

    Joe Cesco

    Xavier Cockerton I’ve watched a lot of different Italian mafia movies. But the one when John Travolta played as the one and only Mob God John Gotti is one of my favorites


    @Xavier Cockerton please tell me you're trolling

  36. Elias UwU

    *Hail Italia* ♥

  37. Vegetal Mccringle

    This movie is shit and it's soundtrack does not fit well with the movie. It's a terrible movie.

  38. avocado o


  39. Cleofer Mendoza

    Dale like si te encanta esta canción como yo soy tu fans número uno Pitbull

  40. Paulie Gamez

    2019 . Church

  41. Alex Mar

    I went out and got myself a three piece suit and a black Cadillac after I heard this.

  42. Lagos08

    Came from a movie review. And it was true, the music was garbage 😆😆

  43. Terane Semedova

    👍👍 Gottiyə söyən ilk öncə sözünü mənə desin kimsə Gottiyə söysə və ya onu araya qoyursa həmən söyüş söyən adamın söyüş söydüyü zaman o adamın ağzını burnunu sikərəm ama əyər Gottini sevən xoşlayan adam karaldı 😉 ona görə Gottini sevin.

  44. wet almonds

    ralphthemoviemaker gang wya

  45. Suliman Sultan

    I'm here because I watched the Gotti movie

  46. Adam P

    the teflon don

  47. The Torn Quads

    Is this serious? This shit is hilarious, and not in a good way.

  48. FSKB Fortnite Streamers Killa Bois

    The worst fucking thing ever

  49. giovannagio

    This movie is pure garbage and the soundtrack too

  50. Stay High

    Original Soundtrack.( Without Leona Lewis Voice)


    Or at least without pitbull's awful voice and his rap


    Is there any only instrumental of this song

  53. Dato Gelashvili

    i need just music

  54. Gabi Gutierrez

    Viva the teflon don jhon gotti

  55. Gabi Gutierrez

    Fuck sami the bull

  56. baberina1

    World Wide John Gotti!!

  57. Nanuka Lovato

    Need track name which is in that film 9:25scene (HELP)

  58. Angelo W

    John Gotti (snr) Forever in our hearts !!

  59. ZzZthe3

    You would have to live to be 5000 to find a song as good as this

  60. BigCheech 4509


  61. NSA

    what the fuck is this? che assoluto merda

  62. Jeff T

    Pit bull probably never heard of John Gotti until he was approached about this movie. They should have stayed with traditional Italian songs. Long live NY and our survival ways. Were just trying to get by....life or death.

  63. Sponn

    Never forget

    Critics put out the hit

  64. Zipporah m

    Zipporah m would sing better

  65. Luca Changretta

    When your Italian mate joins a game of poker with a suit and fedora but is a rapper

  66. Stiller34 Dead head

    Full blooded Italian 😎

  67. eltiolavara9

    what the fuck

  68. Neil Vargas

    This song should have a billion veiws ! Galveston texas. Last of a dieing bread

  69. Greg.

    This is so fucking bad

  70. William Wolters


  71. April Perales

    This jam is 🔥John gotti was a boss ass movie

  72. Oakview Films

    Good song, terrible movie.


    Terrible song, terrible movie.

  73. Jordan York

    He ate this!!! I love it. "3 piece suit with my thing on my waistline just in case a mfr wanna take mine" heat!!


    Any good Italian mobster movie classic has at least four scenes with them talking over food.

    Yahya Namrouqa

    A Bronx tale and good fellas

    Oakview Films

    "Where's the ziti? The calzones? The chicken parmesan? The spaghetti? The meatballs?"

  75. Zoraida Alvarez

    Oh my god....it still has a “Woooooooooooooo”

  76. Chino Black

    RIP The King of NY Gotti

  77. YoshAye


  78. Anthony Russo

    Mr. New York.

  79. Puddles 420

    Ya’ll hate music. Everything about this sucks

  80. Bajram

    This would’ve been an epic clip/video tbh

  81. Jason Burdette

    John Gotti real man's man.
    Real gangster.

  82. just taking a walk

    This is not Amore

  83. Bejamin Parker

    I'm shocked it's pit bull lol I hear it now tho but looked up soundtrak

  84. Erick Guerra

    Off tha chain. Texas in tha house.

  85. NeonBlue

    god damn masterpiece

  86. Mr Monaco

    You listen to me and listen good your never see another person like me not in another 5000 years !!!!

  87. Juliet Robin

    Beautiful music. Beautiful vocals for sure. I'm in love with this song , the rapping, and the arrangement. Hell I love everything about this. I'm also a musician vocalist. Nice.

  88. Ethan H

    What the hell were they thinking getting Pitbull to make the soundtrack


    Ralph sent me

  90. Péter Abonyi

    I just watched the movie on Netflix, and that is the music for the last moment...Wow.. Perfect match for the whole film

  91. Cryers is Tired

    You won't see a more mismatched score if you live to be 5000

  92. krasj bandikut

    ya boi mr worldwide

  93. Sunem Arreola

    Zero critics in the comments? Aight

  94. Common Logic

    Thanks ralph