Pink - The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive Lyrics

The King is dead but the Queen is alive,
Off with his head I am done with his lies,
A fair win I have fought for my life,
A clean slate after all this time,

A revolution and now I am in charge,
My evolution is to shoot for the stars,
His first mistake: he underestimates,
He didn't bother to appreciate

So, rah rah rah!
Sis boom fuckin' bah!
There's a party in your honor,
But you won't be there whatever, so,
Three cheers for the one that got away!
You were just blah blah blah,
I was oh my god,
And unlike your anatomy,
I'm glad I had it in me,
Now The King,
The King, the King,
The King is dead!
But The Queen is alive

I guess the village didn't raise you right,
Don't think nobody's gonna mourn you tonight,
No more licks to wet your appetite,
You make me sick, I didn't wanna fight

I thought we ruled the heavens and the earth,
I really thought I was the only girl,
Your secrets have all been revealed to me,
You've been dethroned there goes your legacy!

So, rah rah rah!
Sis boom fuckin' bah!
There's a party in your honor,
But you won't be there whatever, so,
Three cheers for the one that got away!
You were just blah blah blah,
I was oh my god,
And unlike your anatomy,
I'm glad I had it in me,
Now The King,
The King, the King,
The King is dead!
But The Queen is alive

There are consequences in this life,
A punishment that fit the crime,
Your last words, I heard I'm sorry,
Now look at me in all my glory!

The King is dead but the Queen is alive,
I wear your crown and I look quite nice,
I almost let you get the best of me
But no one's ever gonna get the Queen!

So, rah rah rah!
Sis boom fuckin' bah!
There's a party in your honor,
But you won't be there whatever, so,
Three cheers for the one that got away!
You were just blah blah blah,
I was oh my god,
And unlike your anatomy,
I'm glad I had it in me,
Now The King,
The King, the King,
The King is dead!

But The Queen is alive!

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Pink The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive Comments
  1. Sara Cathro

    “Unlike your anatomy Im glad I had it in me”

    No coming back from that one my god

  2. Chester Didzena

    I never lost my kingdoms im wide awake

  3. timeladyjamie

    All I hear is "Long Live the Queen." XD

  4. Nichole Mer Ree Hall

    Where can i Find a clean version of this song can't find any i like this song

    Monty Harrison

    I haven’t watched it but try this 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Reika Mouton

    I see the girls half of her but

  6. Marciano Scott

    Queen dany

  7. coffebug

    I don't think I've ever heard this song . I think I like it.

  8. Frances Fritsch

    Long Reign pink my Queen

  9. Mike Degnan

    Wonder why this song is no longer on iTunes Store.

  10. TheKatti5000

    I finished watching part 2 of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix series and thought this song fits the season finale so well. Lucifer has been defeated at least for now and trapped, while Lilith, after thousands of years of living under his abuse, takes the crown and becomes the new Queen of Hell.

  11. Crawford Armstrong Jr

    well dam...lmao

  12. Emma Kirkwood

    This song totally reminds me of Isabella of France, Queen Consort (and deposer) of Edward II of England

  13. Rican Marrero

    Awesomeness u r Mrs. Pink

  14. Elizabeth Clover

    I think this would have been better for alice through the looking glass, better than 'just like fire' .

  15. Ashe


  16. Nikki Vo

    Call Dead King.

  17. Kriss De valnor

    Rupaul should choose this song for a lipsync for your life

  18. Towel Cape

    I still Stan p!nk


    J. C. Baby and Pink saved the Queen.

  20. Guitar Tunes

    2:44 😍😍😍

  21. Tierra

    Why isn't this on Spotify

  22. Wolf Queen

    "Unlike your anatomy, I'm glad I had it in me". New best lyric ever omg

  23. Julia Creepypastafan

    God I Love P!NK she is The best

  24. Tina Chappell

    No doubt!!

  25. Guitar Tunes

    It's actually I'm a suffer God not I was oh my God

    Monty Harrison

    Guitar Tunes nope, look the lyrics up it is “oh my god”

  26. Jennifer Wilhoite

    Wish this was on her CD

  27. Christine R

    If Trump looses reelection and Hillary or another woman is elected president this is the song we must play all the time.

  28. Jenn Hughes


  29. Robert Woodcock

    Wow!! She's mad at someone!! I don't know who she's speaking of but WOW!!

  30. billie-jo Buckland

    Why is this song not on spotify?

  31. Liwiathan

    Am I the only one getting a Harley\Joker vibe?


    @Tahlia Oh.😔

  32. Shirley Ware

    I've never heard this one, amazing!!!

  33. Andy Roo Culberson

    When Elizabeth Warren becomes President in 2020, this song should play while she is walking out to give her acceptance speech.

  34. tina suhajda

    Love a pink!!!!

  35. Tammy C

    well I came across this song last one standing and already by listening to it they want to hurt me

  36. Sunshine On My

    She's a genius this song makes everything seem ok again. I love your music chica🎶🎵

  37. Just Me

    Wow girl power. Loving it.

  38. Manon Cole

    I am a Queen and I have found a new King. Peace. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  39. Alexandre Salazar

    This song is so fucking awesome, I can't accept that P!nk didnt release it as a single or even in the album

  40. blacke black

    lmao sounds like punk cercei

  41. Gwenn S.

    I like the title so much! It speaks that a man doesn't define a woman and women have the right to be kings ❤️

  42. Gatitos Fufos

    loooooove Pink

  43. Lauren Mchendry

    Damn straight im the queen lol ...rah rah rah sis boom fucking blah

  44. Camila Perroni - Gochomoto

    Okay, who invited Morgana Pendragon?

  45. Fox Nezze

    What's this song about?

  46. Gary Haase

    love it

  47. Samara Seidel

    I love P!NK SO FUDG'N MUCH

  48. Blu Boyd

    i found this song rite when i needed too be empowered most🤗When this QueeN woke up n was finally getting rid of a lying cheating cuntpuddle who was nothing more than a joker that tried too portray a kingly status👑😗THANKYOU PINK!!

  49. Blackstar

    This song was on the album - The Truth About Love / Japan deluxe edition though :(

  50. AEM Musiclover

    such an amazing song so powerful and inspiring #girlpower 💓💋

  51. Jessica Duncan Waiting on Mr. Dreamy!


  52. SophaPlays

    "Unlike your anatomy, I'm glad I had it in me" I have listened to this song so many times and I just realised what that means ... I'm like 21 years old, how the hell did I miss that?!? XD

  53. Preston Estes

    Love this song but I can find it anywhere to download. The only mention of it is off a Japanese special edition of "The Truth about Love." Is there somewhere where I can buy it?

    Aus AJ

    Preston Estes it's on iTunes on the Truth about Love fan edition

  54. nichole Roberts

    perfect😃 since I am a Leo😃 I am a queen of the jingle😃 since I am getting rid of this fucking air sign (Libra)..which test me like shit..

  55. Liwiathan

    I don't get it.

  56. Evelyn Brooks

    "Unlike your anatomy I'm glad I had it in me!"
    well shit P!nk, shots fired

  57. Sara Lawliet

    "Scari is gone but Zira's still around!"

  58. cnith2

    Was this on a bonus CD? I don't remember this at all...

  59. Alicia Redding

    4/11/17 PINK!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Ivana Mayo

    Unlike your anatomy, I'm glad I had it in me. I never noticed this verse until now.

  61. Nish g

    fuck off because, I said!

  62. Mauricio Baldo

    I wish this were available on Spotify :(


    well, it is

  63. Caffeine Alien

    This is what Abaddon played while Winchesters had Crowley xD

  64. Mark

    another song about me...

  65. get rekt

    "I almost let you get the best of me, but no ones ever going to get the Queen!"

  66. Brendon Tan

    The complaint every first time chess player makes

    Twee Widdershins

    As an avid chess player, I totally thought of it when she said "But no one's ever gonna get the queen."

  67. Melina del Carmen M Gonzalez

    where can I find this song on itunes

    Ambra 15

    on iTunes

    Melina del Carmen M Gonzalez

    +Ambra 15 I tried to find it on iTunes but it not there

    Joe Price

    The only way to get this song is to buy P!nk's The Truth About Love Fan Edition album.

  68. Kilee Kilee

    this is for Joan and stupid Stephen and bratty Emma and nasty and evil alda

  69. Connie Larke

    slay p!nk

  70. Geza Kolab

    I always thought this song would be perfect for a video about a transgender after the full transformation having a party at her male self funeral. 'cause the queen is alive


    Geza Kolab I so understand where you’re coming from because i have a lo5of trans friends.


    GothicaBeauty. Is this a new kind of "I have black friends"?

    Beautifully Broken

    No It’s about pink. I don’t appreciate ppl taking my poems and changing them. If they got her permission FIRST then yes. She wrote this not me not you. It’s her story just be happy for her.


    @Beautifully Broken most artist like it if people use their art and make their interpretation and find their own story in it

    Jordan Thomas

    Beautifully Broken uh, and people are allowed to make interpretations from the song? It isn’t copying or ripping the song off, stop being so butthurt

  71. Margaret PADILLA

    you make me sick, I didn't want to fight... l

  72. Erin Aitken

    OH have they change the song or what cause I never heard the song before

  73. Erin Aitken

    OMG what the hell I love pinks songs but why would she do this OMG

    Dallace Brynne

    +Erin Aitken offensive to me, I was just wondering

    Erin Aitken

    +Dallie Brynne

    sorry :-( plz except my apolige

    Erin Aitken

    pls pls pls

    Dallace Brynne

    +Erin Aitken it's accepted

    Erin Aitken

    +Dallie Brynne
    THANKYOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Matt H

    For anyone wondering, this is on "The Truth About Love" but it's a Japan exclusive track.

    Lauren Cliff

    Happy to see another 5sos fan who likes Pink!


    +Lauren Cliff hello I am also here

  75. Anna Fetterolf

    "I almost let you get the best of me, but no one's ever gonna get the queen" 😈

  76. ailana mills


    Katrina Fuller

    not everyone I know a lot of haters but I'm not a hater:-)

  77. Christine Smith

    Cersei Lannister's theme song B-)

  78. Amayiah Alese

    I love this song

  79. genevieve gentry

    What album is this on I can't find it :3

  80. aurora borealis

    I love this song! I'm also glad to know that Pink is a feminist as well she's so awesome. She is the queen!

  81. UpTownGirl Up

    I never heard this song before but I LOVE IT!

  82. Hyemin Jung

    "I wear your crown and I look quite nice" love that one line

  83. xxXcuteZEBRAloverXxx

    I'm killin the replay button. ^^

    Sonya Mohseni

    @xxXcuteZEBRAloverXxx HAHA SAME!

    Jazmine Does Anything

    xxXcuteZEBRAloverXxx Same here!!!

  84. Amanda Smith

    The line is "Sss boom fuckin' bah". It's the sound exploding sheep make.


    @Amanda Smith  I didn't know sheep swore...

    Amanda Smith

    It's a reference to an old TV medium.

  85. Charlyn Smith

    Your Last Words I Heard Im Sorry.Now Look At Me In All My Glory.... 😍

    Nick Thompson

    Loving your glory

    Charlyn Smith

    I'm confused

  86. Discord Carnival

    I love this song so much I just wish I could find the album it was on

    Alejandra Lema

    The truth about love - deluxe edition

    Victor, because Wiktor is not enough Strzelczyk

    Discord Carnival i alwasy thought it was on Im not Dead cause in this video there's that albums cover photo and it would fit the message of the song better or maybe funhouse would be better cause on funhouse she sings about heartbreaks and breakups

  87. Crimson the Clown

    So long live the horror queen cX

  88. Kristine Joy

    I really like the "rah rah rah..." part

  89. Fern Herbert

    I love this song

  90. Theresa Jones

    Omg I can't stop looking at her crack

  91. Emilee Borders

    This song is totally and completely BADASS!!! It's the ultimate way to tell someone to fuck the hell off. P!nk is like a music GODDESS!!!!! Well done!

    Shyanne Thiessen

    @Sonya Mohseni ikr

    Angel Lynn

    +Emilee Borders OMG I so Agree Pink is the BEST! I'm a fan all the way, There's not a song of her's I don't like :D

    Katrina Fuller

    I agree


    +Emilee Borders i saw her on november 21 '13 here in indiana at bankers life fieldhouse & she kicked ass!!! she was insane & i turned 19 the next day on the 22 too!!! it was the best show i've ever seen! go pink!!!

    Mickey Patchin

    Emilee Borders so true

  92. Cheryl Davis

    Off with his head ! Off with his head !!😈

    Sigrid Horn

    Cheryl Davis Im Sorry, but might you be the Queen of Hearts (Cora)

  93. Megan Morgan

    Why do I like this song so much?? <3

    Your Mom

    Megan Morgan cause you're a person with good taste

  94. Alexis Dupont

    *Queen* -,-;

  95. Alexis Dupont

    No one is ever gonna get the Qeen! ;-)

  96. Jade Goodrich

    I might be wrong but I think she actually says "this is a fucking bomb". I'm probably wrong lol


    No, it's that, says it on metrolyrics and every other lyric site i found

    Jade Goodrich

    Ok thanks :)

    Endri Qenanaj

    In which part exactly ? Which minute, please ? :) 

    Jade Goodrich

    0:40 exactly

    Endri Qenanaj

    maybe she does . Thanks for answering :) 


    Cercei Lannister approves of this song!! ;)

    Bulletproof Scout

    DIMITRAGAL but no one approves of the brother fucker Cercei Lannister