Pink Sweats - I Know Lyrics

Fire in my eyes, I know that you see it
Ain't no need in fighting what you feel in your soul
Trouble on your mind, why you tryna hide it?
There's no need in fighting what you feel in your soul

Since we crossed that bridge, ain't no turning back
I gave you my heart, I ain't seen it since
But I know, yeah, oh, I know, I know
Oh, I loved you once, I loved you twice
I don't care what it takes, baby, it's my life
I know, I know, I know (yeah)

Got knee deep inside, unleashing your demons
There must be a reason that you're stealing my soul
You made sure you got me good 'cause I'm never leaving
Even though I got reasons, you're holding my soul

Since we crossed that bridge, ain't no turning back
I gave you my heart, I ain't seen it since
But I know, yeah, oh, I know, I know (ooh)
Oh, I loved you once, I loved you twice
I don't care what it takes, baby, it's my life
I know, I know, I know

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Pink Sweats I Know Comments
  1. Kayden Gaming

    Man imma be here before he becomes mainstream weeknd

  2. David Karp

    yeesh!!! needs more views

  3. Cyn

    I know I’m not only one that thought the beginning was a YouTube commercial I was ready to press skip 😂

  4. Davin Spencer

    Zombies and RNB how could you go wrong?

  5. Davin Spencer

    Damn why’s he so underrated

  6. PYS_ K.J.C

    Ay I am here when you blow up, remember me

  7. Marcia Avila

    Two future legends pink sweats and Breanna Yde 💘

  8. King Bell

    B E A U T I F U L

  9. Morphic

    this is so good i dont even wanna listen to it lmao

  10. Stream HIP by MAMAMOO Please

    All 34 seasons of the walking dead inunder 4 minutes. Pink Sweat$just saved you so much time on your life. Thank the man.

  11. Ege Yiğit Pişkin

    Not 👏 Enough 👏 Recognicion 👏

  12. Leyu

    u are the best broooo

  13. Jo-ann Pavion

    Ft summer walker pls😩

  14. 새치기

    so he becomes enderman..

  15. Far Sean

    What's genre of this music ? Guitar melodies actually


    khalid come get your bro

  17. MusicCharts TV

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  18. inah santiago

    I really love ur songssss ugh

  19. Typical Hitman

    Pink sweet x Khalid = 💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥

  20. Cerri Neri

    Do you like pink?
    Me: No
    Do you like Pink Sweats?

  21. elle a

    Any one else see them eyelashes at the end

  22. Eazy B

    i love his voice so much.

  23. Hank

    54yr old white guy showing up saying.
    What’s uuuuuuuup? Love this song.

  24. Ericka H

    This is dope!!! He even got "Shelby" the "PINK power ranger", I wonder if that was on suppose as well??? (thoughts, thoughts...)

  25. Nonexistent Still

    This guy is a genius.

  26. Jessica Patrick

    I HATE ZOMBIE, I can't watch the video cuz I can't enjoy the song!

  27. NJ Music

    Just the type of song to listen to during a Zombie apocalypse

  28. MMA WhoWINS

    New walking dead song?

  29. Amabylle Jordana Meireles Aires

    Breanna yde♥♥♥♥♥♥

  30. Reon King

    I broke many laws to get here but it was totally worth it

  31. Aspen Gallegos


  32. Mariah Herrera


  33. Moises Benito

    Get him better lyrics and he’ll blow up

  34. yiaroxx

    Just discovered him a few minutes ago and now going through all his songs. 😍😍😍

    Tevin Henderson

    We probably discovered him around the same time. Been going thru his whole catalog for the past 3 days. Lol needless to say he's amazing!

  35. Jeanette Medina

    Your voice is so pure and really hits the soul!!! I love it!!! 🔥😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  36. Ronald Lassiter

    Philly !!!

  37. CrownaRealOne

    When I listen to his music I get lost in my thoughts and forget about present problems.. That's hard for a control freak like me! His music helps me relax and deal with my anxiety❤

  38. Green Bay packers

    Such a good song

  39. Leo Mendoza

    Sorry man, Ke$ha made it with it.

  40. Joseph Jackson

    Wow buhl is official! Vocals on point

  41. maby breannaydefan

    2:23 breanna yde ♥♥♥♥

  42. Jeremiah Walker

    I love this whole vibe

  43. SondreMMG195 YC

    Ok I looove the song but what hahahaha😂😂??

  44. TaylorBlackMusic

    Brother you are amazing 🙏🏾

  45. Evelyn Woods

    Such a cool movie. I LOVE You and your music.

  46. HW J

    you're gonna be real big man


    Beats by dre and bleach report brought me here.

  48. o k

    I found out about pink ~10 mins ago and I have been LIVING for the past 10 mins 😩😩

  49. maby breannaydefan


  50. Joice Meireles

    This music is Amazing 😊💖

  51. jimmycurlz Official

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks like the second stop at transit in black ops 2 zombies?

  52. DeAndre Pasco

    Yooooo he needs to colab with sonder a Brent fiyaz mix would be everything

  53. ZombieEndRoadOff

    I have to say i‘ve never listened to him before but he‘s hella good

  54. Aldara Fernández

    aquí por Alba :))

  55. Arisbeth Polo

    Alba Reche me trajo aquí

  56. Nicole's World

    collab with me 😩 dm me back on ig @x.leilani

  57. gyko atilano

    I really love this song❤❤❤

  58. Wow NO.

    Would've been cool if the gun was pink too.

  59. Lai New York

    i think the ending would've been better if it just faded to black, lost all of the emotion once i saw the pink eyes lol like come on

  60. j y

    The whole album is sooo good

  61. Jordon simpson

    Imagine collab pink x Khalid bruh it’s over 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Timothe Harris

    It has to happen 💯

  62. Donny rd

    This is it , a lost episode from walking dead 😏😏

  63. Rave Classics

    Best new R&B song with Xavier White - It's Only You 💜🔥🙏🏻

  64. Ari Pohan


  65. Hunter Starnes

    This heavy! 🤗

  66. Clementine Florence

    It's Charlie from BirdBox lmaoo

  67. JD Tandy

    I just discovered this dude, and I’ve been missing out. Anyone got recommendations for similar artists?

  68. Kitty Claw

    God I love him!!!

  69. I might be incorrect, but

    This guy is new Khalid ❤

  70. Topsy Kretts

    I love the guitar rhythm

  71. woonie hun

    Your music is my medicine 😍 Love from Philippines! 💖

  72. Lindsey-Shanell

    💘 all his music
    His vibe his soul his voice is so uniquely original..been a fan since 1ep love ur music
    Come to Texas Dallas Tyler Houston u need southern tour pllzzzzzz.

  73. tony toker


  74. Daycare Joy

    hELLO everyone i make soul indie style music maybe someone here likes my work

  75. Luis Alvarado

    Yea, if it was the zombie apocalypse id also keep a fresh fade.

  76. kizito ko

    I hope he still does good music when he blows up

  77. a rag44


  78. KJA

    For the 1% of people seeing this I hope your dreams come true my dream is to become a successful youtuber


    Hope you pursue your dream

  79. Breyah Bihh

    Shit dope as hell

  80. Jenna Orcadio

    he is just so good 😩

  81. Felicia Alva

    💫alors Belle💫

  82. Dead poolmonkey

    How he got so much money to make these lit ass music videos if he’s not that famous?

    D H

    iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. You don't need millions of fans to make a lot of money 😂

    Dead poolmonkey

    D H yea well he actually does have more than a million fans so it makes sense.

  83. Bahama ChillPill

    Love from the Bahamas

  84. shakiro

    oh my fucking god this is FUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGO

  85. erikabb3

    What's that song at the end called

  86. Josh Atkinson

    This video is insane

  87. JaMa

    Hope he gets more recognition this year. 🔥

  88. Gabby Zeke

    new favorite artist, i found him. i found the one. but in some weird way, he found me...

  89. ramblgy


  90. Dominick Burgos

    J. Cole sign this man to Dreamville

    Latonya Dunson

    The smartest thing my baby jcole could've done... love, love, love me some PINK SWEATS.💖

  91. Anders Bohl

    Anyone els think i sounds like a white guy?