Pink Sweats - Honesty Lyrics

She said, "Baby, I'm afraid to fall in love
Cause what if it's not reciprocated?"
I told her, "Don't rush girl, don't you rush
Guess it's all a game of patience"

She said, "What if I dive deep?
Will you come in after me?
Would you share your flaws with me? Let me know"
I told her, "Thinking is all wrong
Love will happen when it wants
I know it hurts sometimes, but don't let it go"

Cause I want you, I want you, I want, I want you
Cause I want you, I want you, I want, I want you

She said, "What if I tell you all the things I've done?
Would you run away from me?"
I told her, "Baby, we all got bags full of shit that we don't want
But I can't unpack it for you, baby"

She said, "What if I dive deep?
Will you come in after me?
Would you share your flaws with me? Let me know"
I told her, "Thinking is all wrong
Love will happen when it wants
I know it hurts sometimes, but don't let it go"

Cause I want you, I want you, I want, I want you
Cause I want you, I want you, I want, I want you

I want you, I want you, I want you

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Pink Sweats Honesty Comments
  1. y주니

    The best song in my life

  2. kachooms

    now mah fave

  3. roger fed

    is no one gonna talk about how he LITERALLY stole the beat of a korean artist named Dawn ?


    roger fed what song?


    From where????


    Receipts???? Anything


    You can’t just say things like thatttt

    Ari Thomas


  4. Ms. Ashley Marie

    Pink Sweat & Khalid or
    Pink sweat & Miguel
    Pink Sweat & August Alsina
    Pink Sweat & Chris Brown
    Or Pink Sweat & Mabel
    One of these just have to get together. It would be great.

  5. Abran Cullen

    The music video left a bittersweet taste in my mouth, what the heck

  6. Sonali A.

    Anyone here because V listened to this💜

  7. Damina Mea

    I only came to watch dis cause my sister showed me

  8. K마요

    목소리도 감미롭고.. 힝.. 너무 좋네요 ♡♡♡♡♡

  9. Owen Simpson vlogs

    He's a god🙏

  10. braheim rush

    Fat bull underrated

  11. Jindora The Explorer

    Lemme just say this....fuck blackpink i’m here for him

  12. Aubrey Lacawan

    youtube recommendations be lit these days

  13. Julia Vargas

    I want u. i.i i want u. What a bad girl.

  14. мє lονєѕ υ

    vsf o taehyung tem um gst PERFEITO namoral, inferno!

  15. Melyssa Rose Lubay

    this guy is so underrated

  16. kizeu

    armies. i fucking love y'all. i'm also an army, but please for the love of god shut UP LMFAO i saw the live too!!!! let's just support pink sweat$ :)

  17. sara soto

    Tae escucho esta cancion ahhh me emociona :)

  18. TheBlasianKing

    so beautifully shot

  19. Amazing Asian

    Good song to listen to when your midget girlfriend breaks up with you

  20. D. Black

    Can anyone tell me what that song's name in the end pls?

  21. Georgette T

    I heard this on Sirius Radio and was hooked ❤

  22. Wafa Ihmanine

    V of bts bring me here.....

  23. taekok taekok

    here after tae vlive

  24. Park Bebe

    *Here because of Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung of our boys BTS!💜*
    *Army purple u Pink Sweat$💜!*

  25. Elene Qaldani

    Came here from Taehyung's Vlive💜 This song is absolutely incredible💜

  26. Elene Qaldani

    Came here from Taehyung's Vlive💜 This song is absolutely incredible💜


    Elene Qaldani shut up nobody cares


    @thelivestreamer bro okay then don't reply to the comment. We obviously stayed because we like the song... Idts there's any harm in saying who introduced it to us... The op even complimented the song. if you have a problem, you should ignore such comments.

    Abran Cullen

    bro, try scrolling down. it's not even about the song anymore. it's about this kpop personalities and whatnot. and you say there's no harm in there? it's like the song lost its own comment section. 🙄

  27. Sara BR Army

    Vim pelo Tae

  28. LeeNa Ak

    Kim taehyung listen to it right now on V app 💜💜💜💜141219 10:55

  29. Madonna Baby

    yea.....the video ruined the song

  30. JunSangyong

    Is is possible that I use your song as a BGM? doesn't provide policies on your wonderful songs.

  31. Tiara Isny

    The English subtitle is fatal

  32. Pedro Andaverez

    This song is majestic. Everytime I listened to it I got the blues because the person I loved would play and sing it all the time and I would look at her with all the love and appreciation in the world and along the string that says "...Baby, I'm afraid to fall in love, Cause what if it's not reciprocated?"I knew deep down she did not feel anything for me. It was a total heartbreak. Time is a good friend for people with broken hearts, hopes and dreams. Now I listen to this song with more love and peace than ever before.

  33. Mickaela Salvador

    Honestly though I came here not because of a certain Korean member but I came here because the song really really really accurately told my story over my experiences with guys and the reason why despite of me still yearning for love, I can’t because I had trust issues with guys and I still had to learn to trust, validate, accept and love myself for being who I am.

  34. 맨유

    Wow so good mood so good voice so good MV all of this song is so good 19 12 13

  35. London Brower

    This song is really slept on seriously

  36. Norma Amalia

    I come here because BLACKPINK'S ROSÉ&BTS JIMIN

  37. Chenley C.

    Im here because of BTS jimin's recommendation lol

  38. Lila Montoya

    Here because of jessie

  39. kyungtak

    I'm here bc jung jinwoo's cover, you should check it out 👌

  40. Jennifer Shilko

    Thumbs up, going through something with my boyfriend think about us and I'm hurting this gives me hope thank you

  41. Food lover

    This song stuck

  42. Park Jimin

    BTS jimin 🥺اجيت اسمع الاغنيه الان جيمين كال : انا استمع له

  43. Xireni PJM

    I'm here because Jimin has an excellent musical taste and recommended this artist and is great, I loved his music. ❤️💙

  44. hoseok bts

    Came here bcz of jimin

  45. JakeBagani Gamer PH

    Evil Girl! 2:31

  46. 이정후

    페북보고 온 사람

  47. Claudia Wierna

    Diooosss es muy dulce !!!

  48. Agnes Yuspita

    Recommended by jimminie.. My sweetheart jimminie

  49. Letitiagz

    I don't understand where's the pbl ! I came thanks to jimin but stayed for the song and his talent.
    Pink Sweat$ even tweet about jimin but y'all just spreading hate for no reason 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  50. LeeNa Ak

    Ofcource we’re here cuze of JIMIN butUR voice is STUNNING we appreciate ur words 2💜💜💜💜

  51. Yes, I Got Jams

    Why are people in this comment section so mean? Whether or not we came here because of another artist, it doesn't matter. We are here to do one thing and that is to appreciate this man's song.

  52. Mihaela Afemei

    I'm here because Jimin mentioned it and yes, Pink Sweats, you are AMAZING!!! (Pink Sweats himself told Jimin to keep talking about him so yea....thanks Jimin for making me aware of this truly amazing artist & his art)

  53. 어떻게 하면형처럼 키 커질 수 있어요?

    Joo Sa Jang Man Sae!!

  54. Johnny Phan

    I know this is random, but who else saw the burglar playing Pokemon Yellow? (1:03) LOLOL

  55. anviile _

    this make me feel a different type of way..

  56. Muscle Man

    erm whats the song at the end called

  57. Davis Steadman

    Manz has 26M views but 149k subs? You guys even real fans?

  58. Gregory Mendez

    Cuz aaaaaaaple juice , aaaaaaaaple juice 🔥

  59. ahihi chaune

    i'm a fan of both bts and blackpink, but i came here before their recommendation. i'm here for Pink Sweat$ 💛

  60. Some Guy

    Fuck you

  61. An Chan

    Came because of rosé

  62. Danie Stylez

    His voice is beautiful

  63. paramarthi

    last time i checked it had 40k views

  64. _ᴊxʀᴅᴀɴ _

    _good vibes._ 🌻

  65. anglic girl - LOVE JIMIN

    jimin from BTS loves this song!

  66. Logan Hollis

    Pink sweat$ this shit something good to play at the skating ring or at a club

  67. Hanay

    I am here because Rosé and jimin 🌚😂😂✔️

  68. Hafiz Hamzah

    play it to playback 0.75

    thanks me later

  69. the fairy jiminssi

    Iam here because of jiminie 🐥🌌

  70. Fatima Zouai

    Any Chimenchy in here

  71. Sheila Fennick

    Why people don't like this song if I'm sure they be singin it at home

    Qian Lu


  72. Theaaa

    okay dang I only knew this song now and I’m wondering why this is underrated 🥺❤️

  73. Kimberly Andrade

    I danced this for my Quinceañera waltz. I hope Pink Sweat$ and BTS actually collab.🥺🥺🥺

  74. 리플라멩고

    에에 에뻐유~~

  75. lsamoa

    That little girl with the backpack running around: cutest thing ever.

  76. Bibim Paldo

    노래 진짜 너무 좋다 너무 좋다 ㅜㅜ

  77. soin cza

    Can anybody tell me who is jimin??

    lovely lovely lovely

    He is a member of K-pop group BTS

  78. AK A

    진짜 노래 ㅈㄴ 좋다

  79. Maria Iqbal

    Here after Jimin mentioned pink sweet in his interview at jingle bell 🛎

  80. jly5120

    Who's here from jimin :)

  81. Henry Zimgerb

    I'm here because of Justin Park. He sang this song better. Everyone should go check him out. Literally the best cover of this song!

  82. Lisa J

    Love this song!

  83. Black Hole

    Came here bcuz of seungyoun X1

  84. Jennylee Lee

    Love it 😍

  85. Katherine Balios

    Its sounds like ROXANNE

  86. Ace Capone

    Ju gay I'm on your heels behind this😘

  87. Chompu Khaowklong


  88. maiko2612

    man the comments "who is" sht wtf man

  89. Diamond Sky179

    Ffffff how did I not know this song already

  90. byun baekhyun

    nobody cares where you came from, just stfu and appreciate the fuckin music, damn.

  91. FPH Y

    I came here because I saw the video of that ocean wave :D

  92. Moshi

    Todos aquí porque Blackpink.., que porque BTS, porque Lisa y Rose.., que porque Jimin, etc.

    Y solo yo estoy aquí porque Ten y Xiaojun de WayV hicieron un hermoso cover.

  93. Red W.

    The comment section 😁 I had my laughter for the fk day

  94. Kierra Mack

    He needs to do a song with dvsn

  95. Jay McKinney

    OMGGGGGGG it took me so long to find this song! I love it and wish we had more songs like this 💯❤️❤️

  96. Maxine Hernandez

    You are the best

  97. YuLi W

    Anyone knows the bgm??? 😭

  98. 충미