Pink Sweats - Cocaine Lyrics

You keep falling for the wrong type
No I'm not saying you should be mine
I'm just promising you good times
I just wanna show you good vibes

Don't trust men, don't trust women
Don't trust your heart, you never should've

Cause you left your heart in LA
You left your mind in Paris
Traded emotions in for cocaine

Maybe it's right, but just the wrong time
Maybe love's something you won't find
You've been searching for a long time
Now you wanna move on with your life

Don't trust men, don't trust women
Don't trust your heart, you never should've

Cause you left your heart in LA
You left your mind in Paris
Traded emotions in for cocaine

Cause you left your heart in LA
You left your mind in Paris
Traded emotions in for cocaine

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Pink Sweats Cocaine Comments
  1. A M

    Trading emotions in for cooking 🍳
    Cant unhear 💀💀

  2. ghvsdgu dgcsjdgvl

    мы от тайлера-we're from Tyler

  3. afonta0921

    I feel like the guitar playing in background in this song just fits so well and im obsessed.

  4. Nova Iamme

    I just found out about you!!! Oh my goodness your coming to Phoenix and I will be there this is music for your mind/heart/soul etc

  5. Alexis Cunningham


  6. Bruce Jarabejo

    This guy is going to blow up , like Russ, not now but i hope soon, great artist

  7. Aesha Almijlad

    I’m here before fame

  8. dtown1952

    Hey PINK SWEAT$, you strike me as a brother, that wrote music for everyone, and decided to sing your own shit, the way it suppose to be. Brother , big upps to Phili.  I  listen to you in L.A. TrakAdiktion.

  9. Raryson Machado

    tradução da música para Portugues - BR :

  10. Talisha Bonny

    i'm in love with this song

  11. ZzZzZzZzZzZzZ Shaikh


  12. ovoniko _13

    Anyone know where the song from the first 2 seconds???? I know I’ve heard somewhere else but I can’t remember

  13. Miss Miller


  14. deebskhan

    Oh man... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. EssiesGurl

    You are AMAZING

  16. 황혜림

    누가 번역좀해주세여

  17. Staffy7337

    My favourite Pink Sweat$ song. I relate to this

  18. Val B


  19. Everything Goes

    This song is everything

  20. Jacob Jimenez

    Thanks to the girl of my life I found this song now she not in my life 😢😢😓

  21. Andwizzle 999


  22. Keith Glaze

    This man will change the world. Make me want to learn to play guitar

  23. Jae Sinaoi

    Im liking how your voice just fits in smoothly with the background music❤

  24. Zorro Sensei

    So good, so perfect

  25. d a y

    Inb4 1 million views

  26. sue

    dude your music is amazing.

  27. Marcus Reeves

    Who hurt you.

  28. Bush Buddy

    holy shit I'm in love

  29. Vinny D

    What song does the guitar remind me of at 42 seconds dang somebody please telllll me !

  30. Zen Ho

    Thank you Kim Taeyeon for letting me know this talented guy!

  31. Paradox

    Why did I just randomly come across this song? This is like one of those top tier shits I should be hearing until my ears are numb.

  32. zahra kg

    If the weeknd and khalid had a baby this would be it.

  33. Devvoodoo

    I found you on my suggested artist on Spotify, fell in love with Honesty and eventually a few songs in your Spotify including this one. You have a beautiful voice and your musics are hella good! <3

  34. Rosa

    This is my favorite songs from the album 😍💕 his definitely gonna become popular

  35. Yang Zhonghe

    This song is cocaine for me

  36. um Silva


    Raryson Machado

  37. Plying Duchess63

    I'm a huge weeknd fan, and I love the soft but powerful voices you two have. And your more chill compared to the weeknd and I like it

  38. Lew

    skrt skrt

  39. Shreks Toes

    His music is so underrated. It’s honestly fucked up that people would rather listen to ugly ass rap songs and not chill songs like this.

  40. Xelovell

    this shit hit the spot at 5am

  41. Xelovell

    why am I so emotional?

  42. Niccolò Daniele

    goosebumps EVERYTIME

  43. Kadie Duru

    i need friends , anyone wanna add my snapchat or anything to be friends?

  44. abby noelle

    congrats on 100k ily

  45. kayleigh guilar

    Some great songs you have 👍🎶🙏

  46. kylie marie

    i'm in love

  47. DGM maravilinda

    I Love You ❤❤❤

  48. Felicia Alva


    Raryson Machado

  49. Summertime Sethalee

    Not even going to lie, just introduced to this song today and it’s sooo beautiful

  50. malia

    i know you're on the rise and i'm just here to say i'm proud :)

  51. Wardahh. S

    Why the fuck are u so UNDERRATED MAN U SO GOOOODDD😍😍😍
    Just remember good things take time to happen your music will be the most adored istg🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  52. jessie scott

    Do you know how much I love you?

  53. Justine Czyrka

    So unique I’m obsessed

  54. Kevin Johns

    Song is too short😭😭😭

  55. Steven Khief

    This shit go hard thanx for the music man. Mad respect. This gunna hit the summer like crazy

  56. Alex Padilla

    I listened to this in Spotify, and I'm not a native English speaker, but I know how to speak it well, so then, I just relaxed and the part that says:
    "maybe is right but just the wrong time
    maybe love's something you won't find
    you've been searching for a long time
    now you wanna move on with your life "

    Really describes me at this moment.
    Your music is art, so keep going, we all love it

  57. vallen radcliffe

    You have an amazing voice, a nice change from the directon music is heading!

  58. Jay Els

    Beautiful. We all running from something.

  59. itsreal ooks

    Found you bc of your song I saw on fb. I'm loving it and listening all of your song! 💛

  60. Anavocado? Thanks

    hoping to keep this guy a secret before people will just get sick of it tskk

  61. Section 8

    This, this is good! Its a whole mood ok.

    Song: 0:01
    Me: Play it back!

    Nadja Bouhlal

    Carlos Garcia mooooood

  62. Pema Yangdon

    So in love with your music!!!!

  63. KaÏsOzA G.X FaM

    Best song i've heard since a long time ago...thank you sooo Much 🙌🏾😎👑

  64. Firdaus Vlog

    This is my personal favorite off the EP.

  65. Kosi Ngeno

    Pink Sweat$ marathon all day everyday 🎧💯

  66. Loraine Heinen

    ❤️❤️❤️ love itt

  67. Yesenia jones

    :) 😌🤠🥰💞

  68. di no


  69. Kyle Michailoff

    This song gives me a strange nostalgiac feeling of tranquility that I can't put into words......

    Vinny D

    Kyle Michailoff what song does the guitar remind you of

    Annaa Idekijustloveyoutube

    its the “you left your heart in LA, you left your mind in Paris” for us we could interpret it literally or relate it to losing parts of ourself in life

    Aesha Almijlad

    Annaa Idekijustloveyoutube that part hits sooo different

  70. rather notsay

    Lucky to know you and your music, so beautiful so peaceful😍

  71. Catch Em All Fishing

    i think this is my favorite song yet and i love all of them so far!

  72. Jen

    Tbh his music is beautiful and he’ll make it soon or later in life. Wish you the best! 💓

  73. Aejonflux

    I should be in bed for work in the morning.... but very unfortunately fortunate, tonighr i srumbled into the epic side of the youtube wormhole... i cant sleepp
    This mans music got me woke i tell you.
    Cant sleep on this dude.

  74. Christian Chim Chim

    I’m so glad I found you, I first found this song on Spotify and your music has helped me so much💗

  75. Rosdiana Simanjuntak

    I love you

  76. Sarah Keijzer

    This is so good

  77. Ashley Singh

    Your so dope

  78. Olivia Cameron

    Your absolutely amazing.

  79. Breyah Bihh

    He gone make it he too dope !

  80. r0selynn _

    this song has so much meaning );

  81. Jona Ruiz

    Chill as vibes. ignore if you agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. RoniDraws

    I heard of this guy from insta and now I'm hooked

  83. Innocentia Kgobane

    ❤️ I love your voice

  84. Chinita Aleman

    I love thisssss💙

  85. Jessica Bernard


  86. Bk73

    This song reminds me of a girl I used to talk to I was in love with her and ironically she was a coke addict Crapy thing about her was her ex I tried to heal her and get her over her ex but nothing worked now were just acquaintances she views my stories on ig and that’s it btw she got back with her ex.

  87. Haintso Rakouth

    favorite song by you!!! so smooth and the lyrics are amazing!

  88. LewseeAhh

    When are you coming to san diego. You got talent. Blow up coming soon!!

  89. Maddison Campbell

    All of hes songs give me vibezzzz, underrated for sure

  90. Hayden

    tryna learn this guitar riff for my girl plz help

  91. Momo Fruity

    HIS VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. IDK why but I'm crying like a LITTLE BITCH

  92. Vlad Sola

    from africa i love your music man 😍😍go ahead ( you've take My mind In USA ) 😇

  93. Jihan Farah Nacel

    this has just hit me :(

  94. Liv B

    Sooo .. nobody gon admit they came here from Chantel Jeffries snap!!! lowkey don’t wanna but I’m gonna give her credit for this one. Such a great song/ artist

  95. c a r o

    Just remember I’m here before he becomes big🤩🤭