Pink Sweats - Call Me Lyrics

I can't lie I'm still troubled in my mind sometimes
Since you left girl, since you left girl
I can't lie your body fresh up on my mind
When I'm, when I'm with her, when I'm with her

You so young couldn't go home, you so drunk couldn't go home
I'm calling you up come over

Let's make love shawty, let's make love shawty
Like we did way back when I know you've been reminiscing
Call me up shawty, just call me up shawty
Yeah I miss what we did lately I've been reminiscing

I can't lie your scent's still on my clothes
I still like it I still like it
I can't lie she don't try the things you try
I don't like it I don't like it

You so young couldn't go home you so drunk couldn't go home
I'm calling you up come over

Let's make love shawty, let's make love shawty
Like we did way back when I know you've been reminiscing
Call me up shawty, just call me up shawty
Yeah I miss what we did lately I've been reminiscing

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Pink Sweats Call Me Comments
  1. Bk Hundley

    ima have to cover this one man... FIRE SONG

  2. Derek

    Where are the people that didn’t come from jimin

  3. 真矢

    i think i'm addicted to pink sweat$' music-

  4. Muni


  5. Tonpalm Zz

    I came here because of Jaehyun

  6. vidra as

    im here because of this guy not for anyone else :)💛

  7. Jherwin Soriano

    I don't care about jimin, I love pink sweat$

  8. Hunni Ayanna

    ?how come i had to find out about him thru instagram 😤

  9. allgood2

    Jimin of BTS says you're good, well that he's listening to you. So, of course, I came to check you out. Nice vocals, going to browse through some more songs. See what I can find on iTunes.

  10. Avery Rucker

    So much fire on this track he had to put it out at 1:42

  11. Sam D

    Wow Jimin’s taste in music. I’m falling more and more in love with Park Jimin 🥰 Pink Sweats has really nice songs too 💜

  12. Serban Ana Maria

    JIMIN sugest....i came❤

  13. Libia Zulema Tirado Garcia

    Nos la recomendó nuestro hermoso Park Jimin de BTS 💜🤟

  14. Veronica Ditte Fotland

    Who else came here because of Jimin?

  15. Hyejoo

    It’s so good

  16. adriana adriana

    +pinksweats Collaboration with Jimin !!

  17. L Ro32

    Never heard this... it’s good. I like it.
    Oh, yeah I came here because of Park Jimin 💜.
    Imma look into other songs too tho!

  18. TheQunu

    Here because of Park Jimin...and man, he always recommend masterpieces

  19. blue side

    here because of jimin 💜 this song is so good omg

  20. Jilliet

    wooo jimin have that taste...
    he likes hmm that sexy sounded songs

  21. Fatima Abboud

    I'm here because of Park Jimin 💜 💜 💜

  22. Shalisha Porter

    I follow Mimi G Style and found you under her Subscriptions! So happy I did !! New subbie here!! 🤗😘🥰🙌💖

  23. Happy bday angel jimin

    Jimin's taste in music is on another level 😭😭💛💛
    Thank you jimin for letting me know this beautiful song 🙏💛

  24. Park Jiminie

    Jimin brought me here💜 Jimin's taste in music is incredibly good😍 Love this song.

  25. Wowzers

    BTS is cool but it’s a bit disrespectful to excessively mention them in another artist’s comments.

  26. Lovely Su

    Thanks to Jimin everyone know this song

  27. Fariha Rezwana __Army X ATINY X Byulharang

    Who is here after *Jimin from BTS* said "Pink Sweat$" in the artist he is currently listening to???
    Btw, he also mentioned the name of this Particular song, "Call Me"...

  28. soy dora

    bts stans now that you are here, stfu and stan pink sweat$

  29. xmarieevi

    you have good taste jimin

  30. Gloria

    Jimin has a great taste

  31. benjamin rongmei

    Cme here after jingle ball...tday😆

  32. Jamless_Army Trash

    Jimin brought me here and I will forever thank him for making me find this song 😍

  33. Carolna

    ParK fucking Jimin I love you 🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜

  34. Jana Tee

    Imagine Jimin singing this to his girl...😆

  35. Jana Tee

    Im here coz of jimin

  36. LadyPleaseCalmDown

    i knew jimin's taste in music was reliable

  37. ayee

    yall already know whats going on

  38. imene seagull

    JIMIN brought me here 🤙🏻💜

  39. laa chiina

    Alguien más vino porque Jimin recomendó está canción?? 👀👀

  40. jeniirosco

    shout out to Jimin for recommending this song 💜

  41. freespirit092

    Love this. Got a weeknd feel about it.

  42. jiminthusiast

    I came here because of jimin but wow this song is so good, I'll check his other songs too😊

  43. Nachii MeyL

    This is jimin style. I see.

  44. Elisa Giroldi

    I’m here after jimin... wow great song!!

  45. Serendipity Promise

    Jimin have amazing taste of music

  46. myc

    Who is here bc of jimin bts? Yes

  47. Nissi Pearl

    Jimin of BTS recommended this and good thing I checked this.. it's amazing.

  48. park Jimin 95 /97

    I came here because Jimin said he listens to this song. ....actually this is soooo good...jiminahh thank uuu for recommending this 🔥❤👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  49. Bao Xiong

    Jimin brought me here

  50. 8 qst

    so good

  51. Marina Baldoino


  52. My Name Jeff aka Evelyn

    I’ve listened to this before but I’m here again because of PARK JI-MIN he recommended this again

    Amélie Ngn

    I really love pink sweat, and when Jimin told that he listen to him I was like "Oh yeahhhhhhh"

  53. 지민랜드


  54. 지민랜드

    지민 😭💜

  55. Daisy

    came from jimin's recommendation...... great music :)

  56. *Bang to the Tan to the Son to the yeondan*

    thanks to Jimin ~

  57. HKM SFTR

    I came here because of Jimin and this song is jimin style indeed.


    HKM SFTR how Jimin?

    Aleksandra Buszek

    Jdo t member of BTS(K-pop boysband)

    Bla Bla

    Stfu nobody care where u came from

    Dolce Solis

    Wtf who cares


    lmfao most kpop stans (army wateverdafuk) really do be comparing things to them, like tf stop

  58. Ollie


  59. Alex Lee

    Deserves to be loved much more

  60. Me Be

    Can you make this longer please? haha

  61. Mike Spector

    Angelina Roberts. 😔😢😭🤣😂

  62. F o r E v e r

    This showed up in my recommendations.
    i cant lie it still fresh up on my mind smh

  63. WooZy Edmond

    Dammit all his songs are FIIIRRREEEEE man!!! Keep up those bangers bro!!!👊🏽
    I can already smell the collabs with Daniel Cesar, Gallant, Jacquees, Lloyd, Yo Trane, Trey Songz, n my boy T-Pain! Gosh,that album would be crazy...
    Love from Haiti 🇭🇹

  64. Bebe Eldo


  65. Liliana Garcia Gonzalez

    Why do I love all of his songs ???💜💜💜

  66. 무민도 춥다

    too short....finish while groove with music

  67. mikeyah arkel

    I had my phone faced down... then this came on I was like OHHHH SHIT IS DAT MY BOI!!!? 😍😂

  68. V'Kaelah Rae

    Please make this longer.. please

  69. Miranda Howard

    Who could dislike this song?

  70. Kenya Raymond

    I FuC*N ♡ it!!!

  71. Lowkey Mac

    6lack would be great on this song if they did a remix

  72. Anniee xiong


  73. Gary Brown


  74. sara haslin

    khalid brotha

  75. Lenaaard

    Why isn't this LONGER!

  76. Gray Gray


  77. Lorena ll.

    Call me baby imissu!!!💝😍🤗💋💋💋💋💋🌷🐺🌸🍂let's...

  78. ploy kanokporn plangklang


  79. Innocent NekoGirl

    Literally just found you like 2ninutes ago ! I love your voice and I'm ready to spend hours catching up to all your music

  80. Alexandre Fourdinier

    You have talent idk why i never heard of you before you should be way more famous

  81. Angel Marchant


  82. Antoine Epstein

    Just over 1M views? Damn Shame.

  83. Sara Ahmed

    i feel like i just discovered gold under a cave, wow 😭💖💖💖💖💖

  84. Cassidy Chaitram

    I need this song to be longer. Like why cant it be 3mins ????

  85. 사랑해녤깅아


  86. semwuavocadoss._ Gurll_

    Khalid vibes!..
    Yoo bruhh ur voice drive me crazy..

  87. Marty D


  88. Smock

    ma ard in gauaza

  89. Funnyproductiony


  90. Mariam

    Rarely comment, but I thought this song a lil bit reminds me of journals’s album vibes lol

  91. Surreal Blue

    This needs a mv

  92. Shannon Dunaway

    Digging this. Just heard him on sirius xm radio.