Pink - Stupid Girls Lyrics

Aha, aha

Stupid girl, stupid girls, stupid girls

Maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back
Porno Paparazzi girl, I don't wanna be a stupid girl

Go to Fred Segal, you'll find them there
Laughing loud so all the little people stare
Looking for a daddy to pay for the champagne
(Drop a name)
What happened to the dreams of a girl president
She's dancing in the video next to 50 Cent
They travel in packs of two or three
With their itsy bitsy doggies and their teeny-weeny tees
Where, oh where, have the smart people gone?
Oh where, oh where could they be?

Maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back
Porno Paparazzi girl, I don't wanna be a stupid girl
Baby if I act like that, flipping my blond hair back
Push up my bra like that, I don't wanna be a stupid girl

(Break it down now)
Disease's growing, it's epidemic
I'm scared that there ain't a cure
The world believes it and I'm going crazy
I cannot take any more
I'm so glad that I'll never fit in
That will never be me
Outcasts and girls with ambition
That's what I wanna see
(Come on)
Disasters all around
World despaired
Your only concern
Will it fuck up my hair

Maybe if I act like that (do like this), that guy will call me back
Porno Paparazzi girl, I don't wanna be a stupid girl
Baby if I act like that (Oh, Oh-Oh, Do you think?), flipping my blond hair back (Do you think?)
Push up my bra like that, I don't wanna be a stupid girl (Yeah, yeah)

(Do ya think? Do ya think? Do ya think?)
(I like this, like this, like this)
Pretty will you fuck me girl, silly I'm so lucky girl
Pull my head and suck it girl, stupid girl!
Pretty would you fuck me girl, silly I'm so lucky girl
Pull my head and suck it girl, stupid girl!

(Baby) Baby if I act like that, flipping my blond hair back
(Baby if I) Push up my bra like that, stupid girl!

Maybe if I act like that (maybe if I act like that), that guy will call me back (that guy will call me back)
Porno Paparazzi girl (Porno Paparazzi girl), I don't wanna be a stupid girl (stupid girl)
Baby if I act like that (maybe if I act like that), flipping my blond hair back (flipping my blond hair back)
Push up my bra like that (push up my bra like that), I don't wanna be a stupid girl (stupid girl)

["stupid girl" throughout:]
Baby if I act like that, flipping my blond hair back
Push up my bra like that,
Stupid girl
Stupid girl
Stupid girl

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Pink Stupid Girls Comments
  1. Enrique P

    I know she was making fun of a bunch of celebrities here but her body looks so amazing!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  2. D Sohn

    This vilifies femininity very unfairly. The point should be to call people out for behaving in a performative way that isn't authentic to their individual selves. There are plenty of girls who choose football, videogames, and beer over lipgloss who are performing just as inauthentically for male attention.

  3. Alexis Johnston

    It's 2020 and this is still an issue.. can we hear more songs with messages like this one?

  4. V Moscow

    To realize this song was completely ahead of its time. Reminds me of this generation today

  5. Ribeiro Ribeiro

    2020 I don't wanna to be a stupid girl 👩‍🎓

  6. Kelly ward

    kim k and paris h *check*

  7. Phan.Ryden.Destiel

    ok but P!nk as the Devil looks like Elizabeth Hurley from Bedazzled was this purposeful

  8. Trent

    Oh Joslyn and Laganja...

  9. Crakatoot

    i would def bang Pink

  10. Sweetcrystalroses OwO

    Donald Trump looking different in this video 🤔

  11. God Pilled

    Trisha Paytas has left the chat

  12. Yugvijay

    She is clearly making fun of Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton so obvious. Sooooo obvious.

  13. Lena Lenkina

    все и всех я продам за сексм

  14. Christine Chapsal

    she's so sin-ce-re in everything , a great one for sure

  15. Castor Alpha

    Reminder that this song wasn't made for you to shame women for doing what they enjoy- it was made to show how wrong it's for women to contribute to their own oppression by changing themselves and their body to fit into society's standards.

  16. Paige Paxton

    Idiocracy from a woman’s perspective

  17. Sabine Feenstaub

    Nice adonis belt

  18. Max Wang

    This song is basically “ I’m
    Not like other girls anthem” 😂

    Remic No

    Back in the 2000s that was the common message. If you wear makeup and have big boobs you can't be smart you have to dress like a man in order to be taken serious. Glad things have changed now.

  19. Buffyslyth

    What a good summery of the trashy side of the 00s

  20. cloud campos

    Nit tk be that old fart really but when was the last time you heard lyrics that actually rimed and made sens and delivered a genuine message and not just followed a trend ? I feel loke i'm too young to feel like this but I can't help bit feel they don t make songs lile these no more

  21. Corey Lee Jester

    Jesus H. Christ, no, she is -not- making fun of eating disorders. If you payed any attention to, well, the ENTIRE music video, it's VAPID women throughout. Then this scene, where the same type of women are puking to stay "slim". Eating disorders, generally speaking, are a person's shame...they would NOT be acting on it in a public restroom (In a STALL where there is some sort of privacy? Maybe) for everyone to just walk in and see. People who are genuinely suffering and not outspoken about their struggle tend to do everything they can to hide their struggle. They certainly wouldn't act on it in such an open way, seems rather attention seeking. The women the actresses and P!nk herself are portraying in this video are the many women we've all met in life who are solely in it for vanity. Brainless, careless, only concerned with what magazines and celebrities are telling them what's "hot" and LOOKING "hot". The women they are portraying are what I would simply call "lost" or "too far gone in their own vanity"... something along those lines.

  22. Stevie Ferrari

    Luckily this songs message helped change our generations goals and perspective. . . So glad things are so different now.

  23. Darinka overeem

    Pink is like my inner voice she just finds the exact words 2019 going 2020 🍀❤

  24. Rip Sav

    Never realized how much this song helped definitely a decade gem

  25. alex

    shes such a pick me lmao but this slaps

  26. Aredhel

    Back in the days when we didn't have to pretend that women taking their clothes off and objectifying themselves for money and attention is somehow "empowering".

  27. Arohaina Aumua

    Is this being recommended to anyone else?

  28. Jodie Keenan

    I love P!ink, but I hate this song :(

  29. Saruvaward

    2:46 SPLIT TIME!!!

  30. Esau Martínez


  31. Ashleah Garrin

    Do you guys remember these days? Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan 😂😂 the fake tans, big sunglasses and bleached hair 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂😂

  32. Ce G

    0:40 hoy many Mississipis did you count? 😂😂

  33. Josue2018

    what's wrong with stupid girls? I like them.

  34. we don't judge

    That is so true. Girls just can't be their self. They put on such fake attitudes trying to impress the guy. Pink has such a sexy, beautiful voice, & a fabulous body. Pink is such an amazing, talented lady.

  35. caitlyn who r u


  36. James Lawrence

    Why is this song more relevant than ever

    Uncharted Raider

    Because people finally listen to the message .
    Instead of being triggered (which I don’t understand how you can be .)

    James Lawrence

    @Uncharted Raider plus, I was way to young to get the message when this came out😂

  37. Shanan Alexander

    I adore stupid girl. .You are not.....a stupid girl. Anything you got is amazing.

  38. Sweet Angel

    The 2:00 proves that Pink is a stupid girl, I hate hypocrisy!

    Gan Len

    You're an idiot 🙄

  39. Drr Trr

    It is not music, it's garbage. And even nothing to look at.

  40. chris Barnett

    Is she transgender?

    Gan Len

    No, just manly.

  41. Oliver Jimenez

    My childhood!!!!! Was this song!!

  42. Gail Wild

    All I think is josylyn and laganja
    I hope other people agree

  43. vipera_7

    Too late

  44. CoUnTrY Kay

    2:09 to 2:19 I'm dead

  45. Ai Mori LAND

    Still rocks even 3 days before 2020

  46. Ruthie R

    Damn, I’m the stupid girl. Oh well it’s too late for me. I’m going on 26 next year.

  47. ilove2929


  48. Maia 2323

    Soundtrack to r/notlikeothergirls

  49. Joy Cast

    Doesn't matter if she's right men really respond only to those kinda girls

    Gan Len

    The stupid ones, yes.

  50. Xanthalous Rachaum

    America already has this song
    Been done before
    And, the original sounds MUCH better
    here ya go

    Gan Len

    That song sucked.

  51. lucy ayling

    i love this. pink is proving that she can make herself look like one of those girls, but she choses to be herself <3

    Gan Len

    Naw, she sold out.

  52. Lisa Princess

    Ein total cooles Lied von dir du bist meine Lieblings Sängerin und größtes Vorbild und meine Freundin ich habe dich ganz doll lieb ❤️💓💟❣️💖🧡💞💕🤍💛💚💗💙

  53. Katrina Woods

    My ex boy boyfriends dog is in that video.

  54. goal pop

    “Im not like other girls”

  55. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    I remember a boy bought me her first album when I was in the 6th grade. I loved it! He took it back when I told him I didn't like him! 😂

    Gan Len

    What was her first album?

    GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    @Gan Len can't take me home is the name of it.

    Gan Len

    @GorgeouslyReal T.V.
    So glad you didn't say mizundastood.

    GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    @Gan Len lol why is that?

    Gan Len

    @GorgeouslyReal T.V.
    Everyone thinks that's her first album.

  56. Sadia Afrin

    Britney Spears 😜🤣

  57. Una Luna Elvish Witch Fae


  58. saturn

    this was all lowkey a diss at jessica simpson and paris hilton lmao

    GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    Facts! Kim too!


    @GorgeouslyReal T.V. ugh, p!nk was so ahead of her time

    hal 8er6x

    Low-key? It was beyond everyone's eyes 😂😂

  59. VirusJD

    1:36 *will it wooh my hair*

  60. BirdieHouse

    This video wasn't to shame anyone it was to show that people (girls typically) change their bodies to please others and that's stupid. In what situation in this video does one of the girls do something that isn't to please someone else or to show off. Exactly.
    It literally says "maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back" "I don't wanna be a stupid girl". She's not saying those girls are stupid, just that those thoughts that they have to have something to be seen are stupid.

  61. HeyIt'sAmanda

    People think she's making fun of people with eating disorders and people who are feminine. No. She is making fun of the women who create their only existence to act dumb and uneducated and only to be a sex symbol. The whole thing portrays how women are going to extreme to be like those women like going under the knife and becoming bulimic to fit a standard set by society that believes everyone must be the "dumb blond." She's saying be yourself, and not follow our fucked up society. If you want to be feminine? fine, if you want to have plastic surgery to enhance your looks? fine, if you want to film a sex tape? fine, but do it for yourself and not because of society.

  62. 장미

    damn, this song is too far ahead of its time

  63. Nad G

    Listening to this song in my early teenage years helped me to not become stupid girl

  64. Aesthetic_Prince

    P!nk, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. The only natural blondes who had common sense in the early 2000s. Yes before the whole 2007 Britney.

  65. Maja Nastic

    One of my favorite songs ever.

  66. Kristal Price

    These is true for the day you that addiction is there social media plastic and botox is what going on today

  67. Rossana Malavolti

    Che scema che è sta donna, mi ha fatto ridere un sacco!

  68. lemon pie

    I hate this video and song.. the lyrics should really be "Im so ugly ill never fit in.. that will never be me.. outcasts and girls with internalized mysoginy thats what i wanna see!!!!" Dont bring down hyper feminine women just because youre not secure within your femininity. It isn't a detriment to society that women want to have fun and attract men (or women). Women playing football is not rebellious.

    Lidoe 1612

    lemon pie And you’re one of the reasons people hate social justice warriors.

    lemon pie

    @Lidoe 1612 Thanks for giving me that power

  69. Throwaway Account

    You can be a stupid girl if you wanna. You do you.

  70. margarita novytska

    I love her!!! ❣️

  71. Heather Palma

    Song is still relevant.

  72. Caio

    Nostalgia que chama né?

  73. Emanuel Carballo

    she have soap in the mouth in car wash part??? :O

  74. Jack Napier

    "what happened to the dream of a girl president? she's dancing in the video next to 50 cent"
    umm Hillary?

    Failed Miscarriage

    @Sophie Dumbell 2006 actually.

  75. Claudio Maxia

    Si. Dovrebbe essere la mossa giusta...!

  76. suga plums

    2019?? <3

  77. Ivana Topic

    love this song and video is so great. Pink is not making fun of nobody , she just shows what you should not be doing..... and why you should not fit into society form

  78. Glory M

    2019...Today's trends fake a$$, fake lips, fake cheekbones etc.

  79. Gabi Edgar

    I’m dead!!💀💀💀

  80. Tayler Jaye

    That’s why Australia loves you P!nk, you’re real ❤️ love you

  81. Pork Chop

    Pink is the smartest girl I know. If you pull your blond hair back we can go on forever. Also with your little push up braw is a lovly sight.

  82. Batiehope MSP

    This sing came out when I was 3 UwU

  83. Mikhaela Laurente

    Reminds me of this quote:

    "Unfollow IG models and influencers. Start following artists and designers. Your entire outlook on life will change. You will be reminded less of your insecurities. You will be reminded more of what you love about what humans are capable of creating."

    Makynzee The Fat Hamster

    Idk about designers, but artists can feel insecure about other artist's work. When compared with that other artist, they put themselves down.

  84. Braxton Bourque

    Fast and furious car at the end.

  85. The Music Council

    this video was soooo clever and the message was sooo advanced for that time!! this reflects what happens today!! today media are clogged to the bones by stupid girls! and that, unfortunately, sells millions!!! and in the long term generates what she pictures here (body dysmorphia, self punishment, excessive exercising to get the attention from some hunky moron at the gym.... body issues...) wow..... it's such a powerful song

  86. Shaun Rasmussen

    Pink for president!

  87. salim ampofo

    I love doing things

  88. Abhilasha Rai

    There is reference to other songs in this video. Can you pick out?

  89. dwi putranto

    Shadeeeessss in the aiiiirrrr lmaoooo it never gets old 😩😭🤣🤣

  90. Sanatuzoki

    This song is not only about kardashians, also about Paris Hilton...

  91. Banana

    Laganja x Joslyn Fox anyone?

  92. Lost_Girls

    2:20 describe my life

  93. matias taberner

    Muy poca crítica a los hombres, quienes son los verdaderos imbéciles en este video, y mucha a la crítica a las chicas influenciadas por esta cultura machista y heteronormativa que nos impone seguir su moral y estereotipos asquerosos

    Kara Samo

    Si hasta Pink reconoció que había un montón de mujeres tontas hasta no poder más

    Kara Samo

    Y a todo esto, te llamas matias y te consideras mujer??

    matias taberner

    @Kara Samo en ningún momento aclare que soy mujer. Cuando escribí sobre la imposición sobre nosotros de la moral y los estereotipos me refería a un nosotros sin género porque todos cumplimos roles en base a estereotipos impuestos seas del género que seas. Entiendo que puede que lo haya redactado mal, pero se entiende a lo que quiero llegar, también se entiende que lo tuyo es un ninguneo, tratando de rebajarme por mi discurso.

  94. Eltipoquevisteayer

    0:24 I don't mean she predicted it, but sugar baby culture it's much more rampart nowadays, oh my.

  95. I Love jun

    This aged a little too well

  96. tokionovaloid

    official "not like other girls" theme