Pink Martini - Smile Lyrics

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through for you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

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Pink Martini Smile Comments
  1. Jolanta Frank

    Piękna aż boli ,,,,

  2. PugetSoundFlyer PSF

    You are missed. Ad Astra, Phyllis.

  3. Jin-Moon Kim

    Everybody.... Smile ^^

  4. Ozlem Oka

    smile 🤗🤗🤗

  5. Diana North

    amazing and fitting that she would sing this for (not surprisingly) she and Charlie Chaplin were friends!

  6. aviduser1961

    The more I learn about Phyllis Diller, the more I like her. What a life force!

  7. Edward Kwok

    This version is the best version that I ever hear. Her voice in this song was full of wisdom of life .... her voice let me feel warmth whenever I hear this song ... R.I.P.

  8. Miss. Phyllis Renee Foster

    I cant  smile,  my heart is broking in so many peaces, I love you PHYLLIS!

  9. Terry Ebert-Mendozza

    It is August 20, 2015; 3 years since our beloved Phyllis passed.  Phyllis recorded this only a couple months before she passed.  Here I am in the middle of the night, listening to her sing "Smile", with tears still running down my cheeks, but I feel her pinching those same cheeks, saying "Motha says cut it out - and smile".  Phyllis, I love you and miss you every day.  I, too, miss her voice, her laugh, her wisdom and that wonderful are in Heaven, leading the Angels.  That's a given.......

  10. mrbeaverstate

    Nice tribute.

  11. John Wallach

    Smiling through tears.  If you grew up with her, you'd know why.


    @John Wallach Same here. I cry every time I hear it.

  12. Michele Jez

    What an icon, I grew up with her and she always inspired. 

  13. Martine Paillard

    magnifique et très émouvant

  14. Romi Cortier

    So Poignant 

  15. Lainer Martin

    Awww, Phyllis. Loved you. R.I.P.

  16. Charlie Fortune

    great story, and so true. my mother is 91 and she reminds me of this truth.
    i have your new album, and will visualize Phyllis when i play this track.

  17. dreamjungkey

    <3 <3 <3 Thank You for posting this ! Peace

  18. Pauline Rothstein

    this song is made better by Phyllis. R.I.P. honey!

  19. Lainer Martin

    I loved Phyllis Diller. Hard working woman!

  20. edward childs

    fantastic . what an opportunity Tomas , putting the historic figures chaplin and diller singing . now some techy needs to match a video with both

  21. birdznkatz

    What a beautiful recording.

  22. Ploi Uma

    amazing voice and wonderful energy! It's sad to hear that her passed away but she'll stay in my heart forever. You'll find the life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.

  23. Terry Ebert-Mendozza

    She was my second Mother and this was sent to all her friends 2 days after her passing. We could all see her smiling, and it is SO Phyllis............August 20, 2012 was one of the saddest days of our lives. Phyllis, we love you and miss you beyond all words...................

  24. Luis Natal

    Thanks so very much for posting this beautiful recording. I heard Phyllis' last radio interview with Scott. She was so amazing, but could not live forever. She will be terribly missed. R.I.P Phyllis. :(

  25. Cheng Kiang Ng

    Beautiful. Will this be available on a future CD?

  26. soxnsuits

    OMG How wonderful!!! Thank You Thank You Tank You!!!!

  27. 1HelloByeHello1


  28. Edie Trammel

    Awww, sweet precious-ness! Thank you for sharing!

  29. Littlebricksfusion

    May she smile in peace..

  30. dirigentin

    I <3<3<3 Lauderdale's style at the keyboard. Like glitter. What a great recording with a great lady.

  31. James Anderson

    Lovely! Thanks for the laughs and wonderful music, dear Phyllis!

  32. Dee Long

    Thanks very much for sharing! Will this song be on your next CD release?

  33. EstimatedProf

    Lovely. Leaves me with a lump in my throat.

  34. dorje chang

    What a pleasent recording, I did not know she sang as well as she did, reminds me very much of Marlene Dietrich...

  35. Gregory Fowler

    Thanks Phyllis, you still make me laugh every time.
    And thanks Thomas for recording this.

  36. Jolino Beserra

    She will be around forever. A dear soul who didn't need to be mean to be funny.
    RIP sweet funny

  37. padobe2


  38. Bob Robinson

    What a wonderful song to leave to this sad ole world. Phyllis filled my childhood with laughter and, like Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, and George Burns, always left me laughing. this world is sadder and emptier without her, but the legacy of laughter and joy that she's left us will carry us through. Thank you sweet lady for all those beautiful years.............we'll never forget you! R.I.P.

  39. atomicmichael

    love Pink Martini and Phyllis. she was a fixture of my youth and one funny and inspiring lady. thanks so much for posting this. i have to say i'll be a bit disappointed if this isn't available on cd soon....wink, wink, nod, nod.

  40. Beregond1954

    What a lovely thing that she got to do this just before she left us. A perfect final message.

  41. Jessica Quinn

    Phyllis your voice and smile are so very much missed here. You are loved here and now in heaven . Heaven just got a bit better. We who are left behind have something more to look forward to and That is a chance to hear your voice and give you a warm hug and see you smile.

    Eternally your friend,


  42. Jo DeFranco

    Thanks for the zany laughs. Rest in Peace.

  43. Nan Wellins

    Thanks so much for posting this. It's beyond wonderful. Brought tears to my eyes.

  44. Jackie Arnold

    Brought me to tears.. God bless and keep you always Phyllis.

  45. smokeemonkee

    This is very poignant and touching.

  46. Budcat101

    This is wonderful! From a wonderful lady. Saw her in person once and was entranced!

  47. cathie joy Young

    Good one Thomas :)

  48. solarpurplestarlight

    Lovely! RIP Phyllis.

  49. Martin Evans

    I always thought I guess, that she'd be around forever, like the Sun and the Moon.

  50. Map Head

    Proving again that a comedian must carry a tune - while a musician need never deliver a punchline.
    Fang - what will we do now?
    Love your pic Thomas!

  51. Gina Pidoto

    I love you Phylilis, thank you for everything. You will be missed with a smile,again thank you. see you smiling.


    P.S. Thank you Mr. Lauderdale! You (and Pink Martini) are the best!


    How lovely! I heard on "Fresh Air" that she was a classically trained musician and an outstanding cook; I had no idea. She'll be remembered as one of my cherished celebrities from my childhood. Thanks for all the memories, and laughs, Ms. Diller! You're a true original! May your memory be eternal!

  54. yobaba

    I now see why you were walking on the edge this last weekend; I never stopped to think about it. This is pure Thomas Lauderdale. You have such a great heart, we are so proud of you, kid.

  55. pleasingkarma

    I have so much respect for women like Phyllis Diller, she exemplified what it means to be a real woman, and what an honor for Thomas, he was where he was suppose to be to record this for posterity, Thanks Thomas!. There couldn't be a more perfect selection of song and performer. Rest In Peace Phyllis Diller!.

  56. stevers62

    So beautiful!! Thanks for recording and posting. I hope it will be on an upcoming CD.

  57. freshair3451

    It's extremely beautiful to me...more than you know.

  58. Kellie Norcott

    How fitting - her son said he found her that morning with a smile on her face. It's fitting because she brought smiles to so many of us. RIP, Phyllis.

  59. Bernie Miller

    Wonderful recording and tribute to two remarkably talented people. RIP with Fang, Phyllis

  60. Wolfrover

    (listens, eyes misty)

    I know you mean well... but to me, it's beautiful.

  61. Paigeturnernyc

    i just love her so much..this is soo special

  62. Kathy Bevan

    Beautiful. I had no idea she was an accomplished pianist.

  63. chutch

    Very touching, she lived a long full life and this is a fitting remembrance of her.

  64. pattigee1

    There's laughter in paradise. A life well-lived and whe left our world a better place!

  65. Jerry Culberson

    What a tribute to such a legend. Thank you Phillis for years of classic entertainment. A true lady of the art. Thanks for the memories

  66. freshair3451

    I know that. Even when she was young she couldn't sing. That's the charm of her.

  67. sixthstreetgmail

    Thank you for posting this.

  68. samokc61

    Adore this a fitting and such a positive tribute. Thank you!!1

  69. Cal Coleman

    so glad Thomas (classy guy and amazing musicians) seized that opportunity to be with her and record this....precious. what a talented and loving lady.

  70. freshair3451

    She sounds drunk... Love you Phyllis

  71. MisterJokerToker

    What a GREAT version of this! RIP!

  72. emmalovesyoudoll

    This cam eon the radio the morning and it just got me, I cried so hard.

  73. lupeanamiguel1

    Oh, my...I'm tearing up. Great recording.

  74. Jim Texas

    Thanks Phyllis. Rest and Smile Forever.

  75. Regina Przygocki

    ok I am smiling now ;-)

  76. Cherryl Maree


  77. indyflyer100

    Thank you Phyllis for a lifetime of smiles and laughter and now tears. Angels in heaven are smiling today

  78. MelissaJurgensen

    Beautiful! Wonderful tribute. Thank you Pink Martini and Phyllis!!

  79. Brad Hildt

    A great talent - thanks for all of the smiles, Phyllis.

  80. EdmundHeng80

    This is really wonderful! =)

  81. Brian Tomlinson

    Thomas L. class act and very thoughtful. god bless Phyllis Diller.

  82. sancau

    Thank you for sharing; what a treasure of a recording!

  83. Bryan Stovold

    Wonderful and touching...and good!

  84. Toni Pedersen

    Who could ever forget her smile and laugh,


    Thank you Thomas for sharing your intimate moments with her. She is such an icon for women and female comedians. My tears cannot express how I feel and I hope she is with all the other comedians.

  86. cearbhaill

    I've listened to this 5 times tonight (on soundcloud.)
    It's actually quite touching.

  87. Aliko Korchak

    Thank you

  88. mim golub scalin

    Thank you for posting this.

  89. greenskeeper

    She was awesome!

  90. DEB Z

    she knew the secret <3

  91. TackyLuau

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful treasure! Love you Phyllis, may you rest in peace.

  92. 9raider


  93. Alan Case

    That is so sweet.

  94. frank21046

    A beautiful tribute to one who brought us much joy.

  95. cirquedallas

    Absolutely beautiful ~ What a beautiful person, and she shared her smiles with us, we shared our smiles with others...and so on and so on. RIP Ms Phyllis ~ I know you're smiling away in heaven! Thank you so much Thomas for sharing, what a very special moment you got to share with her

  96. Patrick Spike

    Glorious.... Thank you SOOOO much for sharing this. What an incredible treat for Thomas I'm sure.

  97. Lisa Lindsley

    What an amazing and wonderful tribute to Phyllis! I adored her humor and big, warm smile...

  98. Doug Parker

    One of America's treasures. I loved Phylis Diller. Plane and simple. She brought laughter to a generation that is slowly slipping away. That is the way life is. Thank you Phylis

  99. kivinen1

    Thank you so much for doing this; Phyllis and Thomas, two of my favorites.