Pink Martini - Până Când Nu Te Iubeam Lyrics

Pâna când nu te iubeam
Dorule, dorule
Unde ma culcam dormeam
Dorule, dorule

Dar de-acum ca te iubesc
Dorule, dorule
Nu pot sa ma odihnesc
Dorule, dorule

Ies din casa sa ma duc
Dorule, dorule
Nu stiu încotro s-apuc
Dorule, dorule

Saraca inima mea
Dorule, dorule
Te ating nu se mai ïa
Dorule, dorule

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Pink Martini Până Când Nu Te Iubeam Comments
  1. Αιεχ βrεsςαηυ

    Emoționant😥 Nu am mai auzit-o. Nu sunt din RO. Patrimoniu Muzical Uman

  2. Sever Spanulescu

    As vrea sa vad si alti pianisti cu o asemenea prezenta scenica! S-ar potrivi si mai bine la muzica gen tango sau chiar jazz. Dar presupun ca gesturile sunt la fel de dificile ca desprinderile din gimnastica la bara.

  3. Нина Григорьевна


  4. Cahit UYANIK

    Türkçesi: Seni sevinceye kadar...

  5. halil çapan

    Pır başe Çook iyiiii, very good 👍👍👍👍👍🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  6. Constantina Florea

    Super 💃 ✍️ ❤️☘️✌️iubesc muzica 👍🙏

  7. Dorin Corceac

    Cu toate ca a cantat nemaipomenit, dar haide, nimeni nu va putea sa o surclaseze pe dna Tanase...doar un roman poate simti acest cantec, ce nu ati spune...

  8. Елена Драгоман

    Wonderful song, great voice

  9. Galina Roșca

  10. Osman Sivri

    Off diyoruz

  11. Arsalan Hashemzade Sarraf

    The theme is also similar to
    Jewish and Iranians...!

  12. F. Archier

    It's just wow !

  13. Mieczysław W

    Nie znam słów ale jak śpiewa urocza Dama to wiem że to takie piękne Brawo z pozdrowieniami z Polski

  14. Rick de Niro

    Aseeekkk neh lagunya

  15. Lore Roman

    nu are graiul romaneasc dar imi da goosebombs...asa ca Superb PINK MARTINI!

  16. Mariana Jovanovic

    Beautiful rendition of a classic, sang with so much passion

  17. atticusworld

    Amazing! I love you for this performance.

  18. Dumitrache Adrian

    Imperfectiunea cu care pronunta face numarul remarcabil. Sa nu mai zic de onoarea pe care o resimt cand o trupa straina atat de talentata canta o melodie romaneasca. Avem si noi valorile noastre. Ne putem mandri cu drag despre Maria Tanase.

  19. Fleur de Lis

    Dear Storm Large,
    I have a new sugestion for you together with Pink Martini:
    ❤ you! 💋

  20. Cristian Andrei

    amazing performance! She gets it way better than a native Romanian singer.... way to go!

  21. Mary LLP

    love this song

  22. leonyd1970

    очаровательная женщина

  23. matt 1910b

    I call this girl "porn singer". she uses her body to win your heart. and to many uneducated people it works.

  24. Conchi Herves

    Hasta que te amé
    Amigo, Amigo
    Donde estaba durmiendo estaba durmiendo
    Amigo, Amigo

    Pero de ahora en adelante te amo
    Amigo, Amigo
    No puedo descansar
    Amigo, Amigo

    Sal de la casa para ir
    Amigo, Amigo
    No se a donde ir
    Amigo, Amigo

    Pobre mi corazon
    Amigo, Amigo
    Ya no te toco
    Amigo, Amigo

  25. Μάξιμος Παρολίνι

    how much did this stupid dress cost?

  26. andreihromania

    Just another proof of what a great, unique singer Maria Tanase was.

  27. Nutu Floarea


  28. Sergiu O

    Ba esti nebun !? ....E bestial ! 💓💓💓

  29. Constantin Dumitrescu

    A song that comes from the depth of history. I do not know enough of the Byzantine religious music but it seems to be even older. Absolutely superb interpretation! Maybe the song comes from the time we all were one people. Those of us blessed with artistic sensibility still are one people...

  30. HPArchives

    HPE brought me here

  31. shawn bla


  32. Hi there

    I see she covered that ridiculous back tat - at least a little.
    I'll take China.

  33. Erzebet Tot Bagi

    Until I loved you,
    Dear, dear,
    Where I was sleeping,
    Dude, Dude!
    But now that I love you,
    Dear, dear,
    I can't rest,
    Dude, Dude!
    I leave the house to go,
    Dear, dear,
    I don't know where to go,
    Dude, Dude
    Poor my heart,
    Dear, dear,
    From the moment it was gone,
    Dude, Dude!

  34. Parascheeva Furnal

    Eu asta am înțeles, ca român:
    „Ce rahat
    în inimă am negat
    Dorule, Dorule”

  35. Elena Gilie

    Miw ei in romana ii adauga canteculyi un farmex in plus!!!

  36. Elena Gilie

    Great !! Like Romanian i live wgat yiy did with thus sinf!!!Ir soynds great indeeed!!

  37. Elena Gilie

    Munynata re interpretare Bravi Bravisssimoo

  38. Luis Rato

    Amazing! Thanks!

  39. Antonio Villamor

    I wish Pink Martini will sing a Filipino song too.

  40. Miruna Herovanu

    Incredible performance! Congrats Storm Large for capturing with endless sensibility the essence of this beautiful masterpiece of a song!

  41. Vaga Bond

  42. Lora Tsvetkova

    Красивый женский голос,красивый диапазон голоса ,его краски и эмоции,красивое оркестровое сопровождение...и сама певица,как физическое воплощение философского понятия красоты земной жизни -дизайнерское его воплощение! И нам дано этим восхищаться.

  43. 김진국


  44. gadalin58

    I am Romanian, i know this song of Maria Tănase.

  45. Maria Lopez-Gonzalez

    I dont know what she saying but I'm in love

  46. Dave Smith

    I LOVE the over-the-top expressive piano playing!

  47. ssoozee

    Wow, just WOW!

  48. E Rod

    Esta chanson me faze chorar non so pour quoi.

  49. Scott Preston

    les paroles:
    Pâna când nu te iubeam
    Dorule, dorule
    Unde ma culcam dormeam

    Dorule, dorule

    Dar de-acum ca te iubesc
    Dorule, dorule
    Nu pot sa ma odihnesc
    Dorule, dorule

    Ies din casa sa ma duc
    Dorule, dorule
    Nu stiu încotro s-apuc
    Dorule, dorule

    Saraca inima mea
    Dorule, dorule
    Te ating nu se mai ïa
    Dorule, dorule

  50. Kevin Hancey

    The emotion and passion that exudes from her soul ...

  51. BlueMountain 2

    We're with the POETRY loving bandⓒ시詩사랑

  52. Tedf 25

    Storm's masterful.

  53. eduard brailescu

    OMG!!! Storm Large it’s unbelievable,pure magic this woman💕💕💕🙏

  54. arrascaeta dora

    Hay que seguir trayectoria,
    temas elegidos, artistas con los que se acompañó en sus composiciones.
    Ésta ,Storm Large una de las más magníficas.

  55. arrascaeta dora

    Pink Martini para nada un artista menor.
    Más bien lo opuesto.

  56. Alba City


    Евгений Полонец


  57. Michael Constantin

    🇷🇴 Magnifico ⭐️Magnifyficent⭐️
    Exotic ⭐️ Fantastic ⭐️ Superb ⭐️
    ❤️One of a kind Platinum VOICE !
    Anyone can tell that she’s IN LOVE WITH THE MUSIC !!!

  58. Lucian Alexuc


  59. Bogdan Uilecan

    Anton Pann's score (cca. 1830)...

  60. Bogdan Uilecan

    Maria Tănase...

  61. Augustine Siswanto


  62. Judy Holikova

    to Storm:
    when I heard this beautiful Romanian love song in your interpretation for the first time (like other Pink Martini’s songs and your own music), I once again touched through you the beauty of our civilization.
    Romanian is based on Latin and we all long here in Europe to live, to see and to touch the preciousness of life. We strive for excellence once again and you, Storm, are a perfect example and a hero for us, especially in Eastern Europe!
    You show us again the beauty of life through your music and art. Thank you so much. Please keep on in music. We are going in your footsteps as well. Greetings from Prague, Judy Holikova.

  63. Ion Popovici


  64. RT Elkin

    Pana cand nu te iubeam, Dorule, dorule, Unde ma culcam dormeam, Dorule, dorule! Dar acum ca te iubesc, Dorule, dorule, Nu pot sa ma odihnesc, Dorule, dorule! Ies din casa sa ma duc, Dorule, dorule, Nu stiu incotro s-apuc, Dorule, dorule Saraca inima mea, Dorule, dorule, De la tin' nu se mai ia, Dorule, dorule!

  65. Monica-Elena

    You should give credit where credit is due so maybe put the original singer and origin of the song in the description! Otherwise, nice rendition! Happy to see a romanian song in OR!

  66. Dan Abaza

    A beautiful performance. If interested in Maria Tanase's original :
    Another version Caliu and Cosmina Soare:

  67. Vio Bote

    Absolutely amazing. Amazing ! I truly love it!

  68. Puel La

    why this little listened i dont understand! if you don't like the song watch her, if you dont like her listen to the song.!


    FANTASTIC! SUPERB! Bravo! Bravooooo! This must be one of the best versions of this ancient song! Definitely one of my favorites! And that, God must be smiling!

  70. bumbu83

    I recently discovered your channel and subscribed because I love the music you produce Pink Martini. As a fellow Romanian I must add too that I am very impressed with singer Storm Large. She is amazing! Thank you and congratulations!

  71. Zubak Vasîliev

    шикарная манера исполнения ,душой и телом!!!

  72. mariana olson

    Mi-au dat lacrimile de bucurie, de emotie.. Sa vezi o astfel de interpretare in aceste zile unde televiziunea romana promoveaza en gross prosul gust. O interpretare de clasa!!
    Bravo Storm!!! Felicitari.

  73. Mariana Bog

    mesmerising <3

  74. skrw2011

    One of Storms best performances ever .

  75. Ozguc SAHIN -DHAKA-

    Waovv!! From Out of the world! She lives the song!

  76. Cihangir Caliskan

    Excellent sound, beauty...

  77. stella neira

    desde Argentina admiro mucho a Pink, excelente canción

  78. Art. Demirjian

    Just look at that beautiful lady! I have seen so many magic show in my life! But the magic which she is performing is so powerful that it is jumping out of the screen and panetrating in my mind and in my heart by creating something within me, which there is no words can explain about what it is!! 🌷❤🍷😊

  79. George Stan

    ce bine arata

  80. Olivier Sparte


  81. Elena Gilie

    Like romanuan i live thus song,congratulations!!!!!!great performance!!

  82. Elena Gilie


  83. Η ομορφιά σε ολο το μεγαλείο

    Χάρμα οφθαλμών, και ώτων!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. S A

    Music sounds so Arabic. Like 1001 nights. Hard to imagine it is European.

  85. Thiện Le Hữu

    Bản phối quá hay. Giọng ca có nội lực và truyền cảm

  86. John Smith

    she is force of nature

  87. Gavril Tunsu

    Foarte frumos..o frumoasa propaganda muzicii si limbii romane mai ales..felicitari..Storm Large..!!

  88. Calin Antonescu

    Bravo Storm Large & Pink Martini!

  89. Yry Nst


  90. Yry Nst

    i LOVE IT!!!

  91. Yry Nst


  92. Gavril Tunsu

    Congratulations..wonderful performance...!!

  93. nicolae viorica


  94. nicolae viorica


  95. nicolae viorica


  96. liviu radu

    Apriga serpoaica!

  97. Anca Irimia

    e foarte greu pentru un american sa cante in românește, ce sa mai zic ca Storm Large simte melodia până în adâncul sufletului! Nota 10 cu felicitări! Great work, Pink Martini and Storm Large!