Pink Martini - Get Happy / Happy Days Lyrics

Forget your troubles
Come on get happy
You're gonna chase all your cares away

Shout hallejulah
Come on get happy
Get ready for the judgment day

The sun is shining
Come on get happy
The lord is waiting to take your hand
Shout hallejulah
And just get happy
We're going to the promised land

We're heading across the river
Soon your cares will all be gone

Forget your troubles
Come on get happy
You better chase all those blues away

Shout hallejulah
And just get happy

Happy times
Happy nights
Happy days

Happy days
Are here again
The skies above are clear again

So let's sing a song
Of cheer again
Happy days are here again

All together
Shout it now
There's no one who can doubt it now
So let's tell the world
About it now
Happy days are here again

There will be no more from now on

Happy days
Are here again
The skies above are clear again

So let's sing a song
Of cheer again
Happy days are here again

Happy times
Happy nights
Happy days

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Pink Martini Get Happy / Happy Days Comments
  1. domsau2

    Perfect together.

  2. Anupap Thepakun

    the happy musical
    get happy martiny :)

  3. Ren Aquino

    this time ms. storm large overacted when she laughed.

  4. Cynthia Corcoran

    Storm world acclaimed as Cynthia Corcoran.

  5. Геральт Ривийский

    в зеленом топ сами знаете почему (пение так себе)

  6. Тамила Родина

    Бесподобно!!! Долгой жизни коллективу и его Маэстро !!!!!

  7. Roger honoré

    China Forbes is very badly dressed, sorry!

  8. Frank


  9. Wi Yo

    Incredible voices!

  10. Isabela Marques

    Storm is perfect. s2

  11. Mia Christian

    Brilliant contrast in voice and personality that come together in an amazing way BUT how about the dynamic pianist. Go Thomas

  12. Yomisma

    Increíbles las voces de las dos, son geniales...

  13. Yousudame

    Simplemente increíble

  14. me encanta

  15. Véronique CONTI

    Happy together. Thank you !!!

  16. Nancy Livingston

    Just worked with Storm Large. What a delightful saucy lady.

  17. Hotchip71

    This makes me smile....

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  29. French Latino

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    I have heard Storm likes both dick and pussy.

  30. Misha Sandro

    absolutely fantastic.......


    China Forbes is the classy one & with better voice. Storm is with Pink Martini because of an emergency when China lost her voice suddenly and could not perform for a while. I hope Pink Martini will find a more classy one than Storm as a backup to China!


    I don't agree. They are both superb in their own way.

  32. local2458

    Lovely. Just lovely.

  33. Sherdil Egamov

    why nipples so obvious....

  34. Avis Wrentmore

    Girl Crush:)

  35. aydın doğu

    thats wonderful..

  36. Lulu Lulu


  37. Vladimir Nuñez Tolin

    EN. sorry to say but I do prefer China Forbes' s voice, movement, smile,...person as whole. should I be sorry ?
    FR. Désolé de le dire, mais je préfère la voix de Chine Forbes, le mouvement, le sourire, ... la personne dans son ensemble. Devrais-je être désolé?
    ES. Lo siento decir, pero prefiero la voz de China Forbes, el movimiento, la sonrisa, ... la persona en su conjunto. ¿Debo sentirlo?

    Super Grumeau

    EN. I'm agree with you
    FR. Je suis bien d'accord avec vous !
    ES. estoy de acuerdo contigo

    Daisy _

    Moi aussi, mais Storm est tres bonne, aussi ;)

  38. Luis Doport Alejandre

    They are so cool..

  39. chaz chris

    Merveilleux ce duo composé par deux artistes exceptionnelles !

  40. Marian Dinu

    Man........Storm is a....storm


    Marian Dinu

    matt 1910b

    tribble     if you have nothing to say, fuck off.

  41. soalr

    Storm Large really too aggressive .. Don't like her way to behave .. China has more class ! :)

    Stanley Rogers

    I know, Pink Martini is too classy for someone like her.


    Get off your confort zone every now and then, you will be surprised what it has to offer

    Stanley Rogers

    I have no problem expanding my horizons; my point is that she brings their class level down a couple of notches.

    Lana Zizic

    No she isn't too "aggressive" whatever that might mean



  43. 79MrZeus


    Singing Psycho

    Really...? Grow up.

    bad hair .day

    +Marisa Interrante Straight men will never grow too old to like nipples. Basic Biology.

    St. George

    oh man... relax!



  44. marya milagros

    fantastic as always....

  45. Aleksandra Teklińska

    Storm jesteś fantastyczna .

  46. Veronica Rojero Mendez

    I didnt know that carlos slim play the double bass

  47. Bobby Hawthorne

    If this doesn't make you happy, see a doctor. Immediately.

    che guevara

    @Bobby Hawthorne ha ha ha , no futher comment !

  48. antoni font

    Fantástica y divertida actuación!!!

  49. Joey McDaniel

    So fun!

  50. maria niculici

    Imi place melodia

  51. Frank Washburn

    yes I'm Happy!   luv it!   

  52. cinnamon saint

    I love seeing them sing together! Two of my favourite singers. =)

  53. Ron



    Good music for leisure time.

  55. Mariana de Castro

    One of my favourites! I can't stop listening! *-*

  56. Ruby McGowan

    go girls lives me up such  a good act./////////////

  57. Daerendell

    Debe ser un indescriptible deleite ver a Pink Martini en vivo y con ese par de voces... a soñar se ha dicho

  58. Maureen A G

    what a fantastic duo!!! 

  59. Frank Washburn

    no need for the cat fight......u two rock! And Thomas knows that!

  60. Jeannah Swick Haber

    Accck! I can't stop listening this this! sublime...what a wonderful duo they are, bravo China and Storm!

  61. GriffinandsabineandB

    Love this!!! Thank you. China and Storm are both wonderful performers and their voices blend beautifully. Enjoy seeing them individually and when they perform together. I like that they have two distinct performance styles.

  62. Yighit Gulec

    My besties <3

  63. Frank Washburn

    gr8 transitions..................luv it

  64. joan m johnson

    China is wonderful. We do understand that you want some time for your family. Thank you PM for telling us when we can attend concerts with China as the singer.

  65. Tiramisu Ferrella

    China Forbes and Thomas Lauderdale ARE Pink Martini -- Ms. Forbes' velvet voice literally takes me to the places she sings about -- an incredible talent -- I only hope that Ms. Forbes comes back permanently!

  66. Mustafa Ozan Alpay

    This is fabulous!

  67. theozaf1


  68. tonyde52

    I've been trying to figure out Storm's tattoo on her back says. What a duo. very hot stuff!

  69. ktbrotten

    My most favorite concert moment ever. Loved this live and now on vid.

  70. Ricardo Anton

    Love it!

  71. TheSeaEmilka77