Pink Martini - Friend Lyrics

We were friends when we were children
When we were learning of this wild world
Smiled and laughed
Running through the tall green grass
Saving up our love to last
Longer than a year

When we watched the heavens turn
Stars that guide our lives would brightly burn
So we searched for hearts of flame
Till the day we went our separate ways

Friend till we meet again and together face the end
Burn through the dark like the shooting star who mark
The blackness of the sky

Flame will start a fire in our hearts
Fire raging like the sun till the race is run
And when the fight is done we will smile like we did
When we were children

Sunrise chasing off the nights like
And narrow head the light strikes
Our heart turn into stone

As I've grown I won't forget the seeds we've sown
That slept beneath the cold white snow
And prosper in the spring

Still we watch the heaven swirl
Desperately we chase the stars that whirl
Now our hearts are all ablaze
Racin' always, racin' on their way

Friend till we meet again
And together face the end
Burning through dark like the shooting star
Who mark the blackness of the sky

Now we walk a wild and weary road
And the world is deadly cold
But we are double bold
As we smile once again
Like we were children, like we were learning
Of this wild world

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Pink Martini Friend Comments
  1. Jennifer Nelson

    Does anyone know the strumming pattern for this song?

  2. Janice A. Fehr

    Love this...So beautiful...makes my heart smile with the love of forever young friends! Bravo!!

  3. John Marven

    OMG. This sure takes me back to the Lydia Purple times of my life.

  4. BorlaExhaust

    Beautiful song!! Just left a concert where they performed this. Loved it!