Pink Martini - Exodus Lyrics

This land is ours
This land's for you, for me
This brave and glorious land I see
And when the morning sun reveals her hills and plains
I dream of the plains where children can run free

So take my hand and walk this land with me
And walk from sea to shining sea
Though I am just a man, when you are by my side
With your hand in mine, I know I can be strong

To make this land our home
If I must fight, I'll fight to make this land our own
Until I die, this land is mine

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Pink Martini Exodus Comments
  1. Darryl Williams

    Went to school with Jimmie in 5th grade and high school in Tacoma. It’s really dope seeing where he’s at now. Keep going G✊🏿😀

  2. Kimberly Theidon

    I heard Mr. Herrod sing this live in Boston, and I will never forget his performance. He is brilliant.

  3. Kimbaface

    I got to see him perform this 10/24/19 in Albany, NY. It was transcendent.

  4. Lynn Deatherage

    I saw this in Raleigh last spring and will occasionally think of it and become obsessed with it again. Just watched it 3 times this morning. Absolutely beautifully sung.

  5. Rich Ochotorena

    I get the chills every time I hear him sing this song...perfection

  6. E. Kevin Steinhauser


  7. Yoshie Hill

    When Jimmy Herrod stepped up to the microphone and began singing "Exodus" at San Francisco's Stern Grove Festival yesterday, I burst into tears. What a powerful message for this moment in history, what a magnificent voice, what a spine-tingling performance. Bravo, standing ovation! The highlight of a brilliant concert by Pink Martini.

  8. Brett B.

    Just saw this performed this past weekend in Spokane, and was the evening's highlight for me. That voice with the Fox Theater's vintage acoustics...shivers, tears, ovations all around. Jimmie is a special talent and cannot wait to hear more in the years to come!

  9. Joe Mug

    Fantastic. This is HIS song...he owned it. Beautiful!

  10. Earthbeauty Wanda Farmer


  11. MrPEIcanada

    great voice though the song is a bit, well, you know ...

    Thomas Layne

    Poor choice of song


    @Thomas Layne - Disagree. The singer gives it his own spin that particularly applies in these times.

  12. Green Croco

    Nice voice