Pink Floyd - What Shall We Do Now Lyrics

What shall we use to fill the empty spaces
Where waves of hunger roar?
Shall we set out across the sea of faces
In search of more and more applause?
Shall we buy a new guitar?
Shall we drive a more powerful car?
Shall we work straight through the night?
Shall we get into fights?
Leave the lights on?
Drop bombs?
Do tours of the east?
contract diseases?
Bury bones?
Break up homes?
Send flowers by phone?
Take to drink?
Go to shrinks?
Give up meat?
Rarely sleep?
Keep people as pets?
Train dogs?
Race rats?
Fill the attic with cash?
Bury treasure?
Store up leisure?
But never relax at all
With our backs to the wall.

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Pink Floyd What Shall We Do Now Comments
  1. Wolverine Potter

    1:27 What shall WII U?

  2. Dave Grohl

    Como olvidar cuando Pink Floyd le entro al floripondio

  3. Zimm Can


  4. Termew

    Напоминает Coil

  5. Charlie Scott

    2:04 is one of the best parts of any musical don't @ me


    This movie and those animations are fucking fantastic!

  7. Greg Winter

    Saw this live at Nassau Coliseum, and I seriously thought I'd lose my mind

  8. michael getachew

    globalist theme song

  9. Squam Ham

    still the greatest musical of all time

  10. Ace of Diamonds

    I am literally watching flowers have sex.

  11. Alan Acosta

    The new world order

  12. Miller

    I watched this tripping on acid last night and I remember this a little differently

  13. die Klub

    Does anyone know how is this type of animation called? I mean it has to have a technical or categorical field name, you get me? I thought it was psychedelic cartoon animation, but it's just not a real category, thanks in advance...

  14. Sonja Adamson

    "Eey itz teh fucken flowahs"
    -Roger Waters during The Wall commentary

  15. Magui D

    I didn't know about this song until I watched the movie. Hearing it for the very first time while watching the animation unfold had me completely blown the fucc out of my mind

  16. Jakub Kalous

    best. video. ever.

  17. Arthur Edens

    glad they cut this song from the album. definitely would be a wart.

  18. Jaxon Dalton

    I love the transformation of the growing hand into the hammer

  19. Nicholas Druce

    I like to see a Disturbed movie with the art style of Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

  20. Mike White

    Anyone see this with the commentary from Roger Waters and Gerald Scarfe? I can’t see it without saying “ oh look. The fucking flowers”

  21. regularguy8888

    Awe the poor purple building, I like green that's what I would build my castle out of

  22. Francisco Richard

    Assim como o roger eu trabalhei pra caralho pra fazer fortuna e assim como o roger eu esbanjo meu dinheiro assim como na musica, é melhor assumir do que dizer que muitos tem q se concientizar com a musica quando na vdd joga lixo na rua, e tem nojo de mendigo

  23. Mr. Broski

    Don't you just hate when babies morph into neonazis and bash your skull in

  24. Vorlitra

    This movie is fucking weird


    Understatement of the Millennia.

  25. Joink 1657

    It’s a real shame the second part to this video was never released on the album. It can only be found here in the movie and I am really upset they chose to cut that song. It was one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs.

  26. Menorcaventura

    It always bugged me that this isn't on the LP. It's one of the many climaxes in the film.

  27. santi2019

    I love the scene where the Nazi crushes the head of the innocent

  28. madfokkers

    I first saw this animation projected on the wall when they played Earls Court - the best gig ever.

  29. Charlie

    sea of feces

  30. Dd Stois

    Animation est très bien mais pink Floyd rulles

  31. Michael N

    The flower sequence accurately depicts the relationship between a man and woman (at least in Pink's eyes). Both flowers (sexes) briefly dance around each another, this is soon followed by intercourse and both sexes attacking each other. Ultimately, the deceptively coy female attacks and consumes the male. Pretty accurate depiction of many modern heterosexual relationships.


    Of course, if we take that theme to its natural conclusion, that means that many modern day heterosexual men need to figure their shit out and stop blaming their problems on everybody else, especially women, because they ultimately are at fault for their own unhappiness, which is what Pink ultimately realizes.

    Or, you know, just keep the cycle going forever like the album's ending and introduction imply. Whichever works.


    No dude. Pink's relationship collapsed because he was a bad husband. His wife was disillusioned because the wall stopped him from being able to love her.

  32. Definitely Joey

    This is beautiful

  33. Martin Lauridsen

    I Remember this. I saw the movie when i was about 6 years old. And didnt sleep for a week. And i still got all the pictures in my head. Wonderfull. :/

  34. Cynthia Moraes

    Sick flow, Roger

  35. Amir Mostafa

    انا الحقيقه أظن فات الأوان اني انزل روسيا بعد كل الحصل ده هيفشخو ديك امي becoz FTW
    انا كان لازم من اول لحظه من غير الفلم الانا عملتوه ده و لسه سجلي نضيف عندهم بعد ما انزل هم مش هيقبلو بخضوع أقل من البنت العاوزنها تنام مع اي حد ديه !!
    او اكون تبع جهاز مخابرات معترف بيه بالنسبة لهم زي الموساد كده 😁

  36. newswars-dotcom

    Absolutely powerful imagery here!!

    Watched this movie so many times as a teenager it began to make me see the world the way Bob Geldof's character did. Which put me into a state of depression for a little while (with the help of illicit drugs no less).

    Important to balance life with COMEDY, but I digress.

    Brit Floyd played this tune during their most recent tour (outstanding PF tribute band btw).


    this song gets me more pumped than when the kids are smashing their school desks

  38. Archi

    This one should have been instead of "Young Lust"

  39. Un Sinn Kim

    this song pretty much sums up the standart of living in the Western world of 2019.... more! more !! more !!!

  40. DeAnn X

    That was some cool ass trippy s***

  41. Lord Garmadon259

    Who's here from Shagward's 120 Days of Sodom

  42. Kai Nepanique

    epic - again and again

  43. Dime TheDude

    As someone watching this on LSD..

    This is the greatest thing to come out of the human race

    Oliver Z

    so true. can watch the movie repeatedly when trippin

  44. — Therealseandiggity

    The sea of faces line is one of my favorites in the song. Idk why

  45. James Clifford Frederick Welch

    RIP Bob Geldof

  46. Curtis Plights

    These plants seem are REALLY fertilized

  47. Marley McCoy

    Tried to show my friend this and he wouldn't shup up and i got so pissed bc he wouldn't appreciate it's beauty and we're both 14.

  48. Fio 001

    Que viajesote

  49. KomRad FuZe

    I prefer this over the album version

  50. Holbein Crâne

    2:24 I knew it! Notre Dame was pink floyd all the time!

  51. Drax514

    Those drum kicks in the last minute or so are so fucking great

  52. lanmola

    sick aspect ratio, bruh

  53. Pine Cone

    Was that cathedral supposed to be Notre dame? Ouch!


    More or less church in general. Notice how the pieces of the church reform into that of a Vegas like building that produces more bricks. That can be interpreted in many ways. Case in point, Pink was a kid during WWII England, so naturally like every other kid in London he probably attended church, both to pray for the safe return of their loved ones or for their souls should they have perished already. Since the wall was Pink's creation, it shows the wall smashing said Cathedral and using the pieces to build that building. His way of rejecting old vices in favor of new vices. Which in turn causes more bricks as he feels the need for more vices despite having plenty. Then you have that shapeshifter turning into different things, different vices Pink tried to use to fill the wall's empty spaces. First he tries to fill the void with women, then food, then women again, then violence (The Machine Gun), then music and so on.

  54. goldream2

    quel puissance dans la musique et dans la video super++++  michel goguelat  goldream2

  55. Nep Nep

    My favorite scene in the movie.
    First time I watched it I had taken a ritalin and was so concetrated.
    I've never heard this song before because it wasn't on the album (what shall we do now) and let me tell you.
    It was such a powerful experience i'll never forget it.

  56. Vitt Giamp

    Write in scarfe serial killer Terminator is him?barbara

    Vitt Giamp

    Partecipazioni di rogerwaters Columbia University Press kit

    Vitt Giamp


  57. MrEggs4u

    I was in the 4th grade. And i walked in on my dad watching the Wall on the tv. Not only was it The Wall, but this montage.
    I didnt like it at all, and to this day i still have a hard time watching some of the animation (mainly the flowers), but over the next 10 years i listened to pink floyd albums and grew to obsess over them. I became an artist, and grew to appreciate the effort and skill in the dark animation, even if it is hard to watch.
    To this day, this album ranks up as one of, if not my favorite, albums of all time.

  58. Павел Игнатович

    The movie changes a person

    the dutch retro gamer

    it does

  59. Assad has his own nazbol gang now

    Is this about materialism and loss of values? Correct me if i'm wrong please.

  60. HelloImDavid1000

    Perhaps a coincidence but that church/cathedral looks very similar to the towers of the Notre Dame in Paris

  61. baby satire

    Just wish this song is on Spotify

    Pete Chapman

    The live version is..

  62. karel bellic

    killer album, killer art !

  63. gabo gabo

    Mami con tu pari

  64. полтинник 123

    Я вырос на этой музыке, я начал стариться под неё, и под неё ,похоже, и помру. Шедевр.. Пинк Флойды... Это я их для себя так называю.

  65. Charles Dickinson

    The Wall LIVE in Berlin 1990/ :) Charlie The Worm/GOD

  66. thna mpat

    Шикарно. Потрясающе

  67. DaleJrFan_62


  68. Charles Dickinson

    PINK FLOYD I'm watching you on YouTube/:) GOD/ The Worm/ Geffen

  69. Nukes 'R' Us

    The fucking flowers!


    Literally fucking.

  70. C Town

    Beyond disappointed that this was cut from all the studio releases of "The wall" because of the time restraint on vinyl 😐

  71. Lekmar Kosherbaev

    I was born in Fb 26 ....

  72. Andrew Pappas

    As weird as the bit with the flowers was (I never thought I’d ever see two flowers “do it”), this song sounds seriously epic


    You mean two flowers fucking each other ?

  73. Andrew Pappas

    As weird as the bit with the flowers was (I never thought I’d ever see two flowers “do it”), this song sounds seriously epic

  74. noah henry

    dont do drugs kids

  75. King of the Anals and the Fist Men

    2:24 - A reference to the demolition of the Church of Reconciliation at the East Berlin border?

  76. El Huesos

    Wtf is this

  77. Edward VI

    Its funny who pink breaking his face could make a naked lady then become a banana split then become a gun then a needle then a phone then a guitar. This is so much like Disney

  78. Edward VI

    2:23 I love it when the church becomes a 80s Sphinx and all this crap comes. Pink Floyd the wall is basically about pink who had a horrible life and he blames the government and his peers.


    Edward VI
    Dont disrespect the wall like that man, its waay more complicated than that

  79. John Costello

    2:19 NEGAN

  80. Worthy Immersion

    It’s not what Shall we do it’s empty spaces


    Worthy Immersion
    Yes it is. This is the movie’s version of empty spaces. In the studio version they decided to replace this song with empty spaces. Theyre basically the same thing except empty spaces is focused on pink while this is more about materialism

  81. S.O.A.D fanatic

    This is one of the best tracks by Pink Floyd. The animation is awsome, I love the Wall!

  82. paulayork

    for more ..

  83. Yar Doom

    Dark as hell!

  84. Edgar De la Torre Rivas


  85. Ricardo Martinelli

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  86. Amir Cheraghee

    پادشاه،بی یوز،تحفه ای ست،بی یانکی
    آس و پاس،گربه ای ست،در تنگ ماه
    شوی،سلاح،رک و راست هم وای سی،نافذ است
    سرشیر بز،این بار،یه پ........ر..س!؟

  87. Amir Cheraghee

    پادشاه،بی یوز،تحفه ای ست،بی یانکی
    آس و پاس،گربه ای ست،در تنگ ماه
    شوی،سلاح،رک و راست وای سی،نافذ است
    سرشیر بز،یه پرس،دستمزد

  88. jorge hernández trejo

    las canciones son las mejores escogidas x los floyd.

  89. Brian Scates

    In Yiddish it would have been more realistic? O vey!

  90. Brian Scates

    But who exactly plucked the sweety-flowers from their wail?

  91. Marcus Anderson

    I enjoy R rated movies made in animation.

  92. rock n roll, babey

    a masterpiece.

  93. BulletKingIsHere

    I call this Homicidal/Vengeful Music

  94. Bryan A


  95. Victor Cañamero


  96. Charlie Dickinson

    In memory of of The Wall Live In Berlin 1990 The WORM GOD

  97. Zanderz McCluer

    This song got me into playing guitar

  98. #DCarly Ellen

    Mas alguém em fim de Dezembro nada melhor que entrar o ano novo com boas músicas 😍 2018 "2019"

  99. DADAMON 99

    Odio los muros
    La verdad me deprimo a 4 paredes