Pink Floyd - Speak To Me Lyrics

"I've been mad for fucking years, absolutely years, been
over the edge for yonks, been working me buns off for bands..."
"I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the
most of us...very hard to explain why you're mad, even
if you're not mad..."

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Pink Floyd Speak To Me Comments
  1. AlternativEdit

    Tune on, tune in , ........

  2. Kimpachis

    someone please interpret this to me

  3. Nathan Jr

    When music used to be music ❤💯


    Man pq esse Hino esta banido no meu Pais!!
    Brazil is Trash.....

  5. Lisergy Floyd

    The Big Bang that all created.

    The journey begins. And there is no going back!

  6. Joelene Gabbert

    I was given a pink floyd the dark side of the moon shirt and i didnt know the band an I googled it now one of my favorite bands ever

  7. TimeRider762

    I was here in 1973 now I'm back in 2019, and still breathing in air....

  8. BR4I HAN20

    This is something else when u off shrooms

  9. aids

    I love how this is the entire album condensed into one song, why i love it

  10. Trelicamp Margarete

    Essa música faz parte do filme café de flore filme lindo ....

  11. Burkes

    Am i flying? or am i just too high.

  12. Marty kash

    smoke some Miracle Alien Cookies !

  13. Michael Lawson

    Screw 2019 comments, I want to see comments from 1973.

  14. گشاد فلکی مقدم


  15. mclovinpo

    Roger waters live in 2017 in LA. 2 tabs of acid taken 2 hours before the show. This song starts playing to open the concert all of life is balanced in that moment. Nothing out of place. Everything coexisting in perfect harmony.

  16. The Ocelot


  17. Albert Kim

    I am here because of my golden teacher

  18. Keith Juliot

    I can go back to 1973 and remember exactly my thoughts when I listened to this alblum so many times in always the same thoughts but different " frames of mind ".  Enhanced but still me

  19. Wayne Lynch

    Sounded great but, prefer the extended version

  20. Kelly Kurt

    Musicians are among my best friends. I would have enjoyed experiencing these songs being created. I 'grew up' with them.

    Mark Drives

    Really? That's awesome.

  21. Microlabuts _

    Это же музыка из кроссаут

  22. Vast World Pokemon

    Love pink Floyd if anybody is tripping and likes Pokemon cards check out my playlists

  23. Ghost Ninja

    This comment section gives me cancer

  24. Jerry Mammoser

    You will be hard-pressed, yes, to find another rock tune this slow, this perfectly kept delayed in the pocket. Nick Mason was, truly was a genius. Can tou imagine being 19 and hearing this?

  25. Cameron Pittman

    40 seconds in i start to hear audio

  26. Ted L

    In the annals of recorded music, there's Dark Side of the Moon; Kind of Blue; and then everything else.

  27. Tamsin Jade Moore

    An advert in the middle of Floyd's Breathe? Fucking really?

  28. Kevin Montoya

    Type of music that will be playing on your grave and in your mind when the news plays through your head saying you're dead nothing you can do only listen to pink

  29. Meis Uod

    Great .

  30. Lg Mayes

    It was July 16,1969..I was 20 years old..full of piss and vinegar..we launched 3 men into space to find the moon..leave, don't leave rabbit run..saw it all in black and white.

  31. Frank Heffley

    Speak To Me

    I've been mad for fucking years
    Absolutely years
    Been over the edge for yonks
    Been working me buns off for bands.

    I've always been mad, i know i've been mad
    Like the most of us, very hard to explain why your mad
    Even if your not mad.
    Breathe (In The Air)

    Breathe, breathe in the air
    Don't be afraid to care
    Leave, but don't leave me
    Look around, choose your own ground.
    Long you live, and high you fly
    The smiles you give, and tears you cry
    All you touch, and all you see
    Is all your life will ever be.

    Run, rabbit, run
    Dig that hole, forget the sun
    When at last the work is done
    Don't sit down, it's time to dig another one.
    Long you live, and high you fly
    But only if you ride the tide
    Balanced on the biggest wave
    Race towards an early grave.

  32. Jerry Mammoser

    God. Nick Maso is very good, in the pocket. Tight. Slow. Delayed.

  33. Maggie Moonlight

    Deeply in love with this beautiful music piece

  34. Michelo Nyaundi

    Published on Jan 19, 2012

  35. Min Min The Ramen Bomber

    I wish my grandpa could be here, I'll get high and listen to this with him

  36. Min Min The Ramen Bomber

    When you high...that beat drop!

  37. Ashot 555. -


  38. JSamuel

    Guys I forgot to breathe

  39. Åûštöñęr TM

    Imagine walking along a beach somewhere with a beautiful sunset while on some shrooms listening to this

  40. Åûštöñęr TM

    Imagine walking along a beach somewhere with a beautiful sunset while on some shrooms

  41. Vinicius Jimbo

    Listen the full masterpiece here with High Quality of sound and without ads:
    Let's share it for the world see what true music and art is!

  42. Gloomy Ghouls

    I'm here because of my B O N G

  43. Kubale Nyaundi

    Published on Oct 9, 2010

  44. daniele de pascalis


  45. Luke Webb

    My dad raised me on this, thankful for that!

  46. PwnNoobsForFree

    How the fuck do I listen to this shit without drugs

  47. Guy

    Is there any more PF transitions like this or bring the boys back home/comfortably numb?

  48. sugoidessho

    Why do you lot need to explain WHY you're here? Is this a millenial/snowflake thing??

  49. Ma ck

    First time listen, my ears just came

  50. Nathan Gray

    I've been mad for fuckin years

  51. Ari Maccalllum

    I had this record has a kid I loved it

  52. Tim

    1:07 Naomi Watts Dad

  53. Mai Selph

    I don't understand who could give this a thumbs down if they actually searched to listen to it...

  54. Cookie Wahrman

    The prism inside me is laughing.

  55. Short Tom

    Love the chord progression. Love that it's pops up again quite a few other times in the album

  56. Darla Nilsen

    Breathe-Pink Floyd

    Breathe, breathe in the air
    Don't be afraid to care
    Leave but don't leave me

    Long you live and high you fly
    And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry
    And all you touch and all you see
    Is all your life will ever be

    Run, rabbit run
    Dig that hole, forget the sun
    And when at last the work is done
    Don't sit down it's time to dig another one

    For long you live and high you fly
    But only if you ride the tide
    And balanced on the biggest wave
    You race towards an early grave

  57. Nathan Condren

    1st step: Become Gay
    2nd step: Speak Required Mind Reciprocationally

    Nathan Condren

  58. mclovinpo

    Turn it up high and Just breathe....





  61. Robert Vaughn

    “All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you, digger, listener, runner, prince with the swift warning. Be cunning and full of tricks and your people shall never be destroyed.”

  62. misu

    Love it

  63. Ginger Stalin

    im here cause LSD

  64. Ryak1989

    The screaming at the beginning.... describes the inner workings of my head... xD

  65. Clark Westerfeld

    Been mad for forking years...

  66. Aflay

    So anyone here because of the LazyPurple comments that are big fans of Pink Floyd?

    1:10 is the moment from the clip btw

    It’s really difficult to hear, but you’ll be like “oh wow LazyPurple is so cool” when you hear it.

  67. Cama Che

    Entré aquí porque siento ese flujo fresco de esta música, de aquellos tiempos y el tiempo de ahora, este es el único sentimiento que me gusta.

  68. Komrade Ramiel


  69. Giovanni Malagrinó

    SPEAK TO ME BY PINK FLOYD vith SID BARRETT and Roger Waters and RICHARD Vrigth and NIK MASON 1973

  70. Mahadev S


  71. yuri Kolkata


  72. Tre Flps

    fear and loathing!

  73. Orson in charge

    "I've been mad for fucking years, absolutely years. I've been over the
    edge for yonks, been working with bands so long. I think 'Crikey'.I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us are.
    Very hard to explain why you're mad, even if you're not mad."

  74. Virgo91

    That just played on a radio channel today.Can't remember having heard it before,but when it started,i knew it was Pink Floyd.Just by the beat.

  75. Farhan Haziq

    This guys award with platinum 15 times and all you bitch come here because of Top, yall need some music education

  76. Alexsandra MMA

    I love Pink Floyd

  77. Anecdotal Intrigue

    here to take phat bong rips!!!!

  78. Anna Cossu


  79. WizardMan1956

    Rock and roll

  80. Giovanni Malagrinó

    Una pietra miliare del rock album uscito nel 1973 ed ancora nelle classifiche internazionale che dire i Punk Floyd mitici senza tempo non possono essere classificati in un determinato decennio sono senza tempo

  81. Horatio Knowsblower

    Breathe in carbon dioxide as well as pot. Leave out as much oxygen as you can. This is brain damage to the extreme. You'll love it.

    This will result in permanent brain damage, but hey, you'll enjoy telling your children of the wonderful experiences you had, which you can't remember. They will enjoy spoon feeding you in your hospital bed as you drool down the corners of your mouth, but your children will always be with you, and that's the most important thing.

  82. medfry

    Thanks for uploading :")

  83. Sir Trollalot

    I've been here since 1973.

  84. Talia Lewis

    Don’t be afraid to care.

  85. Nigel Bacon

    My music teacher sang the beginning of this song to us. It was so funny.

  86. perch perkins

    "There's someone in my head but it's not me."

  87. Der da

    When youre high the part until 1:14 is relaxing but also scary because of the laugh.. 😅

    Scott Briggs

    I wasn't high at age 10 or so when I first got my cassette copy of Dark Side, but I recall the opening bit terrifying me at first! It's unsettling and overwhelming when you're that
    young. It has an element of a good horror story for some reason, the opening section. Sneaks up on you and attacks. Then I knew I was listening to great art.

  88. Vince Manuele

    I’ve been mad for flipping years

  89. Alessio Bianchi

    I'm here 'cause PF is the greatest band in the history of music!!!!

  90. J.L.H. Productions

    Dark Side of the Rainbow anyone?

  91. Jon L

    Well, not to bunk all your highs (do they still use that expression?), but this is NOT really HD audio. It's in an MP4 with AAC audio (lossy), but hey, it's better than a lot of stuff on YouTube. So enjoy.... and stay off the roads!

  92. Harzlibube

    I saw Roger Waters in February 2018 and this was one of the first songs he played. My God, it was such an amazing experience. My heart was pounding in my chest because the music was so loud and I was so overwhelmed with joy. I'll never forget that night.

  93. Robert Cohn

    Here because of Legion

    Tommy Kiger

    Robert Cohn - So what...
    I'm here to point stupid comments.
    Thanks for giving me a reason to reply.

    Robert Cohn

    Tommy Kiger sure thing buddy

  94. Caterina De Simone

    Solo suoni armonici ,generano energia positiva 💚adoro speek to me💚

  95. MNforlife63

    pink floyd is life