Pink Floyd - See Emily Play Lyrics

Emily tries but misunderstands, ah ooh
She's often inclined to borrow somebody's dreams till tomorrow
There is no other day
Let's try it another way
You'll lose your mind and play
Free games for may
See Emily play
Soon after dark Emily cries, ah ooh
Gazing through trees in sorrow hardly a sound till tomorrow
There is no other day
Let's try it another way
You'll lose your mind and play
Free games for may
See Emily play
Put on a gown that touches the ground, ah ooh
Float on a river forever and ever, Emily
There is no other day
Let's try it another way
You'll lose your mind and play
Free games for may
See Emily play

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Pink Floyd See Emily Play Comments
  1. James Fricke

    The song is fantastic, but the video is SHIT

  2. BertyFromDK

    After the release of this song as a single, my classmate's older sister named her Velosolex moped "Emily" :D

  3. Everton Barbosa

    syd barrett and a genius

  4. Andrea Ruiz

    good music

  5. Jason Siu Ching Yuen

    So beatles!

  6. Which One's Pink?

    Syd 💔

  7. Vero Salvador

    Quand tu perds toute crédibilité a mes yeux!👌👆💙🧡💚🤧🙀✨✨✨✨✨😁

  8. stevemcgee99

    They used to call it playing around. Then because Milli Vanilli was caught misrepresenting who they even were, the music industry went nuts and ended all of this.

  9. LidThe ShadowFox

    What is this song about? I read the lyrics and still dont get it please someone explain 🙃

    Stardigrade P

    "syd said that she was just a "hung up chick"- a sort of representation of all the girls who like to live in the moment, who have no dreams of their own but simply take whatever comes."

  10. Pablo Odadjian

    This is the best video to watch high

  11. sasizaza

    "forever and ever" that phrase still remains at the end of the lyrics of the song high hopes/ the division bell album at 1994

    Pavendaw Lego

    Never quite realised that! I love when they repeat lyrics across albums, makes the connection between their work stronger.

  12. Michael Galvin

    Could never understand why Bowie covered this. All he did was sing the song. I heard nothing original. PINUPS good, otherwise.

  13. fireninja76543

    Pink Floyd are my all time favourite band however I really can't get in to there early stuff Syd Barrett is a genius but I just don't really like that kind of music for some reason but I love anything post meddle it's wierd 😂

  14. Filippo Bombonato

    I don't understand why Syd isn't in the video. Was he already out of the band? But this song is one his compositions...

    Daniele Manno

    Dunque, tieni conto che la canzone (ispirata a un trip di Syd) è stata incisa quando già stava andando fuori di testa (alle sessioni non riconobbe David Gilmour). Il video è stato girato nel 68 quando gli altri Pink Floyd avevano ormai deciso di escluderlo dalle esibizioni, pertanto Syd è assente dal video e il labiale è di Waters.

  15. blackpeach

    Man. What a killer track. Truly inspiring.

  16. John Bastille

    They must be so proud of this!

  17. Agent Trump Russian Cancer

    I wonder if they had the song playing while they were out there because this is not heavily edited and nick just stays in time with the song and they are just running around crazy, really cool video

  18. Michael Stevens


    Michael Stevens

    ...but awesome

  19. Planktontwo

    I often wonder how Floyd would have evolved had they kept Syd in the group and if he had not gone nuts. 2 different styles for sure.

  20. Pitterpatter

    The irony that Syd Barrett is not present in this music video.

    Ralph McHendry

    Looks like it was done around 1969 - Gilmour present. Sid absent. Nick Mason's tash is the style he wore on the "Ummagumma" sleeve. "See Emily Play" was released two years earlier - spring / summer 1967.

  21. nickhirst999

    Emily tries but misunderstands
    She's often inclined to borry
    Somebody's dreams 'til tomorrow

    There is no other day
    Let's try it another way
    You'll lose your mind at play
    Free games for May
    See Emily play

    Soon after dark
    Emily cries
    Gazing through trees in sorrow
    Hardly a sound 'til tomorrow

    There is no other day
    Let's try it another way
    You'll lose your mind at play
    Free games for May
    See Emily play

    Put on a gown that touches the ground
    Float on a river forever and ever

    There is no other day
    Let's try it another way
    You'll lose your mind at play
    Free games for May
    See Emily play

  22. Mariana Polizzi

    As a Spanish & Italian speaker myself, can anyone please tell me why Syd's English speaking/singing is oh so flawless? Thanks in advance.

    Mariana Polizzi

    I'm mean, his exquisite accent is different from Waters' one... That's my point. Both British though.

    _ Leethal_

    Because he's from a different part of UK and UK has several different regional accents

  23. Phil Zappa


  24. Ali Al-Timimy

    They were a bit Beatle-esque in the Syd era

  25. Kellan Borgstrom

    David is just following everyone else...
    Roger is pretending his bass is a gun and a golf club...
    Nick is playing air drums...
    And Richard is just wandering akwardly since he doesn't have a prop.


    Kellan Borgstrom, it’s David.

    Random Being

    Richard is out there giving instructions

  26. The Triumph of the Thrill

    Nice to see this vid here in much better quality. Timeless track from the Barrett-era.

  27. Patrick Sommer

    Sounds like late beatles

  28. Toxin

    This is pink floyd with Rick and Syd.

  29. beatlescrack

    this might be one of the weirdest and most confusing videos I've ever watched

  30. pabloikv

    Very similar to The Beatles✌🌸😊🌿

  31. Vandal King

    Hope these guys make it big one day

  32. Nat N

    0:51 me if I ever had the chance to go to one of their shows

  33. James Evans

    You can see Syd Barrett's problem - he creates this utter drivel (and the even drivelier Arnold Layne) and it becomes a hit. Society basically told him that every belch of his was priceless art. And it just isn't. I've never heard any of this early Pink Floyd on the radio. It never, ever gets played - because, why would it? It's awful.

    But yet, everyone applauded. That would send you barmy if you're trying to work out what to do with your life.

    If you listen to his solo stuff, it's as good as this drivel - in other words it has trippy lyrics but isn't great music. But his solo stuff got panned. So... what's a man to do.

    He did well to just step away.

  34. Jean Lim

    Look at Gilmour 2:20 hes like 'oh i wanna play toooo~' 😅😂

  35. basslinger

    Has the medication taken effect yet hello hello hello Alb

  36. Gary Boyce

    Who did it first? Is this a Floyd song or a Bowie song? I;m guessing Floyd wrote it...

    Anubhav Bhagat

    Bowie’s was a cover.

  37. Peter Meyer

    1967... Men's fashion never was cooler!

  38. Tim B.

    Fun fact: this was filmed in the Parc de Laeken in Brussels. I think the overpass may have been demolished cuz it does not appear in Streetview

  39. Karina Romanenko

    I think that it was better for me to prepare myself before listening to Syd's stuff at 00.00 a.m. when there's lightning outside...

  40. that guy off the interwebs

    2:02 Roger waters practicing for the wall

    Nadia Errochd

    that guy off the interwebs AHAHHAHAHHA

  41. That 70's feel gb . Sound

    I remember this album when it was first released the cover of Relics . My older brother and his friends were smoking pot and I watch them thru the loovers from inside the closet. I was stuck in there from being in my brothers room when I was not supposed to and had no chance of getting out in time . I had to stay in there for a long time . I learn about another side of my brother that day. I loved the sixty's it was a nice time to be alive . 😊 gb* ~ hard life (MULDEW)

  42. Zomb1eBaxter

    Very Beatle like

  43. Jasyaryar DeLaSupernova

    And after that,all the music bands in the world they want to be Pink Floyd 🙂👌

  44. hi my name is fergo

    Just one more time...

    Syd Barrett was such a genuine genius; this song is the definition of the great cheery music back then.
    God, they look like they're having so much fun too... I just want to do this with friends now.
    Thank you so much, Pink Floyd and Syd, for inspiring me to write progressive music and giving me a back to work of off lyrically.
    **Best band ever!!**

  45. Alisa 03

    Is that David gilmour or Ashton kutcher!! I am confused..😶

  46. Sumeet Sharma

    Came here to see Syd only

  47. David S Harounoff


  48. Susan Moran

    Ft the Syd Barrett days. This is meant to be from the peace and love hippie shit days. Not with that distorted bass at the begging of all the verses.

  49. Wojtek

    Who knows how different this band would have been. RIP syd

  50. shadow gamer

    SeEeEe emily play

  51. Swag Slap

    Why Syd ia not here? In the clip?

    that guy off the interwebs

    Because he left the band at this point

    Swag Slap

    @that guy off the interwebs yeah but See Emily Play is his song

  52. Charolota 44

    The best is Roger Waters 😍

  53. Charolota 44

    Is here Syd Barrett?

  54. Jack Wehrung

    Pre MTV Music video

  55. Gautham Ram

    Nick mason just borrowed that drums from John Cena..

  56. Heitor Amaral


  57. jM iedreth

    Little nostalgie with a smile !

  58. Ley Castillo torres

    Alguien hablo españok

  59. Andres Oyarzun

    Coco involucro a pedro y a la foto . pero se prestaron

  60. Mauro Urrutia

    Los puto amos del Rock. Como los amo a estos genios ídolos

  61. That one Someone

    Anybody else recognize “Float on a river, forever and ever,”? This band is crazy.

  62. Brandon Callaway

    0:10 You May Be Cool But You'll Never Be Nick Mason Air Drumming Cool

  63. -boba-

    I wish syd could have been in this video <3

  64. Diane Perry

    Brilliant early Pink Floyd love it.

  65. Andrew Matthews

    take me back great days 😎

  66. Otis the Cow

    Charles mason killing it on the drums

  67. ian bennett

    God, this is so good.

  68. Laura Imla

    Can't buy me looooooove...

  69. Presley Miller

    wow, that was beautiful music to watch. I could see the sound waves

    Andres Oyarzun

    No cacharon el juego del terrorista . y se prestaron . son muy weones y los cuidaba

  70. Leese Burger

    In reference to my previous comment how's that for hippy talk

  71. Leese Burger

    This song is far out man

  72. Dj beat making neljo An shit

    This is my first time I've ever seen the music of see Emily play

  73. Nastase Carmen Nastase

    I love Pink Floyd!
    Forever & ever,!!!💖
    Pink Floyd Legend!!!👑❤

  74. Kerak Tinja

    Where is syd?

  75. kibe crazy

    Muito lokasssso

  76. B Rad

    Check out David Bowies version of this tune.

  77. Vivek

    Syd, oh, Syd...

  78. Trevor Dailey

    It’s nice to see them having so much fun

  79. Killin Films


  80. francisco andrada

    Man this is so 1960's. if i had to choose a song to define this decade when it comes to music i would probably choose this or california dreaming.

  81. Вячеслав Михальчук

    ПИНК ФЛОЙД Лучшие !!!!!!.............

  82. Juan Pablo González

    Syd would be proud

  83. Juan Pablo González

    0:50 oh my god nick invented a fortnite dance

  84. Cangreburguito

    Joyita <3

  85. Ramon Lima

    A melhor banda da história, Pink Floyd!

  86. Jackson Barrett

    They filmed paintbox on the bridge behind them

  87. Mr. Fahrenheit

    The best part about this video is that the people around them were not even surprised, they were just watching a horse in his natural habitat accompanied by his owners

  88. Christopher Pooler

    LSD and Pink Floyd in the 90’s were my best friends!

  89. Aaron Fitzsimmons

    Funny seeing this and there’s no Syd in the clip but a very fresh looking David Gilmour.

  90. HesseJamez

    Sounds more like Beatles.

  91. Whirled Vision

    Where's Syd?

  92. N0rmad

    I've watched this video dozens of times throughout the years but this is my first time seeing it in such good quality. The quality is good enough in this one that you can seem them cracking up the entire time.

  93. Quiet Guy

    And people say Syd went nuts

    Andrew Casale

    MysteryShack Official. Syd had complections due to Diabetius for many years , Was Truly a Genius

  94. Lie Likes Music

    Such a great song!

  95. Paul Conway

    It’s oddly beetles like

  96. Philip Brandon

    Shine on you Crazy Diamond Pt. 9

  97. Sandra Clarke

    Front row for me in Toronto, I am super excited, April can not come fast enough.