Pink Floyd - Outside The Wall Lyrics

All alone or in twos
The ones who really love you
Walk up and down outside the wall

Some hand in hand
And some gathered together in bands
The bleeding hearts and the artists make their stand

And when they've given you their all
Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy
Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall

Isn't this where we...

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Pink Floyd Outside The Wall Comments
  1. the_Lazarus

    We came in.

    Even at the end, even outside the wall when you feel strongly that it's the end of your suffering, it's actually just a beginning. There's more of it, and there always will be. Even when you escape the wall, in short time you start to realise, you had already built a new one, if not for yourself, then perhaps for others.

  2. Björn Lepistö

    Why do I always come back to this one song...

  3. Drogow Refire

    This song makes me depressed because it's all over--but what a great journey!

  4. Axel Galán


  5. Sebastian Barriga

    "Outside The Wall"

    All alone or in twos
    The ones who really love you
    Walk up and down outside the wall

    Some hand in hand
    And some gathered together in bands
    The bleeding hearts and the artists make their stand

    And when they've given you their all
    Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy
    Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall

    Isn't this where we...

  6. Pablo Augusto

    The End....

  7. Finn Jong-Un

    And folks, that brings us to the end of a string of comments written by people who don't know what an ad-block is.
    Thank you for reading.

  8. Joink 1657

    My only complaint is that they on vinyl it is very quiet and you can barely hear any vocals

  9. Zero Obuichi

    This album is truly heart breaking

  10. Liam B.

    The first time I heard a song from this album, it was, of course, ABiTW part 2, on the radio while I and my dad were taking my sister to autism therapy. The song intrigued me, so I asked my dad what it was about, and he basically explained it as "The singer/main character has gone insane, and he's singing about all the experiences that made him that way." I didn't listen to it in full until years later, with that explanation being the only knowledge I had of this album. I had no clue that he was only describing the first half. I was wholly unprepared for the second half. It was so good, it almost brought me to tears. Comfortably Numb got close, but I stayed resilient. This was the song that broke me. The best listening experience I've ever had, bar none.

    If you've just come out of your first listen of this album, or the Floyd in general, I salute you for taking this step forward, and may you never listen to this album in full again, because no further listening of this album will top what you just went through - I guarantee it.

  11. swiftWord

    I was a mad bugger at one time....thankfully the ones banging their hearts didn't stagger and fall.

  12. Sam Nickerson

    Isnt this where......?

  13. F B I

    Asi Termina Un Album Historico
    Hoy en su 40 aniversario
    Gracias Pink Floyd

  14. killer quuen

    Isn’t this where we came in ?

  15. kayla young

    *somethin swep* at the very end😂

  16. ShadowEmpress235

    This album, plus a few songs from other bands, helped me realize that I'm doing exactly what the main character was doing, building a wall and isolating myself from the world. Depression, anxiety, and isolation are a terrible combination that when brought together only lead to terrible things. This album has in a sense served as a warning to me to not complete that wall.

  17. Natalia Lyon

    legit made me cry first time I heard how this album ends... still I get emotional even though I've heard it like 50 times. :'3 (although the ads between songs made me want to throw myself off a bridge)

  18. Matt Wilson

    For some reason, it makes me think of a small group of very sad, very tired people sharing a last crooked cigarette and a few tiny sips of watered-down rum, surrounded by desolation.

  19. The Math Hatter

    Dear listener, please flip over your album.

  20. Ky0dar

    I personally feel like, if you want to get some level of closure on The Wall, you need look no further than The Final Cut on the album of the same name.
    - My personal interpretation, the "tear down the wall" bit had Pink about to "make the final cut" - but then finally, FINALLY, the phone rang. Maybe it was his wife, I like to think that it was, but for once there was somebody home. Is Pink better? Heck no, but for once, there is hope. I've always felt like a lot of PF's music is about the need for people to communicate with one another - a lot of the angst in Dark Side, Wish, Animals and The Wall would be alleviated by people talking and helping one another - I mean, they made a whole album about communication in "The Division Bell"
    Yes, there will always be people building their own walls, wish is why the album loops, but i like to feel that, thanks to The Final Cut, maybe this circle can end here.

  21. Alef

    Berlin november 9 1989/ 2019

  22. David RawZen

    The real beginning of the album - at 1:25...

  23. SNMtv

    In The Flesh: 7 Million Views
    Outside The Wall: 1 Million Views

    F In The Chat For All The 6 Million People Who Never Heard This Album In It's Entirety

  24. Era- chi

    Its amazing how this is the only peaceful song on the whole album (which obviously makes sense for the story).
    Every other song is very loud or fast or constantly changing in volume and speed or very desperate
    But this song is so calm
    Especially with the loud crash of the wall tumbling down at the beginning as contrast

  25. NtGm 889

    I love when albums loop

  26. Archrave nineteenseventeen

    The whole point of the game called Tetris

  27. SNMtv

    Why The Hell Does YouTube Need To Advertise Itself?

  28. AlphaMan

    Finished album,

    The Dark Side Of The Moon next ;)

    57 Year Old James Bond

    Why not do them in order?


    @57 Year Old James Bond just animals on repeat

    Henry Stanley

    The Final Cut


    @57 Year Old James Bond i don't know :()

  29. Dee Urban

    I remember listening to this and hearing the end of this song on my tape. I would flip it over and it started just where it left off so the entire tape looped itself. Freaking brilliant

  30. JReed1985

    This track really helps you find closure after coming out of a cynical phase and you decide to give humanity another chance.


    But you go right back in from which you came


    @RellivaRaven well life is always going to have problems and we need to go the right way about dealing with them.

  31. FoxySkittles

    Whenever I go on the journey that is this album in one sitting, and I reach this ending? I always cry. I can't help it. Even if I'll never truly and fully understand the feelings Pink goes through (not that I'd want to), I can almost feel his pain from beginning to end through the amazing storytelling.

    To all y'all who've been listening to this for the first time from start to finish, hope you had a good time. There are tissues by the door.

    fizzpeakgamer 13

    What ending? There is no ending


    @fizzpeakgamer 13 Shit you right. My mistake.

  32. Ian Tyrrel

    I do a live version of this which is at least TEN times better than this lame original...

    Ian Tyrrel

    Hahaha... Just sayin': I listened to the original and was astonished at how quiet and inarticulate it is. Roger Waters wishes he could be like me. ;-)

    Big Daddy Bling

    Someone's a bit full of themselves...

  33. Zetetik -

    The "Banging your heart against some mad buggers wall" line is just _heart rending._

    Rest in Peace Roger 'Syd' Barrett.

  34. venture bullettrain321

    Women's March/freedom protesters chant this at Trump already

  35. Willie Fixxx

    Is this song a premonition of life after Trump's wall gets taken back down? Some mad bugger's wall?

    fizzpeakgamer 13

    No pink (the main protagonist of the wall) builds a metophorical wall around him due to his depression but then he realises that he doesn't want this so he puts himeself on trail where his wall gets knocked down

    Willie Fixxx

    @fizzpeakgamer 13 Thanks, for clearing that up


    Though it wasn't intended this way at the time, this album is weirdly prophetic.

  36. Joink 1657

    I absolutely hate the wall. Not the album though. (This is one of my favorite albums) But I’m talking about the mental object. Some people have it and others don’t but after I just finished listening to the album I realized I have a mental wall that is being built inside me. This album is such a powerful work of art it made me realize what I am doing wrong with life.

  37. cneddy22

    How can this not be the best album
    Of all time?? The emotional rollercoaster it takes you on..... 🤯

  38. Yellow Calx

    The best album of the 2010s, not a better one to describe it.

    fizzpeakgamer 13

    It's from the late 70's bro....

    Yellow Calx

    @fizzpeakgamer 13
    Exactly. It's 40+ years old and still really relevant.

  39. Phantom Worral

    Why does roger waters have such a weird face?

    Henry Stanley

    I dunno, why do you post such weird videos?

    Phantom Worral

    @Henry Stanley Do i really give a shit about your puny opinion?

  40. Poisoned Snowflake

    If you do enough acid the wall never stops playing.

    fizzpeakgamer 13

    It never stop's even when your not on acid

  41. deathpunx13

    the whole fucking thing is perfect

  42. Lean Mean Green Bean Machine

    Well boys, we made it.


    I want this album to keep going, forever.

  43. Ian Davis

    I almost cried when I listened to this, it felt like such a fitting end to the album

  44. Mick Rudy

    Listening to this album killed my phone battery had full charge at start

  45. Eli Putzl

    Best song of the best album

  46. Lord Garmadon259

    Hopefully Pink is now just an ordinary drugged fueled rock star instead of a rock star who orders his fans to hurt minorities.

    fizzpeakgamer 13

    Actually it's unclear what happened to him as the album repeats itsealf

  47. John Lennon T-Posing

    I S N T T H I S W H E R E

  48. Top Ten

    I think this song is about the people outside the mad person's wall, who love him and try to get through to him.

    Joe Buczek

    I fully agree with you. The ppl who really care will always be there no matter how bad you are doing or struggling

    Toni Smith

    That, in my opinion, is one of the topics symbolized in this masterpiece. Great art encourages critical thinking & is open for interpretation.

  49. Orangukey

    I have listened to this album 17 times over the past two years and can thoroughly say this album is still one of my favorites. Each time I listen to it I hear something I didn't before which keeps making the album more and more interesting and magnificent.

  50. Toot

    What instrument would you say is being used here? Sounds like a wood wind, but idk.

    Sir Cube

    Clarinet and an accordion


    @Sir Cube Ooooh so I was correct about the woodwind part. Lol Nice. Thanks mate.

  51. [Zefryro]

    *Rest in peace... Kyoto Animation*

    This song is in your honor

  52. Beril Gürkaş

    The perfect end to the rollercoaster story of The Wall. This album is truly among the greatest and smartest creations.

  53. gaster two soul

    Wait a minute isnt this is where we came in?

  54. { Forgan }

    Now you need to go back to In the Flesh?.

  55. AnyColourYouLike

    The final 3 words Roger says in this album are unfortunately the most depressing.

  56. Floydfan47

    Say what you want about Roger's political views...The man is a poet.

  57. Racemixer Berg

    Most depressing song on the album.

    fizzpeakgamer 13

    The trial and don't leave me now are

  58. Niels Daemen

    I love that the begining of the album is the same as the end!
    1:45: "isn't this where we..."
    Begin of the album(in the flesh?): "...came in"

    The first time I listened to the whole album I had it on gapless album repeat, and I didn't even notice that album restarted until a few songs later😅

  59. Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

    All alone, or in two's
    The ones who really love you
    Walk up and down outside the wall
    Some hand in hand
    And some gathered together in bands
    The bleeding hearts and the artists
    Make their stand
    And when they've given you their all
    Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy
    Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall
    Isn't this where


    We came in.

  60. BlueCane

    See you outside the wall

  61. Tawny Cat

    Friends, if you're here, there's a big chance you just listened to the entirety of The Wall. Quite the emotional rollercoaster. Give yourself a pat on the back.

    Larry Larry

    Hope u were first on all the other songs


    Exactly. I just wanted to hear this amazing piece again.

  62. Fatima Silva

    I had a great teatcher that used to bring this album to class so we could go through it and discuss it. Amazing. My best teatcher :-)

  63. Kingbopit

    They wanted to tear down The Wall and they did but not everyone survived may god have mercy on those who were near The Wall during that time

  64. Mike Mackay

    always makes me sad when this song plays, because i know its the end. :'-(

  65. Nathan Lujan

    It was weird when I my dad first showed it to me. I was 9 years old. I thought, "Why would the first words be 'We Came In?'" Then after an hour of my dad and me crying we went to this song and I said, "I know that tune" and at the end it speaks, "Isn't this where..." My dad replayed the first song when it said, "We came In" And then I was at this point where I broke down and cried for the sake of me. Pink Floyd made this album to not only describe a person at his mental, abusive state in his life, but the fact that that state never ends. It is a never-ending experience. This album changed my life forever at that moment. I knew sometimes you just got to live off that state and move on. I am so glad my father showed me this album and I hope you guys get the understanding of this continuous loop of this album.

    Jenya March

    _"Pink Floyd made this album to not only describe a person at his mental, abusive state in his life, but the fact that that state never ends._"


  66. Kingbopit

    Outside The Wall is where everyone gathers around to pick up bricks and debris from the destruction that happened after The Trial

  67. Jupiter

    Isn’t this where—

    fizzpeakgamer 13

    We came in

  68. Cavemaaaan

    FKcU to these smaller-than-their-grip stink-stars that grimace at the thought of "The Wall - Pink Floyd" or any variance of spelling or interpretation thereof. FKcu Animals...FcKu DSOTM (My #TWO)), etcetera.

  69. Tomcsik Marcell

    How beautiful :)

  70. Jacob The dude

    This could be the perfect song at the end of a raid in Rust. It can be used by both attacking and defending sides but it fits better when the defending side loses.

  71. yohan yohan

    this song made me cry when i listened to it and i still do cry when i listen to it

  72. Andrea Codoshian

    I can't tell you how many times I've listened to this album & I've seen the movie more than once...but I never noticed the

    "Isn't this wher-"

    fizzpeakgamer 13

    We came in


    @fizzpeakgamer 13 infinite loops!

  73. Dagan Martinez

    Isn’t this where

  74. NewSuperSuuSGamr00096

    Isn’t this where *we came in?*

  75. Maximilian Bernard

    Those lyrics hit hard... I always cry when I hear this song...

  76. Frankio567

    What a masterpiece. Truly their greatest work.

  77. Squirmbopulated

    Man, I really don't like The Wall. I mean, I passionately hate it. I loved Dark Side Of The Moon, and people say it isn't even the best PF album. People say this is. Either this or Wish You Were Here. I think I just don't like Roger Waters. His weird voice sucks the life out of (mostly)great lyrics. Man, I figured with all the hype around this record I would like it alot more. Anyone else feel this way?

  78. Meysamesfahaniofficial Meysam Esfahani Music

    Hey you, nobody home, comfortably numb, another brick part 2. That’s the only songs I like on this album. Not sure why it’s their best seller, certainly not my favorite from Pink Floyd.

  79. SkyMan07

    isn't this where

  80. feelingredded

    “Isn’t this whe-“


    Re we came in.

  81. Schizoid Man

    this album is simply perfect just... perfect

  82. Shirokuma Otaku

    1:42 & So Time repeats itself back to "In The Flesh" Part 1

  83. Yellow Guy

    Isn’t this where

  84. Pentex Sucks

    The movie version is better, but this is still the best closer of all time

  85. John Meehan

    I hate the adds on such a great album. I saw Roger Waters perform this live at the united center in Chicago I had quite weed by this time in my life but sure seemed I was still smoking WOW

  86. k00ma

    I remember hating the ending because it ended so abruptly til i heard it it in loop amd see thats its basically an endless cycle. Pure genius. Now this ending is amazing

  87. Idil Yaktubay

    This album is an emotional rollercoaster man

    CDrummer Gaming

    And an infinite one.


    Such is life.

  88. Daniel Ciari

    Walls of perception

  89. rizul dahiya

    Is it over.... Can I cry now?

  90. qorg11

    don't cry because it's over smile because it happened

  91. sera nibitanta

    I have just finished the album and all I have to say is that this album is so incredibly overrated and trash that I'm convinced Waters somehow paid the entire industry to use their stupid opinions to get me to listen to all 26 tracks! Waste of time.

  92. Dumb Videos

    That shit is a journey

  93. Nick Mangona

    Very Fitting Ending to a huge album. Not my favorite album from them. I would much rather prefer The Dark Of The Moon over The Wall. Dont get me wrong, it's a good album, but to me, not as good as some of the others.

  94. Jamie Albers

    My dad hummed this to me as a baby to put me to sleep all the way up until I was a toddler. I can still remember the way his voice sounded humming it

  95. Maximilian Bernard

    Honestly, this is my favorite Pink Floyd song alongside "Dogs". This song just hits home so very hard and I absolutely love the meaning behind the lyrics! Beautiful music too! <3

  96. Anna Tetro

    This is the song we are entering today. AL is destroyed. No Lenin, no Mario dead shakti PA water but the up of Roger Mario PA, Floyd. It's Wayne I said. Frig. Not Leo and not Mario or bands Metallica or Axl Slash, it's Floyd. They ended communism, they are here spinning us and shaping humanity to disarm and now we are onto Roger's cause, Israel, not Russia but through the fall of the wall of Lenin Germany and Russia's curtain call with MJ. Now it's your turn to churn and spin and referee the issue. Amazing. Add onto others first, build their community with love and then you will be given to. Bible. It's not Ishmael Evelyn or Jacob but Son of David, Christ who will free the eternal Waters of Temple Mt. Water is right worship and we realized it is Brahman, Gita, Jesus, and Krishna and loving each equally, no cow sacrifice, but if you insist on it, only JR ER are the cow to cut with ax in God's DNA. Wow. 42 yr journey. Thank you. God bless. Let's see what happens, we sparked a fire, Gaza, we saw the whole begin to end, and they ceased saying, Israel Masons and Khazars Babylon got the msg. Now what Roger Referee? They obviously want peace if you are spinning the war, instant ceasefire. Floyd mellows the most hardened heart and disarms them. Proven often.