Pink Floyd - Not Now John Lyrics

Hey, listen. It's a

Fuck all that we've gotta get on with these
Fuck all that, fuck all that
Gotta compete with the wily Japanese
There's too many home fires burning and not enough trees
Fuck all that
So fuck all that we've gotta get on with these
Gotta get on with these

Can't stop lose job mind gone silicon
Star long what bomb get away pay day make hay
Break down need fix big six
Click click hold on oh no
Bingo! (Bingo!)

Make em laugh
Make em cry
Make em dance in the aisles
Make em pay
Make em stay
Make em feel OK

Not now John
We've gotta get on with the film show
(gotta get on, gotta get on)
Hollywood waits at the end of the rainbow
(End of the rainbow)
Who cares what it's about
As long as the kids go
(As long as the kids go)
So, not now John
We've gotta get on with the show
(gotta get on with the show)
(gotta get on, gotta get on)

(gotta get on, gotta get on)
(gotta get on)

Hang on John
I've gotta get on with this
(gotta get on, gotta get on)
Don't know what it is
But it fits on here like this
Come at the end of the shift
We'll go and get pissed
But not now John
I've gotta get on with this
(gotta get on with this, gotta get on)

Hold on John
I think there's something good on
I used to read books but
It could be the news
Or some other amusement
Could be re-usable shows

Fuck all that we've gotta get on with these
Gotta compete with the wily Japanese
(gotta get on, gotta get on)
No need to worry about the Vietnamese
Gotta bring the Russian bear to his knees
(gotta get on)

Well, maybe not the Russian bear
Maybe the Swedes
We showed Argentina, now let's go and show these
(gotta get on, gotta get on)
Make us feel tough and wouldn't Maggie be pleased
Nah nah nah nah nah nah!

One, two, three, four
(Not now John we've gotta get on)

S'cusi dove il bar?
(gotta get on)
Se parakalo pou einai to bar?
(Not now John we've gotta get on)

S'il vous plaît ou est le bar
(gotta get on, gotta get on)

Oi' where's the fucking bar John!
(Not now John we've gotta get on)
Oh, now you're talking!
Oh! Rule Britannia! Britannia rules the day
(gotta get on, gotta get on)
(Not now John we've gotta get on)
Go, Maggie!
(gotta get on, gotta get on)
Hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer, now!
(Not now John we've gotta get on)
(gotta get on, gotta get on)

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Pink Floyd Not Now John Comments
  1. Astrosjer

    The last single from Pink Floyd with Roger Waters.

  2. Nintendog140

    Wiggle your toes in my face oh yeah

  3. donald drysdale

    I think it was more or less a waters solo album, and obviously was meant to be the last Floyd album , until all four had agreed on another. not now john was one of the few things were the needed spine was used to confront the manipulation of the monarchy and us gov.

  4. Massimo Fiacco

    SCUSI.....DOV " È IL BAR ?? ❤☺👍

  5. Andrew Young

    I myself prefer the Radio version

  6. Bobby D

    Obscured by clouds was a underated album evertone should check out

  7. The Car Guy 72

    Epic guitar solo David. One of my favorites

  8. Robo Q-Man

    Surprising they still haven't released the censored version of this and Hero's Return pt 2 since the 1983 singles and such.


    Stuff all that. LOL

  9. Fuzzy Head

    Great band

  10. Big Barty

    Terrible sound quality! What went wrong?

  11. FireWalkWithMe25


  12. Darren S

    I did my entire English poetry section exam on this album and aced it Thank you Teacher !!!

  13. Setmose

    The video is utter shite.

  14. Setmose

    "The Final Cut" is Roger Waters' finest solo album. Followed closely by "Radio K.A.O.S."

    Blackswan Kent

    A Pink Floyd album waters was determined to make his own.. He lost his way at this point.. Forever to be a parody of his former self.


    How can it be a Roger Waters' solo album, when Gilmour is singing this song?


    @My3dviews Although I was being facetious, it isn't far from the truth. From the Wikipedia entry on The Final Cut: "After months of poor relations, and following a final confrontation, Gilmour was removed from the credit list as producer, but was still paid production royalties. Waters later said that he was also under significant pressure and that early in production believed he would never record with Gilmour or Mason again. He may have threatened to release the album as a solo record, although Pink Floyd were contracted to EMI and such a move would have been unlikely. Mason kept himself distant, dealing with his own marital problems . . . Owing to the combination of Pink Floyd's partial breakup and Waters' dominance on the project, The Final Cut is sometimes viewed as a de facto Waters solo album."

    The album back cover credits say:

    a requiem for the postwar dream
    by roger waters
    performed by pink floyd
    david gilmour nick mason roger waters

    as Rick Wright had already been fired from the group during the recording of "The Wall". Sidebar: Wright toured as a session musician on the tour of The Wall. As such, he was not a band member who was invested in the project, and only received a salary. He was the only one of the four to make money on the tour.


    @Blackswan Kent I like The Final Cut much more than The Wall. It subtracts out all the teenage rock 'n roll bombast, and just gets down to what's bothering Waters. I think it's a great album, but there is no anthem rock in it (or Nazi parody of anthem rock). Just my opinion.

  15. Sugar D

    The last Floyd album worth owning. End of an era

  16. Ford Prefect

    What an utterly weird 1980's video!!

  17. Konna X

    "Excuse me where's the bar" in Greek it translates "Signomi, pou enai to bar" but it's pretty simiral with the translate that they have used

  18. Google User no. 14

    Some have theorized this a tribute to John Lennon.
    "Hold on John" is a clue, referencing a Lennon composition.


    @Google User no. 14 In 1975, when interviewed by Nick Sedgewick, Waters mentions Lennon: "You can't get any more serious than Lennon at his most serious. If you get any more serious than *that* , you fucking throw yourself under a train!"

    In this regard, I guess it's a bit interesting that Not Now John follows the title track, where Waters sings about baring his naked feelings, and, indeed, alludes to the act of suicide.

    This could, of course, be coincidental. But interesting.

    Google User no. 14

    @EmileGilbert Yeah, that is exactly why I sm so open to others' thoughts. I suspect you are British, and more educated than I about The Pink Floyd.


    @Google User no. 14 I'm actually Norwegian. (My French-sounding YouTube name is taken from a Monty Python sketch – from one of their albums – about a *very* unlucky violinist.) When I was 15-ish in the late eighties I listened to nothing but Pink Floyd for a year or two, so I've studied the subject for quite some time. (Although I still haven't bothered checking out The Endless River.)

    The Final Cut, I find, tends to be criticized for what it *isn't* . It doesn't live up to a lot of people's expectations of what an ideal Pink Floyd album – from Meddle through Animals – *should* sound like, so it is hated in some quarters of the Pink Floyd fanbase. I've never understood this.

    I mean, there are many great albums through rock history that didn't sound at all like Pink Floyd albums from said era, like Nevermind, but no one in their right mind would criticize Nirvana for not sounding like Pink Floyd.

    But since the label says Pink Floyd[pink floyd, really] it is required to sound a certain way, but by 1982 the world had moved on, and so had Pink Floyd. Unfortunately, large portions of their fanbase still haven't been able to. The guys from Genesis went through something similar in the 80s. If you're known for being progressive rockers, heaven forbid if you actually progress and reinvent yourself.

    What's good about The Final Cut from my point of view is that it's actually about something. It has things to say. The Gilmour era has very little to offer in this respect. If you compare the lyrics of The Fletcher Memorial Home with Sorrow from A Momentary Lapse of Reason, you may understand what I mean. What is that song about? It's so non-specific. Just words, really. But now *I'm* perhaps the one living in the past..

    Google User no. 14

    @EmileGilbert I love all things Python, and I recognized the reference, therefore I made the assumption. Didn't Led Zeppelin perform in Norway a few times? Yes Waters has imagination, and Gilmour, while being a first rate guitarist, has little. To tell the truth, "Lapse" was the last album I purchased. I've mourned for Floyd ever since.


    @Google User no. 14 Wikipedia suggests Led Zeppelin played three times in Norway. Bergen and Oslo in September 1968, and then in Oslo in March 1973. The last one eleven months before I was born. Pink Floyd visited Oslo in 1988 and 1994. I would have liked to be there in 1988. By 1994 it didn't really matter much to me anymore.

  19. Enmet

    3:05 is that Tom from Tom & Jerry screaming?

  20. nodeband

    scusi, dov'e' il Bar?

  21. Serge Caelers

    Not my favorit PF album

  22. K Taka

    何だこれ? ピンクフロイドは日本人が嫌いなんだな。もうファンはやめだ。

  23. Lorenzo de' Medici

    Very underrated Floyd song

  24. VivaZeBone

    What I resent about this UTTERLY BRILLIANT track, is how it over-sold The Final Cut.

  25. HappyQuails

    Wow! I haven't heard this song in so long!!!!!! How do we manage to forget out favorite songs?

  26. dennis neo

    Gilmour's last really great solo.

  27. Roy Batty

    Great song. Don't really know what it means. Guess it's greed and the human race. Or is that just me :\

  28. Streq

    This song perfectly conveys the feeling of empty euphoric productivity that stems from consciously ignoring greater urgencies. It sets things up neatly for the literal nuke of the following track.

  29. Barry Soetoro

    Toyota Trucks - Built for Texans, by Texans, in Texas... for money for people who live in Japan! I pledge allegiance to the flag... (flag made in china)

  30. Loretta Bibby

    RIP Sid Barrett X You Artist You Poet Poet. You GENIUS. XXX RIP XXXX Ice-Maiden X Maelisa B McC. XXX Kule Shady Kat X

  31. Loretta Bibby

    The Hippy Trip. XXX 70s A. Bikes. Alcohol. & MUSIK!!! ROCK THE SOUL XXX Ice-Maiden

  32. Loretta Bibby

    Pink Floyd. Friday Nights Guys?!!! signing - up.!!! WOW X The 70s.Where As Cool As you get!! X Nostalgia &. Amazing Days Memories. X

  33. Naomie Gauthier

    0:35 - 0:47 kinda sounds like the Fairly Odd Parents theme song

  34. Javier Ruiz Cueto

    ¡Qué sonido más malo! Al menos tengan la decencia de mejorarlo. What a dull sound! Please improve it.

  35. Duane Ulmaniec

    We'll go and get...PISSED

  36. famouspogs

    as a canadian i dont this video is that simple. the UK should take of its self. but ugh, seriously. we shouldn't forget what has been done and none of the heroes. youre a strong nation. what have you done? be careful. walk with a scotland and drive on the wrong side of the road. our money doesn't have the face of your queen for no reason. be okay, we need you guys alot.


    especially scotland. greetings from calgary alberta


    be responsible boys. we're all in this together.

  37. JayLangly

    What are you guys talking about this is a crummy album? I think the Final Cut is awesome!

    Domino Ryan

    People are ignorant the final cut is many songs linked thru words

  38. Bret Wilson

    Let's be honest, "The Final Cut" is Roger Waters' first solo album. It is disguised as a Pink Floyd album. It is Amazing.


    Story I heard was that Roger presented The Final Cut and Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking to the band, saying he wanted to do one as a Pink Floyd album and one solo, and let them decide.


    Except that this song is sung by David Gilmour.

  39. Johnny Bones

    Hit me up on the local one...

  40. John S Rous

    How can you possibly thumb down a song that begins with "fuck all that"?

  41. PRHILL9696

    Sadly the last album by Pink Floyd!

    Rated R

    What about the endless river??

  42. Nevermore '

    0:45 the voice is so satisfying

  43. Thincow

    We gotta bring the Chinese to their knees, if not maybe the ho chi mihns.

  44. riloh58

    Flip me sideways! I didn't even know this song had a video clip. Mind blown!

  45. Phantasm

    Lucky that this album didn’t get a parental advisory sticker with all the times fuck was said

  46. Juan David Castro

    piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinn flooooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyd 0:46

  47. Maria Falcone

    David gilmour not now John

  48. Jules Rose

    @HDPink Floyd ❤️ A live performance of David singing this would be awesome!! I love the energy! Is there a Video of him recording or a Concert Vid. ? ❤️❤️


    Pink Floyd never did a promotional tour of the album "The Final Cut". In the 1999-2002 solo tours "In The Flesh" Roger Waters only sang "Get Your Filthy Hand Off My Desert" and "Southampton Dock" from this album but never "Not Now John" or the other songs.

  49. Kreso Caren

    Gilmour solos are the BEST on Final Cut for sure....

  50. GLR

    >tfw we need nat socialism

  51. Prof Steel

    Great late Floyd song. Gunners Dream and Final Cut are great deep tracks but Dave was all in on this. Remember being quite confused as a young kid listening on MTV then buying the album and hearing the FU!K all that line. Vid made no sense all all to me and still doesn’t.

  52. Andrew Haines

    I remember a "local" radio station that reviewed this album when it came out, discussed this track and it was so funny because they played the album version and not the edits one!

  53. scott weiler

    Great song....shitty video!

  54. heather perkins

    Fuck All That!!! Who's ready for the real show? It already has begun....BUT...Hollywood is at the end of the Rainbow, right!?! Let's party with the BIG BANG <3

  55. Mark Orendas


  56. skrokkacene

    1:45 - 2:17 Epic guiar solo, psychedelic more than a lsd long trip :-)

  57. LiveAtPompeii74

    Fuck all that!


    We've gotta get on with these..

  58. Robert Bermudez

    maybe the most depressing album ever released


    Joy Division..look into it

    A Steele

    Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible


    skaface32 Not even

  59. Fred Gueeta

    gilmour é gênio!!!

  60. JayLangly

    American inefficiency in production while the Japanese work around the clock to compete

    Robert Bermudez

    and have a teen suicide rate 4x the US...Tally Ho Japan!

  61. Simona Sgandurra

    Hey you! Yes You! You are... Alex McAvoy. The Wall Movie.

  62. Vitt Giamp

    Cindy Andersen deadh in mother

  63. Yulián Buzo

    I can't get enough of this band.

  64. Christopher

    This is an underrated song from Pink Floyd


    the whole Final Cut album is underrated in my opinion

    Domino Ryan

    This song made the charts

  65. I Stand Alone

    I don't know why The Final Cut isn't that well known of a record, at least in the states. I was an early adolescent at the time and The Wall was one of the first records I ever had, but I have no memory of this video. I would have thought this record would have been a bigger deal as huge as The Wall was.

  66. Les Man

    Fuck all we gota get on with this

  67. Overtime Freak

    bad album


    No, good album.

  68. Mike Meyer

    🎼Come at the end of the shift and we’ll go and get pissed 🎼🎸🎧🥁

  69. GEO

    outstanding,even after all these years

  70. humbledb4jesus

    that album is just an afterthought: 'oh right, it exists...meh'...

  71. Batman Impostor Coleccionista

    Una película por favor

  72. JayLangly

    Great album. Great band. Thanks for the memories. Saucerful, Meddle, Dark Side, Wish YWH, Animals, Wall, Final Cut.

  73. JayLangly

    great! this video is back! It wasn't available for years on YT.

  74. John Martin

    Definitely the "B-side" to "Young Lust" the The Wall. Sounds like a reworked version of "Young Lust", actually.

    Jules Rose

    @John Martin I don't believe "Not Now John" is compared to "Young Lust"! David Gilmour's Voice may sound loud & demanding, but it's def. an Original piece. I love his voice when he puts it all out there! It's just Powerful❣️

  75. Lucian Higginbotham

    It's too bad that this album was basically a Roger Waters solo album and it shows. It's such a mediocre Floyd album. The Final Cut is a appropriate title. This was a far better way to build a wall from the fans for Roger than the actual Wall album itself. In the end Roger became Pink Floyds "YOKO"

  76. NeAr

    Scusi dov'è il bar?

  77. Caroline 2017

    Awesome song. Waters sure could write songs..

  78. c h

    Hollywood waits at the end of the rainbow... love this album. The entire album rocks!!! I can go on and on but.... simply love it!!!!!

  79. Luis Tudela

    Alguien en enero de 2019 oyendo éste temazo???

  80. Beach Doggo

    Roger shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a microphone


    Nah, he had an amazing voice.

  81. Seb D

    It would be really good a second part of the wall called The final cut.

  82. Terrence Reardon and Friends Podcast Podcast

    This was the first Pink Floyd video I ever saw on America's Top Ten in May 1983. It was on America's Top 10 with Casey Kasem as the Album Spotlight video for The Final Cut. They played David Bowie's "Let's Dance" first. Then after commercial break was Casey recapping the Top 10 albums and The Final Cut was at #6 and Pink Floyd was Album Spotlight and he was talking about how The Dark Side of the Moon was still on the charts eclipsing Carole King's Tapestry, soundtrack to West Side Story and a few others and only Johnny Mathis' Greatest Hits was still longest charting album at the moment and he stated "if Dark Side of the Moon doesn't fall off the charts before the year is out, Pink Floyd will break Johnny Mathis' record, we'll keep you posted. For now Pink Floyd are in our Album Spotlight this week, from their latest album The Final Cut, here is Pink Floyd with "Not Now John"" . At the end of 1983, Dark Side of the Moon shattered Johnny Mathis' Greatest Hits as longest running album on the Billboard charts. This video blew my mind at age 7 and went and got The Final Cut on cassette a couple weeks later. My first copy lasted me a month until my pet cat relieved itself on it (I didn't kill the pet, I love cats). Got second copy a year later after I acquired The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. This is my favorite song on The Final Cut and one of only three songs Album Rock Radio here in the States played constantly.

    Jules Rose

    '83 I was in Germany listening every nite to BBC radio. No PF! British news & German music 🙄 Finally heard PF when testing a Radio in a Benz 😍 Listened to my Dark Side Tape driving it to Bremen to ship home! Great Memory! My Wolf-Husky chewed my Album Collection in '86 🙁 Sad Memory!

  83. Dank Side of the Moon

    Someone give that guy welding lessons, jesus christ

    Ben Najdek

    I was just about to make that comment.

    donald drysdale

    funny man

  84. Sinister But Happy

    shit video ....good tune ..Fuck all that

  85. 5jerry1

    ~ 3:05

    Tom the cat from the old cartoon is heard. ("AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!")

    SJG2020 AD

    Does sound like it.

    Thomas R. Skidmore

    SJG2020 AD
    It is Tom.

  86. JD Penny Baker

    A shout out to mr. Lennon.. where’s the fucking bar John?

  87. Jed .Clampett

    Filmed at Battersea power station perhaps?

  88. Dominus

    Oy Where's the fucking bar John?

  89. Dominus

    Love the song but like usual the video makes no sense.

  90. NinjaBluefyre

    Aside from Tigers, probably my favorite song from Final Cut.


    No love for “The Fletcher Memorial Home” then?

    Ford Prefect

    I assume Tigers refers to 'when the tigers broke free'. Which was not on their original album. It's actually from the wall (the movie). And I truely hate it on TFC as it kills the flow between One of the few and The hero's return.
    As a song from the wall it is beautiful.

  91. o x

    0:33 gaben in the background

  92. Ricardo Palermo


  93. Fox From the Theatre

    1:48 Don't be a nutcase. Wear your helmet.

  94. coriajorge91

    Great gilmour solo

  95. tdusnoki


  96. Che Guevara

    honestly England has the best bands ever! Motorhead, The Kinks, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Cream, The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Police, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Asia, The yardbirds and many many many more good bands!!!

  97. n e l u s

    Poems.... poems everybody!

  98. Kyle Blakeman

    1:16 What in the freshly baked fuck is this non hacker doing to my beloved corps?

  99. Randall Flagg

    My record player was breaking down and played this slow while I was taping it. It's. A. Trip.