Pink Floyd - Fearless Lyrics

You say the hill's too steep to climb
You say you'd like to see me try

You pick the place and I'll choose the time
And I'll climb the hill in my own way
Just wait a while for the right day

And as I rise above
The tree-line and the clouds
I look down
Hear the sound
Of the things you said today

Fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd
Merciless the magistrate turns 'round

And who's the fool who wears the crown
Go down in your own way
And everyday is the right day

And as you rise above
The fear-lines in his brow
You look down
Hear the sound
Of the faces in the crowd

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Pink Floyd Fearless Comments
  1. Quest for a Meaningful Life

    Powerful song!

  2. Stephen Walsworth

    Blissful genius from the best group ever

  3. Ryan Cunard

    Hey now, ur a rockstar ur a rockstar ur an all star hey now ur a rockstar all star rockstar

    You're a rockstar

  4. Sabbath maiden fan

    Pink Floyd is the greatest rock band in all of human history

  5. Chuck Coleman

    Was this song made before or after Hillsborough? Oh well, doesn't matter, great song either way.

  6. Em Ess


  7. Em Ess


  8. Karen Mccarthy

    Fearless idiot Number 2020. My mantra for this year. Gonna dance and sing again.

  9. rodney graham

    Just when I thought I couldn't love Pink Floyd anymore. I hear Fearless for the first time. What the hell?

  10. Kelvin Peterson

    A song about hills should have pics of hills, disappointed.

  11. Debbie Michaels

    1.3k thumbs down??? Seriously??

  12. Doug Richardson

    2.2020 stiiiiillll a beautiful song ✌️🌹👍🐖

  13. Charles Yuditsky

    It is a good thing the hill is always the right size.

  14. alex apperley

    Still climbing 5 more wins and its ours YNWA

  15. Harry Johnson

    Incredible song

  16. Stephen Stover

    Atom Heart Mother

  17. scott jones

    Love this fucking song. Thanks PF.

  18. Steve Shaw

    Listened to this song a lot after it rained in Florida panhandle....

  19. a urthling


  20. Nifara822

    Why would you never in a hundred years , hear this or similar Pink Floyd songs on the radio ?

  21. Ted Moeckel

    I have seen Floyd a couple of times, but there is a great cover band out there called Brit Floyd that really does them justice.

  22. El Mo

    YNWA 🔴🔴 pink Floyd forever

  23. Edward Paterson

    As a teen in the late 70s I didn't pay much attention to this song, but I remember the acoustic guitar sounded to me like Zeppelin. I suppose it was that memory that led me later to appreciate this song as friggin awesome

  24. Nugsy Malone

    I woke up one day with the last two mins of this playing in my head, chanting and all, on point. Took me the whole day of research to find what it was cus I hadn't heard it in years. Makes me realize the power and capacity of the mind and subconscious

  25. Bob Berch

    A totally positive thread with no loonies or ratbags! The power of great music and good taste

  26. Giulio Barbosky

    cry everytime for this beautiful song <3

  27. furieux viking

    c 'est a tomber par terre tellement c 'est trop cool!

  28. Joshua Bisson

    This tickles the back of my brain,very psychedelic..Let the music play the band..

  29. Stuart Greenblatt

    Always loved this song and the album Meddle. All these years later and at 61 years of age, their music never grows old for me!

  30. Анатолий Куль

    Pink Floyd - YNWA

  31. Why Soitanly

    I must be lost. I thought this was the Led Zeppelin channel.

  32. Onondaga Sardino

    I love you , too.

  33. Onondaga Sardino

    Thanks Frank!

  34. paolo-n2000

    The PIC at 1:02 is excellent!

  35. Eric Preston

    Beautiful video to this gorgeous song. Thanks for uploading this <3

  36. Clint Cornell

    I lead off my opening set with this song.

  37. r7az

    sounds a bit like the beatles

  38. Azhenet Franco

    This video was made to watching on lsd

    Laboratus23 Doodlebop

    Send me some please


    Tripped a couple days ago, yes it was, I know have a warm type feeling from this song

  39. Bioniking

    This is the most hopeful Floyd song probably ever. Kind of strange knowing it’s indeed Floyd

    Evan Hodge

    They were very silly at first. Have a listen to the song about the Pict in the cave. You'll have to find it. I don't help people anymore. They won't even Google.

  40. Anthony Giordano

    #1 Floyd tune

  41. Josh Watson

    Mushrooms + Pink Floyd = Great

  42. Perry Comeau

    Where's my fly swatter?

  43. Lisa Katz

    I've been a Pink Floyd fan since I was around 4 years old. I have 4 older brothers. The oldest being 9 years older. I was raised on the best music ever.
    Happy Holidays to you all!

  44. kim wallace


  45. MelodizeLife

    My mother's birthday is 10-10 :) She saw the Wall tour. Pink Floyd has always been etched deeply into my being as I was riding along for the experience. This music always takes me back to the source of it all. Thanks for this lovely video. Much love

  46. Bruce Coy

    One of my favorites..and well done on the photo background .. it fits nicely.
    I love the lyrics..'fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd'

    Thank you for sharing that Brad

  47. Corinne Smith

    You're a talented photographer and this song is clearly epic. It's phenomenal that you were able to experience so much with your mom. I appreciate your relationship with her and hope for nothing but the best for you.

  48. Clint Parker

    I always listen to this song when I need to calm down.

  49. blazeandcyrus

    one of my favorite songs of all time.

  50. Jonathan Berman

    I dedicate this song to this day

  51. Why Soitanly

    I must be lost. I thought this was the Mozart channel.

  52. JemJem

    I love how this was a video made of a guy's photos from a day out, but became the main video people use to listen to this song lmao

  53. chaosjut

    Great except for the last minute with the native chanting

  54. Angelas Green Arts

    You are loved, adored, and admired.

  55. Stephen Dunne

    Nick Diaz's Instagram story brought me here!! Reminded me of this timeless classic

  56. Salahaldin Alansary

    I am a BIG FAN of Pink Floyd and LIverpool FC (YNWA) and this great song combined them both....WTG Pink Floyd

  57. Taylor Sinnard,where the heck has THIS been???

  58. skinny fist

    I play this song before every LFC game to get into the zone YNWA

  59. Mesc

    Thanks for sharing your photo's mate, this is also my favorite Pink Floyd song.

  60. Brycen Ehrich

    You mean to tell me we used to make good music?

  61. jon woll

    i still can half ass this on the guitar :))

    Maynard G. Krebs

    LOL...I know that you mean. I looked at a couple of videos and there is special tuning for this that makes it easier to play. Does David have anything to fear? But it sounds a lot better than what I have been doing.


    My Papa died, hmm now I'm not worried. I'm saddened but man why does did this music had to have an effect on me when he was alive? Now it's just sad whenever I hear Pink Floyd. It reminds me of all the times I had when my family was still around. Yikes this stuff has gotten me emotional haha

  63. Marcus Matos

    Muito bonita essa música 👍

  64. friedolin1263

    I kissed my wife the first time listening to it.

    Jason Lennan

    I hope the song made you realize that kiss meant forever

    Mike Strain

    You havn't kissed your wife until you heard this song?

    Chris P

    Me too!

    Of course she wasn't your wife yet at that time.

    Ok just kidding. I hope you're still kissing her. Best wishes to you both!

    Noname noname


  65. TheSandedfaceless


  66. Meredith Carver

    I was just about to dedicate this to my mom and all moms 🤘🏿🤘🏾🤘🏽🤘🏼🤘🏻🤘

  67. Alan attack

    hope you had a great day Brad...mums mum is gone.... but not you Rita xx

  68. Shanna Detweiler

    Fuck the typos!

  69. Shanna Detweiler

    My dad dies his year, too.

  70. Angelo Halavisie

    Everton! Everton!

  71. Stephen Towers

    Fuck don't half love this track specially with the KOP in the background being from Merseyside and supporting LFC gives me pure gooseys

  72. Jonathan Horwitz

    My mom went on 8 years ago, aged 96. She got better and better, purer and purer, lighter and lighter. They are beautiful pictures, Brad. And wonderful to watch while hearing this amazing song which I have loved for years and years. May you and your mom continue to spend beautiful days together

  73. Leah Stepp

    Fuck cancer

  74. Singer Hippie

    To let go of our worries and live our lives in a way that expresses the importance of refinement

  75. J Skillo

    Top tune though, fat old sun man me self though haha check this tinternet and us northern fooks eh wired up lol

  76. J Skillo

    Free thinkers don't need togga lar, sheeps on to ya fella's.

  77. Des Wilms

    Awesome song has the feel of The Beatles.

  78. Larry Teager

    love this song seems so individual and optimistic always dance and dip and spin with my baby to this! very special song indeed!

  79. stack Whale

    Thank You...

  80. Nastase Carmen Nastase

    Pink Floyd Legend!🎼🎸🎵🎆💎🎆❤

  81. The Addicted Prepper

    First time ever hearing this song. I'm in love! ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  82. PeaceLoveProductions

    Quality sounds terrible but floyd shines through

  83. jousif21

    the kop; better than shitty west ham

  84. robert logan

    one of my faves if not my fave song of all times. found out about this tune at a party in laguna beach. gettin high. bob

  85. Daniel Mahoney

    Was a special song at my wedding. We got divorced recently, but its Stephanie that made me fearless....

  86. Trevor Miller

    the photos are changing too fast. doesnt jive with the tempo

  87. Pube Salad

    This is the most wholesome video on YouTube

    Christina C

    pube salad speaks the truth

  88. Daniele Oliva

    My favorite song in 2020

    Daniel Mahoney

    My favourite of all time, friend!

  89. Ryan W

    I found this song on 10/18/19 at 40 yrs old on my way to my crazy job that sucks. Shazzamed it, Wish you were here is one of my favorites ever. How did I never hear this song? Everything at the right time in this universe because it speaks to my life right NOW. You never know what gonna happen, that's what I live about this crazy MF life.

  90. Joe

    I deeply miss so many from my past.

  91. Blue guitar

    Thank you for posting this healing song. I always preferred the early Floyd

  92. Lucia Hernandez

    i love this song

  93. Ben Saunders

    This song just takes me makes me feel warm just focus on life ...thank you pink Floyd and how lucky I am be sharing this timeless music

  94. Perfect Whine

    So this is where Zeppelin got their influence

  95. KingMastodon

    Fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd
    Merciless the magistrate turns 'round

    These might be my favorite words even written.

    Daniel Mahoney

    Its Christ.


    @Daniel Mahoney What is?

    Daniel Mahoney

    @KingMastodon the idiot is Christ before Pilate. The genius of Roger Waters. Atheist that he purports to be 😊

  96. Fidel Castro

    The bridge at 2:18 always puts a smile on my face :')

  97. Thomas Berger

    I wrecked my car while on lsd into Emmet Otters junkpile and this song was playing