Pink Floyd - Brain Damage Lyrics

The lunatic is on the grass
The lunatic is on the grass
Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs
Got to keep the loonies on the path

The lunatic is in the hall
The lunatics are in my hall
The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
And every day the paper boy brings more

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
And if there is no room upon the hill
And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

The lunatic is in my head
The lunatic is in my head
You raise the blade, you make the change
You re-arrange me 'til I'm sane

You lock the door and throw away the key
There's someone in my head but it's not me.

And if the cloud bursts thunder in your ear
You shout and no one seems to hear
And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

I can't think of anything to say except...
I think it's marvelous! Ha, ha, ha!

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Pink Floyd Brain Damage Comments
  1. Brandon Grady

    You don't listen to pink floyd, you feel it...

  2. Rebecca Sipler

    I've heard this song many, many times over the years, but "wow" now that I'm awake...absolute truth💞

  3. heck

    best music for psychedelic comedowns

  4. Bill Bo

    Normality for so many years, then you wake up, and , and reality hits home. O what a mess.

  5. John Roberts

    The greatest album in rock history just too good for words, and I don't say that easily because there was so much great music that came from the early seventies.

  6. John Roberts

    The greatest album in rock history just too good for words, and I don't say that easily because there was so much great music that came from the early seventies.

  7. Bray Wolfe

    Sorry to here that dude hope you still alive and jamming to pink Floyd the master of music the master Craftsman

  8. Bill Warrick

    backup vocals are fantastic

  9. IbrahimZZY

    3:50 Eclipse

  10. Vincent Vega

    This song is a tribute to Kenny Wright. A true Dakota Kid who shined light onto, helping every person through the darkest path bestowed upon them to one day see the light ..RIP sir you were loved and surely will be missed but never forgotten my friend....12-29-2020 from Brad, Chad, and Jeremy..3 horsemen remain

  11. Martin Kreps

    Wow. What a masterpiece. Simply amazing. I fricking *LOVE* Pink Floyd!

  12. Fernando Prado

    year 2020 !!! <3

  13. Andrew P

    Eclipse reminds me a lot of the poems of Qoheleth and of our ultimate inability to know things clearly because our perception is misaligned by design.

  14. William’sCartoons Productions

    In my opinion, Pink Floyd is the greatest.

  15. kevin miller

    The moon casts cold white putrefying light onto the earth different from our suns warm yellow healing light...

  16. Richard Bain

    Pink Floyd And Led Zeppelin Are My Drug Of Choice!

  17. Rosi F de G

    It is clear this song is also dedicated to Syd Barrett, I have chicken skin when I listen to it.
    RIP Syd ❤️

    Bill Bo

    There are millions of sid bBarrett.

  18. kaela sherk

    this song hits me in a place that no other song can come close to. i cant even explain how i feel every time i listen to this song. its just ..... its so good.

  19. Adlez Ethreal

    this band was my dad's favorite... so I'm told... i see why... I wish I got to meet him. RIP Mike Ray May

  20. amber flaaffy

    Haha I have brain damage too

  21. Narniak69

    Lunatic - An old medical term for people that are quite literally driven insane by the Moon.

    Dark Side of the Moon - We only ever see one side of the Moon because it's rotational speed is claimed to be in perfect synchronization with its orbital speed around the Earth. Despite the theory that the Moon was created by a massive collision with the Earth billions of years ago, the Moon's perfect synchronization just happens to be occurring right now, in the tiny window of human existence according to the Big Science timeline.

    Solar Eclipse - When the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon, on Earth we observe these two luminaries in the sky to be perfectly matching in size. Despite what we can clearly observe, Big Science claims that the Sun is actually 400 times larger than the Moon, yet is also 400 times farther away from the Earth.

    Lunatic - An old medical term for people that are quite literally driven insane by the Moon.

  22. Dogday

    Can't top this album...........

  23. Kyle D Bear

    The laugh in the middle of this song sounds like my friend bob

  24. Daniel Hamby

    My fave Pink Floyd

  25. Jacueline Morrison


  26. Andy Norvell

    Yes indeed..

  27. LifeHigh Blue

    1974! Holy [email protected]!

  28. pphunktion

    hits me every time..."there is no dark side of the moon really, matter of fact its all dark"

  29. W C

    Great song.

  30. Andy Norvell

    HAPPY NEW YEAR'S..2020..

  31. Alan Heath

    When they Ask for Assistance to deal with a little unrest and the Insatiable insane Bush and Bloody Blair turn up and Lay Waste to the Population and Citys then Say Happy to help but then be handed a Bill in Trillions thats Madness

  32. John James

    aged 17, I bought this album at University and thought it was the best album I ever heard. I was right, and this song has to be the greatest ending to any album in history

    John James

    that was 46 years ago, I haven't changed my mind since then

    Andy Norvell

    This song is an absolute masterpiece..

  33. dio niso

    grazie pink floyd .che ci siete stati...

  34. tea drinker

    Every time I smoke I listen to this song. There will be a day a listen to this song sober, long from today but it will come

  35. Andy Norvell

    This mind blowing masterpiece massages my autism..

  36. Andy Chase


  37. Andy Norvell

    Even on Christmas..2019..

  38. Hard Worker

    Where can I get acid?

  39. JMoruzzi

    Works well.

    Andy Norvell

    Like a well oiled machine..

  40. A.J.

    Jesus. If you want attention, tell everyone you're dying and watch the likes roll in.

  41. Mike Coulter

    Perfect Joker song

  42. Captain Fordo

    "lunatics on the grass. Gotta keep them on the path."
    -Cosmonaut scientist in secret KGB moon base 1969

  43. Richard Barton

    The Looney's are on the grass refers to our British politicians out side the Houses of Parliament.

  44. Tom Palmer

    This song is sheer catharsis for many young people, especially those of my generation - late baby boomers.

    Ed MF

    Fucken milenials

    Andy Norvell

    Ur an idiot Ed..

  45. Boxing Addict

    This song really just hits different

  46. Sanket Saxena

    Egg or chicken?
    Pink Floyd or Drug addicts? 😋

  47. Sacred Eclipsez

    Honestly, this is my first time hearing this song and i love it, it's just a beautiful song.

    Sacred Eclipsez

    @Ed MF Last thing dumbass, I wouldn't be talking to you if you didn't comment fuckhead. I'm done now, just stfu and listen to the music.

    Andy Norvell

    @Sacred Eclipsez .. Lol.. Dont waste ya time arguing with that douche nozzle..

    Sacred Eclipsez

    @Andy Norvell Alright, I won't lol you have a good night man and have a great tomorrow. Take care!

    Andy Norvell

    @Sacred Eclipsez .. You too man..

    Andy Norvell

    @Ed MF .. Whats ur prob..

  48. luci fer diablo

    I think it's marvelous.

  49. Dallas Brown

    An absolute masterpiece of an album, and probably the greatest combination of songs off of the entire breadth of it. Truly one of a kind.

    Andy Norvell


  50. Charm Serenia

    I grew up on Pink Floyd. Never gets old.

  51. Nonrev Nosnibor

    This is fucked up druggie shit

  52. Marc Marciano

    Dedicated to the Lunatic in the White house DJT AKA ROCKY

  53. Nara Mesquita


  54. Bibek Karki

    High af and pink Floyd❤
    Best combo

  55. Александр Лавр

    эта музыка будет жить в веках

  56. Александр Лавр

    шедеврально,безумно превосходно ......но я вкусил после 25 лет....после Стены и Вам бы там побывать. наряду с моцартом, битлз, бетхоен ит.д.

  57. Graham

    "There's someone in my head but it's not me". That lyric has stayed with me since I bought the album when it came out, and it has always described what I felt.

  58. The Wise Jehriko

    What type of mystical mindfuckery is this

    Andy Norvell

    @Ed MF .. Apparently you do ur still here..

    Andy Norvell

    Ed.. You just lost an argument to an AUTISTIC MILLENNIAL.. I bet you feel tall..

    The Wise Jehriko

    @Andy Norvell this gave me a laugh ngl

    Andy Norvell

    @The Wise Jehriko .. Kool.. Glad you liked it.. Thank you..

    Andy Norvell

    @Ed MF .. You forgot to delete one..

  59. Jeanne Brauher

    Love this band.

  60. Wainda Youngthain

    The rightly is not on your Honors and Proudly. Mr. USA Presidential. Please advise. How’s on the liar 🤥. Please forgive me 🙏🏻.

  61. Emo Choild

    I did a presentation of Pink Floyd for school once, and I was tempted to ask my teacher if I could play this song, which is my favorite.

  62. Carl Miller

    I locked my door and threw away the key to the outside world

  63. Carl Miller

    I am always on the dark side of the Moon my life is filled with nothing but darkness

  64. Naureen Siddiqui

    Really very nice song and album

  65. Naureen Siddiqui

    Oh my God! What a beautiful song?

  66. Mark Arnett


    Andy Norvell

    Yes indeed truly a mind blowing masterpiece..

  67. Beth Kalberer

    Absolutely nothing!

    Andy Norvell

    Its absolutely marvelous..

  68. Beth Kalberer

    What is wrong with these people?

  69. phishfearme2

    listen for the tubular bells at about 3:14 - this must be from the 5.1 surround sound version -

  70. S Gill

    We all have English accents

  71. shy babe

    We played this at my dads funeral last year, while they lowered the casket. This song gets me every single time now. 😔 Miss you dad!

  72. wielbert collinson

    Started with Dogs, come back to life, echoes and ending with this.. Pink Floyd took me a while new world. Timeless Perfection

  73. David Perrie

    Brexit anyone? Believe in British, believe in better! <3 Let's keep the loonies off the grass. :) Let's rejoin (rather remain) the Union with Europe as soon as possible. Being British means we stay with the EU and the Middle East and the whole world. We don't need to fight. It's a paradox and a paradigm shift. We can win either way. I want my Spanish holidays! I believe in the EU. We can use LOVE as our weapon and win passively. In a decisive victory. We can do this. Love is all you need. Peace & Love

  74. Andy Norvell

    I played this for my shrink and she loved it..

  75. Bjørn Nielsen

    I see you om the dsrk side of the moon kanon godt nummer

  76. daDriver

    Floyd makes drugs better

  77. TP995

    Greatest song of all time

  78. ExSapper MadMan

    Eclipse is Floyds Crowning glory.....

  79. The oLiveS

    You a bear?

  80. Ayşe Jenner

    Deli çimlerin üstünde
    Deli çimlerin üstünde
    Anımsayarak oyunları ve papatya taçlarını ve kahkahaları
    Delilerin yollarını sürdürmeleri sağlanmalı
    Deli salonda Deliler benim salonumda
    Onların katlanmış yüzleriyle dolu olan gazeteler yerlerde
    Ve gazeteci çocuk yenilerini getiriyor her gün
    Ve eğer baraj dayanamaz yıkılırsa zamanından yıllar önce
    Ve eğer barınacak yer yoksa tepede
    Ve eğer başın da çatlarsa karanlık tehlikeli önsezilerde
    Göreceğim seni ayın karanlık yüzünde
    Deli kafamın içinde
    Deli kafamın içinde
    Kaldırıyorsun bıçağı değişimi sağlıyorsun
    Şekilden şekile sokuyorsun beni aklım başıma gelene dek
    Kilitliyorsun kapıyı
    Ve fırlatıp atıyorsun anahtarı
    Biri var kafamın içinde ama o ben değilim
    Ve eğer bulut yarılırsa, gök gürlerse kulağında
    Bağırırsın ve sanki kimse duymaz seni
    Ve eğer içinde yer aldığın orkestra farklı ezgiler çalmaya başlarsa
    Göreceğim seni ayın karanlık yüzünde
    “Şahane olmasından başka söylenebilecek başka bir şey aklıma gelmiyor…. HaHaHa!”

  81. abcbatman1966

    Hope you re still here or an even better reality...

  82. Bubba DooM

    5:05 AM 11/16/2019

    Andy Norvell

    4:20am the next day..

  83. james musisca

    buts it's not me

    Andy Norvell

    My favorite part of the whole song..

  84. Darin McNew

    as far as music this album is one of the greatest human achievements so far.. sadly maybe one of the last new music really sucks..

    Andy Norvell

    New music is beyond suck..

    Andy Norvell

    Good comment..

    Darin McNew

    Mathematically and musically darkside is perfect

  85. Bondye

    The best song in the world. Period.

    Andy Norvell

    Yes.. This and Hey You..the extended version...

  86. Mario Leberon

    There is no dark side of the moon really,In fact is all dark, every time I read the lyrics of this song and sing it gives a sensation that I can only explain with one word joy

  87. RadioGnome

    I know this may be really ignorant to say, and I may regret it one day, but for now I can't believe how much better this album is than Wish you Were Here. In some way, I like Animals the most these days, but still, I can't deny that the quality and emotional content on this album is shocking, sort of unbelievable. Of all the albums they did at Abbey Road this one seems to have the most British "abbey road tone" of them all. The positioning and tone of the synths, vocals, and snare drum/reverb all get my attention. I've never heard a snare drum that sounded like it was in outer space before

  88. Cody Rawdon

    Thats my kind of music art in a pure form

  89. Richard Story

    This is why DS is what it it is

  90. Jim Gould

    I wish I could find the right words Marc

  91. gemini rose

    and if you ever see this, i love you and hate you but not really i miss you soooo calvin you grasped my fucking soul & i do not know why


    Just a little prick. And a bottle of wine on a beach sun down herein Philippines 🇵🇭 sea shores

  93. Too_low Trejo

    I love the era I live in I don’t have to wait for new albums or new songs to come out it’s already here and made, except the Dutch fuck the Dutch

  94. Srinjan Chakraborty

    I worship them

  95. John Hiltner

    Im going to be honest im high right now. But this song makes me feel high when i dont smoke... UK are known for they're creative music...

  96. Dishonestful

    First time I heard brain damage: I took two tabs of lsd and smoked some weed right after. I turned on dark side of the moon when I started feeling it. Going through the whole album was an amazing journey for me. I will never forget it. Once I got to this song and it wrapped up with 'Ill see you on the dark side of the moon' it sent shivers down my spine. God I love this album!


    This would be a great video, if were not there that gay "marvelous", as if were it of a Son of the Kitsch.

  98. Joan Miller

    684 people have brain damage

  99. Sanketteyo

    I can only imagine what being a genius feels like.